IELTS Exam Registration 2020-Slot Booking, Documents Required, Dates, Fee Payment, Cancellation and Postponement

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    IELTS is popular among Indian students who wish to settle in English speaking nations. One needs IELTS exam score either for pursuing higher studies or for employment purposes. There are no eligibility criteria for taking this exam. This exam is recommended for those candidates above 16 years.

    IELTS Exam: Registration

    IELTS: Registration

    • Candidates can register for IELTS exam via British Council or IDP.
    • As per eligibility criteria, candidates should be above 16years of age.
    • Candidates must have a valid passport.
    • IELTS fee varies across countries. In India, exam fee is INR 13250.
    • Candidates can register for IELTS exam via online or offline modes.
    • IELTS can be taken either in a paper-delivered format or computer-delivered format.

    Steps to Register for IELTS Exam: Online

    Candidates have to follow steps to register for exam. IDP and British Council both conduct this exam for the candidates. Steps to be followed are

    • Candidates can register through IDP for IELTS exam at
    IELTS Registration
    • Candidates can register through British Council for IELTS at
    IELTS Registration (British council
    • First step of IELTS application involves booking date and venue
    Online Registration system
    • Candidate has to select date and country and module (Academic or General Training). After choosing options, available dates will appear on the screen. Candidate has to choose available date slots. After choosing dates, the candidate has to fill up necessary fields like personal details, educational qualification, occupation, identification number, identity proof, etc. IELTS exam registration can be done either online or offline. It is necessary to read through each field consciously before proceeding with form fill up. Registration should be completed with concentration without any nuances.
    • If the applicant has chosen offline mode of application, form must be submitted with required documents
    • IELTS exam fee for registration can be paid either via online (credit card) or offline payment options

    IELTS Exam Registration: Offline Mode

    Besides the above mentioned online mode, candidates can also opt for offline mode to register IELTS exam. Application form for the offline process, candidate has to download it from official IELTS website. Registration forms are also available on either IDP or British Council website as well. Fill out the form correctly and send it to the nearest test center along with fee.

    Steps to Register for IELTS Exam: Offline

    Candidate has to follow each method prominently to register for IELTS exam in offline mode.

    • Firstly visit official website to download application form
    • Take a print out of form and fill up necessary details correctly
    • Visit official website to find out available dates for exam. Choose a test date after availability
    • Make payment for IELTS exam fee either via cash or by demand draft
    IELTS Exam Fee

    IELTS Exam Fee

    Registration fees for IELTS exam can be paid either online or offline mode. IELTS exam fee varies across countries due to rate of currencies. For India, registration fee is INR 13,250. Fee payment process is discussed below.

    • Online mode: For online mode payment, candidate has to make a payment either via credit card or debit card. Visa, Visa electron and MasterCard are only cards from which payment can be initiated.
    • Offline mode: For offline mode, candidate has to make a payment either via cash or by demand draft. For cash payment, the candidate has to visit ICICI bank branch and use payment slip of bank. Candidates can also pay via demand draft. That draft must be drawn in favor of “British Council” payable at New Delhi. Demand draft for IDP shall be drawn in favor of “IDP Education India Private Limited”, payable at New Delhi.
    Post Registration

    IELTS Exam: Process After Registration

    • Candidate who has registered online will be sent a confirmation mail about reception of payment
    • It also contains details regarding free access for IELTS exam preparation online course called, “Road to IELTS”.
    • IELTS exam date will be confirmed once the candidate receives email
    • Candidate who has registered offline will receive a confirmation receipt and access details for preparation material via mail within 7days of receiving documents
    • Candidates should be careful in preserving this mail as it would contain important information.
    IELTS Exam Centers

    IELTS Exam Centers

    Across India, there are 78 locations for IELTS exam centers. British Council has 40 locations across India and IDP Education has 37 locations across cities. Irrespective of conducting organization, exam fee for IELTS is INR 13250. Total number of exam centers across India is given below on the map.

    Particulars For IELTS Exam

    Particulars to be Filled for IELTS Exam Registration

    Candidates should know the exam pattern for IELTS. Academic test is taken only for those who want to pursue higher education and General Training Test is taken only for those who want to go abroad for employment opportunities. Candidates have to fill out many details for IELTS application form. Following are the fields to be filled up in the form

    Personal Information Name of the candidate; Email address; Date of Birth; Address; Phone number; Gender 
    Identification Proof Identity document; Identity proof number 
    Nation related information Code and name of the country; Nationality Code and name of first language 
    Occupational details Occupation sector; Occupation level 
    Educational Qualification Level of education; Number of years studying English; Current studying level on English 
    Reason for IELTS For Higher Education or for Employment purpose 
    Disability If any 
    Important dates Declaration; Signature; date 

    For occupational details, candidate has to fill up other occupational sectors along with code. Below the table is given along with code

    Occupational Sector Code 
    Administrative services01
    Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry, Mining02
    Arts and Entertainment03
    Banking and Finance04
    Catering and Leisure05
    Construction Industries 06
    Craft and design07
    Health and Social Services09
    Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services10 
    Law and Legal Services11
    Manufacturing and Assembly Industries12
    Personal Services 13
    Retail Trade14
    Technical and Scientific15
    Telecommunications and Media 16
    Transport 17
    Utilities 18
    Wholesale Trade19
    Other 00

    Along with occupational sector, candidate has to fill up an occupational level as well with code

    Occupational Level Code
    Employee (Senior level)3
    Employee (Middle or Junior level)4
    Worker in home5
    Retired 6
    Reason for IELTS

    Reason for taking IELTS Exam

    Other than occupational details, the candidate has to fill up reason for taking IELTS exam. There are specified codes among which applicants have to choose a reason for taking IELTS exam. Most candidates take it for pursuing higher education or employment purposes. Reasons have been mentioned in the drop-down list, candidates have to choose option along with code in registration form.

