GMAT 2020: Registration, Eligibility, Fee, Exam Centers, Cancellation and Rescheduling

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    GMAT registration can be completed either online or offline or via phone or by mail. Test takers can appear for GMAT 5 times a year. If the applicant wants to retake GMAT, one must wait for 16 days before scheduling the next date for GMAT. GMAT application fee costs $250 (INR 18,461). GMAT score is a mandatory requirement for the MBA program. 

    GMAT 2020: Eligibility

    Following are the criteria for GMAT eligibility 

    • Nationality: Applicants should have a prominent residence certificate of a particular country 
    • Age limit: One should be at least 18 years of age to appear for GMAT 
    • If a candidate appears for GMAT between age of 13-17 years, then a no-objection certificate is required on behalf of guardians 
    • One can attempt GMAT maximum of 5 times a year 
    • One must wait for minimum of 16 days before taking the next GMAT 
    • Candidates who have a perfect GMAT score out of 800 must wait for another 5 years before retaking the test 

    GMAT 2020: Registration

    GMAT registration can be done online, offline, via phone or via mail. GMAC considers all these mediums for registration to make the process accessible to candidates across rural and urban sections. Following steps need to follow during registration

    GMAT 2020: Registration via Online

    How to Register for GMAT?

    Test takers can register for GMAT either via online or offline or phone or via mail. Interested candidates can only attempt GMAT five times a year. Steps to register for GMAT are as follows 

    Step 1: Visit the official website 

    Step 2: If you are an existing candidate then you just need to login with password and id. If you are not an existing user then you will just have to register with id and password after creating an account 

    Step 3: After creating an account, candidates have to fill up different details required for GMAT registration 

    Step 4: In this step, candidates have to fill up all necessary details required while filling up the form. In this form, one has to provide all necessary personal details 


    Step 5: In this section, candidates have to select what are the preferences of communication. Through this mode of communication, candidates will get any latest information of GMAT


    Step 6: In this section, candidates have to give detailed educational information. In this section, candidates also have to submit tentative dates of graduation. Here candidates will also get an overview idea about GMAT score range.


    Step 7: In this section, candidates have to give work experience details. Usually top business schools prefer all those candidates who have work experience. In this section, candidates also have to write about specific industry in which they have worked earlier.


    Step 8: In this section, candidates have to write down their preferred location where they aim to pursue higher education. Here candidates also have to write down tentative time to start the academic session.


    Step 9: In this section, candidates have to select preferable test centers as preferred location and convenience. There are more than 573 test centers allocated for GMAT across 100 countries by GMAC. 


    Step 10: In this section, candidates have to write about the scheduled date for your GMAT exam. There will be a calendar where you will have to select a date as per availability.


    Step 11: It is the last step of GMAT registration, where candidates have to complete the final step by making a payment of exam fee of $250 through credit card.


    GMAT 2020: Registration via Mail

    It is also an option included by GMAC to register GMAT via mail. This service is for those test takers who prefer offline mode as compared to online. To register GMAT via mail requires following steps 

    • Download the form to schedule GMAT 
    • Fill in the downloaded form 
    • On next step, candidates need to initiate the payment via cheque or money order 
    • Cheque or money order should be drawn in favor of US bank 
    • Exam fee should be in USD 
    • If payment has been transacted through credit or debit card, it is necessary to provide necessary information regarding card 
    • Candidates need to send necessary documents to 

    Pearson VUE 
    Attention: GMAT Program 
    PO Box: 581907 
    Minneapolis: MN 55458-1907 

    *All the necessary documents should be received by the postal address at least 10 business days before GMAT

    GMAT 2020: Registration via Fax

    For completing GMAT registration via fax, candidates have to follow the steps as mentioned in mail. After then, candidates have to fax all necessary documents to the specific regions as required 

    Asia Pacific+911204001660
    Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)+4401618557301

    GMAT 2020: Registration via Phone

    Interested candidates can also register for GMAT via phone. Most test takers prefer GMAT registration via online because it is easy to sign up easily. After taking GMAT, test takers can register into the official account to check the score report within 20 days. To register via phone, GMAC charges $10 as service charge for each transaction. For the final step, the test taker has to send official GMAT scheduling and payment details. All these details should be reached to the authority at least 10 business days before the exam date.

    RegionCommunication Address
    American RegionTelephone (toll-free): +1 (800) 717-GMAT (4628), 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT Telephone: +1 (952) 681-3680, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT Fax: +1 (952) 681-3681
    Asia Pacific RegionTelephone: +852 3077 4926, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. AEST In India: +91 120-439-7830, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Indian Standard Time Fax: 6038319 1092
    China RegionTelephone: 86-10-8234-5675, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. China Standard Time Fax: 86-10-61957800
    EMEA RegionTelephone: +44 (0) 161 855 7219, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. GMT Fax: +44 (0) 161 855 7301

    GMAT 2020: Register as a Test Taker with Disabilities

    GMAC believes in making exam patterns easily accessible to the test takers with or without disabilities. Those who are with disabilities have to request authorities to arrange minimum accommodations for making the exam comfortable. Steps that have to be followed are 

    • If you are an existing user, then login with your id and password 
    • If you are a new user, then create an id with a valid email address 
    • One needs to complete exam accommodations request form present on the website of GMAC to request for necessary accommodation 
    • On the very next step, candidates have to mention disability type to avail required accommodation 
    • Send the complete GMAT accommodation request form with all necessary documents to PEARSON VUE either via mailing address or fax
    • After receiving the documents, candidates will receive a confirmation mail on registered email id 
    • If GMAC approves request for accommodation, then only candidates should book slot for GMAT 

    Test taker has to mention any specific kind of disability like 

    1. Attention Deficit or hyper-active disorder 
    2. Learning and Cognitive disabilities 
    3. Physical and systemic disabilities 
    4. Psychological disabilities 
    5. Sensory disabilities (vision and hearing) 

    GMAT 2020: Fee

    GMAT is an international exam conducted by GMAC to measure business analytical skills of the test takers. GMAT fee is $250. One needs to pay $50 to reschedule exam on different dates and an amount of $80 is charged if the test taker cancels the exam. GMAT exam fee can be paid either via online or offline mode. 

