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KEAM 2021 Reservation, Certificates, Seats Distribution

Exam: 24 Jul `21
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CEE, Kerala the conducting body of KEAM has set certain policies for KEAM 2021 Reservation that must be fulfilled in order to claim the seats under reservation. KEAM reservation criteria changes with the category of the candidates to which they belong. Candidates applying to appear for admission through KEAM Scores will be categorized as Keralite, Non-Keralite Category I (NK I) and Non-Keralite Category II (NK II).

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The clause of nativity is common for all the applicants. Those satisfying the nativity criteria can claim the respective reservation. For KEAM 2021 the following category of candidates will be considered for reservation along with Domicile candidates of the state of Kerala:

  • Candidates whose parents are working in Agriculture and fishery industries
  • Parents of the candidates working as a Nurse in regular service under Government of Kerala.
  • Candidates who have some experience in the field of medicine

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Course Wise Reservation

KEAM 2021 Reservation for Courses

Below are the details of KEAM Reservation that CEE Kerala has laid down for the candidates seeking reservation:

Reservation of Seats in All India Quota for MBBS/BDS Courses

15% of the total seats in MBBS/BDS courses are filled as per the guidelines stated by Director General of Health services, Government of India.

Reservation for students in MBBS/BDS

The 15% reservation will be given depending upon the reservation standard set up by the Supreme Court and also the rank and the marks the candidate has obtained in the ALL India Medical Pre-test.

Reservation for Nominees

There is a share of allotment given to the people of the state in KEAM 2021.

  1. Nominee for central Government: After fulfilling the eligibility criteria as stated by the Central Government rules these candidates of Kerala origin will get the state reservation.
  2. Nominee from Union Territory of Andaman & Nicobar Island: After the candidates fulfill the eligibility criteria that has been laid by the UT Andaman & Nicobar the candidates nominated by the UT will get a few seats reserved in the allotment process. This is only for the students who are of Keralite origin.
  3. Nominee from Lakshadweep: The Candidates who are from Kerala origin and have been settled in Lakshadweep and get recommendations from the administration of Lakshadweep have separate seats reserved
  4. Nominee from Jammu and Kashmir: One seat is reserved in the Government Medical College, Thrissur this year. The students must fulfill the KEAM Eligibility Criteria and get the recommendation from the state.
PWD Reservation

Reservation for Persons with Disability

  • 3 % of seats are available in all the institutions for people with a disability. The disability should not be less than 40 % and that there has to be a certificate issued in line with the guidelines laid down by the Kerala government.
  • Candidates seeking admission to Medical Courses (except BHMS), will have to satisfy the eligibility criteria prescribed by the Medical Council of India for ‘Persons with Disabilities’.
  • The ‘Visually handicapped’, ‘Hearing disabled’ and ‘Locomotors disabled’ involving upper limb are not eligible for admission to the Medical courses.
  • Candidates with ‘Locomotors disability’ of lower limb between 50% and 70% would be allowed the benefit of reservation under the Disability Act for admission to the Medical courses. Blind (including colour blind), deaf and/or dumb candidates shall not be eligible for admission to the BHMS course as per Central Council of Homoeopathy Guidelines.
  • For claiming reservation, a self-attested copy will work under the scheme which is issued not older than 3 months from the date of recruitment. This has to come with the application printout. For other courses, a simple certificate indicating the degree of disability will work. Percentage break up details of the reservation of seats.
Mandatory Reservation

KEAM 2021 Mandatory Reservation of Seats

The table below states the category wise reservation details accepted for KEAM Entrance.

Category Sub-Categories Reservation of Seats
State Merit (SM) -- 60%
Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEBC) -- 30%
Ezhava (EZ) 9%
Muslim (MU) 8%
Other Backward Hindu (BH) 3%
Latin Catholic and Anglo Indian 3%
Dheevara and related communities (DV) 2%
Viswakarma and related communities (VK) 2%
Kusavan and related communities (KN) 1%
Other Backward Christian (BX) 1%
Kudumbi (KU) 1%
Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes -- 10%
Scheduled Castes (SC) 8%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) 2%
Special Reservation

KCET 2021 Special Reservation

1) Ex-serviceman quota: A certificate as given in the brochure indicating that the candidate is the son/daughter of the EX- serviceman. This is to be issued by the state/zonal authorities (Maximum 6 months old not more than that).

