JEE Main 2020 Mathematics Pattern, Marking Scheme and Weightage of Topics

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    NTA has announced the major changes in JEE Main 2020 exam pattern with the release of the official brochure. As per the new exam pattern, there will be a total of 25 questions from each subject or section in JEE Main 2020 B.E/B.Tech paper. Out of these 25 questions, 20 will be MCQ type, and the remaining 5 questions will be of Numeric Value Type with no options. 

    • JEE Main Mathematics syllabus is common for all the 3 papers i.e. B.E/ B. Tech paper, B. Arch, and B. Planning Paper. Check JEE Main 2020 Maths Syllabus

    • All the 3 papers will have 25 questions from Mathematics section. 


    JEE Main 2020 is scheduled to be conducted in an online mode from July 18 to 23, 2020, and candidates will get 3 hours duration to complete the exam. Candidates must read the article to know more about the weightage of sections or topics, the difficulty level of questions, important topics, marking scheme, and much more. 

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    Highlights of JEE Main 2020 Mathematics Pattern

    • JEE Main 2020 Mathematics paper or section will have two types of questions i.e. MCQ and Numeric value.
    • The MCQs will have 4 options with only 1 correct option or answer.
    • The Non-MCQs or Numeric Value questions will have numerical value as an answer that candidates will have to enter as an integer or decimal value.
    • 4 Marks will be awarded to correct answer and 1 Mark will be deducted for incorrect answers. 
    • In the case of Non-MCQ questions, no negative marking will be there.
    Mode of ExaminationOnline
    Total Number of Questions in Mathematics25
    Type of QuestionsMCQ and Non-MCQs
    Marking SchemeCorrect Answer: +4
    Negative MarkingIncorrect Answer: -1 & No Negative Marking for Non-MCQs
    Medium of PaperEnglish, Hindi, Gujarati

    Details of JEE Main Mathematics Pattern

    Details of JEE Main 2020 Mathematics Pattern

    • Type of Questions: There will be two types of questions in JEE Main Mathematics paper. The first type is MCQs and the second type is Non-MCQ or Numeric Value questions.

    • Total Number of Questions: There will be a total of 25 questions in JEE Main Mathematics paper or section. Out of 25 questions, there will be 20 MCQs, and the remaining 5 questions will be Non-MCQs with numerical value as an answer.

    • Marking Scheme: For every correct answer either MCQ or Numeric Value Question, +4 Marks will be awarded.

    • Negative Marking: For every incorrect answer -1 Mark will be deducted but there will be no negative marking for Numeric Value answers.

    • Total Marks: The total marks for the Mathematics section is 100 and the overall JEE Main 2020 B.Tech paper is of 300 marks. 

    • Time Duration: The total time duration to complete all the 3 sections i.e Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics is 3 hours. For candidates with a 40% disability, the total time duration is 4 hours.

    • Language of Paper: Hindi, English, and Gujarati. Candidates can opt for question papers either in English or Hindi Language. This choice will be provided to all the candidates. Other language options i.e Gujarati is only available for candidates of Gujarat, Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

    • Total Number of Sections: There will be 3 sections in JEE Main 2020 i.e Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

    Marking Scheme JEE Main Mathematics

    Marking Scheme JEE Main 2020 Mathematics

    Overall Marking Scheme

    SubjectsMaximum QuestionsMaximum Marks
    Total75 questions300 marks

    Marking Scheme

    Type of questionNegative marking for wrong answerMarking for correct answer
    MCQs-1 Mark+4 Marks
    Numeric Value QuestionsNo negative marking +4 Marks

    Know More JEE Main B.E/B.Tech Exam Pattern

    Nature of JEE Main Mathematics Questions

    In JEE Main 2020, candidates will have to answer two types of questions in the paper. The first type is MCQs and the second type is Non-MCQ or Numeric Value questions. 

    • Multiple Choice Questions: In MCQs, candidates will get 4 options to answer the question. Candidates have to select one correct answer. 

    • Numeric Value or Non-MCQs: In Numeric Value questions there will be no options provided and candidates have to enter their answer either an integer or decimal value.

    • Shortcut Method Questions: There might be some questions or topics in which you can easily apply some shortcut methods to reach directly to the answer. But for that you must know such tricks and also you have to solve more and more questions so that you can identify such questions in the examination.

