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IELTS Preparation

Updated On - April 13th 2018

The IELTS exam is for the people who wish to seek higher education or professional registration in various institutions located in non-native country. It is conducted to test the candidates’ ability to study in an atmosphere where English is used or not. The various sample tests enabled for clearing IELTS exam does not speak the academic language. It focuses on basic survival skills in broad social and professional context.

Preparation for IELTS is not child’s play. It is a difficult exam thus the preparation requires a lot of hard work and concentration. Candidate must prepare a proper strategy to clear the IELTS exam. To begin with, candidate can attempt various free sample question papers for practice. It gives an idea about how the exam will be conducted. It also helps in boosting the confidence of the candidate. Candidates get a little experience of all the tasks which could be given.

IELTS 2018 Exam Pattern

TheIELTS Exam Patternexplains about the four type of papers in the IELTS exam- reading, writing, listening and speaking. A specific time window is provided to complete every paper. Candidate can also be given various tasks to perform.

While preparing for IELTS, candidate can focus on monologues and conversations for listening exam. The reading and writing portion determines the knowledge about Basic English grammar. Thus candidate must focus on his/her grammatical skills. The speaking exam deals with the communication skills of the applicant.

All the sample papers for these tasks are available online free of cost. The IELTS exam including Listening, Reading and Writing tests is carried out in one day itself with no intervals in between them. The candidate gets an idea about how to attempt and the answer the questions. The solution book after each mentions the answers and areas of improvement.

Candidate can access books cracking IELTS exam through both online and offline means. A large number of books which help in IELTS Preparation are available online. Candidate must be aware of some tips and tricks which can help him attempt the exam in a more effective way. IELTS has no negative marking. The candidates must make sure that he/she has attempted all the questions. No question should be left un-attempted by the candidate.

Candidate must read the instructions given. He should be handy with reading, writing and listening at the same time. Also does not exceed the word limit. There must not be any kind of spelling or grammar mistake. The candidate must check all the answers at least once. The article talks about sample papers and some tips for candidates attempting IELTS in a descriptive manner.

Practicing IELTS 2018 Sample papers

Attempting sample papers is a very good thing to do in order to prepare for the exam. But before practicing the paper, do understand the proper format and IELTS Syllabus of the IELTS exam first. Carefully know all the parts of the test- listening, speaking, reading and writing. Study the format properly so that you can know what to expect on the exam day.

The free sample question papers are of two types. The first one is IELTS academic and the second is IELTS exam general training. The sample papers for IELTS exam have many benefits. It helps the candidate

  • To know the format of the test.
  • A little experience of all the tasks which could be given.
  • Completing the task in a proper due course of time.
  • Review your answers and ensure that the mistakes are not repeated.

There are following kinds of sample papers available. DOWNLOAD IELTS PRACTICE PAPERS

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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