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IELTS Result

Updated On - April 13th 2018

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is the most popular English language test for international study, migration and work. IELTS Result is declared 13 calendar days after the candidate appears for the test. Candidate will receive only one copy of the Test report form. If the candidate wishes to seek Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) then only he/she will be provided with two copies.

How to access the IELTS Result?

IELTS Results are declared 13 calendar days after the candidate sits/appears for the examination. Candidate can have access to the IELTS Result online as well as offline. However, online preview of the IELTS Result must not be mistaken as an official confirmation of the candidate's performance. The IELTS Test Report Form can be obtained offline as well. Candidate will get the IELTS Test Report Form after 13 days of appearing for the IELTS Exam by post or depending on the arrangement of the IELTS Exam Center, a candidate may get his / her Test Report Form in person.

It is very important to note that only one copy of Test Report Form is made available to the candidate. If a candidate applies for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), he/she can earn two copy of the Test Report Form. The Candidates are given an opportunity to nominate up to five universities/employers or other organizations, the charges for which are covered under IELTS Exam Fee. The choices are made in order to send the copies of Test Result Form to these institutions, if needed, on behalf of the candidate.

Online mode

Candidate can preview the result for IELTS after 13 days of appearing for the IELTS exam. It is important to note that online service to previewIELTS Score is available through 

A candidate can check his / her score in IELTS exam through the official websites of following organizations:

  • 2018 Brirish council IELTS 
  • 2018 IDP IELTS

Offline mode

To get IELTS Score offline candidate must wait for the concerned IELTS Exam Centerto post the Test Result Form after 13 days of the commencement of the examination. It is possible that candidate's result might get delayed due to strict quality control procedures. There will be an email confirmation being sent to the candidate in such case scenario.

Candidates can also have access to the score of IELTS Exam through SMS service. Candidate will be required to send the SMS on 9289892898 as follows:

Candidate Number Passport number.

Another way to get IELTS Score is by going at the test center and getting it in person. The procedure, however, depends on the arrangement at the test center.

Information required to access IELTS Result

To access IELTS Result, candidate must keep following information in hand:

  • 2018 Candidate will need his / her Identification document number.
  • 2018 To access the result for IELTS exam candidate number provided during examination at the test center will be required.
  • 2018 Next will be the requirement of date of IELTS exam.
  • 2018 Lastly candidate will need to enter his / her date of birth to preview IELTS result.

Steps to check IELTS Result

There are two ways that a candidate can get a preview of his / her IELTS Result - Online and Offline. Following are the steps explained in detail to check results forIELTS Exam:

To get a preview of IELTS Result online, candidate must follow these steps:

  1. Candidate visit the official websites to get an access to the result portal.
  2. The candidate will have to fill in following particulars:
  • 2018 Firstly, enter identification document number.
  • 2018 Candidate will be provided with candidate number during the examination which shall be kept safely as it will be required to fill in the second entry.
  • 2018 Following candidate number, candidate must enter date of IELTS exam and lastly fill in his / her date of birth.

IELTS Result Test Report Form

IELTS Test Report Form or TRF is the scorecard that is obtained by candidate who appears for IELTS exam. It will be sent via post or candidate can have a preview of it online. There will only be one copy of the Test Result Form or TRF that will be provided to the candidate. For those who have applied for CIC i.e. Citizenship and Immigration Canada, two copies of TRF / Test Result Form can be provided.

Candidate will be asked to nominate up to five universities or employers or organizations to which candidate's copy of Test Result Form will be sent on the insistence of candidate himself/herself. Candidate can obtain additional copies of his / her Test Result Form by paying administration fee. Only up to five copies of Test Result Form can be provided to the candidate.

Universities or Institutions that have subscribed to electronic download of scores or STED RO and need original copies of candidate's Test Result Form can be provided with it. Institutions may be able to view candidates’ scores through the IELTS TRF Verification Service. To do this they will need your TRF number which can be found in the bottom right corner of your Test Report Form.

IELTS Additional Test Report Form

If a candidate does not request for Additional Test Result Form in the original application form, he/she will have to fill a separate form for the same. Candidates who wish to obtain Additional Test Report Form will have to pay INR 250 per copy to send it via airmail or INR 1250 per copy to send it via courier to International Destinations.

Candidate must attach a photocopy of IELTS Score Report and passport to the application form. Since Test Result Form will be sent directly to the recipient, therefore candidate must provide institution's address and fill in the Application form for Additional Test Result Form and send it to

BC Examinations and English Services Pvt. Ltd.
6th floor One Horizon Center
Sector- 43, Golf Course Road,
Gurgaon- 122002

Additional Test Result Form can be obtained by candidate after 14 working days after the receipt of documents on the given address. IELTS exam scorecard or Test Result Form is usually acceptable within two years' period of time.

How to fill Additional Test Result Form

Additional Test Result Form must be filled in order to provide the copy of Test Result Form for IELTS exam to various institutions across the world. Here are steps to fill ARTF or Additional Test Result Form:

  1. Candidate will first enter his / her name that has been registered while applying for IELTS.
  2. Enter the candidate number that the candidate is provided with at the examination center of IELTS.
  3. Test Date must be entered after candidate enters his / her candidate number.
  4. The form next asks for Candidate's address, telephone number and email address in the next section.
  5. The following part of Additional Test Result Form asks for the following particulars:
  • 2018Name and Address of the College / Institution / University.
  • 2018Name of the department head
  • 2018Email od of the department head
  • 2018Contact number of department head.
  1. Candidate must fill in full address of the Institution / College / University in the 5 Address sections. Only a P.O. Box number will not be accepted.
  2. After the form has been filled candidate must sign the undertaking and mention the date.

IELTS Result Enquiry

If a candidate is unsure about the marking of the IELTS Exam, he/she can apply for Enquiry to get the test re-marked. Although it is rarely any possibility that the score / Test Result Form is mistaken in marking but if it happens, candidate must apply for re-marking within six weeks of the test date. In case candidate wants to get a certain section or sections corrected, he/she can make the choice while applying for IELTS Result Enquiry.

Candidate shall pay INR 6500 as a fee for the Enquiry or Result service. If the overall score of the candidate changes due to re-marking, the fee paid will be refunded duly. Candidate must know that the re-marking can take up to ten weeks to complete. Candidate will receive an EOR letter stating final result after trained clerical markers and senior examiners re-mark the results.

Candidate must first fill in the Application Form for Enquiry on IELTS Scores. Then the form must be sent along with Original Test Result Form, photocopy of cancelled cheque (to process refund, if any), Demand Draft for payment and photocopy of first and last page of his / her passport to the following address:

BC Examinations and English Services Pvt. Ltd.
6th floor One Horizon Center
Sector- 43, Golf Course Road,
Gurgaon- 122002

Process to fill IELTS Score Enquiry Form

There will be two sections in the IELTS Score Enquiry Application Form- candidature details and candidate details for refund.

Given below are the details that must be filled by candidate in the IELTS Score Enquiry Application Form:

  • 2018 Candidature details
  1. Center name
  2. Center number
  3. Candidate name
  4. Candidate number
  5. Candidate address
  6. Test to be remarked out of- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
  7. Signature
  8. Date
  • 2018 Candidate details for refund
  1. Beneficiary’s name
  2. Bank name
  3. Bank account number
  4. Bank branch address
  5. IFSC Code
  6. Email id of bank account holder

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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