    Reason for IELTS examCode
    For higher education extending 3months or more1
    For higher education extending 3months or less2
    For other education purposes 3
    For registration as a doctor 4
    For immigration 5
    For employment 6
    For professional registration (other than medical) 7
    For personal reasons 8
    For registration as nurse (including CGFNS) 9
    For registration as dentist 10 
    Other 0
    Documents To Be Sent

    Enclosures to be sent for those who make Payment by Cash or Demand Draft

    For those who have registered online, there is no need to send any more documents along with form. Candidates who register via online but make payment via cash or demand draft has to send following documents along with application form

    • Copy of IELTS test application acknowledgment received after registering online
    • Proof of fee payment made either via demand draft or “British Council Copy” of ICICI bank payment slip

    Candidate who makes an offline application for IELTS exam and makes fee payment via Cash or Demand Draft has to send following details

    • Complete IELTS application form
    • Proof of fee payment made either via demand draft or “British Council Copy” of ICICI bank payment slip
    IELTS Exam Dates

    IELTS Exam Dates

    Candidates should get an overview of IELTS exam dates before booking slots. Global test dates are given below along with its test type. Exam date sheets are given below

    January 4, 2020Academic 
    January 11, 2020Academic and General Training
    January 16, 2020Academic
    January 18, 2020Academic and General Training 

    February 1, 2020Academic and General Training
    February 8, 2020Academic
    February 13, 2020Academic and General Training
    February 22, 2020Academic

    March 5, 2020Academic 
    March 7, 2020Academic and General Training 
    March 14, 2020Academic only 
    March 21, 2020Academic and General Training 

    April 4, 2020Academic and General Training 
    April 11, 2020Academic 
    April 18, 2020Academic and General Training 
    April 30, 2020Academic 

    May 9, 2020Academic
    May 16, 2020Academic 
    May 21, 2020Academic and General Training 
    May 30, 2020Academic and General Training

    June 6, 2020Academic 
    June 13, 2020Academic and General Training
    June 18, 2020Academic
    June 20, 2020Academic and General Training

    July 2, 2020Academic
    July 11, 2020Academic and General Training
    July 18, 2020Academic 
    July 25, 2020Academic and General Training

    August 6, 2020Academic
    August 8, 2020Academic and General Training
    August 22, 2020Academic and General Training
    August 29, 2020Academic 

    September 5, 2020Academic 
    September 12, 2020Academic and General Training
    September 17, 2020Academic and General Training
    September 26, 2020Academic and General Training

    October 10, 2020Academic
    October 15, 2020Academic and General Training
    October 24, 2020Academic and General Training
    October 31, 2020Academic and General Training

    November 7, 2020Academic
    November 12, 2020Academic and General Training
    November 21, 2020Academic and General Training
    November 28, 2020Academic

    December 3, 2020Academic
    December 5, 2020Academic and General Training
    December 12, 2020Academic 
    December 19, 2020Academic and General Training
    Cancellation or Rescheduling

    Cancellation or Rescheduling for IELTS exam

    Due to any kind of unavoidable situation, candidates cancel or reschedule for IELTS exam. Candidates must keep in mind the amount of cancellation fee will be charged depending on duration left for the test taken.

    • Full test fee will be charged if cancellation happens within 5 weeks of test date
    • Transfer of registration fee will be granted only if applicant manages to produce appropriate medical evidence within 5days of test date
    • Candidate must fill out “Request for Postponement or Cancellation” form if needs to apply for cancellation or postponement of test date
    • After filling out form, candidate will have to send it via post or courier to the following address

    British Council: BC Examinations and English Services India Pvt. Ltd.,

    6th Floor, One Horizon Centre,

    Sector 43, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon - 122002.

    IDP:IDP Education India Private

    Limited, 6th Floor, Plot No.32, Global Business Square, SECTOR44, GURGAON-122003 (Haryana),India.

    PH: +91-124-4445999

    • Form must be sent 5 weeks before IELTS test date
    • Any form, received after deadline will be accepted but registration fee will not be transferred.
    • Cancellation fee will also be charged while processing cancellation request

    Cancellation of IELTS Date

    • Cancellation fee will be deducted from refund of application fee
    • It takes 2 weeks to process cancellation request made by the candidate
    • In case of refund for online payment, amount will be transferred to original card from where payment is initiated
    • Candidates must attach original payment receipt of test fee along with form.
    • If a candidate cancels it prior five week before the test date, then refund will be initiated after deducting 25% of the administration fee of test fee.
    • It will take 4-6 weeks to process the amount.

    Postponement of IELTS Date

    If a candidate wishes to postpone IELTS date to later time, then it is necessary to request a change in date 5 weeks prior to exam date. For postponement of exam date, candidate will not be charged any fee. If postponement happens due to medical issues, candidate needs to submit medical evidence.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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