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    Mathematics in JEE Main is a vital part, though all the three sections carry equal weightage. Mathematics has an edge over Physics and Chemistry because in case of tie marks in maths are considered for tie break. Moreover topics like calculus, Differential equations and quadratic equations are helpful in solving Physics and Chemistry questions as well. 

    • JEE Main Maths Syllabus is common for B.E/ B.Tech,B.Arch and B.Planning papers with 25 questions asked in each.
    • Candidates showing up for JEE Main 2020 from September 1 to 6, 2020 must note that Gujarat Board has released Question bank for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. 
    • Moreover multi day doubt solving activity is initiated by previous year toppers for JEE Main aspirants which can be accessed on Zoom call from 6pm to 9pm. 
    • Aside from customary JEE Main Preparation techniques, there are sure online government gateways like SWAYAM and recently propelled Abhyas App to ace the readiness game. 

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    Chapter Wise Maths Preparation

    JEE Main Mathematics Chapter Wise Tips

    Sets, Relations and Functions: This area conveys 4% weightage for mains Exam. Significant points in this area are Sets, Union, Intersection, and Complement of Sets and their Algebraic Properties, Power Set, Relation, Types of Relations, Equivalence Relations and Functions.

    Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equation: It is one of the significant sections which covers 5-6% weightage of the all out imprints. Significant subjects are Representation, Algebra, Square Root of a Complex Number, Triangle Inequality, Quadratic Equations in Real and Complex Number System, Relation among Roots and Coefficients, Formation of Quadratic Equations with given roots. 

    Matrices and Determinants: This segment is given 6-7% weightage in mains prospectus and significant for the test. Variable based math of Matrices and its sorts, Determinants, Adjoin and Evaluation of Square Matrix are significant themes from this unit. 

    Permutations and Combinations: This unit conveys 3-4% weightage of the all out imprints. Major Principle, Permutation and Combination are significant points.

    Mathematical Induction: This segment incorporates the guideline of Mathematical Induction and its basic applications and conveys 1-2% weightage. 

    Binomial Theorem and Its Simple Applications: This unit conveys 3-4% weightage in mains test. Binomial Theorem for a Positive Integral Index, Properties of Binomial Coefficients and its applications are some significant subjects from this unit. 

    Sequences and Series: The JEE Mains weightage for this unit is 6-7%. Number-crunching and Geometric Progressions, Relation between A.M. also, G.M, Sum Up to "n" Terms of Special Series are significant subjects of this area. Limit, Continuity and Differentiation: It is a significant section which conveys 7-8% weightage Significant points are Real-Valued Functions, Algebra of Functions, Polynomials, Rational, Trigonometric, Logarithmic and Exponential Functions, Inverse Functions, Graphs of Simple Functions, Limits, Continuity, Differentiation, Derivatives of request up to two, Rolle's and Lagrange's Mean Value Theorems.

    Integral Calculus: It is one of the most significant sections of the Mains prospectus, which has weightage 10-12% of the complete imprints. Vital as an Anti-Derivative, Fundamental Integrals, Integration, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Properties of Definite Integrals, Evaluation of Definite Integrals are some significant subjects of this section. 

    Differential Equations: This unit comprises 6-7% weightage of the absolute imprints. Conventional Differential Equations, Formation and Solution of Differential Equations are significant themes in this unit. 

    Coordinate Geometry:This unit is significant which contains 10-12% weightage. The significant subjects of this unit are Cartesian System, Straight Lines, Equations of Internal and External Bisectors of Angles between two lines, Coordinates of Centroid, Orthocenter, and Circumcenter of a Triangle, Circles, Conic Sections, Equations of Conic Sections (Parabola, Ellipse, and Hyperbola). It is an exceptionally scoring unit as it incorporates the utilization of the immediate equations. It requires a comprehension of the Geometrical Shapes like Circle, Parabola, Triangle, Hyperbola and so forth. Larger part of inquiries posed from this point are of the Straight Line and Circle. 

    3-D Geometry: This segment conveys 5-6% weightage. Significant subjects from this area are Co-Ordinates of a Point in Space, Section Formula, Direction Ratios and Direction Cosines, The Angle between two Intersecting Lines, Skew Lines and its Equation, Equations of a Line and a Plane in various structures and Coplanar Lines.

