GMAT Eligibility for IIMs

    Is there anybody who hasn't heard about IIMs? Probably not. IIMs or the Indian Institute of Management are the leaders among the Indian business schools. They are not only student’s dreams but also the most effective institutes one can think of while thinking about pursuing MBA. IIMs come up with students who are groomed in the best way possible, with theoretical as well as pragmatic knowledge. They are nurtured by highly scholarly people who are themselves connoisseurs in the business field. Not only corporate leaders but plenty of entrepreneurs are born from different IIMs across the country. There are 20 IIMs throughout India and each one has GMAT eligibility criteria. IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, IIM Visakhapatnam, are few of the names among the others and the remaining which we will soon get to discover. 

    GMAT and the GMAT exam eligibility is highly accepted for MBA across the globe. It is a computer-adaptive test that has marked its vitality among the candidates for years now. GMAT exam pattern has been dissected into four sections like – verbal ability, logical reasoning, quantitative ability, and analytical writing assessment - all of which are considered for the GMAT score. The candidates are found to meticulously prepare for the final exam by sorting their strengths and weaknesses so as to prepare for the GMAT cut off. In India, the IIMs are the most celebrated business schools along with having IIM MBA eligibility. Securing a chance by cracking the GMAT cut off in any one of them is a matter of merit and respect. Any candidate who has fulfilled the IIM Indore eligibility or IIM Bangalore eligibility or the IIM Ahmedabad eligibility will be prioritized over any other business school. And the very first step that the candidate has to take is to crack the GMAT exam eligibility. 

    Why is the GMAT score required?

    GMAC explains this sentence in the best way - “The GMAT exam is your best first step toward a career with impact.’’ Every single candidate whose desire is to get into a big corporate or begin with a startup and more generally wishes to pursue an MBA or the ultimate management degree by acknowledging the GMAT criteria. Now, to pursue the MBA the candidates have to follow a pathway, as we all do to achieve something. GMAT is the first and foremost block that has to be dealt with to ensure their admission to a reputed business school. Why is GMAT cut off connected? If you are thinking something like this, then let us tell you, GMAT score is the most accepted score exam for MBA worldwide. An admission by fulfilling the GMAT eligibility criteria into a reputed business school will state the candidates’ attachment to a proper organization and so on. GMAT score is the most used eligibility criteria for the student’s success. 

    Now, if you are Indian and want to pursue your management career by fulfilling the IIM eligibility criteria for GMAT, it is a necessity to have the knowledge about IIM admission.

    IIM Ahmedabad Eligibility

    Here, there are two management programs where GMAT score is accepted – ePost Graduate Program (EPGP) and Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives (PGPX). The GMAT score needed ranges from 680-700. IIM Ahmedabad’s GMAT eligibility for work experience is a minimum of 4 years after graduation as on 31st March, 2020. THe IIM Ahmedabad eligibility thus needs to be followed carefully. 

    IIM Bangalore Eligibility

    IIM Bangalore is one of the most famous IIMs in India. To secure a chance in the postgraduate program, candidates need to have GMAT like a score of 680+. Not only that, they need to have a minimum of 5 years and less than 12 years’ experience after graduation. Apart from these SOPs, previous qualifications are also needed as the IIM Bangalore eligibility. 

    IIM Calcutta eligibility criteria for GMAT

    IIM Calcutta is one of the most sought after institutes. Here, GMAT is accepted for pursuing a Post Graduate Program in Management Executives (PGPEX). To secure a chance the following GMAT eligibility are needed, the candidate needs to score a 680+ in the GMAT. A work experience of 5 years in a managerial or professional service is needed too. 

    IIM Lucknow admission criteria for GMAT

    This is another famous name in the top business school list. To study here, the candidate must obtain a GMAT score of 620+. The further GMAT eligibility includes having 5 years’ work experience after their graduation. Note: IIM Lucknow has the rule to be followed by showing the experience certificate or payslips as a proof of experience.

