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GATE 2021 Score Calculation, Predict Rank and Marks V/s Scores

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GATE 2021 Score Calculation: Candidates often get confused between GATE marks and scores and end up misinterpreting their results. Candidates should understand that they are two different entities of the same family. Broadly speaking, GATE Marks is calculated out of 100 and GATE Score is obtained out of 1000. GATE Cutoff is decided on the basis of the highest score obtained in the exam. After the evaluation of answers, raw marks will be considered for calculating GATE Score. For some papers, GATE 2021 will be conducted in multiple sessions of different difficulty levels hence score normalization process becomes a necessity. 

For multiple session papers, 3 parameters will be used to calculate the score: 

  • Actual Gate Marks
  • Normalized Gate Marks
  • Gate Score.

For single session papers, 2 parameters will be used to calculate the score:

  •  Actual Gate Marks
  • Gate Score.

Read the article to know in detail how the score will be calculated in GATE 2021, factors considered for calculating GATE score, and much more.

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Actual GATE Marks and Normalized GATE Marks 

As it is mentioned above that three parameters are taken into consideration while calculating the marks for the papers conducted in multiple sessions or slots whereas only two parameters are used while calculating the marks for papers conducted in a single session. 

For Example: Every year due to the maximum number of candidates opting for ME, CE papers these two exams are conducted in multiple sessions i.e. in the morning and afternoon shift. So while calculating the scores of these papers the authorities will use three parameters. 

Actual GATE Marks

  • When the actual scores are calculating by following the marking scheme i.e. 1 or 2 marks will be awarded for the correct answer and 1/3 or 2/3 marks will be deducted for wrong answers. 
  • While calculating actual GATE marks it is very important to keep in mind that there is no negative marking in case of Numerical Ability Questions. 

Normalized GATE Marks

  • The normalization is done by assuming, “in multi-session GATE papers, the distribution of abilities of candidates is the same across all the sessions.”
  • This fundamental assumption is taken for calculation of normalized scores because the test takers are large in numbers, and the allocation of the session is random. 
  • Also, it is ensured in multiple session papers that the number of candidates allotted in each session is of same order of magnitude. 
  • Based on these mentioned methods and various other methods the authorities have reached the formula which is used to calculate the GATE Normalized Marks. The formula is mentioned below in the article. 

Calculation of GATE 2021 Normalized Marks for Multi-session Papers

Calculation of GATE 2021 Normalized Marks for Multi-session Papers

The normalization of marks of jth candidate in ith session is Mij is given by-

GATE Score Calculation

Further, the graph can help understand the relationship between the two scores better.

GATE Score Calculation

Graph showing the linear relationship between "actual marks" and "normalized marks" of a candidate, in a multiple-session subject (CE, EE, ME, EE or CE) of GATE.
Mgt = average marks of top 0.1 % candidates in all sessions of that subject.
Mgq = mean + standard deviation, of marks of all candidates in all sessions of that subject.
Mti = average marks of top 0.1 % candidates in the ith session of that subject.
Miq = mean + standard deviation, of marks of all candidates in the ith session of that subject.

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Calculation of GATE 2021 Score for All Papers

Calculation of GATE 2021 Score for All Papers

For GATE Paper conducted in a single session, actual marks obtained in the engineering exam will only be used in determining GATE score. By using the following formula, the score will be computed. GATE score calculation formula is also imprinted on the scorecard-

GATE Score Calculation

M: marks obtained in GATE (actual marks for single session papers and normalized marks for multi-session papers)

Mq: Qualifying marks for general category candidate in GATE paper

Mt: Mean of marks of top 0.1% or top 10 (whichever is larger) of candidates who appeared for GATE (in case of multi-session papers including all sessions)

Sq: 350, is the score assigned to Mq

St: 900, is the score assigned to Mt

Qualifying Marks

The qualifying marks (out of 100) are different for different papers, and they also vary as per the category of the candidates. The following table represents qualifying marks according to the category of the candidate-

