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    The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a computer- adaptive test that is conducted worldwide for the admission to the management and business courses in various international Universities. The test is of 3 hours and 30 minutes which tests the verbal and analytical skills of an individual. GMAT syllabus is divided into 4 sections:

    GMAT Quant Section

    The GMAT Quantitative section is basically designed to test the ability to solve quantitative problems and interpret the graphical data of an individual. It mainly tests the analytical ability of a candidate. The test has 31 questions of 62 marks which are Multiple Choice Questions with one correct answer. The two types of questions that are asked in the examination are based on two concepts: 

    Also, these questions test your knowledge of subjects like Algebra, Arithmetic, and Geometry.

    GMAT Quantitative Sections: Problem-solving And Data Sufficiency

    • The test consists of around 19- 20 questions based on the concept of Problem solving and 17-18 questions based on Data Sufficiency.
    • The questions based on Problem-solving concept tests the analytical reasoning of an individual to solve the quantitative problems while questions on data sufficiency concept measure an individual’s ability to analyze a quantitative problem, recognize which data is relevant, and determine at what point there is enough data to solve the problem.
    • The questions in the Problem solving section are the multiple-choice questions with five options while questions based on the data sufficiency concept consist of a question and 2 statements of data. The student is required to determine whether the statements provide sufficient data to answer the question.

    The questions in the GMAT Quant section are based on the simple high school mathematics. The topics are really simple. Below are given the topics of Mathematics that are covered in GMAT Quant section:

    • Word Problems: The concept behind the word problem asked in the examination tests the ability of a candidate to interpret the math in stories and descriptions.
    • Integer Properties and Arithmetic
    • Algebra: The algebra asked in the examination includes both “pure algebra,” and algebra as applied to other GRE Quant concepts.
    • Percentage, ratios, and fractions
    • Two- dimensional Geometry: The questions based on shapes, lines, and angles not on the coordinate plane are asked under this topic.
    • Statistics: Statistics cover the concepts like mean, median, mode, standard deviation etc.
    • Powers and Roots
    • Probability and Combinations
    • Inequalities
    • Sequences
    • Coordinate Geometry: This section includes shapes, lines, and angles on the coordinate plane.
    • Data Interpretation
    • Three- dimensional Geometry: It includes Volume, Surface Area etc.
    • Functions

    What Makes It An Ideal Book?

    If you are preparing for GMAT, you've probably noticed that there are dozens of different GMAT books available in the market. Before choosing a particular book and deciding which one to buy, it is necessary to understand what exactly a good book means, what makes a book perfect for the preparation, so that it saves your time and money both.

    What makes a good GMAT preparation book is its content and the organization. A book of questions with realistic approach, comprehensive explanation of answers, lots of practice tests, clear review sections, Best test-taking strategies make it an ideal book for the examination. It’s extremely important for your book to have realistic test questions and a number of practice tests. Having realistic practice questions helps you familiarize yourself with the style of these questions and practice the skill sets you really need to do well on the test while [practice tests increase your speed and familiarize you with the paper pattern.The book should have clearly defined review sections that help you build your skills in different areas.

    Some Best GMAT Books For Quant

    Below are mentioned some of the best books for GMAT Quant section preparation. All the books are mentioned with their pros and cons so that you can make an accurate unbiased decision and start preparing for the exam.

    The Official Guide For GMAT Quantitative Review

    If you are willing to study from 1 book only, then this book wins the fight. It is a bundle of three books that contains all the information about the exam. It also contains all the realistic past year questions from the GMAT paper. The three books in the bundle are GMAT Review 2018 Guide, GMAT Quantitative Review 2018 Guide, and GMAT Verbal Review 2018 Guide. All these books cover all the topics of the examination. While you purchase the book, it also allows you access to an online question bank that contains more than 1500 questions with answer explanations.


    1. The guide contains realistic test questions from past year’s GMAT papers. This will give you an insight into the questions asked in the examination.
    2. Access to the online questions gives you the feel of the test day. It familiarizes you with the paper pattern and how the test appears on the screen.
    3. The questions given are organized on the basis of level of difficulty.


    1. The biggest drawback of the guide is that it does not contain any information regarding the test-taking strategy.
    2. The questions in the book are mostly easy and medium ones. If you’re looking to get a 700+ GMAT score, you might be better served with other materials.
    3. Some of the answer explanations (particularly in the quant and sentence correction sections) can be too simplistic or confusing.

