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    Each year lakhs of aspirants appear for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to get admission in a top-most B-School offering master's degree in business administration. GMAT is a standardized exam conducted by more than 2000 universities and B-Schools to offer admission to the eligible students in MBA programs.

    What is an Economist GMAT?

    The Economist aims at helping the students in cracking their GMAT exam, in case you opted for the GMAT course. Test-takers can also opt for a seven day free trial to understand more about the exam pattern of GMAT and how the Economist can help them in scoring a high score in the GMAT test. The students can access the Economist through their desktop or PC and even from their smartphone anytime. The aspirants aiming to appear in the GMAT test can master each section of the GMAT individually as students can access different types of questions at Economist in each section so that they can prepare themselves for the actual exam. 

    With adaptive learning technology, the aspirants can stay focused on the target areas or the areas that need improvement, by knowing the weaknesses, the students can perform better which in turn helps them to score good marks in the GMAT exam. Thousands of GMAT takers opt for the Economist course so that they can get its benefits in a more enhanced and accurate way.

    What are the features of the Economist GMAT Tutor?

    Since the GMAT test is highly competitive so we must prepare for the exam accordingly keeping in mind that the same exam is given by many other GMAT aspirants as well. A good test course will help the aspirants to do a lot more, and help them in getting familiar with the exam and the right answers to the questions asked. Since the GMAT exam has certain question patterns so it is important that you must start practicing more. A good online test course will help the GMAT aspirants in knowing more about the types of questions and patterns so that they can deliver better results on the exam day.

    Reasons why the Economist GMAT Tutor is considered as an all-inclusive prep tool

    Adaptive online learning

    The online GMAT course offered by the Economist is highly adaptive in nature and helps the students in preparing for the exam in a more accurate way. This way the aspirants can focus on their weaker areas and look for ways to improve it; additionally, by taking more tests like the ones offered by Economist GMAT, the candidates can know their key areas which can help them in getting a high score in the GMAT.

    Detailed material

    The online exams, as well as the lessons offered at Economist GMAT, are comprehensive allowing the students to cover the entire syllabus of the GMAT examination within the time period. Through this feature, the GMAT aspirants can prepare for the entire examination with just one preparatory course; all the lessons and the style of questioning are unique and simplified enough so that it can meet the growing needs of the students.

    Best online tutors

    The online tutors at Economist are highly experienced and qualified; they all work harder to make the concepts look more understandable and crystal clear. The all-inclusive package offers 4 private tutor sessions from the world-class GMAT tutors, also there are more than 100 tutors whom you can ask questions related to your course through online tutor support.

    Mobile App

    Unlike some other options, The Economist GMAT Mobile App is an all-inclusive app allowing the students to understand the complete course easily and more accurately. Through the mobile app of the Economist GMTA, the learners can access all the lessons that have been viewed on the desktop and can chat with tutors as well, regarding all their queries and doubts.

    Test-Taking Guidance

    The GMAT exam is highly competitive and knowing about the exam seems a difficult task as the comfort level in the exam can make a huge difference in the overall scores. Features like the GMAT’s adaptive scoring system that changes based on the candidates’ performance, the students need to adopt certain strategies so that they can get the highest score possible. The lessons in The Economist GMAT Tutor are designed aiming to introduce the course to the GMAT test takers and how it can be tailored as per the individual’s test-taking strategy. The Economist GMAT website itself is highly informative with loads of information about the exam available.

    Free digital subscription to The Economist

    Aiming to boost GMAT candidate’s reading comprehension, The Economist magazine provides wonderful analysis and comment on global affairs. No matter which every plan the candidates choose, they will get a free digital subscription for the entire duration of their program. This kind of feature is not included by any other GMAT tutor.

    70% improvement or money-back guarantee

     Economist GMAT guarantees a score improvement by at least 70 points, and all its students achieve an average score improvement of 102 points. The process of registering at GMAT is quite simple and it helps in establishing a benchmark or else you can claim for the refunds as well. Combine all the advanced features with this money-back score improvement guarantee, The Economist GMAT Tutor is surely the best GMAT test prep program for the students.

    Benefits of using Economist GMAT

    • Through this online course, the students can prepare for the examination anytime anywhere as the tool is accessible from smartphones, laptops among many other electronic devices.
    • By getting its access anytime and everywhere, the learners can specifically focus on their weak areas along with strengthening their stronger areas as well.
    • Through the mobile app, the students can get access to the preparatory course which is user-friendly and helps in catering to all the needs of the aspirants.
    • The GMAT offers a free trial course for one week so that the candidates can get familiar with the course pattern and can finalize whether it is useful for them or not. Once the GMAT aspirants are completely satisfied with the course content, they can opt for the full course.
    • The friendly and cooperative team of the Economist responds to all the customers’ queries at the earliest.
    • The course is designed in such a way that the candidates will not be able to move to the next chapter before going through the previous ones, in fact skipping a few lessons and moving on further is not possible.

    Reviews from users taken Economist GMAT Prep Tool

    1. Excellent, flexible program

    “Since I wanted to be sure that all the chapters and concepts are understood, the written nature of the program helped me a lot in understanding the concepts. Also, I found the ask-a-tutor feature more beneficial as I got a detailed analysis of all my questions. I would definitely recommend this platform to all my friends as well.

    1. Dynamic experience with The Economist GMAT Tutor

    “I was not able to get admission in my desired business schools. I purchased the Economist GMAT Tutor almost three months before the GMAT test, and spent almost 150 hours focusing on my exam. The Economist GMAT tutors helped me a lot in understanding the concepts and prove to be a great add-on.

    1. Wonderful preparation tool

    After devoting my time and efforts in addition to my tutor’s guidance through the Economist GMAT I was able to score up to a 760. Rather than wasting my time rereading the same section of a book over and over, I opted for the Economist software to get familiar with more and more questions of different styles. This platform is highly recommended in case you are looking to dramatically improve your verbal score.

    1. 90 point improvement on the GMAT

    The Economist GMAT platform helped me a lot in getting a 90 point improvement on my GMAT test. Since my quant section was not that impressive, I devoted more time learning about the formulas and it helped in improving my marks greatly. Overall I would definitely recommend the Economist GMAT course to my friends as well.

    Invest in your future with confidence

    The Economist GMAT Tutor offers an unmatched combination of self-managed learning, flexible tutor support, a user-friendly system, and wider opportunities to practice as per the latest exam pattern. Till now, the Economist GMAT Tutor has helped more than 15,000 students in scoring good scores in the GMAT test and getting admission to the top-most B-schools or universities. The Economist GMAT Tutor offers a wider range of online options that can help students in their GMAT preparations, especially the ones who prefer to do their test review on their computer or mobile device. Access to in-depth explanations is possible through this platform, also 70+ score improvement guarantee is something that makes Economist GMAT tutor unique and more beneficial for the learners. Even the extra 50 points guaranteed by the basic package is highly motivational for the students and can make a great difference when it comes to getting admission in the top-most B-School or college.

    In case you are looking to ace the GMAT exam, then you must take this course. The Economist GMAT course is highly informative, and it would help the aspirants in knowing the ins and outs of the exam so that they can deliver their best outcome on the exam day. So check out the Economist GMAT website and start a free trial to evaluate why it is the right choice for you and get started with your GMAT learning practice!

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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