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    GMAT preparation needs a lot of time and effort to make a better grip on every topic. And some aspirants are engaged with different kinds of work fields or studying fields and they will seek good guidance to clear the GMAT test in a limited time. Hence, a good strategy is needed to attain the relevant knowledge under the pressure of limited times. What matters the most is how much time a student is devoting towards self-study rather than from where a student is taking the coaching. Self-practice and reading all the study material should be the primary vision for an aspirant.

    For How Long One Should Prepare for GMAT?

    GMAT Test prepis all about how well the test takers are preparing across the weeks. With the engaging number of study hours, test takers can make assumptions about the score range for GMAT. It is an exam of hard work and good strategies. While we don’t know what’s right for you, we do know how much time others spend, on average, to prepare for the exam and their self-reported GMAT results. We also know that successful business school candidates gave themselves 3-6 months to prepare. Those who do better on the GMAT exam tend to spend more time studying for it. There is no cause-and-effect process at work, however. Studying 90 hours does not guarantee that you will score in the 700 range. 

    Hours Spent Preparing for the GMAT exam

    From the official website of GMAC, it is noticed that only 28 % of test-takers spend around 51-100 hours of study hours for study hours. Whereas 23% of test-takers spend less than 20 hours. 

    Few GMAT preparation tips on Self Study

    Test takers should know the exam pattern of GMAT. It is an exam that has to be planned before weeks. Average study hours in India are around 90, therefore as per study hours, one must make a proper study routine. GMAT syllabus has been divided into four sections- Verbal, Quantitative Aptitude, Integrated Reasoning, and AWA. GMAT AWA is one of the critical sections where one needs to articulate an argument in a proper manner. Self-preparation is one of the best ways to get productive results in GMAT. 

    • Make a plan as per your own comfort to execute the best efforts possible for GMAT. Find out the timings that can be very productive in outcomes of GMAT scores. 
    • Always make a plan as per your own limits. Never make an ambitious plan and end up losing hopes. 
    • Always go through GMAT preparation tips given by other test takers and online resources. 
    • Start the preparation with the diagnostic mock test to find out the weak areas in GMAT. Difficult topics should be picked up for preparation at first. 
    • Try to take baby steps by making a small aim to be achieved. Take regular breaks during study hours for breaking the monotonous nature of the study routine. 
    • For productive results keep away distractions like social media, mobile phones. Always make your study room clean and fresh so that you can spend hours on your desk. 
    • Always maintain good health and diet for better balancing mental and physical energies. 
    • Self-study is one of the best ways that depends on various other surrounding factors. Therefore one needs to focus on those factors as well. 

    GMAT Plan for Those who Self Study

    Total Study Hours by Self-Reported GMAT score

    Now, this shows that those who spend around 45 study hours secure a GMAT score of less than 500. Whereas 90 study hours is the average median study hours among the test-takers in India. GMAT takers who spend that ample amount of study hours are seen to secure a score above 700. To take admissions in the best universities in the USA, the average GMAT score is around 720. So spending such long hours will turn out to be the life-changing experience by taking admission to the best universities in the world. 

    As per the official website of GMAC, the test taker requires a minimum of 8 weeks of study plan for securing a good score in GMAT. The vivid plan has been shared for the test takers. 

    No. Of WeeksObjectivesTasksPreparation tips
    Week 1Become well aware of the GMAT exam patternKnow each section of GMAT from the official website as well as other websitesGet an idea about the weakness and strengths in the subject before preparing for GMAT
    Week 2Make a good study planAt least attempt practice papers available in different websitesAlways review the questions and answers given by you during mock tests
    Week 3Make an assessment for progressMake a plan for weak subjects for a week. Review the result as compared to the previous week’s performance.Try to make a safe distance from any kind of distractions that can minimize your study hours.
    Week 4Focus on managing your timeAlways use a timer while taking the exam. How do you perform under pressure?GMAT is a time-dependent exam. Without a proper sense of time, one can never perform well
    Week 5Again make an assessment for progressAgain take practice exams strictly following time.Go through the previous year’s questions and easy trips that have been explained by the GMAT experts.
    Week 6Focus on ConfidenceFocus on how well you perform more questions within stipulated times in comparison to the previous tests taken.Spend more time on reviewing questions and find out tricks explained by the experts.
    Week 7Know about your ReadinessFind out your pacing in the mock test. Review how much more time you required to perform better.As GMAT is a computer adaptive exam, the difficulty level will be increasing with each passing correct answer.
    Week 8Completely prepared for GMATFind out the most challenging questions and their answers.It is weak to make a strategy as per your strengths and weaknesses. Always focus on keeping your confidence high.

    Strategies for GMAT Self Study Preparation

    A good and strategic study is very important in the preparation for GMAT. By the term “strategy”, it means an aspirant should know where to study, what to study, and how to study to clear such a high-level examination. So, let’s have a look the answers to these questions below:

    • Find out online resources for available classes and study materials. Never take quick decisions for your preparation.
    • Clear your concepts like analytical skills, reasoning abilities, statistics. 
    • Take regular mock tests for your steady performance in the GMAT mock tests. 
    • Focus on completing the GMAT syllabus. Take regular online mock tests for better performance in GMAT. 

    What are the good resources for GMAT?

    This is very necessary to study productively. A student should find ways that will keep him motivated and help him/her to make a better grip on the subject. And there are different ways through which they can do it-

    • You can focus on audio or video podcasts for breaking the regular ways of approaching self-study. 
    • Audio or video podcasts will help in getting relevant knowledge on particular topics. 
    • Review online exam for better performance in the final GMAT exam. 
    • If you still have doubts, then seek help from seniors or experts who have already taken GMAT. 

    Hence, a student will definitely indulge in the goal which he/she wants to achieve. Away from the distractions and any kind of discomfort. Take motivation from family and friends to keep yourself stress-free. Shortcuts will never ever be going to make them achieve the goal. A good, elaborated and productive study is the only one that will bring success in life. Practice plays a key role in such type of examination. So, study hard and an aspirant should devote the time focusing just on the target.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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