Category Qualifying Marks (Out of 100)
General Category (Gen) 25 or μ + σ, whichever is higher.
Other Backward Classes (OBC) 90% of the general category's qualifying mark
Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST) 2/3 (i.e., 66.67%) of the general category's qualifying mark

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Special Case

Don’t judge people on their GATE AIR, ask them their GATE Score. All India Rank varies according to the paper and category of the candidate. A few special cases from GATE 2016, are given below-

  • AIR 124 CE GATE 2016 (GATE score 847) 
  • AIR 70 IN GATE 2016 (GATE score 768)
  • AIR 96 CS GATE 2016 (GATE score 856)

What is the difference between GATE Marks, Scores, Ranks, and Percentile?

GATE Marks- A total of 65 questions is divided into two types of questions in GATE: MCQs and NAT Questions. The total marks are 100. GATE marks are obtained out of 100. 

  • MCQs carrying 1 mark each- 1/3 marks will be deducted on marking the wrong answer.
  • MCQs carrying 2 marks each- 2/3 marks will be deducted on marking the wrong answer.
  • There is no negative marking in NAT questions. 

GATE Score- The scores are computed out of 1000 by the process of normalization of marks.

GATE Rank- Also termed as GATE AIR (All India Rank). AIR is calculated on the basis of GATE Scores, and it varies according to GATE Paper, category of the candidate.

How GATE 2021 Cut Off derived?

How GATE 2021 Cut Off derived?

GATE Cut Off is derived from GATE Scores for admission to M.Tech and Ph.D. programs. Apart from IITs, some participating institutes accept admission on GATE marks. GATE cut off scores are also considered for employment in PSUs, direct recruitment to Group A posts in Central Government. The cut off is announced separately by participating institutes for admission to postgraduate programs. For qualifying the examination, the cut off will be declared by IIT Guwahati and will be mentioned on the scorecard. GATE cutoff for each paper depends on various factors mentioned below:

  • Total Number of candidates taking that paper
  • The difficulty level of GATE question paper
  • Total number of available seats
  • Category under which the candidate is seeking admission

Based on cut-offs published by PSUs, candidates are also shortlisted for the further selection rounds. 

GATE Subject Wise Rank v/s Marks Insight

GATE Subject Wise Rank Insight

The following table consists of information regarding marks of GATE toppers in previous years. With the help of these tables candidates can get an idea about the relation between GATE Rank and GATE Marks:

Civil Engineering(CE) Rank V/s Marks

GATE Rank GATE Marks
1 87.72
3 83.78
5 83.13
7 82.15
9 82.08
10 81.73

Mechanical Engineering(ME) Rank V/s Marks

GATE Rank GATE Marks
1 94.75
2 94.65
3 93.39
4 91.69
5 91.38
7 91.01
10 89.31

Computer Science Engineering(CS) Rank V/s Marks

GATE Rank GATE Marks
1 88.67
2 88.33
3 87.00
9 84.67

Electronics and Communication Engineering(EC) Rank V/s Marks

GATE Rank GATE Marks
1 89.00
3 82.67
4 82.00
6 81.00
7 80.33
9 80.00

Electrical Engineering(EE) Rank V/s Marks

GATE Rank GATE Marks
1 97.33
2 97.00
4 96.33
5 95.67
7 95.00
10 94.33

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Frequently Asked Questions

GATE 2021 Score Calculation FAQs

Ques. What is the purpose of the GATE Score Calculation tool?

Ans. The GATE Score Calculation or Score Predictor tool gives you the privilege to calculate your expected scores even before the declaration of the examination result. With the help of a score calculation tool, you can easily calculate your score and can make a list of colleges accepting that score. 

Ques. What are the details that we would need to provide input to the Score Calculation tool for the calculation of our expected score?

Ans. You need to provide various basic details such as date of exam, subject paper, slot, and category, for the calculation of your expected rank. If you provide accurate information then you can get the nearest score.

Ques. From where would I get the credentials for logging into the GATE Score Calculation tool?

Ans. You may log in to the GATE Score Calculation tool using your Google or Facebook account before using it. No separate credentials are needed.

