GMAT cut-off for top B-Schools in Australia

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    A Country in Oceania which is Australia is emerging to give bulks of leaders to the world. Leaders with intelligence leaders who can change the world. Comprising up to an average of 22% of students comprises as an international student at a particular University of Australia. So you can think of numbers right. 

    Australia has seven ranked universities among the top 100 universities according to Q.S. world university ranking and it is among the top 5 countries where students want to pursue an MBA.

    GMAT or graduate management admission test is accepted in over 114 countries for admission in MBA programs for masters in business administration. GMAT is conducted by the graduate management admission council or GMAC council. GMAT syllabus tests candidates’ analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reasoning skills in written English for grabbing admission in graduate management programs. GMAT is a computer-based standardized test which is of 3 hours and 7 minutes duration. The score of GMAT is valid for 5 years and one can take admission through this course in their own country or abroad. The medium of paper is in English language and more than 2 lacs candidates appear every year to give graduate management admission test or GMAT. The form filing fee for GMAT is US dollar 275. GMAT comprises 4 sections analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal sections. Among this, every candidate has to write one essay.

    Why MBA in Australia

    Australia is rising up as a top destination for Masters in business administration (MBA) students. It not only has a good environment for education but it provides a good number of job opportunities for students studying in Australia. Australia is known for its exposure, good culture, job opportunities, excellent education system. Top courses in Australia include finance, MBA, business studies, hospitality and tourism, computer science. So if you think you want to excel in masters in business administration you have the right choice to study in Australia to study MBA.

    Cutoff for top b schools Australia for MBA

    Masters in business administration or MBA is the subject full of analytical, reasoning skills along with an entrepreneur mindset. It needs good culture and faculty to make you understand what an MBA course is so that one can prosper as a good manager or entrepreneur in the upcoming future.

    University of Melbourne

    Giving education from 1853, University of Melbourne is the second oldest University and ranked among the 10 universities in Australia. The most crucial part of the University of Melbourne is it provides education from practical life. University has an MBA program design for a two-year full-time program. It aims in developing business knowledge and helps in improving the network of inspiring and supporting colleagues, and an adaptive mindset, motives, and the ability to observe and apply to learn quickly. The fee structure for the University of Melbourne for MBA masters in the business administration course is 43,98,935 and about 11,14,780 includes are the insurance, transportation, living cost, and other expenses. It accepts GMAT score which varies around 702-705.

    RMIT University

    The Royal Melbourne Institute of technology also known as RMIT University which is located in Melbourne Australia. The degree promises to be the most practical MBA course in Australia. The course will help to develop capabilities, knowledge, and tools to be successful in any industry entrepreneur venture around the world. It promises to provide industry connections, job-ready skills, knowledge, and real-world experience. The course is for 1.5 years full time or part-time equivalent with advanced standing and 2 years full time or part-time increase valent without advance standing are provided in this university. To talk about fee structure it is 20,76,693. Other expenses include 5,17,697 rupees. A valid GMAT score of about 550 is accepted here.

    The University of New South Wales

    Expanding its educational facilities since 1949, University of New South Wales is one of the top universities in the world. Located in Sydney the main campus consists of two centers. The University offers undergraduate postgraduate and doctoral degree programs in various fields for students of the world. It offers various courses ranging from law to art and design to business studies to social sciences to medicines to engineering and so on. Its huge source of courses helps students all around the world to be at a place and gain knowledge. It offers an MBA program of a duration of 16 months with a full-time structure. The program is designed for successful managers and executives and professionals who want to take their career at a new level and want to fast track and choose their career for a new enterprise. It helps in developing critical thinking, exceptional management, knowledge, communication skills, cultural awareness, entrepreneurship, finance, and so on. According to QS 2020 ranking, it has ranked 43rd in the world and for business and management studies it has ranked 16th in the world. Its educational expenses are 25,77,218. Expenses rangers up to 8 lakhs rupees. It accepts GMAT score for an AGSM full-time MBA program and it is around 670.

    The University of Sydney

    Founded in 1858 was regarded as one of the world's leading universities in the world. The University of Sydney stands to give intellectual to the world. The program of MBA at the University of Sydney is around 18 months full stop to give intensive full-time MBA and help to develop personal skills, business knowledge, and ability to build and lead enterprises. It promises to provide fundamentals of business and practical knowledge the most. Like most MBA programs, it helps in the understanding of finance, marketing, and strategy but it also helps to learn about the digital world and the power of creativity and explain the nature of complexity. One has the option to take an internship during a course study. Various scholarships offered in this University like MBA director scholarship, MBA business leader scholarship. A minimum of three years of relevant work experience and a minimum grade of 65 GPA or equivalent in undergraduate degree is important to take admission in this university. The tuition fee of the University of Sydney reviewed annually may be varied during the period of study the fees of the program are 24,57,500 per year. Other expenses include about 10 lakhs per year which include insurance transportation cost of living etc. A valid GMAT score of around 600 is accepted at the University of Sydney. University also gives programs like global executive MBA and graduate diploma on various matters.

    University of Wollongong

    The University of Wollongong was founded in 1951 as a division of the New South Wales University of technology which was established in 1975 as an independent institution. Accounts up to 30% of total international students in there each and every course University has developed multi-campus institutions both domestically and globally. Masters of business administration or MBA is designed for experienced professionals with ambition and wish to develop their responsible and sustainable leadership skills are the main motto of the University of Wollongong. It helps in gaining strategic business point of view required to operate effectively in an increasingly competitive and challenging global business world. The University of Wollongong Sydney business school MBA was ranked in the top 10 in Oceania and top 200 worldwide as in the 2020 QS global MBA rankings for providing training and skills needed for a job and readiness and entrepreneurial success. The course structure for the University of Wollongong is 1 to 1.5 years. A valid GMAT score of 600 is accepted here. The cost of total tuition fee is around 25 lakhs and other expenses include from 8 to 9 lacs.

    UniversityAverage GMAT score
    University of Melbourne702-705
    RMIT University550
    The University of South Wales670
    The University of Sydney600
    The University of Wollongong600

    Other essential things to consider to study MBA in Australia

    Masters in business administration or MBA is the most significantly studied in Australia. GMAT score is valid in 114 countries and Australia is one of them. Australian GDP ranks among the top 15 GDPs in the world. It shows it has good living values and the best job opportunities. If one decides to get a job after MBA in Australia one can get easily after fulfilling certain norms of the government.

    Australia being an English speaking country, candidates from non-English speaking countries have to give TOEFL or IELTS. Both of these exams check English proficiency and English knowledge of candidates those who wish to study abroad. The exam comprises two sections English and mathematics and one essay which is optional. Mathematics exam is for 80 minutes and English exam is for 100 minutes. If one aims to study MBA or masters in business administration in Australia one has to give GMAT as well as TOEFL.

    To study in Australia before giving GMAT should have at least 1-3 years of work experience or 1 year of managerial experience which is also a GMAT eligibility criteria. To talk about documentation one should have a good prepared CV and LORs. To study in English dominated country one should be extremely fluent through their English communication, written and analytical skills. If one gets a good GMAT score the work experience can be exempted but it depends upon the University to University what it looks up to, so it is advised to have a good GMAT score to get into top b schools of Australia.

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