    • Formula Based Questions: In JEE Main Mathematics paper some of the questions will be directly based on formulas. To solve these questions knowledge of formulas is very important. By applying the formula candidates can get the right answer. Such questions may not require lengthy calculations and can be easily & quickly. 

    Important Topics JEE Main Mathematics

    Important Topics JEE Main 2020 Mathematics

    It is very important for candidates to cover all the topics of the syllabus prescribed by NTA. But if a candidate does not want to cover all the topics and wants to focus only on important topics then for you we have divided the topics into three categories. Candidates can read below to know more about the important topics:

    Category 1: Important Topics - These topics are very important that must practice again and again. Try to improve your knowledge or skills in solving the questions from these topics. You also need to work on your speed to answer the questions from these topics so that you can answer more questions in the final examination. 

    • Circles
    • Coordinate Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Sequence and Series
    • Solution of Triangle
    • Logarithms
    • Continuity, Differentiability, and Limits
    • Integral Calculus
    • Binomial Theorem
    • Permutation and Combination
    • Set, Functions, and relations
    • Quadratic Equations

    Category 2: Easy to Score - These topics are easy to understand and you can improve your rank by solving the questions from these topics. However, easy topics also need to be revised daily so that you can remember the simple formulas, facts, etc during the time of final examination. 

    • Limit and Continuity
    • Matrices and Determinants
    • Application of Derivatives
    • Pair of Straight Line and Straight Lines

    Category 3: At least One Question - From this category candidates can expect at least one question in the final examination. If a candidate practice and revise these topics then he/ she can score good marks.

    • Circles and Family of Circles
    • 3D Geometry
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Parabola
    • Integration
    • Vector Algebra
    • Trigonometric ratios
    • Inverse Trigonometric Functions

    Weightage of Topics in JEE Main Mathematics

    Weightage of Topics in JEE Main 2020 Mathematics

    Based on the trends of previous years the topics wise weightage is mentioned in the table below. However, this weighage could vary every year depending upon the syllabus and exam pattern.

    TopicsNo of QuestionsWeightage of Marks
    Matrices and Determinants28
    Vector Algebra28
    Three Dimensional Geometry28
    Complex numbers and Quadratic Equation28
    Limits, Continuity, and Differentiability312
    Integral Calculus312
    Coordinate Geometry520
    Statics and Dynamics14
    Statistics and Probability28
    Sets, Relation, and Function14
    Sequences and Series14
    Binomial Theorem and Its Application14
    Differential Equation14
    Differential Calculus14
    Permutations and Combinations14
    Mathematical Reasoning14

    Sample Questions from JEE Main Mathematics

    Sample Questions from JEE Main 2020 Mathematics

    Sample Question from Coordinate Geometry: A line intercepts at a and b on the coordinate axes. If keeping the origin fixed, the coordinate axes are rotated through 90°, the same line has intercepts p and q, then

    1. p = a, q = b

    2. p = b, q = a

    3. p = -b, q = -a

    4. p = b, q = -a

    Ans. (4)

    Sample Question from Integral Calculus: If f(x) is a function such that f(0) = f’(0) = 0, f”(x) = sec4x + 4, then the function is 

    1. 2/3 ln |(sec x)| + 1/6 tan2x + 2x2

    2. ln |(sin x)| + 1/3 tan3x + x

    3. ln |cos x| + 1/6 cos2x – x2/5

    4. none of these

    Ans. (1)

    Sample Question from Vector Algebra: If i^−j^+2k^,2i^+j^−k^ and 3i^−j^+2k^ are position vectors of vertices of a triangle, if its area is k√ then find k.

    1. 13.00

    2. 14.00

    3. 15.00

    4. 16.00

    Ans. (1)

    Sample Question from Complex Numbers: If the complex number z satisfies the condition| z |>−−3, then find the least value of| z+(1/z) |.

    1. 2.67

    2. 3.67

    3. 5.89

    4. 5.45

    Ans. (1)

    Sample Question from Three Dimensional Geometry: The distance of the point (−1,−5,−10) from the point of intersection of line x−22=y+14=z−212 and plane x−y+z=5 is ′λ′ then find the value of [λ/3] (where [⋅] represents greatest integer function)

    1. 4.00

    2. 5.00

    3. 6.00

    4. 7.00

    Ans. (1)

    How to Prepare for JEE Main Mathematics

    How to Prepare for JEE Main 2020 Mathematics Paper?

