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JEE Main Rank vs Marks, Score Normalisation Process, Cut Off Trends

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With JEE Main becoming the most important engineering entrance test in the nation and being conducted four times a year, the most basic question that most students come across is the comparison between JEE Main marks, JEE Main rank, and JEE Main Percentile. Majority of the students are confused about what rank they will get against their marks secured in JEE Main, or how much marks are required to get a specified rank to clear JEE Main Cut off

To address all such questions, we have prepared this article on JEE Main Rank Vs Marks Vs Percentile based on previous years’ analysis. The article also provides for expected marks-percentile comparison for JEE Main 2021.

JEE Main Marks vs Rank

JEE Main Rank is an essential component that determines not only the participation of the candidates in JoSAA Counselling but also identifies the qualified candidates who will then appear for JEE Advanced 2021. Though there are various factors that determine JEE Main Rank, JEE Main Score continues to be the most important factor amongst all as it decides the qualifying cut off for the exam.

What is the purpose of JEE Main Marks vs Rank Analysis?

The understanding of JEE Main Marks vs Rank helps the engineering students to predict their rank and eligible colleges that will grant them admission on the basis of the marks secured. This understanding is crucial at the time of counselling as it helps the students to get an idea of where they need to take admission.

JEE Main Score Vs Rank 2020

JEE Main Score Vs Rank 2021

Here’s an expected JEE Main Score Vs Rank range estimate for 2021 session:

Score range Rank range
285–300 Top 100
275 - 284 100 - 200
260 - 274 200 - 500
250 - 259 500 - 1000
240 - 249 1000 - 1500
220 - 239 1500 - 3500
200 - 219 3500 - 6000
180 - 199 6000 - 9500
150 -180 9500 - 15000
120 - 149 15000 - 35000
<120 More than 35000

The table below shows the comparison of JEE Main Scores and rank in accordance with the data available till last year.

Score Range Rank Range
310 marks to 360 marks 1 to 100
290 marks to 309 marks 101 to 200
270 marks to 289 marks 201 to 500
255 marks to 269 marks 501 to 1000
247 marks to 254 marks 1001 to 1500
240 marks to 246 marks 1501 to 2000
232 marks to 239 marks 2001 to 2500
225 marks to 231 marks 2501 to 3000
217 marks to 224 marks 3001 to 3500
210 marks to 216 marks 3501 to 4000
207 marks to 209 marks 4001 to 4500
204 marks to 206 marks 4501 to 5000
200 marks to 203 marks 5001 to 5500
197 marks to 199 marks 5501 to 6000
195 marks to 196 marks 6001 to 6500
192 marks to 194 marks 6501 to 7000
185 marks to 189 marks 7501 to 8000
182 marks to 184 marks 8001 to 8500
179 marks to 181 marks 8501 to 9000
177 marks to 178 marks 9001 to 9500
175 marks to 176 marks 9501 to 10000
165 marks to 174 marks 10001 to 20000
152 marks to 164 marks 20001 to 35000
140 marks to 151 marks 35001 to 50000
130 marks to 139 marks 50001 to 75000
125 marks to 129 marks 75001 to 98000
117 marks to 124 marks 98001 to 118000
109 marks to 116 marks 118001 to 139400
102 marks to 108 marks 139401 to 182200
94 marks to 101 marks 160801 to 182200
Less than 93 marks More than 182201

Check JEE Main Cutoff for IIEST, Shibpur

JEE Main Marks vs Percentile

JEE Main Marks vs Percentile

JEE Main Percentile is neither the raw marks secured by the candidate (total or absolute marks) nor the percentage score (percentage of maximum marks obtained by the student). JEE Main Percentile depicts how a candidate has performed in comparison to all other students. It tells what percentage of the total number of candidates who appeared for the exam scored less than or equal to that particular percentile in that examination.

What is the difference between Percentage and Percentile?

Percentage defines a candidate’s marks, whereas Percentile defines the position of the candidate amongst others. If a student says s/he has 90 percentile, this means that there are 10 percent students above him/her who have secured higher marks. Formula for calculation of JEE Main percentile is:

[(No. of candidates appeared in the session with a raw score equal to or less than the candidate)/(Total number of candidates appeared in the session)]x100

The initial calculation of the percentile is done within the slot. A percentile score is measured on the scale of 100 to 0 for each session of examinees.

Let us explain this formula with the help of an example.

