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    Candidates who aspire to go to a business school realize they're probably going to take the GMAT before applying. GMAT is the stepping stone of seeking admission in the top business colleges worldwide and for that the GMAT syllabus needs to be carefully studied. However, not every person has a similar plan for what occurs between taking the GMAT, and really beginning their studies at business college. For certain individuals, the application follows the test, followed pretty much exactly after the acceptance and enrollment. Be that as it may, others' ways to business college can be a bit different instead of being so direct. As this describes you, at that point, you'll have to have the full knowledge of to what extent GMAT scores stay valid.

    So How Long Is Your GMAT Score Valid?

    A common question among aspirants that occurs before they apply for a graduate degree is the validity of GMAT and GRE. It is strongly prescribed to take one of these tests as they are chiefly included under the eligibility criteria of postgraduate courses offered by leading colleges. To what extent is the GMAT score as well as the GMAT eligibility criteria important in top schools is one of the most widely recognized questions posed by aspirants. Both GMAT and GRE scores are valid for a long time. So as to apply for a course in business school within India or board, you have to present your five or under five years old GMAT scores to your desired business college. 

    For instance, if the GMAT assessment was given in November 2019, at that point, the GMAT score validity stays until November 2024. On the off chance that you are intending to apply for confirmation in Fall 2020, your GMAT Score ought to be dated first January 2015, (or be dated more recently than late). This aide in the way that you were planning your MBA and for some reason couldn't get through, you can put to utilize the score you had made sure about five years back and get a confirmation in the college you desire. Top universities, for example, Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, the Wharton School for MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and others acknowledge 5-year old GMAT scores. In this regard, make sure to keep this year's GMAT dates in mind.

    Is GMAT Valid in India?

    Much the same as CAT is a test taken by numerous individuals to seek admission in MBA in B-schools in India, GMAT is for those trying to examine Management Studies abroad. Do you know GMAT score legitimacy can likewise be benefited in a portion of the top Business Schools in India? Given underneath is the list of the equivalent -

    Name of InstitutionsCut OffPrograms
    Indian Institute of Management, Indore580+EPGP
    S.P.Jain Institute of Management & Research680+PGDM
    IMT, Ghaziabad690+PGDM, PGDM-Ex
    Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore690+EPGP
    Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow680+IMPX
    Great Lakes Institute of Management680+PGPM
    XLRI, Jamshedpur700+General MBA
    Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta700+PGPEX
    Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad700+PGP, YLP
    Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad700+PGPX

    The GMAT score is determined dependent on the segments in the paper and the number of questions answered. Students wanting to apply for MBA after BA need to get great GMAT scores. There are 4 segments altogether, to be specific: 

    1. Reading (Comprehension & Passages)
    2. Verbal (English & Grammar)
    3. Quantitative (Maths & Accounts)
    4. Integrated Reasoning

    Significance of GMAT Score on CV

    Will Business Schools Accept Old GMAT Scores?

    Business colleges consider GMAT scores to be legitimate for 5 years. This five-year point commonly begins five years before a school's application cutoff time. Any scores older than that don't satisfy application eligibility. 

    Harvard Business School, for instance, had a Round 1 confirmations cutoff time of September 7 out of 2016. To apply, aspirants needed to send scores from a GMAT taken after September 7, 2011. Stanford Business School has a comparable approach. To apply for its Round 1 September 21, 2016 cutoff time, students need to have taken the GMAT on or after September 21, 2011. 

    Most schools set the cutoff five years before their application cutoff time. In case you don't know whether your scores make the cut, you should contact the affirmations office to find out additional. They ought to have the option to reveal to you the specific date from which GMAT scores are viewed as valid. 

    Are All Your GMAT Scores Considered By B-Schools?

    At the point when you take the GMAT, you have the choice of keeping or dropping your scores. Directly after you're done with the test, you'll see your unofficial score report with your IR, Quantitative, Verbal, and total scores (everything except for Analytical Writing Assessment). In view of these scores, you can conclude whether to keep or drop the test. 

    In past years, business colleges could see that you dropped scores from a test sitting. Starting in 2015, however, dropped scores are no longer shown on score reports. Indeed, even dropped scores from tests taken before 2015 will no longer show up on score reports. You don't need to stress over schools knowing how frequently you took the GMAT. In the event that you failed during your first attempt, nobody needs to know except you. 

    You likewise now have the alternative to reinstate canceled scores from any test taken on or after January 1, 2014, for a fee of $50. You can restore scores as long as four years and 11 months from your test date. This restoration period is a month short of five years to allow time for processing your request.One last situation that would make this question important is individuals who intentionally plan to take the GMAT quite a while ahead of time of their application to business college. For what reason would you do this? In some cases, taking the exam at a specific time offers a few points of interest. Numerous individuals decide to take the GMAT eventually while finishing their college degree. Taking the test while you're in despite everything joined up with school can help guarantee your scholarly abilities aren't rusty when you take the test. 

    Many individuals additionally realize that the years ahead will be occupied, and need to get the GMAT off the beaten path before they need to adjust it with, for instance, a few years of working experience that most business college understudies complete before applying. Whatever the reason you may have for submitting older GMAT scores, you ought to be certain to check with the programs you're applying to decide if your scores will be valid or not. In any case, as long as your GMAT test date falls inside five years of your objective schools' application cutoff times, you ought to be fine. 


    Ques. Do GMAT scores expire?

    Ans. Indeed, the GMAT Score expires in a span of 5 years. Applicants can apply to any higher education business school inside this span of taking the test. Thus, the legitimacy of the GMAT score is 5 years. 

    Ques. Is the validity of GMAT score the same in the top schools as well? 

    Ans. GMAT scores are valid until 5 years. The greater part of the top schools over the globe like Harvard, Columbia, Wharton, and so forth, acknowledge GMAT scores that are inside this time period. 

    Ques. What percentile is a 700 on the GMAT? 

    Ans. GMAT percentile can be obtained relying on the number of applicants who took the assessment. For instance, a score of 750 is near 98 percentile, which implies that the competitor has performed better than 98% of the candidates. 

    Ques. Is GMAT extremely tough? 

    Ans. GMAT is viewed as a test of average difficulty. In the event that a competitor takes up the GMAT test series, at that point-scoring 700+ in the test would not be troublesome. Likewise, pursuing GMAT training in Delhi and different places of the nation can assist you with getting a decent score. 

    Ques. How many times is a candidate permitted to take the GMAT? 

    Ans. An individual can give the GMAT paper once in 16 days. While doing likewise, aspirants need to ensure that they can't surpass the breaking point more than 5 times in a time of a year and 8 times in a lifetime. 

    Ques. Who conducts GMAT? 

    Ans. It is directed by GMAC, which is the Graduate Management Admission Council. In particular, GMAT is a vital test in the event that the student is focusing on an MBA outside the nation. 

    Ques. Do IIMs take GMAT scores? 

    Ans. There are a number of b-schools in India which readily acknowledge GMAT scores for the management programs including ISB, IIMs, Great Lakes, S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, among others. In the list of IIMs, seven of them have regarded GMAT scores acceptable including, Indore, Bangalore, Calcutta, and Ahmedabad.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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