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MAT Score vs Percentile 2021: Check MAT Percentile, MAT Score, Differences & How to Calculate?

Exam: 21 Aug `21
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| Updated On - Jul 22, 2021

All India Management Association has released MAT 2021 May/ June session Results for PBT, CBT, and IBT modes on July 09, 2021. MAT results have been released in the form of a scorecard, consisting of sectional scores, composite MAT score, and percentile. MAT exam dates for IBT, PBT, and CBT August/ September sessions have been announced. Candidates willing to predict their MAT score percentile based on their performance in MAT 2021 exam must check MAT Rank Predictor.

It is extremely important for the candidates to understand the meaning and significance of MAT Score vs Percentile to interpret the result better. There is a sharp difference between MAT Score and Percentile as defined by the exam conducting body. Once you know how MAT score vs percentile is calculated, it will be easier for you to focus and devise your strategy for taking MAT 2021 exam. Read the complete article to know all about MAT 2021 Score vs Percentile. Check MAT Results 

MAT Latest Updates:

  • July 22: Top Colleges Accepting MAT Scores for MBA Admission 2021. Check here
  • July 10: MAT Cut Off Percentile for top institutes is in the range of 80-95 with composite score ranging from 550-680. Check here
  • July 09: MAT 2021 Result for May/ June Session Declared.
MAT 2021 Score vs Percentile

MAT 2021 Score vs Percentile

MAT Score vs Percentile analysis given below is based on MAT exam taken by candidates in May/ June 2021. While calculating MAT Score vs Percentile, raw scores are converted to scaled scores after normalization leading to an overall composite score of 800.

MAT Composite Score(out of 800) MAT Percentile
681-800 91-100
651-681 81-90
601-651 71-80
561-601 61-70
521-561 51-60
Below 521 Below 50
What is Composite Score?

What is MAT Composite Score?

The MAT Composite Score is referred to as the marks calculated based on the performance of a candidate in four sections of MAT exam. MAT composite score includes the scaled scores of the first 4 sections only, it does not include the score of the 5th section i.e. Indian & Global Environment.

There is no particular formula for calculating the MAT Composite score. The below-mentioned points explain the calculation of MAT Composite Score:

  • MAT 2021 composite score will be given on a scale of 199 to 801.
  • Composite scores less than 200 or more than 800 are rare.
  • All scores below 200 are stated as 199 and all scores above 800 as 801. This means, even if you get scores less than 199, your composite score will be reported as 199. Similarly, for scores above 801, it will be reported as 801 only.

The table mentioned below depicts the sections and the marks allotment in the entrance test. The composite score scale is also given with each section.

MAT Sections Marks Allotted Composite Score Scale
Language Comprehension 40 0- 100
Mathematical Skills 40 0- 100
Data Analysis and Sufficiency 40 0- 100
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning 40 0- 100
Indian and Global Environment* 40 0- 100*
Total 200 800

What is MAT Percentile?

What is MAT Percentile?

MAT Percentile shows the percentage of total exam-takers that have a lower score than a candidate in the MAT examination. MAT percentile score is influenced by the total number of candidates that take the entrance test as well as the scores obtained by all the exam takers. Most of the colleges accept MAT percentile for admission to MBA or PGDM courses while some of them accept admissions based on the Composite score.

Besides the composite score or the percentile, many top B- schools also conduct written ability tests, group discussions, and personal interviews as part of their selection procedure.

The formula to calculate MAT percentile given below will help you calculate the percentile score obtained in the examination.

MAT Percentile = (Composite scores obtained by a candidate/ Total number of candidates) * 100 

Difference between MAT Score and Percentile

AIMA will declare the sectional scores, composite score, and percentile score for each section along with the overall percentile of a candidate in MAT 2021 Scorecard. It is necessary for a candidate to know the difference between MAT 2021 score and percentile.

  • MAT 2021 Score is the total score obtained by a candidate in the entrance examination in all the sections.
  • MAT 2021 Composite score is the average score scaled to the range of 199-800 that is calculated on the basis of the performance of a candidate in the first four sections of the paper only.
  • MAT 2021 Percentile is the relative mark obtained by a candidate. It depicts the percentage of total exam-takers that have a lower score than a candidate in MAT 2021. In other words, a percentile rank is a way of rank-ordering people compared to others in a sample. For example, 85 percentile means that your score is more than 85% of the candidates appearing for the entrance examination.

Note: Most of the top B- schools will accept admissions based on the percentile score while many others offer admission in the MBA or PGDM courses through MAT 2021 score.