    Vector Algebra: Vectors Algebra conveys 3-4 % weightage in mains prospectus. Vector and Scalars, Components of a Vector in 2D and 3D Space, Scalar and Vector Products are some must-peruse themes in this area. 

    Statistics and Probability: This unit is given 4-5% weightage in prospectus. Significant themes for this area are Measures of Dispersion, Calculation of Standard Deviation, Variance and Mean Deviation, Probability, Baye's Theorem, Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution. 

    Trigonometry:Trigonometry is a significant area and conveys 6-7% weightage in mains Exam. This area comprises significant themes like Trigonometrical Identities, Equations, Functions and questions dependent on Heights and Distances. 

    Mathematical Reasoning:The weightage of this segment is 3-4%. Articulations, Logical Operations, Understanding of Tautology, Contradiction, Converse, and Contrapositive are some significant subjects of this segment.

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    Best Books for Maths Preparation

    Best Books for JEE Main Mathematics Preparation

    ChapterBook Name
    Class 11 and 12 R D Sharma
    Higher AlgebraHall Knight and 
    Problems in Calculus of One VariableI A Maron
    Coordinate GeometryS L Loney
    Differential CalculusArihant
    Integral CalculusArihant
    Complete Mathematics for JEE MainTata McGrawHill
    TrigonometryS L Loney, Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng
    New Pattern Mathematics for JEE Main/AdvancedArihant

    Read Detailed JEE Main Preparation Book Analysis

    JEE Main Mathematics 2018 Topic Wise Analysis

    IIT JEE Mains Maths Syllabus is an ideal mix of simple and troublesome topics. A few themes like trigonometry, differential analytics, circles and straight lines in coordinate geometry, changes and mixes in variable based math are in every case simple to crack. Those days are gone when spirants used to go through hours in endeavoring one question. This is a time of different decision questions. 

    JEE Main Mathematics isn't extremely intense yet candidates neglect to exceed expectations in it as their essentials are not clear. 

    Binomial Theorem143.33%
    Complex Numbers143.33%
    Straight Line143.33%
    Limit, Continuity & Differentiability286.67%
    Maxima & Minima143.33%
    Sets & Relation143.33%
    Application of Derivatives143.33%
    Fundamentals of Mathematics143.33%
    Definite integration286.67%
    Differential equation143.33%
    Indefinite integration143.33%
    Matrices & Determinants286.67%
    Permutation & Combination143.33%
    Sequence & Series286.67%
    Trigonometric equation143.33%
    Trigonometric Ratio & identities143.33%
    Co-ordinate Geometry (3-D)286.67%
    Mathematical Reasoning143.33%
    Grand total30120100.00%

    JEE Main Mathematics 2017 Topic Wise Analysis

    Binomial Theorem143.33%
    Complex Numbers143.33%
    Coordinate Geometry52016.67%
    Straight Line143.33%
    Co-ordinate Geometry (3-D)286.67%
    Differential Calculus52016.67%
    Application of Derivatives143.33%
    Limit, Continuity & Differentiability143.33%
    Methods of Differentiation143.33%
    Tangent & Normal143.33%
    Integral Calculus41613.33%
    Area under Curve143.33%
    Definite integration143.33%
    Differential equation143.33%
    Indefinite integration143.33%
    Mathematical Reasoning143.33%
    Matrices & Determinants286.67%
    Permutation & Combination143.33%
    Quadratic equation143.33%
    Sequence & Series286.67%
    Trigonometry. Ratio & identities143.33%
    Trigonometric Equation143.33%
    Grand Total30120100.00%

    Must Read Interviews of JEE Main 2020 Toppers (NTA Score 100)

