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    The students planning to do an MBA program from one of the top MBA colleges in Canada must get a good score in their Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) test. The average GMAT score required by the renowned MBA universities in Canada is 550, ranging from a low of 500 to a high of over 600. However, the average GMAT score obtained by MBA students is 606. Beneath we are discussing the average GMAT score required at the various business schools and universities like the University of Toronto, Queen's University, Richard Ivey School of Business, the University of Western Ontario, etc.

    Best MBA colleges and their GMAT scores

    UniversityAverage GMAT score required
    Brock University550
    Carleton University600
    Concordia University600
    Cape Breton UniversitySatisfactory GMAT or GRE scores are needed
    Dalhousie University550
    Lakehead University500 or higher
    McGill University570
    McMaster University600
    Queen's University600
    Ryerson University550 or better
    University of Calgary550 or better
    University of LethbridgeA minimum score of at least 550 on the GMAT is required
    University of GuelphGMAT not needed (the Admissions committee holds the right to request one be taken in certain cases)
    University of Windsor550 on the GMAT is required
    University of OttawaA minimum of 50 percentile on GMAT, and a score of 4.5 in the essay section
    Wilfrid Laurier UniversityA minimum score of at least 550 on the GMAT is required
    York University’s Schulich Business School550-750

    The higher GMAT scores needed to get admission in prestigious schools indicate their higher admissions standards. The higher GMAT averages at prestigious B-schools is due to their higher admissions standard. Most of the prestigious B-Schools in Canada do not have a minimum required GMAT score as they already have much higher admissions standards. This gives an explanation of why the top MBA universities in Canada with no set minimum GMAT scores tend to have a higher average GMAT score.

    Top MBA Colleges in Canada that consider GMAT Scores

    University of Toronto’s – Rotman School of Management

    The MBA course offered at Rotman School of Management is a full-time 2-year MBA Program, the MBA program offered here is considered as the most diversified programs offered in Canada. Also, the B-School campus is established in downtown Toronto which is a leading commercial and financial hub.

    Curriculum, Electives, and Majors

    The entire MBA curriculum is divided into core and elective courses and the MBA students are allowed to select from a maximum of 90 elective courses and 15 majors in the second year. The course specialization can be selected by the students in their second year of study.

    Some of the subjects taught at Rotman School of Management include:

    • Consulting
    • Global Management
    • Health Sector Management
    • Brand Management
    • Business Design
    • Investment Banking
    • Risk Management and Financial Engineering

    McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management

    Established in Montréal, McGill Desautels Faculty of Management’s MBA program is positioned number 1 in Canada by Wall Street Journal. The MBA course offered to the national and international students at McGill University is higher flexible allowing the students to choose from 12, 16, 20, and 28-month course duration options.

    Courses taught at McGill University

    The McGill MBA program has been designed to offer learning opportunities to the students along with providing a global exploration so that they can become tomorrow’s world leaders. Experiential learning, case studies, real-life projects, and international exposure are an integral part of the McGill’ MBA program. The entire MBA curriculum is segregated into four distinct phases:

    • Laying Foundations
    • Integrating Disciplines
    • Specializing
    • Experiential Learning

    During the 3rd phase of the MBA program, the students can customize the program as per their learning objectives and career they want to choose post becoming MBA graduates. The students can choose from the beneath courses while studying at Mcgill University:

    • Global Strategy & Leadership
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Business Analytics
    • Marketing
    • Finance

    York University’s Schulich School of Business

    The MBA course at York University allows the students to switch between full-time or part-time options in addition to getting the flexibility to study at any of the two campuses located in downtown and uptown Toronto.

