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    GPAT is an online exam open for candidates from all over India. It is held annually by NTA. It is conducted for aspirants who wish to pursue the M.Pharm program in top-notch pharmacy institutes of India like NIPER, BHU, and DIPSAR. Since this exam is the gateway to the best pharmacy colleges, the level of competition is quite high.

    In order to know more about the exam, let us first get acquainted with GPAT Exam Pattern. Here are some quick points to be noted-

    • It is an online exam (computer based) which has 125 objective questions.
    • Students must solve these questions within a time limit of 3 hours (180 minutes).
    • Each correct answer is awarded +4 marks and a penalty of 1 mark is charged for incorrect responses.
    • Applicants can take the online mock test for GPAT 2020 by visiting the official website i.e. to get a good idea about the kind of questions that can be expected in the test.

    The syllabus for the exam is as laid down by the NTA and can be changed by the authority from year to year. Aspirants have to study topics were studied by them in the entire term of the B Pharm course to cover GPAT Syllabus.

    Students are advised to start preparing for the exam well within time as it is a highly competitive test. The best way to understand the concepts is by using good reference books. Now you may think how a reference book can be beneficial for your preparation. A reference book provides a comprehensive analysis of topics and makes the content easier to understand. These books also have several MCQs which will help you test your level of preparation.

    GPAT 2020 Important Books for Preparation

    GPAT Books for Pharmaceutics

    This is an essential subject for the exam and students must not skip topics from covered in it. Many questions are based on topics covered in this subject like Capsules and Tablets, Pharmacokinetics, Biopharmaceutics and Rheology. Applicants can refer to the following books for this subject

    Name of the bookAuthor’s Name
    GPAT: A CompanionN N Inamdar
    Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design Aulto

    Note: GPAT: A Companion- This is the most widely used reference book which gives a full-fledged view of GPAT. The sub-topics are well explained by using tables, charts, specifications, and notes. It provides candidates with the explanation for the correct answers and also why the other options are incorrect

    Download the detailed official Pharmaceutics GPAT Syllabus

    GPAT Books for Pharmacology

    This subject is deemed as the most interesting subject by the majority of the test takers. It covers topics related to human physiology (drugs used for Cancer, CVS & blood products and Neuropharmacology & rare diseases). Students must be thorough with interactions and mechanisms of drugs along with side effects that are unique to these drugs alone. For this subject, reference books that can be used are

    Name of the bookAuthor’s Name
    Pharmacological Basis of TherapeuticsGoodman and Gillman
    Essential of Medical PharmacologyK D Tripathi
    PharmacologyRang & Dale
    Basic and Clinical PharmacologyKatzung

    Note: Essential of Medical Pharmacology by K D Tripathi and Pharmacology by Rang & Dale are the best books for covering the fundamentals of the subject. They offer descriptive theory via flow charts, tables and box point wise summaries of important aspects

    Download the detailed official Pharmacology GPAT Syllabus

    GPAT Books for Pharmacognosy

    This subject is entirely based on theory. Chapters on various drugs are very essential for preparing for the exam. Students should read the concepts regularly so that they do not forget the details and differences between these drugs. Some good reference books for this subject are

    Name of the bookAuthor’s Name
    Trease and Evan’s PharmacognosyWilliam Charles Evans
    The Pearson Guide to GPATUmang Shah
    PharmacognosyC K Kokat
    Note: The books authored by CK Kokate and Evans are highly recommended by top rankers

    Download the detailed official Pharmacognosy GPAT Syllabus

    GPAT Books for Pharmaceutical Analysis

    This subject requires a basic understanding of concepts. These concepts are utilized for solving numerical problems which have been asked repeatedly from topics of Mass Spectroscopy, UV, NMR and IR spectroscopy. Candidates can use the following books for reference

    Name of the bookAuthor’s Name
    Spectroscopy and TitrationChatwal
    Modern Technology of Pharmaceutical AnalysisNirav Son
    Note: The book by Nirav Soni- Modern Technology of Pharm Analysis has numerous solved questions that can help students analyze the pattern of questions

    GPAT Books for Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    This subject again requires aspirants to have conceptual clarity of the topics to be able to answer the questions. The must-dos from this subject is a chemical moiety of Medicinal drugs along with the basics of organic and physical chemistry. Applicants can refer to the following books for this subject

    Name of the bookAuthor’s Name
    Organic ChemistryMorrison & Boyd
    Medicinal ChemistrySN Pande
    Note: Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd is an extremely popular book which is very essential for learning the basic of organic chemistry

    Download the detailed official Pharmaceutical Chemistry GPAT Syllabus

    GPAT Books for Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics

    This is a vast subject that covers many important topics like Therapeutic drug monitoring, drug therapy for various systems and disorder as well as drug interactions. Candidates need to study this subject selectively as it has a lot of details to remember. Individuals can use the following books for reference

    Name of the bookAuthor’s Name
    Clinical Pharmacy and TherapeuticsRoger Walker & Cate Whittlesea
    Davis’s Pocket Clinical Drug ReferenceCynthia Sanoski & Shamim Tejan

    GPAT 2020 Books for All Subjects

    Some standard books cover topics from all subjects while providing content to clear all basics. They are also equipped with previously asked questions, mock tests, and question banks. The following books can be used for GPAT:

    Name of the bookAuthor/ Publisher’s Name
    GPAT CrackerPiyush Publications
    Compete PharmaDr. Tarun Dasgupta
    Pharmacy Quiz GPATSamba Redd

    General Preparation Tips to Crack GPAT 2020

    • The first thing every individual must do is to have conceptual clarity for all subjects. They can start by studying the common topics between their university curriculum and GPAT syllabus.
    • As per trends observed over the past 2-3 years, the frequency of numerical problems has increased in the exam.
    • Numerical is asked mostly from the topics of Pharmacokinetics, Proof Spirit, Kinetics, Micromeritics, Posology, Alligation Method, Rheology, Surface Tension, and Analysis. Candidates must practice solving these questions to have an edge over their competitors.
    • Make separate notes for the classification of drugs, their nomenclature, structure, and schedules. Be thorough with the chapters of herbal and indigenous drugs.
    • Solve previous years’ papers to analyze the pattern of GPAT questions. It can also help you in identifying focus areas of other chapters

    Read More About GPAT Preparation Tips

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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