KCET 2020 Preparation Tips, Important Topics and Pattern

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    KCET Preparation Strategy is necessary to ace the exam and obtain good scores. As the Application Process is over, candidates should gear up for the upcoming exam. Getting acquinted with KCET Syllabus is the first step towards preparation. Questions will be purely based on class 10th and 12th syllabus. KCET Aspirants are also advised to refer the books recommended given in this article to do the preparation in an effective manner. So candidates are requested to go through them. Test consists of questions from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each section will be having 60 marks which have to be completed within duration of 80 minutes. Check KCET Exam Pattern

    This year, KCET 2020 was scheduled to take place from April 22 to 24 which has been postponed due to ongoing lockdown of COVID-19. Given below are some of the most helpful KCET Preparation Tips. These are exclusively given by Collegedunia for all KCET aspirants. Read on.

    Tip: We recommend you to solve as many previous year question paper as possible so that you prepare efficiently. 

    How to Prepare for KCET 2020?

    How to Prepare for KCET 2020?

    Candidates need to study the relevant things properly and revise what all topics are important. Candidates need to work hard as well as work wisely by adjusting time in hand and syllabus to be covered. There is no substitute for hard work but still we can use some tips and tricks to get better results from what we have prepared.

    So follow some of the rules given below and prepare wisely for the exams:

    Know Exam Pattern Properly

    KCET Exam Pattern

    Manage Time

    • Time is such a kind of resource which once you lost you can’t retrieve it back.
    • Never waste your time watching un-necessary things.
    • You can go and watch movie, listen to songs.
    • It is you first priority. All other things came come later.
    • Make a time table for studies and follow it.

    Revise the portions which you have studied

    • Include time to revise in your “study time table”.
    • Study them again and again.
    • While you are revising write down those portions which you have forgotten.
    • Otherwise while writing the exams you will go blank.

    Be thorough with the basics

    • The candidates need to be thorough with his eleventh and twelfth NCERT text books.
    • There are no substitutes for these books.
    • They contain lots of information and all students and all those who are wishing to get good ranks in KCET must have to go through these books and by heart the basic theories and study its applications.
    • There is no use if candidates are going to mug up things.
    • What they need is to understand things and think of them in the application level.
    • Study the chapters from each text books.
    • The questions based on those chapters will be given at the back side of each chapter. Go through them and solve them.
    • Never go for the guides in the first pase itself. Try to solve them your own.
    • If it is not possible, discuss those questions with your friends. If you are still not able to get answers then you can go to your guides or teachers and solve them.
    • Understand how the problems are being solved and apply the same way to solve similar kind of problems.

    Download Previous KCET Sample Papers and Solve

    • It is one of the good way to understand your position in exams.
    • Before writhing the original exam you can go through several previous year question papers and understand what is the pattern of the questions they are asking.
    • Download the question paper and solve it like how you will do it from the examination hall.
    • Find out your scoring areas and weak areas.
    • Work on weak areas and try to solve as many questions as possible.

    Improve you speed

    Practise makes a man perfect.

    • Speed is very important in KCET 2020 examination.
    • The candidates need to finish each section-mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology – within a time duration of 70 minutes.
    • They have to find solutions for 60 mark questions within this 70 minutes, which is really a difficult task.
    • Candidates need proper practise in such situations.
    • Practise more problems.
    • Set a time limit.
    • Try to solve the problems within that time.

    Be confident

    When you start preparing for Karnataka CET 2020, you may feel that the exam is really difficult and you will not get good ranks in the exam.

    • Avoid negative thoughts.
    • You have to prepare well keeping in mind that every winner started from zero. Then they all build their own kingdom with their self esteem and hardwork.
    • Never lose hope.
    • If you are working hard, then it is sure that you will get reward for that.
    • You can’t sit idle and wish that you will get a very good rank in the exam all of a sudden. It won’t happen.

    KCET 2020 Preparation Strategy

    KCET 2020 Preparation Strategy

    • Make a schedule for KCET 2020 and follow it properly.
    • The syllabus for Karnataka CET 2020 is not so small.
    • So you should start early.
    • Study according to the schedule.
    • Find time to play and spend time for yourself.
    • But while you are studying give full concentration to that only.
    • Lots of things are there to take your attention away from studies.
    • Mobile phones, tabs, laptops and many other things will take you attention away.
    • So for some time say good bye to all of them.
    • After exams you will get lots of leisure time and you can use them all.
    • Understand the weightage of different topics and plan accordingly.

    KCET 2020 Revision Tips

    Just like any other exam we should revise properly for Karnataka CET 2020 for getting good scores.

    • Never mug up things.
    • Study relating things, draw graphs, diagrams, and try all those methods which help you to keep things in mind.
    • Revise regularly and understand the pros and cons of the revision at the end of every week. Sometimes you may be giving less time for revision. So make changes accordingly so as to improve your performance.

    For further details visit “kea.kar.nic.in”

    Best Books to Prepare for KCET

    Best Books to Prepare for KCET

    Mathematics for 1st Year PUC by Dr. PG UmaraniPhysics for 1st Year PUC by AS GovindChemistry for 1st Year PUC by Prof. Somashekara Prasad
    Mathematics by DineshNew Course Physics by PradeepModern ABC Chemistry by Pradeep
    KCET Engineering Entrance Exam Solved PapersBiology for 1st year PUC by Dr. TA BalakrishnaKarnataka CET Explorer Medical by MTG
    Karnataka CET Explorer for Engineering (Paperback) by MTGKCET Chapterwise Previous Questions with Solutions Annapurna ExpertsNCERT Textbooks for Physics, Chemistry and Maths

    KCET 2020 Syllabus Highlight

    KCET 2020 Syllabus Highlight

    SubjectImportant Topics

    Motion Plane, Laws of Motion, Wave Optics, Current Electricity, etc

    ChemistryBlock Elements, Chemical Kinematics, Equilibrium, Structure of Atom, etc.
    BiologyCell, Animal Kingdom, Transport in Plants, Mineral Nutrition, etc
    MathematicsGeometry, Statistics, Linear Programming, Inverse Trignometric functions, etc

    KCET 2020 Topic wise Weightage

    Important topics which need more focus are given in the table below:

    Important TopicsWeightage
    Genetics – Molecular Basis of Inheritance7%
    Wave Optics9%
    Heat and Thermodynamics8%
    Ray Optics8%
    EM Waves8%

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College




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