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    The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the first step after deciding that you want to take your career ahead. A computer adaptive test, GMAT is used to assess the writing, verbal, analytical, quantitative, and reading skills in written English for those students who seek admission into a graduate management program. Several resources are available for you to prepare for GMAT. Online forums for GMAT and GMAT books are the most popular resources to ace the exam. There is a huge number of GMAT books in the market. The question that now arises is - Which are the best GMAT books? It could seem to be a very difficult task for you to answer that question on your own. In this article, you will find a list of the best GMAT books and preparation tips for you to ace GMAT. These resources and tips will definitely give you an edge over other learners.

    Types of Study Methods

    • Self-study method - This method requires intense focus and determination. Choosing self-study would give you the advantage of personalization. You can create a study plan that fits your lifestyle and needs. Your study plan will also be self-paced, which means that you can prepare for the exam whenever you want to.
    • Coaching center method - This method is very useful for those students who have to work with time constraints. A coaching center will give you an established study plan and resources. You will also have the advantages of professional learning from your mentors and motivating competition from your peers.

    GMAT Preparation Tips

    Often, GMAT is made to seem like an impossible assessment to crack. However, it is not the case. The major requirements to ace this exam are - a clear plan of action and focus. You could join a coaching center or coach yourself, the choice is yours to make.

    Some of the most essential preparation tips for GMAT are –

    • Choose an efficient study method according to your comfort and priorities.
    • If you choose the self-study method, ensure that you have the best GMAT books and resources.
    • If you choose the coaching center method, take care while engaging in professional competition within time constraints, if any.
    • Replenish your motivation consistently.
    • Practice self-discipline.

    What makes a good GMAT book?

    A few pointers to keep in mind when choosing GMAT books are -

    1. The realistic value of test questions

    It is necessary that your GMAT preparation book has realistic questions. Questions for GMAT have a very specific design. With realistic practice questions, you can get yourself familiar with that particular style and structure your answers accordingly. If you spend your time practicing unrealistic questions, you might develop faulty answering strategies or even be led to wrong answers. The most reliable sources of GMAT practice questions are the official GMAT guides and preparation software. Although you can access questions similar to actual GMAT questions in other GMAT books, they are not as good as the practice questions of the official guides.

    1. Clear and crisp review section

    To identify a good GMAT book, the review section must be looked at. You can discover more about the content of a book by analyzing how concise and clear the review section is. The neatly defined assessment sections can help students in developing skills in different areas. The information in each chapter must be easily comprehensible, logical, and be accompanied by questions and exercises that can be used to test preparation. It is important to keep in mind that all good GMAT books might not have all of these features. However, they must have a minimum of one or two of these features so that you can reach your GMAT goals.

    1. Detailed explanations to practice questions

    Almost every GMAT book contains answer keys. The best kind of GMAT books have answer keys with detailed explanations of why a specific answer is correct. Such informative answers can help students to learn the strategies and skills needed for excellent performance in GMAT.

    1. Video accompaniment

    Videos go a long way in explaining concepts and answers to questions in a learner-friendly manner. Heavy text on paper can be very exhausting for a student to grasp. Video clips can play a vital role in providing more insightful information and aiding in obtaining a higher percentage. Good GMAT books come along with access to video or online learning.

    1. Inclusion of full-length preparation tests

    Ensure that the GMAT book you choose provides a full-length test experience. It is important to practice having your mind and body ready for the duration of the actual GMAT. Full-length preparation tests can greatly improve your endurance. Since GMAT is a computer adaptive test, practicing the tests on a computer is the best way to have a realistic stimulation of the exam day. Good GMAT books give students access to their online practice papers and question banks.

    Best GMAT Books

    The format of GMAT has changed. This would mean that the GMAT books from the previous years may not be very helpful. In order to keep up with the latest GMAT syllabus and format, referring to the new GMAT books would be the right call to take.