2) Dependents of Defense personnel: In this a certificate form indicating the candidate who has lost the family member during the hostile war condition or any such condition of defense operation. Certificate attested by the Sainik welfare Office. Also, this needs to say that no other candidate of the family has claimed this benefit before else it is invalid (Maximum 6 months old not more than that).

3) Serving Defence personnel: A certificate from the Sainik welfare society stating that the candidate is from Kerala and has his parent working in the military or defense service and should indicate the current working station of the parent (Maximum 6 months old not more than that).

4) CRPF: Certificate indicating that the candidates’ parent is working or has worked with the CRPF organization and that there is a letter detailing from the current commanding officer (Maximum 6 months old not more than that).

5) Jewish Quota: The candidate claiming the reservation needs to produce a certificate issued by the Tahsildar/village officer that the candidate belongs to the Jewish community.

6) Degree holder in BHMS/MBBS/DHMS: A candidate claiming the degree under the section needs to give CEE-2021 and also to send the degree certificate they have obtained from any recognized university in Kerala indicating that they are part of the course or have completed the course.

7) Degree / Diploma holders in Ayurveda (DA) (For MBBS course): Seven seats are set aside for Degree/Diploma holders in Ayurveda recognized by any of the Universities in Kerala for MBBS. Candidates should produce copies of (a) Degree/Diploma certificate, (b) Internship certificate, and (c) Registration certificate, in support of the claim along with the printout of the application.

8) Degree/Diploma holders in Homoeopathy (DH) (For MBBS course): Four seats in the MBBS course are set aside for holders of Degree/Diploma in Homoeopathy recognized by the Government. Candidates should produce copies of (a) Degree/Diploma certificate, (b) Internship certificate, and (c) Registration certificate in support of the claim, along with the printout of the application

9) Degree Holders in MBBS/BAMS/B.V.Sc & AH/ BSc (Hons) Agri/ B.F.Sc/ BSc(Hons) Forestry (OH) (For BHMS Course): One seat in BHMS Course will be reserved for the candidates having MBBS/BAMS/B.V.Sc.& AH/BSc.(Hon.) Agri./B.F.Sc./BSc.(Hon.) Forestry Degree recognized by any of the Universities in Kerala. Supporting documents need to be attached along with the application.

10) Nurse-Allopathy (NQ): One seat under this quota for MBBS course is reserved for Nurses (Allopathy) in regular service under Government of Kerala. Candidates should attach a Service Certificate.

11) Nurse/Pharmacist-Homoeopathy (NH): In the case of BHMS course one seat is reserved for Nurses/Pharmacist (Homoeopathy) and such candidate should have passed the Higher Secondary or equivalent examination in addition to the Government recognized course in Nursing/ Pharmacy (Homoeopathy). Need to produce a service certificate.

12) Nurse-Ayurveda (NY): In the case of BAMS course one seat is reserved for Nurses (Ayurveda) and such candidates should have passed the Higher Secondary or equivalent examination. Need to pass CEE-2021 (Kerala) and also need to produce the documents with the application copy.

13) Children of Agriculturists for BSc. (Hons.) Agri. and B.V.Sc. & AH Courses (CA): An agriculturist should be a person whose main source of income is derived from the agricultural sources including agricultural labor. The parent or guardian of the student shall not be assessed on Income Tax. The income should be less than 12000 per annum. A certificate indicating the same.

14) Children of Farm Laborers of KAU for B.Sc. (Hons.) Agri., B.Sc. (Hons) Forestry Courses (LG), B.V.Sc & AH course under KVASU (LV), B.F.Sc course under KUFOS (LF): Need to produce a certificate indicating the claim from a Kerala Agriculture university /Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University/Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies.