Suppose the paper is of 300 marks and there are four students who have secured different marks as following:

Student 1 - 240

Student 2 - 230

Student 3 - 160

Student 4 - 40

Total number of students who appeared for the test is 200, out of which Student 1 has position 1, Student 2 has 2nd position, Student 3 has 8th position, and Student 4 has 160th position. (Position here is synonymous with Rank)

If Student 1 with 240 marks is on Rank 1, that means there are no students above him who have secured more than 240 in JEE Main. Including Student 1 and other 199 students below him/her, the total number of candidates appeared for the test is 200. So, by putting in the numbers in formula:

200 (students who secured less than or equal to Student 1)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------X 100 = 100 Percentile

NOTE: Is JEE Main Percentile directly related to Rank?

JEE Main percentile is NOT directly related to the rank secured by the candidate.

Factors affecting Percentile

The factors that affect JEE Main Percentile of a candidate are:

  • Raw score of the candidate
  • Quality of the paper
  • Performance of fellow candidates in the session

JEE Main Normalisation Process

JEE Main Normalisation Process

Normalization process is incorporated by NTA to equalise the difficulty level of the exam conducted in multiple sessions on the scheduled dates. JEE Main percentile of a candidate is determined only after applying normalization rules to the marks obtained by a candidate.

Once the raw marks of a candidate is compiled, Normalisation formula is applied to get the percentile scores of a candidate for each subject – Maths, Physics, and Chemistry and Overall. The highest score of each session will get the same percentile of 100 which is ideal. This percentile score is used for the preparation of the JEE Main merit list. The percentile scores will be calculated up to 7 decimal places to avoid ties amongst candidates with the same scores.

JEE Main 2020 Normalisation Process: Tie Breaker Guidelines

JEE Main Tie Breaker Guidelines come into effect when two or more candidates obtain equal percentile scores. The inter-se-merit will be determined according to the following rules in case of a tie.

  • Candidates obtaining higher Percentile Score in Mathematics will be ranked higher
  • If a tie still exists, the candidate with higher Percentile Score in Physics will be given the higher rank
  • If a tie still exists, the candidate obtaining higher Percentile Score in Chemistry will get the higher rank
  • If a tie still exists, candidate older in age will be given preference

Slot wise Percentile Score Vs Marks

Slot wise Percentile Score Vs Marks Analysis (JEE Main 2020 (January Session))

Slot 1 (300 Marks) 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Percentile 07-01-2020 08-01-2020 09-01-2020
100 286 - 292
% 95.3% - 97.3%
>=99 175 170 180
% 58.3% 56.7% 60%
>=98 140 140 142
% 46.7% 46.7% 47.3%
>=97 134 129 124
% 44.7% 43% 41.3%
>=96 120 115 115
% 40% 38.3% 38.3%
>=95 111 107 102
% 37% 35.7% 34%
>=94 101 94 97
% 33.7% 31.3% 32.3%
>=93 92 90 86
% 30.7% 30% 28.7%
>=92 87 85 80
% 29% 28.3% 26.7%
>=91 84 78 72
% 28% 26% 24%
>=90 73 75 67
% 24.3% 25% 22.3%
>=85 60 55 56
% 20% 18.3% 18.7%
>=80 50 49 43
% 16.7% 16.3% 14.3%
>=75 43 41 40
% 14.3% 13.7% 13.3%
>=70 37 36 35
% 12.3% 12% 11.7%
Slot 2 (300 Marks) 2:30 PM to 05:30 PM
Percentile 07-01-2020 08-01-2020 09-01-2020
100 - 291 -
% - 97% -
>=99 172 190 172
% 57.3% 63.3% 57.3%
>=98 136 154 143
% 45.3% 51.3% 47.7%
>=97 120 135 117
% 40% 45% 39%
>=96 116 117 115
% 38.7% 39% 38.3%
>=95 98 107 87
% 32.7% 35.7% 29%
>=94 94 99 82
% 31.3% 33% 27.3%
>=93 84 93 78
% 28% 31% 26%
>=92 79 87 74
% 26.3% 29% 24.7%
>=91 70 82 68
% 23.3% 27.3% 22.7%
>=90 65 78 60
% 21.7% 26% 20%
>=85 55 63 55
% 18.3% 21% 18.3%
>=80 47 50 47
% 15.7% 16.7% 15.7%
>=75 41 47 41
% 13.7% 15.7% 13.7%
>=70 35 41 34
% 11.7% 13.7% 11.3%

