Details about GMAT Enhanced Score Report

    GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test is a global exam marking its pathway to the world-class MBA colleges all over the world. MBA is one of the most famous post-graduate degrees which aims towards building the managerial skills of the students by incorporating practical knowledge. The GMAT syllabus has four main sections to it – quantitative aptitude, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning and analytical writing assessment. The total time duration of the exam is over 3 hours, where there are two short breaks which are optional. There are further few vital GMAT eligibility criteria which the candidates must abide by, to ensure smooth admission into the college. The GMAT score is normally encouraged to be more than 700 as that is what the top business school demands. 

    What is a GMAT Enhanced Score Report?

    GMAT exam questions can be quite deceptive in nature, and that is the sole concern for thousands of test-takers out there. There are plenty of students who are not coming from science backgrounds or maths, and therefore it is problematic for them to score high in the quant section and the GMAT total score lessens. The same problem occurs with the students who are not knowledgeable enough about the GMAT verbal reasoning section or the English proficiency to be precise. For them, analysing the argument or correcting the underlined errors in the sentence, all these might be a huge and complex task – which eventually lead to a reduced GMAT score. But, after the exam, they are unable to understand the problem parts from their scores and that is when the enhanced score report is needed. 

    A GMAT enhanced score report focuses on the post-exam demonstrative information which states how the candidate has performed in the exam with data and statistics. It further helps one to focus on the GMAT score and plan out how they can reach their target score. It answers the following questions –

    • Which are the sections that you didn’t score well in?
    • Which are the sections you scored well in?
    • Which sub-sections were the toughest?
    • Did the answers which resulted incorrectly took a lot more than your estimated time?

    Not only these, but the GMAT enhanced score report also focuses on the accuracy level, the difficulty level of the questions, and also the time taken by the candidate for each question.

    What information does a GMAT enhanced score report contain?

    • Total GMAT score and GMAT percentile
    • Sectional scores and time taken
    • Accuracy level during the test
    • The average difficulty level of questions answered correctly and incorrectly
    • The average time taken per answer for both correctly and incorrectly answered questions

    Let us discuss them in details –

    • Comprehensive GMAT score calculator: If you are someone wondering what is the difference between a normal GMAT scorecard and the GMAT enhanced score report then keep reading. Generally, the normal GMAT scorecard displays the marks obtained in the GMAT quant and the GMAT verbal sections. But the GMAT overall enhanced score report states that if a candidate has obtained a 650 GMAT total score then the GMAT percentile is 73rd and that further states that the test taker has scored better than the 73rd other test-takers. Then, if the candidate has scored a 6 in GMAT integrated reasoning and the GMAT percentile is 70th then they have scored better than the 70th percentile, same with the GMAT quant section with 48 marks and 67th percentile and the GMAT verbal section with 31 score and 61st percentile.
    • Time taken for each section: The GMAT enhanced score report also states how much time has been taken by the test taker according to statistics. For instance, a candidate might have taken an average time of 2 minutes 43 seconds to answer the GMAT IR section, an average time of 1 minute 48 seconds in the verbal section and an average of 1 minute 57 seconds in the GMAT quant section. Now, these are all the average time taken mentioned and must not be confused with the time taken to answer every question.

    Now, if we check the average time taken for each question of different sections, 2 minutes 30 seconds per question in the IR section, 1 minute 48 seconds per question in the verbal section, an average of 2 minutes per question in the verbal section. Therefore, after examining the time management put by the candidate, it can be stated that the time taken could have been better in the IR and quant sections.

    • Section-wise performance: This is suitable for test-takers who are planning to take the test within a very restrained time period. Here, the sections are examined in a very detailed manner. For instance, a candidate might score a 6 in their GMAT IR section which is the 70th percentile and the percent of questions answered correctly is also mentioned which is 67%. When the time is less for the upcoming GMAT exam, the practice papers for GMAT come in real handy.

    How is the new GMAT Enhanced score report different from the old one?

    The major difference marked in the new structure of the GMAT enhanced score report is – ‘performance by fundamental skills’. This focuses on the section-wise development of the test taker by analysing their answers in the verbal and quant sections. 

    In the GMAT verbal section they focus on –

    • Sentence Correction: Grammar and Communication
    • Critical Reasoning: Analysis/Critique and construction/plan
    • Reading comprehension: Identify inferred idea and identify stated data

    In the GMAT quant section, they focus on –

    • Geometry
    • Rates/ratio/percent
    • Value/orders/factors
    • Equalities/inequalities/algebra
    • Counting/sets/series

    Is it preferable to purchase a GMAT Enhanced score report?

    There are test takers who really are in need of the GMAT enhanced score report for proper examining of their scores, time management skills, and accuracy. But, who all are in no need of the GMAT enhanced score report? Let us see.

    • If you are someone who has already scored say, for instance, a 760 which is the 99th percentile and definitely don’t intend to sit for the GMAT exam again, then there is no need for you to consider purchasing the GMAT enhanced score report. 
    • The other instance is quite the contrary – if you have scored really less, like a 550 or 560. Here, it can be understood that both the sections of the student have to be improvised. Here, the insights of the GMAT enhanced score report will not deliver any further help. All the candidate needs to work on is on the preparation for GMAT.
    • But here is a slight addiction to the last point mentioned. If you are planning to retake the GMAT exam, then you can consider purchasing it because it will show the strengths and weaknesses drawn from the last exam. It will not only help you with score management but also time management and understanding accuracy level in great ways.
    • The sub-section improvement function is highly beneficial for the students planning for a retake. Here, the GMAT enhanced score report will detect the weakest parts and thereby the test takers can work harder on those parts along with functioning on the time taken per question.
    • Performance progression is an addition to the new format of GMAT enhanced score report. This will be effective for the candidates in understanding accuracy levels, the average difficulty level of correctly and incorrectly answered questions and also the average response time per correctly and incorrectly answered questions.
    • Mental fatigue is also dealt with in the new format of GMAT enhanced score report, as it also provides an insight into the role of mental fatigue.

    Few things need to be aware of while discussing the GMAT enhanced score report section. 

    • For now, the GMAT enhanced score report is only available in English language. 
    • One has to pay an amount of US$ 30 to purchase the GMAT enhanced score report 
    • After purchasing the enhanced score report of GMAT, it will take up to 72 hours for the ESR to be accessed.
    • The GMAT enhanced score report is available even after the candidate has cancelled their score
    • The authentication date of the GMAT enhanced score report is for 5 years from the date of purchase

    The new GMAT enhanced score report is very advantageous for test-takers who are planning to take another chance at the exam. There are test-takers in abundance who couldn’t score high and are planning to retake it. For them, it is really necessary to understand the GMAT score scale. Especially the sections and subsections in which they have scored low. The time management factor is another highly applicable one as it emphasises on how much time the candidate could have saved. Therefore, it can be concluded that the GMAT enhanced score report is beneficial for the students who are planning for a retake and are in dire need of understanding their weak points to work hard on it. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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