    IIM requirements for Indore

    A very renowned institute for pursuing management degrees. The GMAT eligibility for IIM Indore states having a score of 700+. Further, the candidate must possess a work experience of 5 years in managerial, entrepreneurial, or professional experience after the completion of their graduation. 

    IIM admission criteria for Ranchi

    It was founded in 2010 and is very reputed throughout India. The GMAT eligibility for IIM Ranchi is scoring 600+. The candidates also must have a work experience of 5 years and more in managerial or supervisory roles is desired. 

    IIM MBA eligibility for Kozhikode

    IIM Kozhikode’s fame is spread throughout the world. The institute follows GMAT eligibility of having 700 as GMAT score. The candidate must also have 3 years’ experience after graduation. It must be noted that the weightage will be counted based on the work experience. No work experience prior to graduation will be counted. Work experience of 6 months or more will only be counted. 

    IIM eligibility for Trichy

    Another renowned management institute in India, IIM Trichy. The GMAT eligibility followed here states the score should be 760. Also, the further eligibility marks that the candidate should have a work experience of a minimum of 3 years full-time.

    IIM eligibility for Raipur

    The executive fellow program in management can be pursued here in IIM Raipur. To get through this, the candidate must obtain a GMAT eligibility of 560 score. Also, they must have 7 years of work experience in managerial, entrepreneurial, or professional roles. 

    IIM eligibility for Rohtak

    The candidates wanting to study in IIM Rohtak must have a GMAT eligibility score of 650+ to secure a chance here. Along with that, the candidates must also have a work experience of 18 months minimum.

    IIM eligibility for Visakhapatnam

    To study in IIM Vizag, the students will have to follow the GMAT eligibility of having three-year work experience at an officer or higher level, or as a professional or an entrepreneur along with a valid GMAT score. 

    IIM eligibility for Shillong

    To secure a chance in this renowned IIM Shillong, the candidates need to follow GMAT eligibility of having a 700+ GMAT score for the last three years. Along with that, the candidate must have a work experience of 5 years. 

    IIM MBA eligibility for Udaipur

    The IIM Udaipur has certain GMAT eligibility that must be abided by the candidates to get through it. Firstly, a valid GMAT score and secondly, a work experience of 3 years minimum. After considering all these, the candidates will proceed further.

    IIM MBA eligibility for Nagpur

    This is another top management institute in India. IIM Nagpur has certain GMAT eligibility to be fulfilled before applying. The student must have a GMAT score of minimum 650 along with work experience. The weightage will be given based on the duration of work experience. It is good to have 4-year work experience.

    IIM admission criteria for Kashipur

    To get a chance to study in IIM Kashipur, the students need to score a GMAT eligibility score of 670+. They also need to have a proper work experience to secure a chance.

    IIM admission criteria for Jammu

    IIM Jammu is one of the 20 IIMs in India. To study here, the candidate must have a GMAT eligibility score of 640. Candidates must also possess proper work experience to secure the chances.

    IIM admission criteria for Sirmaur

    If you are planning to study in IIM Sirmaur then you must follow the GMAT eligibility of scoring high in GMAT. Not only that, but proper work experience is also needed to grab the chance.

    IIM requirements for Sambalpur

    One of the youngest IIMs, IIM Sambalpur is mentored by IIM Indore. If you are wanting to pursue your management degree there, then you have to follow the hard and fast rule of scoring high in GMAT. You also need to have a work experience of ample duration to be counted in the GMAT eligibility. 

    IIM requirements for Amritsar

    The placement history of this IIM is impressive and if you are someone also thinking of building your future in IIM Amritsar then you need to have a high score in the GMAT exam. Another important GMAT eligibility is to possess a proper work experience.

    IIM requirements for Bodh Gaya

    Everybody knows that the IIM tag is of immense importance and if you are staying in Gaya then you would definitely want to join IIM Bodh Gaya. But before that the GMAT eligibility of scoring very high in the GMAT exam along with possessing enough work experience are necessities. 

    Now, when we have the list of all the IIMs along with the GMAT eligibility criteria, it will be easier for the students to find the perfect one for them. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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