Seats offered by NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs

Seats offered by NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs via JEE Main

The table below highlights the number of seats available for admission in IIITs, NITs, and CFTIs through JEE Main in accordance with the reservation guidelines set by the Government of India:

Institutes Participating Institutes OBC NCL ST Open SC Total Seats
IIITs 23 1089 310 2078 609 4023
NITs 31 4858 1736 9264 2762 17967
CFTIs 23 776 391 2878 658 4683

JEE Main Cutoff Trends

Tabulated below is the category wise JEE Main cut off marks for the previous years:

Year ST SC OBC NCL General PwD
2013 45 Marks 50 Marks 70 Marks 113 Marks
2014 47 Marks 53 Marks 74 Marks 115 Marks
2015 44 Marks 50 Marks 70 Marks 105 Marks
2016 48 Marks 52 Marks 70 Marks 100 Marks
2017 27 Marks 32 Marks 49 Marks 81 Marks
2018 24 Marks 29 Marks 45 Marks 74 Marks -35 Marks
2019 44 Marks 54 Marks 74 Marks 89 Marks 0.11 Marks
2020 30 Marks 50 Marks 72 Marks 90 Marks 0.06 Marks

JEE Main Rank vs Marks vs Percentile FAQs

JEE Main Rank vs Marks vs Percentile FAQs

Ques. Will I get admission in an NIT with 79 percentile in JEE Mains?

Ans. You have scored a decent percentile in JEE Mains, and it is quite possible you might get admission into a good NIT. To get further information on which colleges you might get, you can use the tool JEE Main Rank Predictor that will fetch you all information that you are looking for.

Ques. How good is scoring 70 percentile in JEE Mains?

Ans. Scoring 70 percentile in JEE Mains means that you have scored more than 70 per cent of the students who have appeared for JEE Mains. Though the percentile secured stands in the middle of “not too good” and “not too bad”, you may have to compromise with either preferred college or preferred branch as with this percentile your rank will be around 3 lakh. There is always scope for improvement, and thus you are advised to work more for the paper.

Ques. I have secured 50 percentile in JEE Mains. Will I be able to get admission in any of the top colleges?

Ans. Unfortunately, 50 percentile is a very low score in JEE Mains. Students with 75-80 percentile find it difficult to get admission into desired branches and colleges. You cannot get a good college with this percentile until and unless you belong from a reserved category. NTA will release results for JEE Main 2020 after completion of the April session announcing the cut offs and admissions for eligibility into JEE Advanced. You have an opportunity to outperform in JEE Advanced if you get selected.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

JEE Main 2021 : 3 answered questions


Ques. How can we prepare for the JEE Mains while attending classes at NIT Sikkim?

● Top Answer By Ishaan Tiwari on 05 Jul 21

Ans. JEE Main is a tough exam and it gets even tougher if you have your college studies to do. But luckily in NIT Sikkim, the study pressure is less, so you can prepare easily. For preparation, you can take an extra day off from the institute with permission.  Talking about the JEE subjects, Mathematics is the same as the course in 1st year so it gives you a good revision and more guidance to cover your topics.  For Chemistry especially the organic part and inorganic part comes only from the NCERT books and from the previous year’s papers.  For Physical Chemistry, you can ask your faculty from the chemistry department to help you with it.  Moreover, class notes, previous year’s papers, and a good book will set you up properly.  For Physics HC Verma and DC Pandey are the best books available. The physics department helps you if you ask regarding anything.  In the first-semester course differential and integral calculus are covered so you don’t have to worry about them.  NIT is a good option and you won’t have anything to lose so it is safe. Just solve a lot of practice papers.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Can I get admission in any IIITs or NITs by JEE Mains AIR 35038?

● Top Answer By Namo Singh on 22 Jun 21

Ans. One of my close friends chose to go for Nirma Institute because of a rank like that, whether you'd want to believe it or not, but your rank and marks are not satisfactory.  If you'd wanted to get into the CSE program, then I must motivate you to strive better by saying that for CSE you need better scores. No IIT or NIT will grant you admission in the stream with 35038 ranks. Although, you may still have a chance at NIT Srinagar for Chemical, Civil; NIT Silchar for Instrumentation Engineering; NIT Rourkela for Ceramics; and NIT Agartala for Chemical, Civil, Production engineering. These colleges have a good national reputation.  I'd suggest that you keep other options open like keep checking official websites of universities like Sharda University, Lovely Professional University, Nirma Institute etc.  You might get better opportunities here because they are much more advanced with state-of-the-art facilities. They do not have the reputation of an IIT but they have live projects, spectacular infrastructure, multidisciplinary programs and offer good exposure to students through association with academic delegates from India and abroad.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How can I prepare for the JEE Mains while attending classes at NIT Sikkim?