    Online Payment Mode

    To make an online transaction of GMAT fee, candidates have to initiate payment via credit or debit cards, visa card, MasterCard, AMEX or JCB. If a candidate fails to make a payment via credit or debit card, then registration will be cancelled automatically. Candidates have to restart the appointment schedule with a valid session. 

    Offline Payment Mode

    To make an offline payment of GMAT fee, candidates have to initiate the payment via money orders or cashier cheque and personal cheque. This payment has to be made in favor of PEARSON VUE in US dollars. Within this registration fee, candidates have to pay applicable taxes. In this form, candidates should mention bank details along with name and signature and address proof. Conducting body should receive GMAT offline mode at least 10days before the date of exam. If the bank account doesn’t have sufficient amounts then the registration form will be nullified. Candidates will not be able to complete GMAT registration. Few instructions regarding GMAT fee payment via offline mode are as follows 

    • Candidates should initiate a payment to Pearson VUE GMAT in US dollars 
    • Amount should be drawn on a US bank 
    • Amount should include full amount along with applicable taxes 
    • Candidates should have written full name, bank name, address in front of the cheque properly 
    • Payment along with necessary documents should reach the authority at least 10 business days before the GMAT exam date 
    • If the account doesn’t have sufficient funds then Pearson VUE might incur a service fee from the bank account electronically.
    • In that case, appointment will be automatically terminated and the candidate has to schedule a next date for GMAT exam. 

    GMAT 2020: Dates

    No specific dates are allotted for GMAT exam. Test takers can take the exam multiple times in a year. One can register for the exam all year. Candidates should choose available dates with a proper plan. GMAT dates should be taken at least 3-4 months before the application deadlines of the promising business schools. Exam occurs in both halves of the day. Important GMAT exam dates are as follows 

    EventsImportant Dates
    Application FormStarted
    Last date for form fill upMay 2020
    Last date to change city for interviewMay 2020
    Shortlist of CandidatesJune 2020
    Interview datesJune to July 2020
    Final ResultsJuly 2020

    GMAT 2020: Cancellation and Rescheduling

    GMAC allows the test takers to reschedule or cancel GMAT if any unavoidable situation appears. While registration, test takers will get a GMAT handbook to explain fees and policies related to GMAT. Test takers should know few important things before rescheduling or cancellation 

    • Test takers can cancel or reschedule exam via phone or online 
    • Extra $10 will be charged
    • Test takers cannot make a change within 24 hrs of test date 
    • If a candidate misses out scheduled exam date then refund will not be processed 
    • Test taker can reschedule a new exam date without waiting for 16 days 
    • If the test taker requests for any accommodation with exam then it is required to contact the given number as mentioned over the approval letter 
    • If the test taker wants to change the country in the rescheduled exam appointment then it is necessary to contact GMAC via phone 

    GMAT 2020: Cancellation of exam

    Test takers must read all policies and fees related to rescheduling and cancellation of exam 

    • If cancellation occurs more than 7 days before the exam date, a partial fee of $80 will be refunded 
    • If cancellation occurs 7 days or less before the scheduled exam date, no refund will be initiated 
    • For cancellation, test taker has to call GMAT helpline specific to region and request for cancellation by login into GMAT id to cancel test online 

    Log in to GMAT profile 
    Click on MyGMAT
    Click on Cancel GMAT 

    GMAT 2020: Rescheduling of exam

    • If rescheduling occurs more than 7 days before scheduled exam date then $60 will be charged additionally 
    • If rescheduling occurs 7 days or less before the scheduled exam date then $250 will be charged 
    • One cannot reschedule exam 24hrs before scheduled exam date 
    • For rescheduling, test taker has to call GMAT helpline specific to region to request for rescheduling or one can edit it via using GMAT profile 

    Login to GMAT profile from 
    Click on MyGMAT 
    Click on Reschedule GMAT 
    Select a new test date 
    Pay the extra charges using credit card 

    GMAT 2020: Important Documents

    While creating an account online on, test takers have to provide all necessary details to form a profile to handle for GMAT. Candidates have to be very cautious while making the profile on the official website of GMAT. Required things to be noticed are as follows

    • Full name of the applicant as mentioned in passport 
    • Residential or correspondence address 
    • Contact details (phone number, email id) 
    • Date of Birth 
    • Nationality 
    • Bank transaction history 
    • Educational qualification 
    • Work experience 
    • Native language 

    GMAT 2020: Exam Centers

    GMAC officials notice how the test takers all across the world appear for GMAT. The conducting body believes that the candidates should not travel much to appear for the exam. Applicants can select GMAT test centers as per available dates and slots at the preferred location. It is advisable to choose the nearest center making the least distance to be traveled. 

    Things to remember while choosing exam centers 

    • Candidates should choose the test center nearest to own location 
    • If there is no test center close to location, then applicants have to choose other location for exam 
    • Choose a date after proper planning 

    How to choose GMAT Exam Centers?

    Applicants should know about the deadline of application of preferred business schools. Few steps in choosing GMAT test centers are as follows 

    • Visit the official website of GMAT 
    • Click on “Find Test Location” 
    • Choose the country of residence 
    • A list of test centers will be available in the selected country 
    • As per flexibility, candidates can choose up to 3 test centers as per location 
    • Always choose date and center as per convenience 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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