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GATE 2021 Validity for Admission in IITs, NITs, and PSU Recruitment

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GATE Scores are required by candidates while seeking admission to M.Tech programs at IITs, NITs, etc. or job at top PSUs in India. Students must note that GATE Scores are valid for 3 years from the date of announcement of result for students seeking M.Tech admission. However, for candidates seeking job at top PSUs, GATE scores are valid for a year only. 

Therefore, candidates who have qualified GATE 2021 will be valid for admission for the next three years. Since GATE 2021 Result will be released on March 22, 2021 therefore the GATE scores will be valid till March 2024. However, to get a job in PSUs will be valid for that particular year only.

The article below will cover details on GATE Score Validity, a good GATE Score, and the total number of attempts allowed to give the GATE exam.

Time Validity of GATE Score

Time Validity of GATE Score

Similar to many other competitive exams, GATE is also held each year and the aspirants are allowed to give the exam as many times as they want. 

  • There is no restriction on the total number of GATE attempts as well. 
  • But many GATE aspirants assume that since this entrance exam is taken each year so the scorecard is valid only for one year which is not true in the case of GATE.
  • The scorecards for the GATE exam are valid for 3 years which starts from the year in which the scorecard has been issued. 
  • The aspirants can appear in the GATE examination again the next year to improve their GATE scores.
  • The scorecard issued the following year will be valid for 3 years starting from that year.
  • Also, in case any candidate has more than one valid GATE scorecard in any particular year, he/she can be allowed to use any of the scorecards to get admission to the desired institution. 

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GATE Validity - For Admission in IITs

GATE Validity - For Admission in IITs

Direct Admissions:

  • The validty of GATE score for admission in IITs is 3 years.
  • The candidates who are among the top rankers with AIR less than 200 will have an opportunity to get direct admissions to the IISc and IITs. 
  • The older and prestigious IITs like IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi have higher cutoffs as compared to newer ones simply because these institutes remain the top priority and to get a seat in these IITs, having a valid and good GATE score is essential. 
  • The candidates with GATE Scores ranging from 600 to 800 have higher chances to get a call from these institutes depending upon the discipline they have applied to.
  • The candidates can consider GATE Cutoffs from the previous years to have a better understanding of the admissions, as it will give them a good idea of the scores for each M.Tech course as per the category.

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GATE Validity - For Admission in NITs

GATE Validity - For Admission in NITs

Admissions to the NITs:

  • The validity of GATE score for admission in NITs is also 3 years.
  • Admission to these institutes is granted through CCMT which is organized by NIT every year. 
  • The disciplines that are preferred less by the students have lower cutoffs while the CCMT cutoffs for the popular disciplines vary from 300 to 900. 
  • The admissions in these institutes are based on discipline and seat intake among other factors.

Other Universities/Institutes: 

  • Most of the private universities don’t have any specific GATE cutoffs; however, they ask for valid GATE scores. Hence the validity of GATE scores in private colleges varies from college to college.
  • The candidates who have qualified GATE test with satisfactory scores have higher chances to get admission in other popular universities and institutes offering PG or master courses in engineering programs.

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GATE Validity - For PSUs Recruitment

GATE Validity - For PSUs Recruitment

The PSU department started accepting candidates through GATE for different jobs, the popularity of GATE increased greatly. 

  • GATE scores for PSU recruitment are different for each PSU according to the category and discipline. 
  • Some PSU considers only current year GATE Score valid for the recruitment process, while some also consider previous year scores for recruitment. 
  • The PSUs invite more candidates than the actual vacancies so that they can shortlist the most eligible candidates for different organization roles. 
  • So getting an idea of the GATE scores will help the candidates to know more PSU interviews and they can plan their preparation for the exam accordingly.
  • Various PSUs such as NTPC and GAIL prefer to call only the top rankers for the interview and the candidates with AIR rank of less than 50 have higher chances to get a call to the interview in these PSUs.
  • While other PSUs like Power Grid look for the candidates that in addition to having a good GATE score and perform well in the interview as well. 

