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JEE Main Paper Analysis (Jan. Session) for Paper 1 and Paper 2

Updated On - November 13th 2018 by KRITIKA GUPTA

JEE Main, for the first time since the entrance introduction, will be conducted biannually 2019 onwards. The National Testing Agency is the regulating body from this year. The examination will be conducted in January and April via online (computer-based) mode. JEE Main 2019 Paper Analysis for both the session will be released shortly. Read more

  • JEE Main January 2019 session: Registration from –  Sept. 1 to 30 || Exam Dates – Jan. 6 to 20
  • JEE Main April 2019 session: Registration from –  Feb. to Mar. 7, 2019 || Exam Dates – Apr. 6 to 20

The following article talks about the previous year JEE Mains exam analysis. As per the official notification released by the NTA, there will be no change in the syllabus, exam pattern or exam fee in JEE Main 2019. Hence, you will get an insight of the engineering examination. 

About JEE Main 2018

JEE Main offline and online exam successfully conducted in 2 shifts in India and abroad on April 8 & 15 respectively. JEE Main 2018 Paper 1 and Paper 2 analysis is available here. It includes a detailed analysis of exam pattern and the level of difficulty of the exam. It intends to help candidates understand what the academia thinks of the question paper and whether or not they performed well in the exam.

At the JEE Main exam center, metal detectors were used to ensure candidates were not carrying any unfair material. The candidates were even asked to remove their belt and shoes.

Just like the offline examination, Physics section was the toughest and Chemistry was the easiest in JEE Main online examination. Students appearing for the online exam on April 15 - 16, 2018, can check it to get an idea of the level of difficulty.

JEE Main Cut OffJEE Main Answer Key & Question PaperJEE Main Rank PredictorJEE Main Marks Vs Ranks

Student Reactions

  •  At JEE Main Exam Center Boys had to take off belts, socks, shoes, whereas, girls were asked to remove their shoes and bangles. Candidates carrying watches, wallets, pen, pencils, electronic devices and other such things were asked to leave it outside. The Board made sure that no unfair means was carried inside by checking the student with a metal detector.
  • Ritesh Ranjan, JEE Main aspirant says Organic Chemistry questions for the toughest. On the other hand, Sahil found Maths section tougher as compared to Physics and Chemistry section
  • The questions were trickier and were not similar to last year question paper says another JEE Main aspirant

JEE Main 2018 Paper Analysis

JEE Main 2018 online exam successfully conducted in 2 shifts. Check the analysis of JEE Main Paper 1 below-

  • JEE Main 2018 Paper was tougher than JEE Main 2017.
  • The most difficult section in the exam was Physics. Candidates had a tough time to solve few of the questions. 
  • Easiest of all was Chemistry section. Candidates did not have to think out of the box to solve it. Many of the questions were direct.
  • Mathematics section was moderate in level of difficulty. But many students found Mathematics as tough and a lengthy paper.
  • This time, the distribution of questions from class 11 was comparatively higher than class 12 for Mathematics.
  • Topics that were found easy: Integration, Conic Sections, Semi-Conductor, Optics.
  • Electrodynamics and Mechanics flooded the questions in Physics.

For shift 2 aspirants and those who are taking the exam on April 16:

  • Attempt the sections wisely and do not devote much time to any other section.
  • Attempt Chemistry first and don’t spend more than 25 minutes.
  • Move to Physics and don’t devote more than 40–50 minutes.
  • Attempt Mathematics at last and don’t frustrate your mind by seeing the tricky questions. Your hard work always pays off.

Experts Expectation from JEE Main 2018

As per the level of difficulty, this year’s JEE Main paper should be similar to the last years’ papers. The difficulty level will be moderately easy and it will be time-consuming and lengthy. However, the weightage of questions asked from class 11 and 12, may vary a little. 

Physics- Moderately easy. It is expected that students may expect an equal number of difficult and easy questions both theories based and calculative based. 

Chemistry- Easiest among the 3 sections. More questions will be theory based and they will not be time-consuming. 

Mathematics- Toughest as compared to the other 2 sections. Questions can be easy or may be based on simple formulae but they may be lengthy in terms of calculations. It is better to save much time for this section.

JEE Main 2018 Paper Analysis Coaching Institutes

After the completion of test, coaching centers will soon be releasing the paper analysis which will consist of expert opinions in terms of level of difficulty and subject wise division of questions. 

JEE Main Paper Analysis by Resonance – Click Here

JEE Main Paper Analysis by Aakash Institute – Click Here

JEE Main Paper Analysis by FIITJEE – Click Here

JEE Main Paper Analysis by Allen Kota – Click Here

JEE Main 2018 Question Paper

Question Paper Code ACode BCode CCode D
Click hereClick HereClick hereClick Here

JEE Main 2017 Paper Analysis

  • JEE Main 2017 was conducted on April 2 for offline mode and April 8 & 9 for online mode.
  • Paper 1 had 90 questions distributed equally among 3 sections – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 
  • Candidates with good preparation found the exam to be of moderate difficulty.
  • The difficulty level of Mathematics was maximum followed by Physics and Chemistry.
  • All the questions were framed as per JEE Main Syllabus prescribed by CBSE.
  • 4 marks were awarded for every correct answer while 1 mark was deducted for each incorrect response.