    Subjects taught at the Schulich School of Business

    The MBA curriculum consists of 33 credits of course courses and in addition to the core courses, the students are also supposed to complete 27 credits of electives. The aim of introducing additional credits is to offer a deeper exploration of an area of focus to the learners. MBA students can choose from more than 15 areas of specialization based on their area of interest. Some of the popular specializations offered at the Schulich School of Business include:

    • Finance
    • Business Consulting
    • International Business
    • Strategic Management
    • Health industry Management
    • Marketing

    Since Schulich School of Business is among the best MBA colleges in Canada so obviously the GMAT cut off is also higher. The MBA graduates can easily get placement and more than 90% of the Schulich MBA graduates get employed within 3 months of graduation with an average starting salary of CAD 91,500.

    Western University’s Ivey School of Business

    The MBA offered at Ivey School of Business is a one-year, full-time program that begins in March. The education at the Ivey’ MBA program is offered through the case study method and the students consider more than 300 cases in a year, which helps them in understanding the mirror challenges and complexities that arise in the real business world. The Ivey MBA program allows the students to get a bigger picture of the real business world and get familiar with the challenges and how to make decisions when faced with uncertainty.

    Under the employment plan at the Ivey’s MBA program, more than 90% of the MBA graduates get employed fast with an average starting salary of CAD 103,000. The career management team at this business school is ranked at top position by its recruiting partners, and career coaching is built into the curriculum of the MBA program.

    HEC Montréal

    The HEC Montréal provides a 1-year full-time MBA program to the eligible students based on their GMAT scores. The MBA program’s teaching approach is based on boosting the students’ skills, building their experience, and expanding their network that is considered by the students while searching for the top MBA universities in Canada. The MBA program offers a hands-on experience to the students, also the small-sized classes help the learners in understanding the course and concepts.

    The MBA program at HEC Montreal is divided into 3 phases including:

    • Acquire Business Fundamentals
    • Develop Individual Competencies
    • Apply Knowledge and Skills

    The graduates of the HEC Montréal get decent placements to post completing the course thus allowing them to showcase their knowledge and skills to the world.

    MBA in Canada: Top Reasons to Pursue an MBA

    • The Canadian Post Graduation allows work permit programs to international students. Though the validity of the work permit depends on the entire duration of your study program.
    • Affordable tuition Cost as compared to the US MBA Programs is another inspirational reason why students prefer pursuing an MBA program from Canada. The tuition cost of the top U.S. MBA program is close to USD 140,000; however, the tuition cost of studying at top MBA Colleges in Canada is almost CAD 110,000 which is quite affordable as compared to the US tuition fees.
    • There are various internationally ranked MBA programs offered at Canadian universities. Several programs offered at Canadian universities are ranked among the top 100 Global MBA program rankings.
    • Also, higher starting salaries post completing an MBA program motivates international students to opt for an MBA in Canada.

    Besides the above-mentioned advantages, Canada offers numerous other advantages to the national and international students, including a safe and welcoming environment as well.

    What the average GMAT scores at the top business schools indicate?

    • The MBA aspirants must not assume that the average score represents the whole. The range of GMAT scores varies from college to college and sometimes the difference between the minimum and maximum can be more than 100 points as well. A higher than average score would certainly help the students to ace the selection process.
    • The average GMAT score in itself doesn’t mean anything. The admission committees look for many other aspects as well in each of the candidates; based on those factors the application for the MBA course would be accepted or rejected. Even a perfect 800 GMAT score doesn’t guarantee admission to top-most B-Schools if the candidates lack other skills.
    • The average score can be higher for international students than the rest.

    Getting admission to top MBA colleges in Canada is not an easy task, you need to study harder to excel in the admission process. Also reviewing GMAT cut off scores will help the MBA aspirants in setting a benchmark so that they can prepare for the GMAT test accordingly. A strong preparation strategy will help you to get a good GMAT score and get admission in your desired MBA colleges or university. Set your GMAT target score as per the university or business school you are planning to study.

    A good GMAT score with a strong academic record will not only help the MBA aspirants will get admission into their target business schools but will help them in getting scholarships as well. So start preparing for your GMAT to chase your dreams of studying abroad.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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