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IELTS Writing Task 2: Sample Answers,Topics, Question Type, and Score

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IELTS writing task 2 holds more significance since it carries 66% of the score weightage that is double the score of IELTS writing task 1. The four main criteria to be followed while responding to IELTS writing task 2 are - task response, coherence and cohesion, linguistic resource, and grammatical accuracy. Though the writing syllabus is different for both Academic and General, the IELTS writing task 2 structure, word count and duration are similar for both of them.

For both IELTS general writing task 2 and IELTS academic writing task 2, candidates have to follow a formal way of reporting an argument. Few structural errors that one has to avoid are as following

  • Never use contractions like don’t, haven’t, won’t
  • Never use casual dialect for essay writing like – I wanna
  • Never use personal instances for your IELTS Writing Task 2 essays
  • Never write memorized essays
IELTS Writing Task 2 Structure

How to Write Introduction for Task 2?

Many experts suggest paraphrasing the question for the IELTS writing task 2 introduction. It sounds like an easy option to the candidates but it will never get you a 7 band score. For scoring in an IELTS essay, you need to write an independent view. Few students also replace few words from questions with synonyms. One can also lose marks if the student fails to express the intact meaning through the introduction.

How to Write an IELTS Essay Logically?

Writing an IELTS essay of 250 words within 40 minutes requires how you plan your essay. Examiner checks how well the IELTS writing task 2 essay is shaped with a proper flow of argument. Few things to be followed for IELTS essay writing are:

  • Give a proper topic sentence for each paragraph
  • Always use linking words like on the other hand, first of all, to provide continuity to the examiner
  • Extend your point with a proper explanation
  • With the proper examples and explanations, one can continuously refer to the question.

How to write less complex writing for IELTS Writing Task 2?

Examiners always prefer reading an IELTS essay that is easy to understand. Candidates should never use complex language to express opinions. Few small changes can land you a good IELTS band score for writing task 2. Steps to be followed are:

  • Use conjunctions like and, but, because to join two simple sentences
  • For conditional sentences always prefer using “if” or “although”
  • Use relative clauses like That, What to make the sentence

How to Improve IELTS Academic Writing Task 2?

In the IELTS academic writing task 2, the candidate will be required to write articles that will be based on their reactions to an idea or premise. Everything should be in a formal manner, without any usage of ‘slang’ or informal words.

  • Segregate your essay into 2 – 3 body paragraphs;
  • 1st para: Outline the main point, introduce the topic, reveal how to describe the argument/present the discussion or you can check this video out.
  • 2-3 paras: Will be based on certain points of explanations which will be further supported by examples;
  • 4th para: All the points will be concluded and summarised.
  • Ensure your sentence has an independent clause with a subject and verb;
  • Don’t repeat words or ideas;
  • Engage in a thoughtful tone that doesn’t sound angry, negative, and excited;
  • Don’t use short forms
  • Practice from IELTS writing task 2 sample answer
  • Writing Task 2 topics can be of varied types like – art, environment, health, jobs, relationships, government and society

How can I Improve my IELTS General Writing Task 2?

The IELTS General writing task 2 aims at testing the candidate’s proficiency in daily communications which are related to general topics. When a statement is placed, the test taker might be asked to agree or disagree with it, or answer a few questions laid out.

  • IELTS essay writing of general training is branched into 4-5 paragraphs.
  • The 1st paragraph is always dedicated to presenting the subject of the essay, and how the candidate is planning to display it;
  • The last paragraph is about summarising the whole ideas presented throughout along with the thoughts and recapitulate the overall things mentioned;
  • The middle paragraphs or the body deals with all the aspects that they have curated from the topic and dealing with them is the task there;
  • Precise explanations, responses, proper opinions, and examples – all these are needed in the middle paragraphs.
  • It is always recommended to thoroughly read IELTS writing task 2 vocabulary to enhance the essay’s quality
  • Practice from IELTS general writing task 2 samples for understanding the format.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Score 

The IELTS writing task 2 score is marked on a scale of 1 - 9 similar to task 1. As already mentioned, there are four criteria on which the task is measured and each of them holds 25% of the weightage, namely,

  1. Task achievement (25%)
  2. Coherency (25%)
  3. Vocabulary (25%)
  4. Grammatical Accuracy (25%)

The IELTS writing task 2 band 9 is the highest score one can obtain, to better understand the score, check the below score descriptors:

IELTS Writing Task 2 band descriptor

How to improve my score in IELTS Writing Task 2? 

