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GRE Exam Fees 2021: Application Fees, Retake Fees, Reschedule Fees, Cancellation Fees

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Study Abroad Expert | Updated On - May 3, 2021

GRE exam fee in India is Rs. 15, 800 or $213 which is effective from 1st July 2020. GRE exam fee is $205 in all the countries except for India, Turkey, China, Australia, and Nigeria. GRE exam fees for the subject test is constant everywhere – $150. There are other GRE fees like GRE reschedule fees, GRE cancellation fees, GRE late registration fees, GRE score reports fee, and also score reinstatement fees. 

GRE Exam Fees

GRE is tested as GRE general test and GRE subject test and GRE general test fee are different from GRE subject test fees. GRE general test is taken for graduate or doctorate courses and the GRE score of general test is accepted in almost all the top universities around the world.

GRE fees for both GRE paper-based and GRE computed-based tests are different in different countries – the following table shows GRE exam fee in different countries:

Country GRE exam fee for GRE General test
Australia US$ 230
China US$ 231.30
Nigeria US$ 226
Turkey US$ 255
India US$ 213
Others US$ 205

The fees are subjected to be changed without any prior notice and the mentioned fees in the table are inclusive of any value-added tax and its equivalent. GRE fees in India are US$ 213 – it indicates the GRE exam fee in India is approximately 15, 800 INR.

GRE Fees Reduction: How can I get a discount on the GRE?

Worried about “how do I get a voucher for GRE?” – well, there is a fee reduction program for the candidates and it allows them to get up to a 50% fee reduction facility. However, it applies to US citizens only. International citizens with a permanent resident status can also claim a fee reduction. 

GRE at Home Fees

Due to covid-19, ETS has started GRE home testing option and GRE test fees for GRE home testing are the same as GRE test center test. It means if any Indian candidate wants to take GRE at-home test, they need to pay GRE registration fee of US$ 213.

GRE Retake Fee

In case the candidates want to retake GRE, they have to pay the fee again. In simpler words, they need to register for GRE again and pay the exam fee of GRE again.

GRE Subject Test Fee

GRE subject test fees are as follows:

Purpose Cost
GRE subject test (globally) US$ 150
Changing Subject Test (globally) US$ 50

So, GRE registration fee in India for subject tests is US$ 150. In case a candidate wants to take more than one GRE subject tests, they need to pay separately for each of the tests. If the candidates register for a different GRE subject test and later decides to take another, GRE subject fee for change will be US$ 50.

ETS offers different facilities to the candidates like rescheduling GRE and others – to avail these services, candidates need to get different forms. GRE form fees for different purposes are listed below:

GRE Rescheduling Fee

In case of emergency, the candidates are allowed to change the exam date of GRE and GRE rescheduling fees as follow:

Purpose Amount
Rescheduling GRE general test charge for the candidates of China US$ 53.90
Rescheduling GRE general test charge for the candidates from other locations US$ 50
Rescheduling Subject test all over the world US$ 50

GRE reschedule fee for India is US$ 50.

GRE Fees for Test Centre Change

To change GRE test centers for both GRE general and subject test, the candidates are charged US$ 50.

GRE Cancellation Fees

Exam cancellation is possible for GRE and the candidates can receive a refund of half of GRE fees. Candidates can check the official documents for refund policy with terms and conditions. The approximate value of the refund is US$ 102.5. Even though you cancel your GRE score – you will have the option to take GRE later.

How Many Times Can I Take the GRE?

Unlike GMAT, there is no limit to taking GRE in the lifetime of a candidate. While retaking GRE, the candidates just need to keep a gap of 21 days before they decide to retake GRE. But for each attempt, the candidates need to pay ETS GRE exam fee.

Special Charges for GRE

ETS has also announced the fees for late GRE registration and standby testing – the following table lists those:

Purpose Fees for GRE General and Subject test
The late registration fee (Paper-based test applicants use it only if they registered online) US$ 25
Standby testing (for the paper-based test) US$ 50

Pre and Post GRE Fees

On the official site of ETS, the following pre-exam preparations are available for free:

  • Practice Book for the Paper-based GRE General Test in PDF
  • Math preparation guide in PDF which comes with the links of Khan Academy
  • Math Conventions in PDF
  • Subject Test Books

Apart from these, chargeable practice papers and books have a price range from US$ 4.99 to US$ 72.

For the post-exam services, candidates can get a few free services, which include

  • Score Viewing and score sending to 4 destinations
  • GRE Diagnostic Service meant for Computer-delivered GRE General Test
  • Printing Online Official Score Report

The paid post-exam service includes additional score sending, score review system for quant, verbal, analytical writing paper, and subject papers. The charge of these services are mentioned in the table below and these are applicable for both GRE general test and GRE subject test:

Purpose Charge
Additional Score Reports (ASR) US$ 27 for each
Score Review for Analytical Writing measure US$ 60
Score Review for Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning measures (Paper-delivered tests only) US$ 50
Subject test score review US$ 50
Score Reinstatement Fee US$ 50

How to Pay GRE Exam Fees in India – GRE Fee Payment Methods

For India, GRE exam fee is US$ 213 and the Indian candidates are often confused about how to pay the fee. It is because the fee is to be paid in dollars. But, cash payment is not accepted – and arranging dollars just to pay GRE is something impossible.

