How vital is the Work Experience for GMAT?

    There are numerous candidates out there who are very much wanting to build a career in the management field. Securing a position in a big corporate means stepping into the path of ample opportunities. The opportunities are not only beneficial for the person’s knowledge but will help them grow in their career. To get a job in one of those corporate biggies, one needs to pursue an MBA which will open the door to innumerable possibilities. To pursue MBA, the candidates need to score really high in the GMAT exam. GMAT exam is the gateway to those reputed business schools. The GMAT exam is one of those globally accepted exams which has marked its importance throughout these years. Getting admission in a renowned MBA college is impossible without a GMAT score where the syllabus is divided into four sections - verbal, quant, integrated reasoning and analytical writing assessment. 

    MBA is one of those few courses where students with different backgrounds are found pursuing. Even if someone is not from the management backdrop, they too find it extremely beneficial to opt for a management career than anything else. In fact, according to Financial Times, a 24-year-old person can get themselves a salary hike of approximately 145% after pursuing an MBA. Why students are more inclined towards getting themselves an MBA degree is because management degrees are more inclined towards practical knowledge. They nurture the students while teaching them. Now, as we have already discussed the importance of GMAT. It must also be noted that one of the biggest eligibility for giving GMAT is to possess work experience. Wondering why will GMAT have eligibility criteria for work experience? 

    The reason behind having work experience for GMAT

    The reason behind universities and colleges demanding work experience for getting admission is, they want to filter the best of the lot. They wish to curate the ones who have ample knowledge about the contemporary business sphere and how it processes out there. An experienced candidate will find it effortless to hold a conversation in a class regarding the present scenario of the startup world, or the recent economic depression and more. All this occurs because they have had experience and practical knowledge to speak about it. UK universities have mentioned about the work experience for GMAT for 3 years. Therefore, if somebody is having even a month less experience then also it won’t be taken into account. 

    The heads behind the university want the classroom to be filled with candidates who have arrived from distinct industries and have held different positions. The committee normally puts their interests in taking students from different subject areas like engineering, commerce, science, and more. This way, a versatile sphere of knowledge is created. Work experience for GMAT is counted only after graduation. So, if you are somebody wondering of putting in your resume the work you did during your undergraduate then it is of no use.

    Nature of Work experience for GMAT

    This is a common question that is definitely going to trouble the minds of the candidates as to what exactly the job roles should be to be counted as work experience. Firstly, the candidates need to check the respective MBA colleges to gather knowledge about the work experience needed. For instance, one year MBA courses generally opt for students having ample work experience of 5 to 6 years. Like the IIMs in India ask for the same number of experience in work. In the UK whereas they ask for 3. Though recently there are certain colleges that opt for GMAT without work experience too. 

    GMAT Work Experience Requirement across the world

    GMAT Work Experience for the USA

    The USA is among the top places when it comes to education. It is home to Harvard, MIT, and more, where students wish to pursue their MBA from. MBA in the USA without GMAT and work experience is possible. But the majority of the reputed business schools generally opt for students with experience for having a class filled with contemporary minds having enough working knowledge. It generally takes a student 2 years to complete full-time MBA programs. 

    The famous Stanford Graduate Business School asks for 4-year work experience for pursuing MBA, the renowned California Business School asks for 3 to 7 years, Wharton University of Pennsylvania prefers 5-6 years of work experience between the graduation and initiation of MBA. Though, it can be stated that an MBA in the USA without GMAT and job experience is not completely invisible but, if you are someone preparing to study in one of the best business schools in the world, like the ones mentioned above, then having work experience for GMAT is necessary and preferred too.

    GMAT Work Experience for Canada

    Another very famous destination for students throughout the world for pursuing further education. Among all the other subjects, MBA holds a special position in Canadian universities – why? Canada is one of those places which provide effortless immigration laws which further makes it easier for the students to pursue their education and work after that. The main benefit that Canada provides to its students is the amenity of working after completing their studies, which marks it as one of the best destinations along with its booming economy. The majority of the colleges in Canada require GMAT eligibility criteria of work experience and let us study them. 

    Among the top business schools, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto asks for 2 years of work experience for GMAT, Queen’s School of Business, Queen’s University needs 2 years to work experience too, next to the Alberta School of Business, the University of Alberta asks for 5 years work experience for GMAT, and Ivey Business School, Western University also asks for 2-year experience. So, if you are someone planning to study in Canada then remembering MBA without GMAT and work experience will not be a good option.

    GMAT Work Experience for Asia

    One of the most booming economies of the world, Asian universities, has been doing the rounds in terms of education too. There are thousands of candidates who wish to pursue their management degree from the Asian universities where China, India, and Singapore top. Though it must be mentioned that MBA without GMAT and work experience is slightly possible here but that doesn’t mean that the students will be getting into the best business schools by opting for MBA abroad without GMAT and work experience.

    The Insead Business School in Singapore asks for a minimum of 2 years of work experience for GMAT, HKUST Business School in China has GMAT eligibility criteria work experience of 10 years and that is huge in comparison to others. The reason behind this is again, the work experience for GMAT is highly preferred by the committee of any business school to have candidates with myriad ideas and knowledge from different industries. Thorough work experience for GMAT makes way for escalated discussions, projects, presentations as well as internships. CUHK Business School in China also has its GMAT eligibility criteria work experience of 3 years. Thus we now know why MBA abroad without GMAT and work experience is not recommended. 

    GMAT Work Experience for UK

    Another name in the toppers list of education, the UK is a promising place and the majority of the candidates who pursue their further education here return with flying colors or bag a good job there itself. In terms of management, MBA without GMAT and work experience is mostly not possible. The universities are in hunt of the best and this way they filter out all the ones who are not having enough work experience or GMAT score, so MBA in UK without GMAT and work experience is not witnessed much. 

    The famous London Business School needs 2 to 11 years of work experience, the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School needs 1-2 years of work experience for GMAT. And, University of Oxford needs 2-year work experience. Now, when we have the list of most of them, we can notice that they demand the GMAT eligibility criteria work experience, and pursuing MBA in UK without GMAT and work experience is nearly impossible.

    GMAT Work Experience for Australia

    Australia is a place that attracts numerous international students from all over the world. Not only the education system of Australia is highly ranked and by this we definitely mean Melbourne Business School, Monash University, and more, but also the landscape which is eye-catching for the people. Australia dwells many business schools and most of them have specializations that are noteworthy. The AGSM at UNSW Business School demands a 2-year work experience, Melbourne Business School also asks for 2, and Monash University asks for 3-year work experience for GMAT. Also, MBA abroad without GMAT and work experience is not preferred. 

    GMAT without work experience - What is the way out?

    This is a very commonplace question asked every day by MBA aspirants. There are universities which accept GMAT without work experience. If the candidate is extremely proficient in their subject, showcases practical skills of communication, professional capability then the universities might reconsider. But again, it is the candidate’s task to convince the heads of the institute to accept GMAT without work experience. There are few students who wonder if internships and part-time work during their graduation will be counted, this must be searched thoroughly before opting for that institute. Also, is family business counted as an experience for fulfilling the GMAT eligibility criteria work experience, this also will be answered by the prospectus of the concerned university or institute they are wishing to apply. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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