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MAT Score vs Percentile Calculation

MAT 2021 Score vs Percentile Calculation

MAT 2021 Score Vs Percentile calculation in MAT 2021 result will be based on the following parameters:

  • There are 5 Sections in MAT exam. Out of them, only scores of 4 sections in the exam are taken to calculate the percentile.
  • The score of the 5th section, Indian & Global Environment is not counted for percentile calculation
  • 40 Marks for each section with 40 questions is the maximum raw score with a total of 200 raw marks for all 5 sections.
  • MAT 2021 score will be awarded out of 200 marks but MAT 2021 percentile will be calculated out of 160 Marks after removing the 5th section on Indian & Global Environment.
  • MAT 2021 scores are scaled to 100 for each section. The scaled score is therefore awarded in the scorecard in the range of 0-100 in each section.
  • Raw scores awarded out of 40 in each section are not reflected either in sectional score or final composite score
  • This scaled score is then converted to a percentile score which is based on your relative performance as compared to other candidates.
  • Finally, the composite score is calculated out of a maximum of 800 and the scaled score between 0 to 199 is converted to a composite score. 

MAT Percentile Score: Points to Remember

  • MAT percentile score indicates the percentage of examinees who scored below the candidate based on the total number of MAT test taking candidates
  • The percentile figure may change with an increase or decrease in the number of test-takers and their scoring pattern.
  • MAT score is calculated out of 200 but MAT percentile is calculated out of 160 after as the section on Indian and Global Environment is not considered for percentile calculation.
  • The Composite Score in MAT 2021 result is reported on a scale ranging from 199 to 801, but extreme scores below 200 or above 800 are uncommon
  • These uncommon scores i.e., all below 200 are reported as 199 and all above 800 are reported as 80

MAT Score Percentile Accepting Institutes 2021

More than 330+ Colleges accept MAT Score/ Percentile for admission to MBA courses. Admission to the popular management courses, i.e., MBA and PGDM in the top-notch B- schools of the country is offered through MAT entrance examination. Some colleges accept the percentile score of a candidate while others offer admission based on the composite score obtained in the entrance examination. Other forms of selection criteria include Group Discussion, Personal Interview, and Written Ability Test. These tests are conducted to check the overall personality and knowledge of an aspirant. Top Colleges accepting MAT 2021 Scores for admission are:

Institute MAT Percentile  MAT Score
PUMBA 90-95 600-650
VIT Vellore 90+ 600
SDMIMD Mysore 90-95 600-650
Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore 90-95 600
SIESCOMS Navi Mumbai 90+ 600
XIME, Bangalore 90+ 600
Amity Business School 90-95 650+
BIMTECH Noida 80-90 550-600
ITM Navi Mumbai 80-90 550-630
IPE Hyderabad 85-90 650

Check MAT Cut Off

MAT Result

MAT Result 2021

MAT Result 2021 for IBT, PBT, and CBT modes will be released a few weeks after the conclusion of the exam. MAT 2021 Score is valid for one year for admissions to all the Institutes that accept MAT score percentile. MAT Scorecard will mention all the details regarding the score and percentile of the candidate. Candidates clearing MAT Cut Off will be able to participate in the further selection process. Check MAT Counselling Procedure 

Details Mentioned on MAT Scorecard

AIMA releases a MAT scorecard along with the results of candidates. MAT Scorecard contains details about the marks scored by the candidates. Along with that, many other details are mentioned on MAT scorecard:

Scaled scores in all sections
Composite score
Overall and Sectional Percentile 
Name and Roll Number of the candidate
MAT Score vs Percentile FAQs

MAT Score vs Percentile FAQs

Ques. What is the difference between MAT Score and MAT Percentile?

Ans. MAT Score is calculated for all sections whereas MAT percentile is calculated only for 4 sections excluding the section on Indian and Global Environment.

Ques. What is MAT Composite score?

Ans. The scaled score in the range of 0-199 is converted to a composite score. The composite score is calculated out of 800 marks.

Ques. What is a good composite score in MAT 2021 exam?

Ans. Candidates must know that the composite score can range from199 to 801. A composite score greater than 450 is considered good in MAT exam. 

Ques. What is considered a good percentile in MAT exam?

Ans. MAT percentile in the range of 80-90+ is considered good and can ensure your admission to some of the best management institutes in the country.

Ques. Is MAT score valid for 1 year?

Ans. Yes, MAT Score is valid for a period of 1 year. Candidates can apply for admission based on their results for 1 year.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

MAT 2021 : 5 answered questions


Ques. Is MAT score accepted at great lakes Chennai and Gurgaon?