So the common question is “how do I pay for GRE?” – for GRE fee payment, we suggest you pay with cards. Below methods can be to pay GRE fees:

  • Use Credit or Debit Card (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard or Visa)
  • PayPal
  • Money order or voucher or check or e-check

For the e-check, it needs to be drawn against a US account and it is not applicable for Indians who do not have any US account. Using a debit or credit card or PayPal is the best option for paying GRE fees.

So, these are all about GRE exam fees and test-takers need to try to secure a good score in GRE so that they don’t need to retake GRE and pay GRE fees again. For this purpose, proper practice with GRE papers is needed along with GRE Preparation tips.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

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● Top Answer By Harshavardhan Babu on 23 Feb 21

Ans. Presently, ISB accepts both GRE and GMAT scores. So, the candidate can take either of the tests to get a seat at ISB, Hyderabad. There are certain aspects both in favor and against of both the exams, considering the structure and content of the exams. The points below give some important points to consider before choosing either of the tests for selection. Evaluate the structure and syllabus of both examinations and choose the one in which you think you can score higher. A good score is an ultimate need for admission. If a candidate wishes to apply for graduate programs other than MBA too, GRE is usually the one opted for. So, an MS, MA, and MBA simultaneous aspirant will prefer GRE. Business schools are somewhat particular about the students they give admission to. They prefer students with a clear vision of MBA only and have a basic idea about their career trajectory. So, GMAT is preferred over GRE in this aspect. GMAT is a more quantitatively challenging exam than GRE. This might matter to the ISB Interview board since they want MBA-focused candidates. Considering the above-mentioned points, you must select the appropriate exam for your own. Other than this, the school accepts both the exams and so, good performance in either of them is considered equally.Read more
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Ques. What should I prepare for CEED NID or GRE TOEFL?

● Top Answer By Deepika Kunwar on 14 Jan 21

Ans. To begin with, it is essential to know why you would like to appear for these exams. Since the mentioned exams all stand for different branches of study, track down which branch it is that you are actually interested to pursue. You can then follow up with the further process.  Firstly it is important to understand the difference between the mentioned entrance examinations. CEED and NID are entrance tests conducted to qualify for programs pertaining to design processes. GRE and TOEFL are exams to test students across a wide variety of subjects for graduate and business school applications. TOEFL is specifically taken to submit proof for proficiency in the English language. It is essential to understand the purpose of choosing your course, before anything else. Try to question your intent behind wanting to give these exams. Why GRE? Why CEED? How will this help you to build your future goals and have a successful career? If you are someone who is intrigued by all things design and you are a creative person with good creative skills and see yourself building a career in the design space then it might be more sensible to look at appearing for NID or CEED exams. If you are looking forward to higher education abroad in a specific field of study like business or technology, which can form the foundation for the launch of your career in the field, then you can look at appearing for GRE/TOEFL. Another essential point to remember is that cracking these exams is not the only way to make it to your goal. Entrance exams are a great way to experiment and find out your capabilities and interests. In case you do not manage to qualify for these exams, you can still get to your path, just take a different route.  If you are truly hard-working and clear about your goals, take risks, and attempt these entrance exams with complete confidence and good preparation. Depending on what aligns with your goals and ambitions you can appear for that particular qualifying examination.Read more
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Ques. I am an IIT Bhubaneswar 3rd year student looking for a classroom coaching centre for the GRE in Bhubaneswar. Which one is the best to join?

● Top Answer By Pranjal Singhal on 14 Aug 20

Ans. There are a few institutes that offer classroom coaching for GRE preparation in Bhubaneswar. Given below are information about a few such institutes: Offshore Education Academy This institute is a one-stop point for good counseling and preparation of GRE exams in Bhubaneswar. Merit scholarships are given to students who perform well in the online admission test. The minimum time to be devoted will be 4 months although it can be extended to 5 months in case an individual wants more time to prepare.  Prajna Prep Prajna Prep offers comprehensive class sessions on Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Analytical Writing. You can also take GRE Practice Tests to improve your preparation.  Manya-The Princeton Review Manya-The Princeton Review is another excellent choice for GRE preparation. This institute offers different types of GRE courses and you can choose the one which suits you best. There is also an option for learning in groups or in one on one sessions. Besides classroom coaching, self-preparation is also a good option if your current academics are above average.Read more
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puja sao
Will I get any fee reduction on the basis of good academic performance?

Hello Puja,

There is no such provision for fee reduction based on academics. The only Fee reduction TOEFL provides is to the students who have a degree ( minimum 2 years) from a U.S based college.

md hussain ansari
Will there be reduction in fees if I will reschedule the exam?

Hi, Md Hussain

No, there will not be a reduction in fees if you reschedule the exam, instead, you have to pay extra to get the exam date rescheduled.

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