    Solve Gujarat Board JEE Main Question Bank

    A question has been released by the Gujarat Board for JEE Main, NEET, and GUJCET aspiring candidates. Here candidates can get the questions of the subjects that are included in the syllabus of these exams like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology. Candidates can download the question banks by visiting the official website of the Gujarat Board. 

    • Candidates can get the questions bank in two languages i.e. Gujarati and English language. 

    • By clicking on the subject for which you want to go through you will see that the questions are further divided based on chapters along with a combined PDF of solution.

    Check Gujarat Board JEE Main Question Bank

    Download National Test Abhyass Application

    National Test Abhyass App is specially designed for the preparation of JEE Main and NEET 2020. The app has been developed by NTA on the advice of the HRD minister. With this app, students can learn how to manage time in the real examination. National Test Abhyaas App is available for android at this time and the ios version of the app will be launched soon.

    The benefits of the National Test Abhyaas App are mentioned below:

    • Every day candidates will gey one full question paper of 3 hours which will be same as the real examination
    • The time or schedule is not fixed hence candidates can take the test per their convenience. 
    • Candidates can check their scores and paper analysis of the test soon after the submission of the same.
    • With the help of the National Test Abhyaas App, candidates can practice more tests daily and they can understand the approach of question paper also. 
    • Candidates can also check answers with detailed explanations for each answer.

    Check National Test Abhyaas App launched for JEE Main by HRD Minister

    Content Based Lectures and Mock Test by NTA

    NTA has also provided the facility of Content-Based Lectures by IITians. Other than that you can also take the benefit of the Online Mock Test facility provided at the official website of NTA. To do both you can follow these steps:

    • Visit the NTA website.
    • Click on the “Students” tab or buttons.
    • There you have to click on the option “Content-Based Lectures” or you can also click on “Mock Test” to appear for mock test.
    • A new window will appear where you have to select the subject.
    • After that, you can watch the lectures online.

    All the candidates are advised to start taking the mock tests one month before the exam. With the help of the mock test, you can judge the level of your performance. Candidates are advised to take 10-15 mock tests so that you can work on your speed and accuracy level of answering the questions. Other than Mock Tests by NTA you can also register for mock tests provided by BIE Telangana.

    Direct Link for Content-based Lectures and Mock Tests by NTA

    Important Instructions for Candidates

    • Prohibited Item: No candidate is allowed to carry any prohibited item in the examination. Doing so may lead to the failure of his/ her candidature. 
    • Mobile phones, personal calculators, or other electronic devices will not be permitted in the examination hall.
    • No papers, charts, or tables must be brought to the examination hall.
    • JEE Main 2020 Admit Card is one of the important documents to be carried along with a valid photo Id proof to the examination center. 
    • The valid photo identification proof is Aadhar Card, Passport, College ID, PAN Card, Driver’s License, Voter ID, or Employer ID.
    • Admit Card will be considered valid only if the candidate’s signature and photograph are clearly visible.
    • Candidates must report to the venue of examination 60 minutes before the scheduled time of examination.
    • Candidates will be provided with Rough Sheets for rough work so there is no need to bring any pads from home. You have to write your name and registration numbers on the sheet before beginning any rough work. These sheets are to be returned to the invigilator after the examination.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: What will be the level of difficulty of JEE Main 2020 Mathematics questions in the examination?

    Ans. The level of difficulty of questions varies every year and depending on the experience of JEE Main test-takers from the previous we have tabulated the data for you.


    Question: What are the best books for JEE Main 2020 Mathematics other than NCERT Books?

    Ans. All the candidates are advised to refer to their class XI and class XII books and notes for preparation. Other than the NCERT books candidates can refer to the following books:

    • Understanding of Basics - Maths for Class XI and XII by R.D. Sharma
    • Trigonometry - Plane Trigonometry by S L Loney
    • Coordinate Geometry - The Elements Of Coordinate Geometry by S L Loney
    • Algebra - Algebra by Dr. S K Goyal Arihant Publications
    • Practicing Problems - Play with Graphs by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)

    Question: What will be marking scheme in JEE Main 2020 Mathematics paper?

    Ans. The marking scheme in JEE Main 2020 Mathematics paper or section will be similar to other sections i.e. 4 marks will be awarded for every correct answer and 1 mark will be deducted for wrong answers. Moreover, in the case of Numeric value answers, no negative marking will be there. 

    Type of questionNegative marking for wrong answerMarking for correct answer
    MCQs-1 Mark+4 Marks
    Numeric Value QuestionsNo negative marking +4 Marks

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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