Ques. Could I log in to the GATE Score Calculation tool using my Yahoo account?

Ans. No, you may log in to the GATE Score Calculation tool only using your Google or Facebook account. Login through the Yahoo account will not work.

Ques. What fee do I need to pay for using the GATE Score Calculation tool?

Ans. You need not pay any fee for using the GATE score predictor and calculating your scores. It is absolutely free. It is to help you in calculating an approximate score before the actual declaration of result.

Ques. Could I use the GATE Score Calculation tool for calculating the scores of my friend?

Ans. Yes, you may check anyone’s score. Provided that you have the following details of the candidate - date of exam, subject paper, slot, and category.

Ques. When will be the GATE Score Calculator tool for a year made public?

Ans. The GATE Score Calculator tool for a year is made public only when the GATE exam for that year is over. For instance, GATE Score Calculator for 2020 is enabled post completion of the GATE 2020 exam.

Ques. Is the GATE Score Calculator for a year available for the candidates for the entire year?

Ans. No, the GATE Score Calculator for a year is available for the candidates only for few days.

Ques. Will I be able to use the GATE Score Calculator only for calculating my GATE score?

Ans. No, apart from calculating your GATE score, you may also be able to get information about the prospects of getting your jobs in the Public Sector Units (PSUs). Such PSUs consider the GATE scores to hire students.

Ques. Can I also use the GATE Score Calculator to identify the colleges where I would get admission?

Ans. Yes, you can also use your score predictions to know the institutes which offer admission for the M.Tech. Course on the basis of your GATE scores. Once after knowing your probable scores using GATE predictor, you may check the expected GATE 2020 cutoff to predict if you will be able to clear the same.

Ques. What will be the benefit of using the GATE Score Calculator to identify the colleges where I would get admission?

Ans. This will also help you with planning if you are offered the M.Tech. The course at an Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT), National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and other private institutes. In case it is not happening, you may plan for other prospects in advance.

Ques. Does the GATE Score Calculator calculate the scores of candidates precisely?

Ans. Although the GATE Score Calculator tool is very robust and reliable. However, in case you do not provide valid and accurate information, it would estimate incorrect scores.

Ques. What are the steps to use GATE Score Predictor for calculating scores?

Ans. Follow the steps provided below:

Open the official link of the GATE score predictor (to be released once the GATE exam is over). Login using your Google or Facebook account.

Enter your GATE 2020 registration number and date of birth.

Select the category, date on which you appeared in the GATE 2020 exam, exam slot, GATE paper, expected GATE marks out of 100, and the difficulty level of the GATE exam from the options provided for easy, difficult or moderate.

Once you complete filling all the above information, click the ‘Predict Now’ button. The GATE score predictor tool will display your probable score.

Ques. How can I predict my scores using the GATE Score Calculator in case I am not registered on Google or Facebook?

Ans. In case you are not registered on any of those, you need to create an account and then log in using the same to use the GATE Score Calculator.

Ques. How could I calculate the probable GATE marks that I need to provide for using the GATE Score Calculator?

Ans. To calculate your probable GATE marks for entering in the GATE Score Calculator, you need to use the GATE official answer keys.

Ques. Who releases the GATE Score Calculator every year?

Ans. The exam organizing committee releases the GATE Score Calculator. However, various other websites also offer their GATE Score Calculator for the students.

Ques. What is a GATE Percentile?

Ans. Percentile of a candidate presents the percentage of all the other candidates who scored lower marks than the individual candidate in the GATE exam.

Ques. What is the formula for calculating the GATE Percentile?

Ans. The following formula calculates the GATE Percentile of a candidate:

GATE Score Calculation

AIR RANK here refers to the candidate’s all India rank, and N is the number of candidates appeared in the GATE exam.

Ques. Is there any way other than GATE Score Calculator through which I can calculate my GATE score?

Ans. No, GATE Score Calculator is the only mode to calculate your GATE score.

Ques. I do not have a Facebook account and forgot my Google account password. How can I access the GATE Score Calculator then?

