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    Are you one of those MBA aspirants who want to pursue their dream management course in ISB? Well, this article is definitely for you then. There is hardly any MBA aspirant who doesn’t know how crucial the GMAT exam throughout the world is. It is the globally accepted exam for pursuing a career in MBA by getting admission in one of the best colleges in the world or the country. It is a computer adaptive test where the GMAT syllabus comprises four main categories – quantitative section, verbal ability, logical reasoning and analytical writing assessment. The GMAT scores are globally accepted ones and definitely for abroad studies. The GMAT eligibility criteria must be followed carefully to ensure a chance in the reputed institutes. 

    In India, ISB business schools hold one of the topmost positions. Whenever we come across the list of best MBA colleges in India, we always find ISB among the toppers. Its renowned Post Graduate Program course has won the attention of majority management students and has even created a wave of MBA aspirants wishing to get into ISB but the main issue comes with the ISB GMAT cut off. With Hyderabad being one of the best places to work at, the candidates also get placements opportunities in abundance. The placement record also has candidates placed in distinct industries. Though the ISB Mohali campus is a relatively new one with its initiation in the year 2012, there is no difference in the score when compared to the GMAT ISB Hyderabad cut off. The ISB GMAT cut off is undoubtedly higher than the rest and candidates lag behind in this. The first thing the test takers need to do is practice for the GMAT exam meticulously. If you are also somebody who needs every bit of details about the ISB cut off for GMAT then keep reading. 

    Why is the PGP course so famous?

    The main reason behind ISB’s fame apart from all other things is, the Post Graduate Program course which is a one year course aiming at developing the working professionals by delivering pragmatic knowledge about the contemporary business world. ISB has two campuses one in Hyderabad or the IT hub and the other one is in Mohali. 

    Average ISB GMAT cut off

    The following list will provide an idea about the ISB GMAT cut off 2019 and also the ISB GMAT cut off 2018 and more.

    YearAverage ISB GMAT Cut off

    Details from the list –

    • Firstly, ISB cut off for GMAT has never been less than 700, therefore all of them were in 7.
    • Secondly, the highest score was witnessed in the year 2009 – 716 and the lowest in 2015 – 700.

    ISB GMAT Cut off range

    The following details will be helpful for candidates who are targeting either of the ISB schools. So, the ISB Hyderabad GMAT cut off as well as the Mohali one are shown below –

    YearISB Hyderabad GMAT Cut off rangeISB Mohali GMAT cut off range

    If you are wondering why ISB Mohali cut-offs are not available in the first few years, it is because the first graduation year was in 2016. After witnessing the scores of both the ISB Hyderabad GMAT cut off and Mohali’s, we can state a few things. Firstly, the lowest score in so many years has been 590 which was scored by someone who was apparently an outlier who got into ISB Mohali. Except for that one score, the lowest has been 600 for quite some time. Secondly, the ISB GMAT cut off range clearly portrays that there is hardly any difference in the last few years and that also states that there is no difference in standards between the two. Thirdly, coming to the highest ISB cut off for GMAT, it was 780 and recently the highest has not been more than 770. 

    How many are actually called for interviews?

    For explaining this, we will be displaying a list of applicants who have been through the admission process of ISB Hyderabad and Mohali in the year 2020. 

    GMAT ScoreApplicationsInterview InvitesAdmitted

    Now, the details estimated from the above list states from the ISB cut off for GMAT states that from 710 to 740 a huge 82 candidates secured admission. The highest number of applicants that is 58 and the interview invites 52 were noticed being registered at an ISB GMAT cut off of 710. Further, candidates with a score of 740 or above were noticed receiving the interview invites as well as the majority receiving admission letter. The 740 ISB cut off for GMAT also noticed the biggest admit rate of 82% where 9 out of 11 were delivered the admission letter. Next, the range of 690-740 was seen getting a large number of interview invites. In fact, this year there were few people who got admitted with comparatively lesser marks, like the 9 applicants who scored 650 got interview calls and 4 were admitted. 

    How much ISB GMAT cut off is actually good?

    From the details of the ISB GMAT cut off 2018 and the ISB GMAT cut off 2019, it can be noticed that the score range of 710-740 is stated to be a proper score for getting the interview offer. It also has been noticed that they might receive the final admission offer as the conversion rate is 65% in this regard. If your ISB GMAT cut off is within this score range then you just need to prepare hard for the interview thoroughly and get the admission letter. Though there are students who got admitted to ISB after getting lower than 740 that percentage is pretty low. A score range of 710-740 will not only help the student get closer to the admission process but also make their admission process effortless. So, it can thus be stated that a 710 score might tend to fetch the candidates an interview call but keeping an ISB cut off for GMAT of 730 or higher will be highly beneficial for the candidates.

    Is applying with a 650 score possible?

    Firstly, it is always advised to try very hard to score a 700+ as the ISB Hyderabad GMAT cut off or the Mohali one is always high. But, what if your luck didn’t support you and you landed with a 650 or 640 score? Well, during this time, the candidates are advised to prove their merit and unique features that would be exclusive for ISB. One can explain their internships, training, and experience alike that will be a benefit for the business school. But if that also fails, then the only way out is to work really hard and retake the GMAT exam for a better score. Taking another shot at the GMAT exam will enable the student to even understand their mistakes and proceed with resolving them. The preparation tips for the GMAT exam will definitely guide the students to score a 700+ score. 

    Preparation tips for GMAT

    The following preparation tips for GMAT will help the students in achieving good scores. 

    • Majority of the students assume that the GMAT syllabus is easy to cover but it is actually not. Though for science students, the quant portion might look easier and for the humanities group, the verbal might look the same. But, it is GMAT and its very nature is tricky. Therefore, to achieve that GMAT ISB Hyderabad cut off, one needs to leave no stone unturned during their preparation.
    • Sectioning the papers will result in tactful studying. The candidates after carefully reading the syllabus need to scan it and come up with their problem areas. This will help very much in the preparation process and eventually lead to ISB GMAT cut off.
    • Targeting the specific portion of the syllabus or to simplify it, there are four sections of the GMAT syllabus and the candidate needs to understand which section, either it is logical reasoning or quant or anything else, needs extra attention. Never mingle one section with the other. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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