So in case you have AIR 200 rank then you might get a decent job in the PSU department only in case your performance is exceptionally amazing in the interview. A total number of vacancies in a particular year also plays an important role in getting a job in PSU, in case there are more vacancies in any particular year, then chances of an interview call for candidates with a lower rank also increases.

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What is the valid score for GATE?

GATE Valid Score/GATE Qualifying Cut off

  • For the year 2020, more than 8, 50,000 candidates had registered for the exam for all 25 subjects while almost 7, 00,000 candidates had appeared for the exam. 
  • The passing percentage of the GATE 2020 exam was just 18.8% and close to 1, 30,000 candidates were declared qualified. 
  • The candidates with a good GATE score are eligible to get admission to PG programs as well as for PSU recruitment.

The candidates need to qualify in GATE before they think of scores, admissions or their appointments as well.

Paper Name Paper Code Qualifying marks
General OBC (NCL) SC/ST/PwD
Life Sciences XL 31.7 28.5 21.1
Civil Engineering CE 32.9 29.6 21.9
Electrical Engineering EE 33 30 22.8
Mechanical Engineering ME 34.0 30.6 22.6
Petroleum Engineering PE 39.8 35.8 26.5
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC 28.8 25.9 19.2
Chemical Engineering CH 35.7 32.1 23.8
Chemistry CY 26.7 24.0 17.8
Biotechnology BT 30.7 27.6 20.4
Engineering Sciences Minor XE 26.0 23.4 17.3
Fibre Science and Textile Engineering TF 37 33 24
Aerospace Engineering AE 27.2 24.4 18.1
Agricultural Engineering AG 26.3 23.6 17.5
Architecture and Planning AR 34.8 31.3 23.2
Ecology and Evolution EY 42.2 37.9 28.1
Geology GG 38.4 34.5 25.6
Geophysics GG 51.9 46.7 34.6
Instrumentation Engineering IN 34.6 31.1 23.0
Mathematics MA 25 22.5 16.7
Mining Engineering MN 32.7 29.4 21.8
Metallurgical Engineering MT 49.2 44.2 32.8
Physics PH 37.2 33.4 24.8
Industrial Engineering and Production PI 36 32 24
Statistics ST 25 22.5 16.6
Biomedical Engineering BM 25.0 22.5 16.6

GATE qualifying cutoff for each paper is based on numerous factors including:

  • The total number of candidates appearing for the paper.
  • The difficulty level of the paper
  • The total available seats.
  • Category under which the candidates will get admission.

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How to Improve GATE Scores?

How to Improve GATE Scores?

  • It is important to understand the concepts clearly and while giving the answers, make sure that you are well versed with the concepts so that you can apply them while giving the answers.
  • Look for the shorter but accurate ways to solve the numerical questions so that your time and efforts can be saved. Questions must be solved with complete accuracy.
  • Take more mock tests so that you can effectively manage your time; take the tests as if you are giving your final examination.
  • Do not waste time as effective utilization of time is very important.
  • You must attempt the questions smartly without leaving any kind of loopholes.
  • Read the questions carefully, ignoring the important data or any part of a question can affect your overall score as well.
  • You must understand what is being asked as the examiner asks questions in a tricky way to confuse the GATE test takers. Since most of the questions are twisted, so reading the question carefully can help a lot in understanding the concept clearly.

So stay confident and motivated while appearing for the GATE exam as it can help to achieve a milestone in your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is the validity of GATE score?

Ans: GATE score is laid for 3 years from the date of announcement of result. For instance, suppose one candidate appeared in GATE examination in February 2021 then he/she will get the scorecard one month after the examination. This scorecard is valid till 2024 and the candidates are eligible to get admissions in 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 for further studies.