    JEE Main vs Advanced Maths Comparison

    JEE Main vs JEE Advanced Mathematics Comparison

    Topics in JEE Main not in JEE AdvancedCommon Topics in Both Exam
    Sets, Relations and FunctionsQuadratic Equations
    Trigonometry: Heights and ProbabilityLogarithms
    Statistics and ProbabilityProbability
    Mathematical ReasoningBinomial Theorem
    Representation of SetsTrigonometry
    Algebraic Properties of SetsVectors
    Calculating Mean & MedianDifferential Calculus
    Measures of DispersionLimits
    Calculating Mode of Grouped/Ungrouped DataDerivatives
    Calculating Variance, Mean, & Standard Deviation of Grouped/Ungrouped DataIntegral calculus
    Statements & Logical OperationsComplex Numbers
    TautologySequences and Series
    ContradictionMatrices and Determinants
    ConversePermutations and Combinations
    ContrapositiveDifferential Equations
    Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Functions-

    Tips & Tricks for Maths Section

    Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts for JEE Main Mathematics

    Graphical Analysis

    Considered one of the best techniques candidates can sketch the graphs roughly and analyse it visually. Most complex problems can be eased in such a way.

    A book referred for graphical intuition is “Play with Graphs” by Amit M Aggarwal.

    Hit and Trial Method

    Considered a fundamental trick it solves problems with a general solution. Start with assigning values to the variables and cross verify which value gives the desired result. Questions with complex orientation can be solved using this trick.

    Rely on Series Expansion

    Well known methods can be time consuming and tiresome. In such case remember series expansion. Practice Trigonometry and related formulas, refer to the formulas frequently. Avoid deriving formulas while solving questions.

    Make Smart Guess

    JEE Main does not require a procedure of how you arrived at the result, it just requires straight answers. Thus there is a scope of intelligent guesses. Do not rely completely on guess work.

    Do Not opt for Extreme Answers

    Questions that have numerical answers are advised to not go for extreme answers. Thus stay away from maximum and minimum values. In most of the cases the answer is any one that ;lie in between.

    Limit your Options

    Try to systematically strike down options by the process of elimination. Questions which have “All of These” as an option, this trick specially works for that. 

    Unit and Value Analysis

    Examine the unit and value of each option if stuck at a similar problem. Choose the unit and values with maximum occurrences. 

    Apply Reverse Engineering

    Considered a popular trick, it can save a lot of time during the exam. This implies that try to build questions from the answer options available. Try out each option to see if the question conditions are satisfied. 

    Revision Topics for Maths Preparation

    Revision Strategy for JEE Main Mathematics as per Topics

    Most Important TopicsImportant TopicsLess Important Topics
    AlgebraLimit and ContinuityPermutation and Combination
    IntegrationSequence and SeriesQuadratic Equation
    Complex NumbersMatrix and DeterminantsMathematical Reasoning
    Probability andStatisticsAnalytical Geometry 3 D Geometry
    Vector AlgebraApplication of DerivativesSets, Relations and Functions
    Coordinate GeometryDifferentiationsMathematical Induction
    Trigonometry-Binomial Theorem and Application

    Way to Score 100+ in Maths

    Tips to Score 100+ in JEE Main Mathematics

    Focus more on Algebra and Calculus

    Be thorough with aspects of algebra and calculus as they are the two most important topics. Regular practice along with doubt solving technique is the key to master these two topics. 

    Memorise all Formulae

    Getting a pro at formulas in the JEE Main mathematics section can be a big plus point to score high. Thus memorise all formulas related to geometry, trigonometry and probability. Important formulas in calculus will help enormously. The best way to memorise them is to prepare a list or table and revise each day. 

    Practice with Model Papers

    Making a habit of solving a couple of sample papers every day will bring speed and accuracy both in solving mathematics questions. Sample papers bring rhythm and helps time management. But give adequate time to all subjects. 

    Right Reference Material

    As JEE Main mathematics syllabus is quite vast, right reference material will help in soughting out topics. Try to pick study material for each chapter individually as one book will not contain all. Prepare a list of the same. 

    Last Minute Preparation Tips for Maths

    Last Minute Preparation Tips for JEE Main Mathematics

    • In the last few days before the exam preparation should be dwelled as per importance of chapters. In addition, previous year JEE Main Chemistry question paper trends should also be considered.
    • Start revision with important topics like Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, 3 D Geometry and Vector.
    • Be aware of what are the results of A;gebriac calculations of properties of Conics in order to solve Coordinate Geometry questions.
    • Learn graph and substitution to score well in trigonometry section alonf with the formulas.
    • Chapters which are relatively easy should be brushed uponce as they can help cover up for the wrong attempted questions like: Mathematical determinants.
    • Prepare notes somewhere of the topics that are proven weak points while solving sample papers or mock tests. In the last moment, preparation revise those topics essentially.

