GMAT Cut off for IIM

    GMAT is the entrance exam for pursuing an MBA in the most famous business schools in the whole world. It is conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council or GMAC which states that over 2,100 institutes across the 114 countries accept the GMAT scores. Not only that, around 6,000 programs’ pathway to the GMAT exam. Ample efficiency has been put in making GMAT score the worldwide accepted entrance benchmark exam that too for such a popular course like MBA. Peer reviews and pragmatic skills are tested thoroughly. 

    The GMAT exam is a prolonged 3 and half hours duration exam with optional breaks for 10 minutes twice. The content of the GMAT syllabus has been projected keeping in mind the necessities that today’s business and corporate sphere demands. Every student desiring to secure a place in one of those worldwide renowned business schools are preparing for getting that dream GMAT score. They are focused on climbing the corporate stairs with flying colors. Here, we can witness that the structuring of the papers is pretty appropriate. There are four main categories of the GMAT exam –

    It can be noticed that the papers have been systematically picked. The GMAT exam focuses on extracting this knowledge from the test takers and that is because these are the foremost knowledge needed for any candidate to make a place in the institute – or by getting that high GMAT percentile. There are connoisseurs behind the question making and the same for checking. They ensure that the student is equipped with enough merit to secure the chance. 

    Now, after fathoming the vitality of the GMAT score, we can understand how arduously the candidates prepare for the same. One very big benefit of the GMAT score is its acceptability throughout the world. In India, there are multiple reputed business schools like SP Jain, IIMs, ISB, and more, though CAT holds a position in the Indian educational scenario a student will be highly benefited if opting for GMAT score. How? The GMAT exam is slightly less exhausting than CAT but aces its game on the tricky side. If a candidate, god forbid, scores lesser in the CAT exam and is unable to secure a chance in any of the reputed Indian business schools, they will still have the chance of trying for the abroad ones. This is one big reason, the Indian business schools have made many management programs available for entering through GMAT especially the GMAT cut off for IIM executive MBA. Another very prominent feature of GMAT for IIM is that candidates only have precise work experience and this is not the case with CAT. GMAT score for IIMs main aim is to filter the ones getting into the business schools. The ones with ample work experience have an idea already of how the corporate world is. Getting an MBA degree will double their chances and also will be beneficial for the concerned company hiring them.

    Talking about the Indian business schools, hardly any people are present who are unaware of the fame of the Indian Institute of Management or IIMs. IIMs are the flagship holders of the business schools in India and therefore the GMAT score for IIM is vital. Not only are they one of the oldest but corporate leaders and entrepreneurs are born from those institutes. There are 20 IIMs in India all of which are the leaders in teaching MBA and similar postgraduate courses like post-graduate diplomas and more. Getting into an IIM is a laborious task undoubtedly, there are thousands of students throughout India preparing incessantly to make it to the GMAT cutoff for IIM executive MBA. IIM follows a precise method of selecting students. The first one is giving the CAT or GMAT exam and the GMAT score for IIM is examined. Then the selected ones will be called for the personal interview, written assessment test, or group discussion. From that, the ones selected will have to provide their composite scores and previous qualifications’ scores and eventually the ones selected from that will be getting admission.

    Name of IIMsProgram NameDurationGMAT Cutoff for IIMFees (INR)
    Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA)ePost Graduate Program(EPGP) and
    Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives (PGPX)
    1 year full-time for executives680
    Indian Institute of Management, BangaloreePost Graduate Program (EPGP)1 year full-time for executives680+-
    Indian Institute of Management, KolkataPost Graduate Program in Management for Executives (PGPEX)1 year full-time for executives680+22,00,000
    Indian Institute of Management, LucknowInternational Program in Management for Executives (IPMX)1 year full-time for executives620+23,50,000
    Indian Institute of Management, IndoreePost Graduate Program (EPGP)1 year full-time for professionals700+20,00,000
    Indian Institute of Management, RanchiFellow Program in Management(FPM)4 years full-time doctoral residential program600-
    Indian Institute of Management, RaipurExecutive Fellow Program in Management (EFPM)Doctoral Program560-
    Indian Institute of Management, RohtakDoctoral Program in management(DPM)-650+-
    Indian Institute of Management, KashipurPost Graduate Program in Management-670+-

    After knowing the process it can ascertain how meticulous the process of scoring a high IIM GMAT score for IIM is. But the toughest of all is the CAT or GMAT score needed to secure the position. Now, the majority of the Indian students know only about the CAT exam which is pretty arduous. Whereas, the GMAT exam is a slightly less tough bit more tricky. It is always beneficial for the students to opt for the GMAT score for IIM considering that. Let us now get hold of the IIMs accepting the GMAT scores and also check out the IIM cut-off for GMAT.

    Now, after noticing the edgy IIM Lucknow GMAT cut off, IIM Shillong GMAT cut off, IIM Bangalore GMAT cut off, and also IIM Calcutta GMAT cut off, candidates might be fretting out there. It is quite anticipated but few things must be taken into account for getting that escalated IIM cutoff for GMAT. If you are somebody not having ample work experience of 5 years then you might as well prepare for both CAT and GMAT. Why? To sit for GMAT for the IIM exam one needs to have 5 years’ work experience. If you are a graduate or in your third year planning to sit for GMAT then it is advised to prepare for both. If by any chance the CAT score is less, then the candidate will be able to grab the GMAT score for IIM. But if you are somebody who is working and while working you contemplated pursuing your MBA from abroad because you are already doing well in your job, for instance, then GMAT for IIM is a good decision to opt for. 

    In India, previously CAT was the only way to get into a business school of top reputation. Especially for the 2 years MBA programs, CAT was mandatory for the longest time and still now. But majority of the students who are working out there, and have proper work experience are in the lookout of courses which suffice their need of pursuing a postgraduate level management degree and also from a reputed place. For candidates like these, the one-year programs are befitting and so they try hard for securing a high GMAT cutoff for IIM executive MBA. They can always sit for GMAT for IIM as they qualify the eligibility of having work experience and they will be suitable for the GMAT cut off for IIM executive MBA too. Along with that, they already have an ample amount of knowledge for almost five years which they can always incorporate in the process of learning. The GMAT cutoff for IIM plays a vital role in determining the future of the candidates. It is always advised to prepare for the GMAT cut off for IIM executive MBA meticulously so as to secure the chance of getting into the best college. 

    To score a high GMAT score for IIM, let us go through some of the preparation tips for GMAT:

    • One must always start beforehand to avoid last-minute nervousness and anxiety. The candidates must also enroll themselves in coaching classes to avoid haphazard preparation. The IIM Ahmedabad GMAT cut off and also the IIM Shillong GMAT cut off is pretty high.
    • The candidates should break it down and go through one section at a time for a better GMAT score for IIM. As we know the GMAT syllabus consists of four main categories, verbal, writing assessment, logical reasoning, and quantitative ability. To be fluent in all of these, break down all of them according to the strengths and weaknesses, this way securing the IIM Bangalore GMAT cut off will be easier as well as the IIM Calcutta GMAT cut off – which are among the toppers.
    • Maths or quant skills are vital to scoring high in the IIM Lucknow GMAT cut off and IIM Ahmedabad GMAT cut off. The GMAT score for IIM greatly depends on what the candidate is preparing. If the candidates are proficient in the quant section then they must thoroughly practice them. If the candidates are dreading that section then it is even more needed to be practiced.
    • Time management eventually is another big point to be noted. One must remember, there is a duration of 2 minutes for all the answers. So, do not fret and give your best shot for getting a high GMAT score for IIM. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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