IELTS experts predicted the upcoming IELTS writing task 2 topics will be mostly about health, food, and education. IELTS Writing Task 1 is different from task 2 in terms of the writing approach. Practicing more of agree/disagree, and advantages/disadvantages will increase the score to 7 or 8. Steps to be followed to improve IELTS Writing Task 2

  • Need to answer each question
  • Express your opinion within 250 words (40 minutes) for IELTS Essays
  • Argument with critical thinking along with relevant examples
  • Developing and organizing the ideas for IELTS writing task 2
  • Coherence in style
  • Choose a proper introduction and conclusion for the writing task

To get a perfect band of 8 for IELTS essay writing, one needs to follow instructions

  • Answer all the parts of the questions and write what is relevant to the question
  • Use linking phrases to make the IELTS essay looks logically coherent
  • For IELTS essay task 2, you need to organize each paragraph in a progression
  • Try to use good vocabulary for IELTS writing task 2
  • Always use a wide variety of complex sentences to convey your argument
  • There should not be any grammatical errors

IELTS Writing Task 2 Question Types

The IELTS writing task 2 questions are mostly similar for both academic and general training. There are five main types of questions found in the IELTS general writing task 2 topics:

  1. Advantage/Disadvantage
  2. Opinions
  3. Discussion
  4. Direct Questions
  5. Solutions

There is a slight difference in the topics of academic and general, the latter has comparatively easier topics than the former.

The IELTS Essay writing task 2 can be either a one-sided or two-sided opinionated essay depending on the question type. The structure of the essay will of following kind

IELTS Writing Task 2 Question Types

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

IELTS writing task 2 topics are based on general topics, which the candidate discusses daily in universities or workplaces. So, a minimal idea about the topic is mandatory to construct the essay. Trending writing task 2 topics are as following

Animal Energy Independent and influential art Reading
Art Environment Job Relationship
Business Entertainment Language Science
Communication Exercise and fitness Leadership Society
Crime & Punishment Family/Kids Leisure Space Exploration
Corruption Farming Libraries Sports
Creative art Food/Diet/Cuisine Management Travel
Culture Global health Media and Advertising Teaching and learning
Demand and supply Global poverty Money Technology
Different perspectives Global warming Music Tourism
Economy Government Personality Value
Education Health Political deals and other happenings Wildlife and preservation
Employment Housing Population and Overpopulation Work-life balance

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


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What kind of questions can be asked?
diya suresh

There will be 4 separate sections in IELTS exam namely reading, writing, listening and speaking and for each section, specific type of questions will be asked. Each section will have equal weighatge of 25% but different time limit for completion. For more expanded exam pattern and syllabus for each section, you can click IELTS exam pattern 2021.

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What is the criteria of marking?
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For all the section, score will be given on a scale of 0-9, where 9 is considered to be an expert user. For evry correct answer 1 mark is alloted. Assessement is done differently for different sections as students are analysed on various parameters.Overall score is calculated as the average score of each section. 

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How shall I prepare for writing section?
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Few tips for IELTS writing task 1:

  • Analyze the data properly before start writing
  • Find out the trend that has been mentioned within the graph and explain it clearly
  • Make comparisons clearly to make your response distinguished

Preparation tips for IELTS writing task 2:

  • Write the introduction of the subject
  • Explain the main features with data
  • Use data to substantiate your argument
  • Write a Conclusion
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary and grammar
  • Try to complete the writing task 2 within 2 paragraphs
  • Do not focus on the length of the essay
  • Never repeat your words
  • Always proofread before submitting the essay