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GATE 2018 Preparation Tips

Updated On - March 26th 2018

GATE 2018 is not an exam where one has to mug every possible thing. Knowing the basic topics and being fluent with is enough. Generally one can prepare for GATE in about 5-6 months. Following are the preparation tips for candidates who are appearing for GATE.

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  • Candidates applying must keep in mind that only knowing all kinds of concepts is not more important than being able to solve them in less time and with confidence. Candidates should not only know all the tactics and tricks but should also be able to use them quickly and confidently. Regular practice and tests will help the candidates be ready for the exam.
  • A proper analysis of the GATE exam must be done by the candidates about the sections are covered in the exams and must exclude the unworthy sections. Also, the type of questions and the pattern of the exam must be noticed. Every section must be taken into account and analyzed. Keep solving previous year’s question papers to understand the pattern.
  • The candidates must practice all the basic concepts. GATE is about conceptual analysis and aptitude. GATE does not have a deep syllabus which should be mugged, GATE preparation is enough with basic concepts and practice. The candidates must divide the whole syllabus into feasible sections and make sure, each section is finite and not overflowing. All the sections must be focused and planned on weekly on daily basis.
  • A full daily plan of the scheduled studying hours must be made to know how much to cover daily. Studying is disordered manner will pay nothing to the candidates. This will make the students regular and punctual about their studies. A proper study plan also helps in better arrangement of the study hours and organizing the preparation process.
  • The most important factor in the preparation process of GATE is time management. Just aptitude and working day and night will not fetch you everything. Smart time management is important for the candidates. Candidates must not go for multi-tasking, it just confuses the candidate and results in nothing.
  • Make the revision catchy. Revision process is a must otherwise preparation is just incomplete without revising the topics. Candidates must not make the revision process very tiring. Use flash cards and notes made earlier in the revision process. These flash cards must be used only in the last days of revision process when not much time is remaining for the GATE 2018 exam.
  • The weaker sections must be focused by in a measured way. When preparing, a specific time must be given to the weaker sections. He/she must not completely focus on those sections however, must realise if one is improving or not. The candidates must not get stuck on the weaker sections but try to improve gradually. Till the exam, prepare every sections and try to score in each section accordingly.

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GATE Preparation Schedule for all Papers

Keeping in mind that various aspirants starts their preparation in last 3 – 4 months. We have prepared Preparation Schedule and Preparation Tips for all the papers. Candidates can check the preparation tips and Preparation schedule for the respective streams for which they have applied in GATE 2018. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. From which subject i should start my preparation?

Ans. In the starting the first important thing is that should have your focus in the preparation only. So that you should start from the easy subject which you can easily remember this will help you to build your confidence level. If you choose the difficult subject it my ruin for confidence level which will later impact on your preparation strategies.

Ques. How many hours should i dedicate on my studies?

Ans. It depends upon your preparation. If you have done your subjects well during college time then you may study for 3 - 4 hours. If you are beginner then extra effort will be needed.

Ques. Is it enough to prepare from book?

Ans. It depends on upon the subject, some subjects can be prepared well from one book. But the GATE Syllabus is such vast that some subjects syllabus is not covered by single book. There you need various books for your preparation.

Ques. How much time is needed to complete the Syllabus?

Ans. It is also depends upon you and your preparation. If have give exam earlier also then you can prepare for it in 3 – 4 months. If You are a beginner then you may take upto 6 - 7 months for your preparations.

Ques. From which material I should Prepare?

Ans. You can use following material for preparations:

  • You can choose a good coaching institute material, there are lots of coaching institute that provide their study material to the students for some cost.
  • You can also prefer the text books which are for your basic engineering books. They cover lots of topics and you can also easily understand from those books
  • You can also study from the video lectures. There are free video lectures from various well known lecturers of big institutes available on Youtube. NPTEL is one of such example. It is a channel from IIT lecturers which freely provide information on various engineering subjects.
  • You also use online study material available from various education websites.

CheckGATE Preparation Tips by Rabindra

Some Success Sayings By GATE toppers:

Success is not Final. Failure is not fatal. It is coyrage to continue that counts says Shalini Choudhary.

She says while preparing dont transform into machine who generally talks about exam only. Study on planned schedules.First study from basic engineering book then Buy Arihant book corresponding to your branch for your preparation. Click here for more GATE preparation tips from Shalini.

Work Hard Till you Excel Says Rabindra

He said that he didn’t take any coaching classes. He just studied core 4-5 subjects very well. He also used various online study material available at that time. Click here for more Prepation strategy tips from Rabindra.

The Best way to finish an unpleasant task is to get started says Arvind

He says try to focus on core subjects. Try to solve prepare the topics that are frequentky asked. Take as many as mock test as possible. Clear your concepts in which your are weak. Read his preparation strategy click here.

You are efficient of more than you know says Aman

It is necessary to pay attention in coaching classes and then revise all things you have learnt there at home. Follow this practice regularly to score good in the exam. Make proper notes and highlight important notes. This practice will help you in revising all the important topics before exam. Click here for more information on preparation of GATE.

Check GATE Preparation Tips by Shivakrishna Nakka

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