    JEE Main Mathematics Preparation by NTA Content Based Lectures

    Candidates can likewise get ready from the online material science video addresses gave by NTA on it's authentic site. The means to get to the video addresses are as per the following: 

    • Visit the official site of NTA for example 
    • You will be diverted to the page containing the name of various subjects. 
    • Pick the video address by tapping regarding the matter. 
    • Direct Link to JEE Main Physics Video Lectures 

    Direct Link to JEE Main Maths Video Lectures

    Mock Test and Other Resources for Maths

    BIE Telangana Mock Test Facility for JEE Main 

    Leading body of Intermediate Education Telangana has propelled a free Mock test for JEE Main competitors on a day by day, week after week premise. An android application has been propelled for cell phones users, in this way up-and-comers can step through the examination from their telephones too. So as to profit the office applicants need to enlist themselves at 

    So as to enlist aspirants need to give their name, school name and contact data. Mock test office is accessible in English and Telugu medium.

    Government Online Portals for JEE Main Mathematics Preparation

    HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank propelled National Test Abhyaas App on May 19, 2020 for competitors getting ready for JEE Main. The application has been created by the NTA and it will be accessible for download on android and ios phones. The application has been created by NTA on counsel of the HRD service. The advantages of National Test Abhyaas App are: 

    • One full inquiry paper of 3 hours will be accessible regularly for both the tests which will be same like the genuine assessment 
    • There is no fixed timetable for the test competitors can whenever work on as per their comfort 
    • The application will likewise give the right answers and nitty gritty clarifications for each answer subsequently examination can be appropriately done. 
    • After the test the understudies will have the option to see the investigation of time the board for example time spent on each area 
    • The application will give advantage to all the understudies remaining in provincial and urban regions and they will have the option to rehearse every day up to the date of test 
    • National Test Abhyaas App is accessible for android as of now and the ios adaptation of the application will be propelled soon. 

    Prior, the HRD serve proposed the hopefuls of JEE Main to prepare via SWAYAM, Swayam Prabha TV and Diksha gateway. Every one of these gateways have been only produced for the understudies getting ready for tests led by NTA. Every one of these entrances have been propelled under PM e-Vidya program as a piece of 'one country one advanced stage' for online instruction. 

    Gujarat Board Question Bank For JEE Preparation 

    The Gujarat state board has discharged question banks for the competitors who are getting ready for JEE Main, NEET and GUJCET and have to take the assessment in 2020. Question banks have been released for all the four subjects remembered for the prospectus of JEE Main, NEET and GUJCET for example Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. 

    The inquiry banks are accessible in Gujarati and English language. Part savvy question papers have additionally been confined for the applicants. The inquiry bank can be downloaded from the official site of Gujarat Board. 

    Direct links for download of question banks:

    Free Doubt Solving Sessions by IIT-JEE Toppers

    Edvizo has begun leading the meetings through the zoom application ordinarily from 6 9 p.m. JEE Main aspirants with questions can get the arrangement through a live video 

    The gathering incorporates specialists, IITians and senior subject specialists. The principle thought process of the gathering is to free all the vulnerabilities from the hopefuls in setting to their planning methodology and approach. 

    The declaration was made by Edvizo (a Guwahati based startup) which has propelled the 30-days activity to help the applicants of JEE Main and NEET in settling their issues/questions on the web. 

    More than 50,000 understudies have been enlisted from everywhere throughout the nation and a tie-up has been made with around 2500 training establishments so as to convey the thought on a bigger stage so most extreme understudies can get the advantage. 

    The primary point behind this activity was to guarantee that the understudies don't feel demotivated because of the lockdown and the stream must be conveyed. The group has additionally intended to begin a profession direction meeting on the web on the ends of the week for a term of seven hours beginning from 9 a.m.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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