The complete paper analysis of JEE Main 2017, along with JEE Main weightage is mentioned below.

JEE Main Paper Analysis, JEE Main Chemistry wise weightage

JEE Main ExamPaper Analysis
JEE Main April 9, 2017 Paper AnalysisCheck Here
JEE Main April 8, 2017 Paper AnalysisCheck Here
JEE Main 2016 Paper AnalysisClick Here
JEE Main 2015 Paper AnalysisClick Here
JEE Main 2014 Paper AnalysisClick Here

JEE Main 2017 Question Paper Download

JEE Main Paper (2017)Reference LinkDate of Exam
Paper 1 Offline Set ADownload HereApril 2, 2017
Paper 1 Offline Set BDownload HereApril 2, 2017
Paper 1 Offline Set CDownload HereApril 2, 2017
Paper 1 Offline Set DDownload HereApril 2, 2017
Paper 1 Online PhysicsDownload HereApril 8, 2017
Paper 1 Online ChemistryDownload HereApril 8, 2017
Paper 1 Online MathematicsDownload HereApril 8, 2017
Paper 1 Online PhysicsDownload HereApril 9, 2017
Paper 1 Online ChemistryDownload HereApril 9, 2017
Paper 1 Online MathematicsDownload HereApril 9, 2017
Paper 2 Set WDownload HereApril 2, 2017
Paper 2 Set XDownload HereApril 2, 2017
Paper 2 Set YDownload HereApril 2, 2017
Paper 2 Set ZDownload HereApril 2, 2017

CheckJEE Main Answer Key with Solutions

JEE Main 2017 Trend Analysis

The number of candidates who appear for JEE Main has increased exponentially. Total 11.21 lakh candidates appeared for JEE Main 2017, 73% of which were male and rest 27% were female.

  • From JEE Main 2017 Question Paper Analysis, we infer that the questions asked were quite similar to the questions asked in JEE Main 2016.
  • Most of the questions asked were time-consuming, making the paper lengthy.
  • Mathematics section was the most tricky, followed by Physics and Chemistry.
  • The overall difficulty level of JEE Main 2017 was moderate.
  • More questions were asked from Class XII CBSE Syllabus than Class XI.

JEE Main 2017- Physics Analysis

  • In Physics, Modern Physics had maximum weightage with 24 marks.
  • Physics section was easier than that in JEE Main 2016.
  • However moderately difficult, the section was lengthier.
  • Students who focused on more numerical based questions than application based were at an advantage as more numercials were asked in this section.
  • 19 questions were asked from Class XII syllabus and 11 from Class XI.

Here is a chapter-wise analysis of the section over the years:

Units, Dimensions, Errors, Experiments212121
New ton's Laws and Friction111101
Work, Power & Energy101021
System of Particles111210
Gravitation, Rotational Mechanics122223
Properties of Matter214101
SHM, Oscillations111111
Mechanical Waves and Sound111120
Ray Optics, Wave Optics343333
Heat and Thermodynamics332334
Current Electricity231224
Magnetism, Magnetic effects of current322321
EMI, AC and EM waves and Communication123432
Modern Physics443255

JEE Main 2017- Chemistry Analysis

  • This section was considered to be the easiest among all the three sections.
  • In Chemistry, the maximum questions were asked from Organic Chemistry – 8 questions, for a total of 32 marks.
  • It wasn’t lengthy as more theory based questions were asked which made it easy and quick to solve.
  • 17 questions were asked from Class XII while 13 were from Class XI syllabus.

Here is a chapter-wise analysis of the section over the years:

Atomic Structure and Classification232212
Chemical Bonding242111
States of Matter223111
Chemical & Ionic Equilibrium210111
Chemical Kinetics & Nuclear Chemistry111111
Chemical Thermodynamics111112
General Organic Chemistry + Functional Group-I543363
Organic Chemistry + Functional Group-II313204
Organic Chemistry + Functional Group-III122112
Chemistry of Representative Elements325764
Transition Elements121321
Coordination Compounds & Organometallics211121
Surface Chemistry110011

JEE Main 2017- Mathematics Analysis

  • This section, however easier than the previous year, was considered to be the most difficult one due to lengthy and time-consuming problems. 
  • In Mathematics, Coordinate Geometry and Differential Calculus both had 5 questions each.
  • 20 questions were asked from Class XII and 10 from Class XI syllabus.

Here is a chapter-wise analysis of the section over the years:

Sets, Relations and Functions112111
Limits, Continuity & Differentiability121322
Application of Derivatives232122
Indefinite and Definite Integrals & Area under the Curve333333
Cartesian coordinates & Straight Line222211
Quadratic Equations, Inequalities, Progressions334333
Complex Numbers111111
Binomial Theorem, Exponential & Logarithmic Series111111
Permutation & Combination210111
3-D Coordinate Geometry222222
Differential Equations & Properties of Triangles111111
Trigonometry and Inverse Circular Function111111
Heights and Distances001111
Matrices & Determinants222222
Mathematical Logic111111
Statics & Dynamics000000

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College



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