Ques: Is GATE valid for PSU recruitments for 1 year or for 3 years?

Ans: GATE scores for PSU recruitment are different for each PSU according to the category and discipline. Some PSU considers only current year GATE Score valid for the recruitment process, while some also consider previous year scores for recruitment. The validity of GATE score in PSU recruitment varies from PSU to PSU.

Ques: What is a valid GATE score?

Ans: The valid GATE score is minimum qualifying marks that candidates need to score in order to become eligible for admission in various institutes. Further the institutes will have their own cut off criteria but for initial screening candidates must obtain GATE qualifying or valid score.

Ques: Can I use my GATE 2021 score which is high in comparison to GATE 2020 score which is low for admission in NITs?

Ans: Yes. Candidates can use one valid GATE score for the admission process. If their previous year score is better than the current year then they can use previous years scores. Candidates are also advised to go through the cut off criteria to get a better idea about the cut-offs accepted by various colleges. 

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

GATE 2021 : 43 answered questions


Ques. Is a stipend available in PEC Chandigarh University through a valid GATE score card?

● Top Answer By Rohini Mishra on 02 May 21

Ans. To put it short, yes, you do get a stipend at the PEC Chandigarh University, but it depends on certain terms and conditions.  Getting an SGPA of at least 6.5 in the semesters is the most important condition. If it is less than required in any semester, your next stipend will not come for the next adjacent half. If you fail to do so in the 1st semester, the stipend for the second semester would be lost.  If you score SGPA more than 6.5 in the second sem, the stipend of third and fourth in the second semester combined will re-continue.  And if you fail to reach 6.5 in the second sem, the stipend of the third and fourth sem will discontinue. As there are no separate examinations for the 3rd and 4th sem to judge the eligibility of stipend.  The stipend for the first semester is received by the students without any conditions, so you need not worry about this, as this depends on your GATE score. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What do you prefer, the GATE or the IES?

● Top Answer By Keshav Jindal on 25 Feb 21

Ans. I would prefer GATE or IES because in GATE the ratio is 10:1 whereas in IES the ratio is 300:1. This makes IES a very tough competitive exam but in GATE it is easier to get good marks and rank higher as the paper is easy and less competitive compared to IES.  The IES exam is tougher than GATE because here a candidate has to excel both in academics and personality. In GATE the questions are concept based and it is easier to solve if all the concepts are clear. Also in the GATE exam, there are 65 questions and the time limit is 3 hours but in the IES exam there are 120 questions and the time limit is 2 hours. So you get less time to solve all the questions.  After qualifying for your GATE exam with good marks, you can apply to any of the big companies with higher packages and it also opens your gate to apply for PSU.   After qualifying for your IES exam, you will get a job as an assistant executive engineer and after 3-4 years of experience, you will get promoted to executive engineer post. Then after many years of experience of like 20+ years, you will get Chief Engineer posts.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the pattern for the written test for M.Tech at IIT Gandhinagar?

● Top Answer By Kumar Shiwam on 24 Feb 21

Ans. The admission for M. Tech at IIT Gandhinagar is done on the basis of academic records, written test, personal interview, and valid GATE scores. Those students who have a good academic record along with good GATE scores are not supposed to appear in the written test and personal interview.  The pattern of the written test is as follows: 10 questions of General aptitude questions consisting of logical analytical and reasoning ability and engineering mathematics are asked. 15-20 questions are asked related to basic courses in various disciplines up to the third year of an undergraduate program. The total duration of the written test is 1 hour for 80 marks. A total of 40 marks for general aptitude and 40 for basic knowledge. There is a negative marking and very basic questions are asked in the test. For branch subjects, all questions are asked related to SOM, fluid mechanics, etc.  The reservation category will get relaxation in the cut-off marks as per the norms. You will also be entitled to and fro sleeper class train tickets for the shortest route from your hometown to the institute. If you pass the test then you will attend the interview on the same day.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What are the best coaching centres for GATE and IES in Civil Engineering?