    GMAT Advanced Quant By Manhattan Prep

    This book is recommended for beginners as it helps in building a good foundation of concepts used in each section of the examination. The Manhattan book is geared at students who are already scoring at the 70th percentile in the quantitative section. It provides techniques for approaching the most difficult GMAT math problems.

    These GMAT prep books come with a year-long subscription to web materials and practice tests. The sections included are Problem Solving Principles, Problem Solving Strategies & Tactics, Data Sufficiency Principles, Data Sufficiency Strategy & Tactics, Pattern Questions, Common Terms & Quadratic Templates, Visual Solutions, Hybrid Problems, and a chapter called “Workout Sets,” which contains practice problems.

     The book is designed to build a deep base of content knowledge and test-taking strategies to strengthen your performance, knowledge, skills, and strategic thinking.


    1. The books come with the fundamental concepts behind the questions to build a deep understanding of the concepts behind the question.
    2. The series of the book gives you access to six full-length, computer adaptive practice tests that accurately simulate test-day conditions.
    3. The books also come with test-taking strategies that correlate directly to the content covered in the examination.
    4. The concepts come up with illustrated examples for both Problem solving and data sufficiency sections.
    5. It’s a cheap supplemental to your other practice books.


    1. The level of questions asked is mostly difficult. So, it is not for those who wish to score 650+ in the examination.
    2. It takes a lot of time to complete this series of books. This is a very comprehensive test prep set, and requires a significant time investment to really see an improvement.

    Veritas Preparation Guides

    The Veritas complete GMAT Preparation guide consists of 15 guides comprising 8 for Quant section, 6 for the verbal section, AWA, and test simulation booklet. The package also includes access to the online resources which includes hundreds of free practice questions and one full- length adaptive practice test. The online resources include in-depth guides to 14 of the world’s top business schools. Each of the books is clearly named and contains specific, clear strategies for tackling the types of questions covered.


    1. The Veritas preparation guide comes with practice questions and access to an online guide that contains more online questions and full-length tests.
    2. The Veritas preparation books are clearly written and offer in-depth knowledge of each topic.
    3. The quality of questions is unique and difficult.
    4. Most of them are fresh questions; you probably have not seen them on forums.


    1. The Veritas Prep course set online comes with just one full-length adaptive practice test. By contrast, Manhattan Prep offers six.
    2. These books are extremely expensive.

    Kaplan Gmat Math Workbook

    Kaplan GMAT Math workbook is one of the best books known for building basic concepts and laying the foundation for all concepts used in the quant section. The book contains all the questions on both the sections, word problem, and data sufficiency asked in the Quantitative section of the book.


    1. The book gives a fairly comprehensive review of the basic math concepts needed for the GMAT.
    2. The structure of the book is designed in such a way that it starts from the basic and ends at the complex problems. It is also based on the previous skills learned.
    3. There are different sections for the Word problems and data sufficiency questions in the quantitative section of the paper.


    1. Many important topics like Statistics, Probability, and Permutation, and Combinations are not covered.
    2. The questions given are not GMAT questions, but rather are designed to ensure that the material is mastered.

    Total GMAT Math By Jeff Seckmaan

    Total GMAT Math is a book specially designed for the GMAT Quantitative section. The book contains tutorials based on every question of the GMAT Quant section. There are forty sections that review different question types, followed by a drill section with exercises to make sure you can apply what you’ve just learned. There are over 500 exercises in the book and over 300 GMAT practice questions. Of those 300 questions, 100 are “challenge questions” designed to simulate the hardest questions you may see on the test.


    1. There are more than 300 questions based on the Quantitative section which builds your knowledge and help you practice.
    2. There are even more (500+) of exercises that aren’t GMAT style, but still, build up your math knowledge. These include drills that are targeted at building the underlying skills you need for the exam.
    3. It covers all the topics asked in the GMAT Quant section. The questions come with good answer explanations, complete with diagrams, and solid strategy suggestions.


    1. The book is a little expensive.
    2. No summary sheets are provided.

    The choice of a good book for GMAT varies from person to person. It depends on various factors like time constraints, prior knowledge, and the targeted score. One must completely analyze all the factors mentioned before selecting a good book for the test,

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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