    List of the best GMAT books 2020-21 -

    1. Beyond the MBA Hype
      • Author - Sameer Kamat
      • Format - Paperback and e-book

    Before you begin your preparation with GMAT books, you must pick up a copy of Beyond the MBA Hype by Sameer Kamat. This book will give you a comprehensive idea on what one can expect from international management programs, from preparing for GMAT and doing internships to finding jobs with an MBA degree. The words of this book are sure to drill into your head the bigger picture that you are chasing. Your mind is sure to open up and get prepped for what is to come. Beyond the MBA Hype can provide you with the much needed focus to develop an active study plan.

    1. The Official Guide for GMAT Review
      • Author - Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC)
      • Format - Paperback and e-book

    GMAT Official guide is the one go-to book for GMAT preparation. This study guide has questions pertaining to quantitative, verbal, and integrated reasoning. The book features about 900 practice questions of a wide variety along with answers, explanations, essay topics, diagnostic tests, and math review. Along with the book, there is also a mobile app you can access to obtain the test bank on-the-go. A huge benefit of the online question bank is that it lets you build practice tests from as many as 900 retired GMAT questions that are featured in the book. You can also view exclusive videos from the GMAT staff and real test takers who share useful insights and preparation tips for GMAT. There is a diagnostic exam with 100 questions in the online version to assess your preparation for GMAT.

    1. Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides
      • Author - Manhattan Prep
      • Format - Paperback and e-book

    The 6th edition of GMAT Strategy Guide Set by Manhattan Prep adapts to the GMAT syllabus and format that is constantly changing. Latest approaches are offered by the Guide Set to students who want to ace the exam with top percentiles. Authored by enthusiastic instructors with 99th-percentile scores, these books have a student-focused bent of creation. There are ten books in the GMAT Strategy Guide Set by Manhattan Prep. They are designed to be comprehensive and clear. The books are continuously reviewed by students who highly recommend them to their peers. These students are of the opinion that the study guides offer a scope for a dramatic enhancement in their scores. Every book in the set ventures deeply into a single aspect of the exam, providing a specialized and detailed style of instruction. When the ten books are utilized together, they create a noticeable learning impact. They enable students to develop the required knowledge, strategic thinking, and skills that are crucial for success in GMAT. Considerable benefits can be availed from resources of a high level such as - six full-length practice exams that are computer adaptive, more than 200 extra free practice questions, novel strategies for content provision that solves problems effectively, and the sets of Official Guide practice questions with answers and detailed explanations.

    The Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide Set is in line with the GMAC Official Guide, 2015. It includes –

    1. GMAT Roadmap (ISBN: 9781941234099)
    2. Number Properties GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234051)
    3. Algebra GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234006)
    4. Fractions, Decimals, & Percents GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234020)
    5. Geometry GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234037)
    6. Word Problems GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234082)
    7. Critical Reasoning GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234013)
    8. Sentence Correction GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234075)
    9. Reading Comprehension GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234068)
    10. Integrated Reasoning & Essays GMAT Strategy Guide (ISBN: 9781941234044)

    If you purchase this set, you can gain access for one year to Manhattan Prep's GMAT practice exams and question banks which are computer adaptive.

    1. Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus
      • Author - Kaplan Test Prep
      • Format - Paperback and e-book

    Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus is a great preparation guide. It helps students plan their GMAT preparation step by step along with the provision of videos and online practice to ensure that you are fully ready for the exam. Studying the proven strategies of Kaplan and practicing at a good pace can help you become an expert in the computerized format of GMAT. There are five practice tests that you can take online. This study guide offers all the knowledge that is required to excel in GMAT. GMAT Prep Plus lets you study on-the-go. You can log in from anywhere in the world to take up practice tests. Some practice tests are even optimized for your specific mobile device.

    The components of Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus are –

    1. Over 1,200 practice questions along with detailed explanations. These include about 40 advanced quantitative questions and updated integrated reasoning questions.
    2. Around five full-length online practice tests that can help students gain experience with the same test format as GMAT.
    3. One new full-length practice test which is included in the book for simpler review and reference purposes.
    4. An online question bank with 200 questions from which you can customize a test as per your learning needs.

    The questions in Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus have been reviewed, revised, and updated by the all-star expert faculty of Kaplan.

    Get on the road to a great management program!

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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