15) Children of Fishermen for B.F.Sc. Course (CF): applicant under this quota should furnish a dependency certificate stating that he/she is son/daughter/dependent of the fisherman and also to submit an income certificate stating that the annual family income of the applicant is not more than INR 6 lakhs.

16) Scouts and Guides for Engineering Courses (SG): Two seats are reserved for Rashtrapati Scouts and Guides for Engineering Courses. Candidates seeking reservation under this quota. Need to attach a copy of the Rashtrapati Guide Certificate signed by the President of India. In absence of this, you need to provide the certificate signed by DPI Kerala, Kerala State board scout.

17) Village Level Workers (VL)/Agricultural Demonstrators (AD)/Farm Assistant (Agri.) (FA)/ Diploma Holders in Agricultural Science (DG) [For Agricultural courses only]: Candidate needs to submit the application to the commissioner for Entrance examination, through their head of offices with the recommendation. They have to send a photocopy of the application with attested copies of all certificates to the Registrar, Kerala Agricultural University, Main Campus, Vellanikkara, Thrissur-680656

Candidates who wish to get the seats reserved for Diploma holders in Agricultural Science (DG) shall send their application to the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations along with the attested copy of Diploma certificate in Agricultural Science. The candidate needs to give the medical entrance exam.

Reservation FAQs

KEAM 2021 Reservation FAQs

Ques. Are people residing outside India eligible for KEAM 2021 reservations?

Ans. Persons of Indian Origin (PIO)/ Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) are eligible to appear for KEAM 2021 along with other Indian nationals, however, they are not eligible for reservations.

Ques. What are the documents required to prove KEAM eligibility under the Keralite category?

Ans. Candidates applying for KEAM 2021 through the Keralitie eligibility category need to provide the following documents

  • True copy of SSLC certificate showing place of birth in Kerala.
  • True copy of SSLC certificate of either of the parents showing place of birth in Kerala.
  • True copy of the Passport of the candidate or either of his/her parents showing place of birth in Kerala.
  • Birth Certificate of the candidate showing place of birth in Kerala.
  • Certificate from Village Officer/Tehsildar showing place of birth in Kerala.
  • Certificate from competent authority showing either of the parents is an All India Service Officer.

Ques. Are there any reservations for persons with disabilities in KEAM 2021?

Ans. Yes. 3 % of seats are available under KEAM 2021 in all the participating institutions for people with a disability. The disability should not be less than 40 % and that there has to be a certificate issued in line with the guidelines laid down by the Kerala government.

Ques. What is the reservation percentage under the state merit category in KEAM 2021?

Ans. There is a 60% reservation of seats under the state merit category in KEAM.

Ques. Can candidates from outside Kerala apply for class based reservations under KEAM?

Ans. No. Class based reservation of seats in KEAM is only applicable for candidates that qualify as Keralites.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


I am BPT holder from calicut university. i would like know whether there is any resrvation for allied health degree holders in MBBS seats , same like BHMS,BAMS ,Nursing etc
shyla sirajudeen
what is the difference between mu and mm category in kerala medical rank list ?
abdul nazir

Hi Shyla, There is no separate category but both MM and MU is same code for Muslim category. For details on KEAM click here.

archana ajayan
Can I change my category status in keam now?bz I have reservation bt some technical issues am under general what is the solution for it?
abdul nazir

Hi Archana, yes you can edit the sections when form correction window opens for a short period of time. For the same, one needs to log in to KEAM application portal. For more details on KEAM 2021 click here.

jewel rose george
Is ews category list published?
rakhisree chatterjee

Hi Jewel, EWS is a reservation that is applicable across all ademic and Employment sectors. Regarding Medical Colleges, every Government Medical College will follow 10% EWS reservation as this is a Government ruling. Only 10 Private Medical Colleges qualify to accomodate EWS reservation.

thashreefa p m
Is merit seat and management seat have same fees
rakhisree chatterjee

Hi, Yes, The fees is almost same. Only the difference lies in the donation that a candidate has to pay for management seat.

Please intimate rank list of students appeared in KEAM 2016 against defence quota