● Top Answer By Ritesh Dash on 10 Jun 21

Ans. From your question, it is safe to guess that you are a student of NIT Sikkim and trying to score better in the next JEE Main, maybe because you did not quite like the environment or the infrastructure of the institute.  My brother was in a similar situation only a few years back and here is what he advises.  There is not much pressure for students belonging in the 1st year, making it quite simple to prepare for JEE Mains. You can easily schedule your time and prepare accordingly as and when required. However, you should also take into account that it can result in bad scores in the semester exam. And if by any chance you do not acquire a good rank in JEE Main, then you will possibly have no choice but to continue pursuing your course. It can also result in a lack of interest in the branch you are currently in. Since NIT Sikkim is a newly established institute, you will not get the best facilities or faculties which you can in various other NITs. However, there are several opportunities in the institute as well. You will need to work diligently towards your branch to do well.  So, take all these factors into consideration, and decide wisely.Read more
1 Answer


rohan chakate
What is the safest score for jee mains 2021 from ST category to get admission in top nit with cse or it branch?? Plz reply
shivangi srivastava

The cut- off per institute in JEE Main like different NITs and course vary respectively. The minimum cut- off required for ST candidates to pass the exam is 39.0696101. JEE Main eligibility requirement for admission in NITs for SC / ST candidates is 65% in 12th, whereas the seats available are 1991.

rohan chakate
What is required score of jee mains 2021 for ST category to get admission in top nit with cse or it branch?? Plz reply
shivangi srivastava

Well, the JEE Main Cut off 2021 for admissions to top NITs, IIITs and other GFTIs will be released by JoSAA itself. The cut- off for reserved categories usually ranges from 39-72. For pursuing CSE in Top NITs, a student must get a percentile around 99.4. Similarly, for pursuing Information Technology, they must score around 98 percentile?.

ananya pandey
Is there any rank predictor?
manika gupta

Hi, The JEE Main 2020 Rank Predictor uses the actual normalised score of more than 35,000 students appeared for the exam last year. For more information, please refer, JEE Main Rank Predictor.

fauzia shahid
What is the ranks vs marks?
manika gupta

Hi, JEE Main Marks vs Rank helps the engineering aspirants to predict their rank and eligible colleges from the marks scored in the examination. JEE Main Marks vs rank is updated soon after the announcement of the results by the Joint Admission Board. For more information, please refer, JEE Main Ranks vs Marks.

what % is required for NRI students to get admissions in NITs through DASA scheme?
devnath tiwary

Dear Atul

Greetings from Collegedunia. The qualifying cut-off in JEE Main 2021 Examination is based upon the Difficulty level of the exam, the number of candidates that appeared, the Category of the candidates, and cut-off trend over the years, and the number of candidates applied for JEE Main 2021 Examination. For more details, kindly go through this link – JEE Main 2021 Cut-Off

How many marks are required for OBC candidates to score Top 50 rank?
manika gupta

Hi, The tentative qualifying marks for GEN category (common rank list) students is 89.75 and for OBC-NCL, it is 74.31.

rishith redapaka
I got crl 359717 SC category 24481 rank in jee mains 2020.can I get any NIT, IIIT collages in CSE branch.Please tell me
abhishek upadhyay

Hello Rishith, greetings from Collegedunia. You can use your rank on our College Predictor feature to suggest the list of probable colleges.

Follow these steps to use the College Predictor feature available on our website:

  1. Enter your JEE Rank.
  2. Choose your category and State.
  3. Click on ‘Predict Now.

Once the results are displayed, you may apply suitable filters among streams, States, and cities available on the left side of the results page for customized results.

To use the College Predictor feature, click here.

For the previous year as well as the expected cut-off trends of top NITs, click here

For previous year cut-offs as well as the expected cut-offs for IIITs, click here.

My JEE mark is 84.40 .can i participate in counselling.And im a OBC category.
parthapratim mondal
My jee main rank is can I participate in councelling?
abhishek upadhyay

Hello Parthapratim, your JEE Rank is pretty low. Hence, you would not be able to secure any during the Counseling.