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    If you are somebody who is planning to sit for the GMAT exam and need to know everything about ‘how to score a 700 in GMAT’ then we will tell you how to start preparing for GMAT. The GMAT syllabus has four categories – quantitative section, verbal ability, logical reasoning and analytical writing assessment. To get yourself admitted in one of the best business schools, preparing hard for the GMAT exam is the only key.

    Today we are going to discuss the GMAT study plan of each of them and strategize the best way to prepare for GMAT. 

    GMAT Verbal Preparation

    The GMAT verbal questions can be really complicated at times. Test takers are often noticed to complain about the tricky nature of the GMAT verbal questions. 

    • Sentence correction tips: It is always advised to opt for the most precise answer when in doubt. If fretting out, always pick the most concise answer which appears clear which mostly tends to be correct. 
    • Reading Comprehension tips: Always go through the passages first and not the questions. The reason behind this is, firstly, there will be one question at a time and three to four GMAT verbal questions for each passage, you will be confused with finding the first answer and in the process forget the remaining, thereby making a mistake. Secondly, the passage needs very thorough reading to notice the minute details mentioned there. 
    • Critical reasoning tips: the best way to go ahead with the GMAT critical reasoning questions is to first notice the stem of the question and then proceed. If the question states to ‘weaken the argument’ then you will be looking for the conclusion of the question. But if the question states ‘inference’ then the opposite will be meant – that is not searching for any flaws as those are an extension of the arguments.

    GMAT Quant Preparation

    To ace the GMAT quant questions, the following steps need to be followed holistically to ensure a good score.

    • Making use of scratchpad: the main GMAT exam will provide the candidates with laminated scratch pads which are plastic in texture and thus will feel different while penning down and a thin wet erase marker for erasing purpose and that takes some time to get used to. What can be done during the test prep is, using a scratchpad where the candidates will get an idea about the space confinements and also have a slight feel. 
    • The conjunction of the numbers: in the quant section of GMAT, there will be questions where one needs to substitute the unknown variable. If you are provided with the sum where you need to pick a number, you need to ensure that the number meets all the requirements but never make any assumptions beyond these circumstances. Moreover, you definitely don’t wish to choose a number which displays itself as not abiding by the general rules. Also, plugin numbers are easy.

    GMAT Data Sufficiency Problems Tips

    GMAT data sufficiency questions are always versatile and changing. One needs to remember that you must always make way through the answer options in the same order. You must only place the statements together if, after examining each statement for sufficiency by itself and analyzing the process of elimination above, both statements are insufficient.

    GMAT Problem Solving Tips

    The problem-solving questions of GMAT are undoubtedly going to test your tactfulness and therefore it generally doesn’t give sums which need excessive handwritten problem-solving methods. The right method to get to the right answer is to choose the number carefully. Like for instance, if the question demands a multiplication of a group of huge numbers together but the answer options are in exponent form. The best way to prepare for GMAT problem solving is to estimate and find the closest answer.

    GMAT Integrated Reasoning Tips

     The integrated reasoning strategies are mostly similar to the other ones but there are few unique features that will help one with their GMAT study plan. 

    • Read the minute details on the label thoroughly: Even if the details are not so important but for comprehensive knowledge about the whole thing, it is generally advised for the GMAT exam preparation to do it. Titles of the charts or graphs, labels of the x and y axes, column notes and even footnotes. 
    • Interpreting data: in the integrated reasoning section, the best way to prepare for GMAT will be to decode every graph and illustration. Bar graphs, scatter plots, line graphs, and also graphics.
    • Don’t consider all the information: not all information is needed and some will create unnecessary panic in you.

    GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment Tips

    The best way to prepare for GMAT analytical writing assessment is by following the tips underneath-

    • Structuring a template: the candidates by now know that this section demands flair in writing an essay or basically the English writing skills. GMAT exam preparation of this section first advises creating a design of a template where the information can be put according to the writer’s choice. 
    • Spending five minutes for essay planning: How to prepare for GMAT’s first tip was time management. Here, no matter how restrained the time is, keeping five minutes for structuring the essay will result in good scores. Preparing what to write and in what manner will help the candidates. 

    How to start preparing for GMAT – General Tips

    After studying the major tips needed on ‘how to prepare for GMAT’, the next steps to learn is to get hold of the general tips for a proper GMAT study plan.

    • Practising on a computer: this might sound cliché but there are many candidates who are not regular users of the computer, especially people who are mostly into paper works. The GMAT is over 3 hours long and the candidate might not feel comfortable sitting before the computer for so long and that uneasiness might affect their exam. Eye strain, neck pain, upper back soreness are few major problems faced by candidates who are new to using computers and that too for so long.
    • Online forums can be of real help: there are GMAT online forums in abundance where different types of people from all over the world share their knowledge. This way, many candidates find answers to their questions, discuss issues regarding the GMAT exam preparation, or find answers to ‘how to prepare for GMAT?’ or ‘How to start preparing for GMAT?’ and more.
    • Throwing out wrong answers: The candidates who are wishing to pursue management degrees are already on the lookout for ‘how to prepare for GMAT?’ and the GMAT exam preparation is itself an exhausting task. In the questions, seeing so many options might make the student suffer from anxiety, and that time throwing out all the wrong answers will result in the best way possible. Obviously one has to write down the reasons behind it being wrong. This way, finding the right answer will be way easier.
    • 2.5 minutes is the deadline: the GMAT quant section is pretty complex because of its multilayer structure especially. One has to remember always that there is a time limit for each section and hardly 2-2.5 minutes are assigned for each. If you are stuck in any one of the GMAT sums, then it is always advised to move on after a maximum time of 2.5 minutes. 
    • Opting for economics and statistics classes in college: this is again an indifferent plan of ‘how to prepare for GMAT’ but this has always proved to be beneficial. It is generally encouraged that the candidates take statistics and economics classes during their initial college time because these are not taught in high schools. This will ensure that the contents are alive in your mind while you are on the process of how to prepare for GMAT.
    • The first 20 questions are very important: obviously, the remaining questions are vital as well but the first 10 questions depend on how you are feeling during the exam and also carry the majority of the marks. Only because you scored well during the test prep in the coaching classes, doesn’t mean the same will happen that day. 

    Now, after reading all these, it has become easier to deal with the question of ‘how to start preparing for GMAT?’ and also ‘How to score 700 in GMAT?’. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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