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    To gain admission in graduate management programs, such as an MBA program The Graduate Management Admission Test also known as the GMAT exam is held. The exam tests the robust skills of an individual in certain aspects like:

    In the verbal section of the GMAT, the paper is designed in a way to check the command of English the student has over the language. The following is checked by giving them:

    • Compelling arguments to check their analyzing skills,
    • Ability to read and understand an article and critically examine it

    A candidate needs to gather all the required material that is available in the form of books and materials before starting the preparation of GMAT.

    Exam NameGMAT
    Organizing BodyGraduate Management Admission Council(GMAC)
    Mode of ExamComputer-based Online Exam
    No. of questions36
    Time65 Minutes
    Language of the PaperEnglish

    GMAT Verbal Syllabus

    The GMAT Verbal section is designed to check your ability to comprehend English in complex language through arguments, errors, written material, etc. The GMAT Verbal contains three types of questions:

    • Reading Comprehension: The RC checks your ability to understand complex reading material and asks questions on the basis of the passage. The questions are based on the tone, structure, agenda, content, etc of the passage.
    • Sentence Correction: These types of questions check if the person is attentive enough to identify errors. These questions are asked in long sentences. Sometimes there is no need for correction to the sentence.
    • Critical Reasoning: These types of questions require you to evaluate and comprehend the arguments, making assumptions, coming to a conclusion with the help of evidence present.

    Preparation Tips for GMAT Verbal Section

    The GMAT Verbal Section is a computer adaptive test, i.e., it moulds the next question based on the student’s answers the test will adapt the difficulty level of the next question. Preparation tips for GMAT need the following steps. The students thinking of attempting the test should take care of the following:

    • Creating a study plan and giving equal times for every section to prepare.
    • Being non-native speakers, we are required to put in extra effort to get a good score in verbal.
    • Do not spend most of your time in the quant section, give equal if not more important to the verbal section.
    • Increasing your vocabulary, and read through a thesaurus to keep your knowledge of interchangeable words.
    • Go through the GMAT Verbal Syllabus thoroughly, to keep an idea of how much you have to prepare in your head.
    • When you start preparing for GMAT, it is important to identify a good prep book as to not waste your time and money.
    • Practice and Practice as much reading comprehension as you can.
    • You should familiar with the technical terms and concepts covered in Economics 101 as to not feel completely lost.
    • There should be a basic strategy of how you will choose your answer.
    • Do not be afraid to translate long sentences in plain English, as the complex language is just to throw you off.

    Best GMAT Books to Prepare for Verbal Section

    What is the Best GMAT Verbal prep book? Which books are up-to-date with the new changes? Which one will benefit you and which won’t? 

    Do not worry, we have got all the answers for you. You can refer to the books given below and choose the best one for you:

    • The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review: This Official Guide will fully prepare you to master the verbal section. In the latest 2020 Edition, there are over 312 additional questions and answers. Also, this edition comprises of the exclusive access to online question Bank that helps you create practice tests.
    • Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction Strategy Guide: This strategy guide is ever-changing and adaptive as the GMAT exam. Incorporating with a strategy guide from 99-percentile scorers, the guide gives a deep and thorough study of one- specialized area. This guide is a complete package to delve into the sentence correction major or minor grammar tested on the GMAT Verbal section. 
    • Kaplan GMAT Verbal Book: This book is a complete package to review the skills of all verbal type questions: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and Critical Reasoning. The latest edition of the book provides with Online Test Prep course starting from June 2, 2020. Just like Kaplan’s GMAT Quant guide, the GMAT Verbal Guide goes beyond the basics. The book is perfect for people who want a deep understanding of the verbal section. Students can also learn advanced strategy skills from this guide.
    • GMAT Foundations of Verbal(Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides): This book is considered to be a strong foundation for students to build their GMAT Study. The book comprises of all the aspects of GMAT Verbal. The latest edition of this book provides the student with access to the Foundations of Verbal Homework Bank and Foundations of Verbal Bonus Drill Set. This book is complete package from start to finish for the Beginners looking to master the GMAT Verbal section.
    • Verbal Workout for GMAT(The Princeton Review): Designed by the experts at The Princeton Review to help students excel in the GMAT Verbal section. This book showcases simple yet effective techniques for a student to excel in GMAT.
    • GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review by GMAC: Fully preparing you for the Verbal Component of the GMAT Verbal Section. The latest edition provides you with 45 new added questions, access to the online questions bank to help create practice tests. The online tool of the Review offers up to 300 questions in Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and Critical Reasoning. Also, the new edition gives you exclusive access to videos of live test takers along with their tips and tricks.
    • Students can also opt for the GMAT Forums available online. 

    In conclusion, a student should always keep in mind that having the correct GMAT PrepBook does not matter if they do not have the patience and discipline to stick to a good study plan. Students should make a strategic study plan on how to prepare and get the best book suitable for their level. Some of the best books for GMAT Verbal are mentioned above. 

    Students can buy a complete guide to prepare from start to finish. Or opt for section-wise books to make their Verbal strong. 

    It is the student’s responsibility to know how much progress is needed and in which section. There is a vast amount of information available online for students to prepare for. But it is only possible to excel in any exam is to have a proper and good strategic study plan.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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