Ans. You first need to reset your Google account password. Then only you can access the GATE Score Calculator

Ques. While entering the details in the GATE Score Calculator, I am getting an error message that the details are not found. What should I do?

Ans. You need to check the inputs that you are entering carefully. Most probably, you are entering incorrect inputs.

Ques. The GATE Score Calculator official website is not opening from my laptop. What should I do?

Ans. You should once clear the cookies of your web browser and try again. It should open.

Ques. I cleared all my Chrome web browser’s cookies. But still, the GATE Score Calculator official website is not opening. What should I do?

Ans. You may probably try opening it using some other web browser such as IE or Mozilla.

Ques. I forgot the paper slot of my GATE exam in which I appeared. What should I do for checking my scores using GATE Score Predictor?

Ans. Check your GATE admit card. You will be able to get the paper slot from there.

GATE 2021 : 44 answered questions


Ques. This year I took admission to the M.Tech. program at IIEST Shibpur. Next year, can I use the same GATE score to transfer to an M.Tech. at a better institute? If so, will my GATE scholarship be continu

● Top Answer By Ranjana Patra on 05 Mar 21

Ans. Yes, you can take admission even after two years in any other college or university as now GATE score is valid for 3 years. But few colleges keep the GATE scorecard until the course finishes. So if this is your case then you can leave or cancel the course and you will get your scorecard back. But when you take admission in any new college or university, you have to start again from 1st year. You cannot continue from where you left at your previous college. Also, you should note that now adding an Aadhaar card to the GATE portal is mandatory so that they can track you if you qualify for GATE again and take admission with the new score.Read more
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Ques. What do you prefer, the GATE or the IES?

● Top Answer By Keshav Jindal on 25 Feb 21

Ans. I would prefer GATE or IES because in GATE the ratio is 10:1 whereas in IES the ratio is 300:1. This makes IES a very tough competitive exam but in GATE it is easier to get good marks and rank higher as the paper is easy and less competitive compared to IES.  The IES exam is tougher than GATE because here a candidate has to excel both in academics and personality. In GATE the questions are concept based and it is easier to solve if all the concepts are clear. Also in the GATE exam, there are 65 questions and the time limit is 3 hours but in the IES exam there are 120 questions and the time limit is 2 hours. So you get less time to solve all the questions.  After qualifying for your GATE exam with good marks, you can apply to any of the big companies with higher packages and it also opens your gate to apply for PSU.   After qualifying for your IES exam, you will get a job as an assistant executive engineer and after 3-4 years of experience, you will get promoted to executive engineer post. Then after many years of experience of like 20+ years, you will get Chief Engineer posts.Read more
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Ques. What is the pattern for the written test for M.Tech at IIT Gandhinagar?

● Top Answer By Kumar Shiwam on 24 Feb 21

Ans. The admission for M. Tech at IIT Gandhinagar is done on the basis of academic records, written test, personal interview, and valid GATE scores. Those students who have a good academic record along with good GATE scores are not supposed to appear in the written test and personal interview.  The pattern of the written test is as follows: 10 questions of General aptitude questions consisting of logical analytical and reasoning ability and engineering mathematics are asked. 15-20 questions are asked related to basic courses in various disciplines up to the third year of an undergraduate program. The total duration of the written test is 1 hour for 80 marks. A total of 40 marks for general aptitude and 40 for basic knowledge. There is a negative marking and very basic questions are asked in the test. For branch subjects, all questions are asked related to SOM, fluid mechanics, etc.  The reservation category will get relaxation in the cut-off marks as per the norms. You will also be entitled to and fro sleeper class train tickets for the shortest route from your hometown to the institute. If you pass the test then you will attend the interview on the same day.Read more
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Ques. What are the best coaching centres for GATE and IES in Civil Engineering?