● Top Answer By Sabeer Chalana on 23 Feb 21

Ans. There are many coaching centers throughout the country for IES and GATE coaching. However, these 2 institutes enjoy a huge reputation and recognition at the national level due to their experienced faculty and their study material quality. Made Easy: It is one of the best in the field when it comes to GATE and IES coaching. They have the best faculty teaching the subjects for the students.  Their specialty lies in their high quality and concise presentation. One of my friends enrolled in the Delhi center weekend coaching program, which he claimed to be good. Their online test series is one of the best you can opt for. They are prepared keeping the present pattern in mind. The number of students enrolled is hefty and gives you a clear picture of the competition. Some criticize that their teaching lacks depth compared to other institutes. Their courses and tests require analytical knowledge and are more than enough to crack GATE/IES exams. IES Masters: This institute is one of the best in this field and has earned respect for its excellence and quality coaching within a short span of its inception. All the major subjects for all batches are handled by Mr. Kanchan Thakur who is the director of the institute. He has a brilliant command over all the subjects in Civil engineering. The study material of this institute is best and is even recommended for those who choose civil engineering as an optional subject in UPSC exams. One small setback is that other faculties than the director are not on par when compared with the faculties of Made Easy. For the GATE Online test series, you can opt for Made easy test series, and for the IES test series you can opt for IES Masters. If you plan to join made easy to enroll in Super Talent Batch which has all top faculties teaching in this batch. For Classroom coaching for civil engineering in GATE/IES, Super talent batch can be preferred if not then IES Masters. For Postal study course, one can opt for IES masters.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which will be a better career for ECE engineers, IBPS SO or PSU via the GATE?

● Top Answer By Vaishnavi Agrawal on 19 Feb 21

Ans. Some of my friends work in both the departments and based on their experience, I can answer this. If you look at the position of an IBPS SO, it's that of a specialist officer. You'd technically be a network administrator of all of the intra networks of the bank. You'd be a database administrator/database manager who would have the entire intra network of that particular bank under your supervision.  Now if you look at the PSU job, you'd be someone who would be responsible for sustaining the technicalities concerning PSU. Your enquiry on which one is better entirely is up to you and where your interest lies. While some might opt for GATE which concerns their core subjects entirely, others simply might find their area of interest in networking. So, decide for yourself and choose what suits you and not the rest.Read more
1 Answer


Can I use GATE score to take admission in University in Nepal?
abdul nazir

Hi Neha, It completely depends upon the college or University you are interested in. So it is advisable toc ontact the concern institute to know admission guidelines. Find related  details of GATE exam at GATE 2021.

Can someone with diploma and graduation apply for GATE?
abdul nazir

Hi Drona, Yes you are eligible to apply as minimum required eligibility is a UG level degree. For 2021, even commerce and arts stream students can apply for GATE exam. Find other details at GATE 2021 eligibility.

ammar zaheer ahmed
Can I change my subject in GATE exam?
abdul nazir

Hi Ammar, No subject cannot be edited at the time of form correction as permission to edit is limited to selected fields only during a specifc time period. In case you want to edit subject, you have to apply again for the exam but previously paid fees will not be refunded. Find more details at GATE 2021 form correction.

lakshay kakkar
How long will my score remain valid?
common admission test

Hii lakshay, Greetings from collegedunia. The Scores of the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is valid for 3 years from the date of announcement of the GATE results. For more details Click Here

avinash sahu
Can I use my GATE score to take admission in foreign universities?
Is GATE applicable only for pursuing higher studies or more than this?
rakhisree chatterjee

Hi Thsingtsalia, GATE exam is conducted for post graduate level admission (M.E/MTech/PhD) at IITs, NITs, GFTIs, and other institutes. Even many PSUs like GAIL use GATE score for the recruitment process. For more information, please refer to the following link, GATE 2021.