JEE Advanced Mock Test 2020 - Procedure and Important Instructions

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    JEE Advanced Mock Test 2020 has been released by IIT Delhi, this year’s conducting body for JEE Advanced. The mock test for JEE Advanced is available for both Paper 1 and 2. Candidates can access the mock test with their credentials.

    The practical knowledge of JEE Advanced Exam Pattern is essential for acing the paper, which can only be achieved through mock tests. Through this article we have provided information on JEE Advanced Official Mock Tests by IIT Delhi. With JEE Advanced scheduled for September 27, 2020 and the present lockdown scenario, the mock tests can be immensely helpful to keep the preparations going. 

    Access JEE Advanced Mock Test 2020 Here:

    How to Access JEE Advanced Mock Test 2020?

    Candidates can follow the steps given below to access the official mock tests for JEE Advanced 2020:

    • Open the official website of JEE Advanced 2020 i.e.

    • Under the ‘Quick Links’ section, click on ‘Mock Test’

    • You will be directed to a page with separate mock test links for Paper 1 and Paper 2.

    • Click on the desired link, you will be directed to the login page.

    • Enter your credentials and access JEE Advanced Mock Test.

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    JEE Advanced 2020 Mock Test - Important Instructions

    • The total time duration of the online mock test is 180 minutes.

    • When you click on “I Agree” your test will begin and timer or clock will start. The timer will be available at the top right corner of the screen. Candidates can check the time left for the exam to be completed.

    • The question palette will be available on the right side of the screen. 

    • On this palette you can check the status of the questions.

    • Once the time is over the will end or submit automatically. In the end screen, the total number of questions attempted by the candidates will be displayed. 

    • All calculations/writing work is to be done only in the rough sheet provided at the center and after completion of the test candidates need to hand over the rough sheets to the invigilator present in the examination hall.

    Answering Options in JEE Advanced 2020 Mock Test

    •  Click on “Save and next” if you are confident about your answer. Post that, the next question shall be displayed on screen.

    •  In case you’re doubtful about your answer, click on “Mark for Review and Next”. You can review the answer later. 

    • You can choose to change the saved responses any time during the test.

    • If a question is answered and “Marked for Review” during the real examination and you forget to change or delete your response, then your current response will be considered final.

    • ‘Saved’ and ‘Marked for Review’ answers shall be considered once the paper is submitted for the counting of the test score. 

    Question Status in JEE Advanced Mock Test 2020

    Color on Question Number

    What does it Mean?


    You have not visited the question yet


    You have not answered the question


    You have answered the question


    You have not answered the question, but have marked it for review

    Purple with a green tick

    You have answered the question but marked it for review.

    Gujarat Board’s Question Banks for JEE Aspirants

    • Gujarat Board has released question banks for JEE, NEET and GUJCET aspirants for all four subjects - Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

    • The question banks are available in Gujarati and English language. 

    • Chapter-wise question papers have also been framed for the aspirants.

    • The question bank can be downloaded from the official website of Gujarat Board.

    Direct links for download of question banks:

    Advantages of Attempting JEE Advanced Mock Tests

    The candidates spend unlimited hours, days or even months to prepare for JEE Advanced and while preparing for the test, the Mock tests play a vital role in preparing in a more systematic way. Some of the benefits of taking JEE Advanced Mock test are as follows:

    • Candidates get familiarized with the actual exam pattern and can prepare accordingly.

    • By taking more mock tests of JEE Advanced, the candidates can get to know about their strengths and weaknesses.

    • The mock tests are designed to ramp up the speed and accuracy of the candidates as both are important to obtain a higher score.

    • Candidates get to understand the difficulty level of the exam and can prepare a strong strategy after considering their performance in the test.

    • Similar to the sample papers, practice papers, last years’ papers of JEE Advanced, mock tests also play an important role in utilizing the time effectively and completing the paper within the mentioned time limit only.

    Mock Test


    JEE Advanced Paper I.pdf


    JEE Advanced Paper II.pdf






    JEE Advanced Paper I .pdf


    JEE Advanced Paper II.pdf


    JEE ADV ANS. key.pdf


    JEE ADV PPR analy..pdf


    JEE Advanced 2017 phy


    JEE Advanced 2017 Phy 1


    JEE Advanced 2016 paper I


    JEE Advanced 2016 paper II


    JEE Advanced 2015 paper I


    JEE Advanced 2015 paper II


    JEE Advanced 2014 paper I


    JEE Advanced 2014 paper II


    JEE Advanced 2013 paper I


    JEE Advanced 2013 paper II


    JEE Advanced 2012 paper I


    JEE Advanced 2012 paper II


    JEE Advanced 2011 paper I


    JEE Advanced 2011 paper II


    JEE Advanced 2010 paper I


    JEE Advanced 2010 paper II

    JEE Advanced 2007 Paper I

    JEE Advanced 2007 paper II

    JEE Advanced 2008 paper I

    JEE Advanced 2008 paper II

    JEE Advanced 2009 paper I

    JEE Advanced 2009 paper II

    JEE-Advanced 2018 AK- Chem.pdf

    JEE-Advanced 2018 AK- maths.pdf

    JEE-Advanced 2018 AK- Physics.pdf


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