● Top Answer By Sabeer Chalana on 23 Feb 21

Ans. There are many coaching centers throughout the country for IES and GATE coaching. However, these 2 institutes enjoy a huge reputation and recognition at the national level due to their experienced faculty and their study material quality. Made Easy: It is one of the best in the field when it comes to GATE and IES coaching. They have the best faculty teaching the subjects for the students.  Their specialty lies in their high quality and concise presentation. One of my friends enrolled in the Delhi center weekend coaching program, which he claimed to be good. Their online test series is one of the best you can opt for. They are prepared keeping the present pattern in mind. The number of students enrolled is hefty and gives you a clear picture of the competition. Some criticize that their teaching lacks depth compared to other institutes. Their courses and tests require analytical knowledge and are more than enough to crack GATE/IES exams. IES Masters: This institute is one of the best in this field and has earned respect for its excellence and quality coaching within a short span of its inception. All the major subjects for all batches are handled by Mr. Kanchan Thakur who is the director of the institute. He has a brilliant command over all the subjects in Civil engineering. The study material of this institute is best and is even recommended for those who choose civil engineering as an optional subject in UPSC exams. One small setback is that other faculties than the director are not on par when compared with the faculties of Made Easy. For the GATE Online test series, you can opt for Made easy test series, and for the IES test series you can opt for IES Masters. If you plan to join made easy to enroll in Super Talent Batch which has all top faculties teaching in this batch. For Classroom coaching for civil engineering in GATE/IES, Super talent batch can be preferred if not then IES Masters. For Postal study course, one can opt for IES masters.Read more
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Ques. Which will be a better career for ECE engineers, IBPS SO or PSU via the GATE?

● Top Answer By Vaishnavi Agrawal on 19 Feb 21

Ans. Some of my friends work in both the departments and based on their experience, I can answer this. If you look at the position of an IBPS SO, it's that of a specialist officer. You'd technically be a network administrator of all of the intra networks of the bank. You'd be a database administrator/database manager who would have the entire intra network of that particular bank under your supervision.  Now if you look at the PSU job, you'd be someone who would be responsible for sustaining the technicalities concerning PSU. Your enquiry on which one is better entirely is up to you and where your interest lies. While some might opt for GATE which concerns their core subjects entirely, others simply might find their area of interest in networking. So, decide for yourself and choose what suits you and not the rest.Read more
1 Answer

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


sheetal chib
Is there any inclusion of percentage of graduation while finding out the rank?
abdul nazir

Hi Sheetal, GATE rank is calculated on the basis of GATE score which is derived from the marks obtained in entrance test only. On the basis of merit in the exam, candidates are alloted seat in the counselling process. Find more details at GATE score calculation.

If my score in life science is 69, what will be my general rank?
abdul nazir

Hi Neha, Rank is derived on the basis of score obtained in the exam and with 69 score the rank will be good enough for admissions. to know exact rank visit GATE 2021 rank predictor.

saksham mahajan
To get AIR 10, what should be my score?
abdul nazir

Hi Saksham, Your score must be somewhere between 70-80 to get a rank in the range of 10. However exact rank can be predicted after the declaration of result. To get further details click GATE 2021 score.

ankit kumar
If my marks are 62, what will be my rank in GATE?
abdul nazir

Hi Ankit, Rank depends upon the stream you are interested in. It varies with category and engineering stream, so please specify the stream so as to predict accurate results. You will know more details at GATE 2021 score calculation.

vikram dewan
If my score is 73, what will be my rank?
shruti verma
Can I get admission in PhD program, if I have got 81 marks?
rakhisree chatterjee

Hi, For SC/ST/PH category students, minimum performance in the qualifying degree with postgraduate qualifications (first two rows) is relaxed from 60% to 55% (6.75 to 6.25) and GATE score requirement from 300 to 200. For more information, please refer, GATE Exam.

lakshay kakkar
What will be my rank if my score is around 65?
avinash sahu
Can I get admission in M.Tech course after scoring 99 marks?
rakhisree chatterjee

Hi, For admission into top IITs, the student must score a GATE rank below 200. However, the students having a rank in the range of 600-800 can also get admission into IITs and IIITs. For admission into leading NITs, the students should score a GATE rank in 350-800 range. For more information, please refer, GATE Exam.

utkarsha khatri
What will be my rank if I score 95 marks in exams?
anuj singh chauhan
At what score can I get AIR under 50?