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    GMAT is one of the toughest management entrance examinations that opens the door of the topmost international B- Schools across the globe. Many international Universities and business schools accept GMAT Score to provide admissions in MBA and PGDM courses. Along with the complete academic knowledge and lots of practice sessions along with fulfilling the eligibility criteria of work experience, what determines the success in GMAT examinations is the choice of right coaching and books.

    And when it comes to the preparation, Kaplan is one of the biggest online platforms that offers a plethora of options to help students prepare for the GMAT exam. Kaplan offers a variety of classes, tutoring, and self-paced programs so that you can prepare for the GMAT on your terms. Along with the video lectures and classes, the course comes up with practice tests and realistic GMAT practice questions to prepare you for the actual examination day.


    Kaplan has various courses available for all types of students. Students can take classes either in-person or online classes, hire private GMAT tutors, or enroll in a self-guided curriculum according to his/ her convenience.

    All the courses are designed to cater to all types of requirements for different students. At the same time, the courses come with some similarities too. Each program comes with access to Kaplan's online preparation portal which includes nine full- length practice tests and materials along with the question bank which algorithmically adapts question difficulty based on your performance.

    The GMAT online course gives you access to the GMAT Channel with both recorded and live-streamed interactive classes divided according to the four sections of GMAT Paper. Also, students are supplied with preparation books and admission guides for those who prefer studying from physical books. Kaplan also offers in-person classes but this is limited to some metro cities only.


    Kaplan is known for its expertise in training students for the GMAT paper. It primarily offers two-course options, i.e., Self-guided course and Instructor-Led Course. Self-guided courses are designed for those students who prefer to study on their own according to their time schedule while Instructor-led course options are more structured and follow a traditional classroom format in which a GMAT coach is assigned to particular set of students who is responsible to guide them and provide them with all the basic tips and techniques to appear in the test. 


    Kaplan's Self-guided courses are designed for independent students who choose to prepare on their own according to their time schedule.


    The self-paced course by Kaplan is basically designed for those aspirants who have a strong foundation and feel confident cracking GMAT examination by studying on their own. The course provides you with all the material and content you need to prepare for the GMAT entrance test. The features of the course are:

    • Access to Kaplan Online GMAT preparation course for 6 months.
    •  The course provides you with 9 full-length computer adaptive practice tests to prepare you for the final day and give you the experience of official test day.
    • It provides you with 14 hours of recorded video instruction and 30 hours of GMAT channel recorded archives.
    •  Access to the Adaptive GMAT practice question test bank with 5,000 practice questions.
    •  The hard copy of MBA admissions guide and two prep books.


     The Self-paced plus course is also designed for the students who can prepare on their own with all the required material. This course includes all the features found in the basic option as well as access to 30 hours of live instruction on the GMAT channel and the GMAT math foundations course. Some of the key features of the course are described below:

    • 30 hours of live GMAT courses on the GMAT channel.
    • Math Foundations course: The Math Foundation course offers a great guided tutorial to help get you up to speed for the GMAT math problems. The course includes structured online lessons and a database of practice questions.


    Instructor-led courses are designed for students who prefer traditional classroom programs to study. Students can select from 4 primary options: Live Online, Live Online Plus, In-person, and personalized tutoring.


    Kaplan's live online course offers most of the features of self-paced courses with the addition of 18 extra hours of live instruction. The features of the course are:

    • Access to 9 full-length GMAT Computer adaptive practice tests to give you the experience of actual examination day.
    • 18 hours of live online classroom instruction.
    • 30 hours of GMAT channel live courses with topics chosen by the student.
    • Adaptive test question bank with over 5,000 questions.


    Live Online Plus course is another instructor-led GMAT preparation program that offers all the features of Live Online course with the addition of 3 hours of 1 on 1 tutoring and access to the Math Foundations course. Some of the key features of GMAT Live online plus course are:

    • All the features of Live online course.
    • 3 hours of 1 on 1 tutoring.
    • Access to the Math foundation course.


    Students that prefer a traditional in-person classroom format will like the In-Person course option. This option is available in Partnership with Manhattan Prep. If this is something you might be interested in pursuing, make sure you sign up for the free class to test it first. Some of the key features of this course are:

    • 27 hours of classroom instruction organized into 9 classes.
    • 1 on 1 exam assessments with a professor.
    • Access to 35 supplemental video lessons.
    • 6 computer adaptive full-length practice exams.
    • Hard copies of all 13 GMAT study guides.


    This instructor-led course is designed for those students who need a little bit of extra personalized guidance. The shortest tutoring program includes 10 hours of private instruction led classes while other programs offered are 20 and 40-hour programs.

    Tutors commit to building a unique study plan around students’ strengths and weaknesses, so that time can optimally be spent improving your score. Kaplan offers to tutor online and in-person. Price and availability for in-person tutoring vary by location.


    Kaplan GMAT Preparation course is completely student-oriented which includes various features like online classes, full-length practice test papers, tips and strategies to appear in the entrance test etc. Some of the key features of this course are given below:


    The practice questions of this Kaplan GMAT preparation course consist of realistic GMAT questions to give you an overview of the questions asked in the entrance test. The adaptive question bank uses an algorithm to match question difficulty to your performance, this type of feature is cutting-edge and will make your preparation far more efficient.


    The practice questions come up with solution strategies that are simple and designed to cater to all types of students. Kaplan instructors demonstrate the strategy step-by-step, using a posh interactive green screen that lets you see exactly how the strategy is at work.


    The quality of the material provided is completely up to the mark. All the questions are realistic which are completely based on GMAT paper patterns.

    Also, the instructors are well experienced in the field of training GMAT students. Data sufficiency and critical reasoning are notoriously tricky parts of the test, but you do not immediately get that sense from Kaplan’s teachers. Rather, they ease you into the question types, first explaining the pedagogical reason for why they are on the test, and then presenting a simple two- or three-step process for approaching each question.


    The online classes give you the complete feel of the classroom where students can interact with teachers through a live chat option. The classroom also has a multiple-choice window where you can respond to in-class examples and see how your classmates answered as well.


    The online preparation series comes with computer adaptive full-length practice tests which prepare you for the actual day examination and give you the feel of the final examination day.

    The starter pack also included question sets, which although non-adaptive, are probably formatted similarly to examples in the larger question bank. Also, each question has an answer explanation alongside it, which connects back to the basic strategies taught in the video lessons. Each question also comes with statistics that show the average time spent and distribution of answers based on prior student performance.

    Pros of using Kaplan GMAT

    1. Kaplan provides preparation courses both online and offline. The courses are of two types, self-paced and instructor-led courses. Students can choose according to their convenience and time constraint.
    2. Kaplan preparation guide comes with practice questions and access to online guide that contains more online questions and full-length tests. Also, the preparation books are clearly written and offer in-depth knowledge of each topic.
    3. The instructors are well experienced in the field of training GMAT students. Their tips and techniques are of great use and beneficial for all the students. The quality of instructions and strategies provided are elegant.
    4. The classroom also has a multiple-choice window where you can respond to in-class examples and see how your classmates answered as well.
    5. The practice papers contain realistic GMAT questions that prepare you for the actual examination and give you its feel before.

    Cons of Kaplan GMAT

    1. The course is a bit expensive.
    2. The material provided online is sometimes not updated.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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