● Top Answer By Apeksha Roy on 02 Jul 21

Ans. MAT scores are not accepted by Great Lakes Chennai and Gurgaon, In 2019, only accepted exam for admission was CAT scores of the preceding year, that is 2017 to 2018. For XAT, it is 2018 to 2019, for GMAT, it typically is after January 2016 and for CMAT, it is the year 2018. That being said, it means either institute only accepts scores of CAT, GMAT, XAT, CMAT. Here is the expected cutoff for Great Lakes Chennai and Gurgaon. Examination  Great Lakes Chennai CAT 2019-20 80  XAT 2020-21 80  GMAT (Taken after Jan 2018 for PGPM and after Jan 2019 for PGDM) 600  Great Lakes Gurgaon  CMAT  85  MAT  80  Hope this helps answer your question.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What are the best B-schools that come under the MAT exam?

● Top Answer By Sritama Ray on 11 May 21

Ans. In India, if you aim to pursue MBA, you have to clear the Common Admission Test (CAT) with a good score. Nonetheless, many top colleges even accept MAT and the list of colleges varies each year. Few top business schools accepting MAT along with their cut-off scores are tabulated below. Business school MAT cutoff score Amity business school 620+ for MBA Christ University Bangalore 600+ for PGDM Alliance school of business, Banglore 650+ for MBA Xavier school of management (XLRI Jamshedpur) 640+ for PGDM-GMP SP Jain institute of management and research 670+ for GMBA, 700+ for MBA Few other top institutes accepting MAT scores in India are: ABES Engineering College AIMA-Centre for Management Education (PGDM) SIMSREE BIMTECH Noida ITM NAVI MUMBAI O P JINDAL DELHI Pumba Great Lakes Chennai IMI BHUBANESWAR JSS College. IBS Hyderabad Above mentioned business schools in the table are of top reputation in India. Assess each of them and opt for the best B- School for yourself.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. I gave MAT exam and secured 94.2 percentile. Can anyone suggest me a few good b-schools which accepts MAT score to apply for?

● Top Answer By Sandip Pal on 10 May 21

Ans. With your MAT score, you can get into many top-rated B-Schools. Here are a few of the options that you can consider.  Below given are some of the b-schools that accept MAT scores.  B-School MAT Cut-off XIME Bangalore  80% Christ University  80% Amity Business School, Noida 80% KSOM Bhubaneswar 80% International School of Business & Media (ISB&M), Pune 80% Institute of Technology & Management (ITM), Navi Mumbai 80% Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), Hyderabad 80% Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore 75% - 80% Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, Noida & Indore 75% Hope this helps. To know more about the institute visit the official websites.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What are the best colleges accepting MAT scores?

● Top Answer By Amit Shukla on 16 Feb 21

Ans. There are more than 1395 top B-schools in India that accept MAT scores. These colleges are known to have a decent academic and global exposure. Also recruiting companies participating in their placement programs offer generous salary packages to its students. A cooperative faculty and ROI also determines a good MBA college.  Here are some of the best colleges accepting MAT scores including their location, course fees and cut-offs. Institution Location Fees MAT Cut-off Christ University Bengaluru INR 7,97,000 Percentile 80-85 Alliance School of Business, Alliance University Bangalore INR 9,00,000 100 Amity Business School Noida INR 7,67,000 500 KIIT School of Management Bhubaneswar INR 13,60,000 600 International School of Business & Media  Pune INR 5,90,000  Percentile 80% Universal Business School Mumbai INR 8,28,000 Percentile 70% Institute of Technology & Management Navi Mumbai INR 10,45,000 Percentile 80% University of Petroleum & Energy Studies Dehradun INR 13,35,000 140 Amrita School of Business Coimbatore INR 10,60,000 Percentile 40% Indus Business School  Pune INR 3,20,000 60 % Indus Business Academy  Bengaluru INR 6,14,000 80% Jaipuria Institute of Management  Noida 6,50,000 600 International School of Management Excellence Bangalore INR 9,00,000 70% Balaji Institute of Modern Management Pune INR 8,45,000 600 Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Bangalore INR 10,00,000 700 Institute of Finance and International Management (IFIM) Bangalore INR 12,00,000 85% Institute of Public Enterprise  Hyderabad INR 5,00,000 80% Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) Pune 10.75 Lakh 60 Unitedworld School of Business Ahmedabad INR 6,50,000 450 However, there are many more colleges in India that accept MAT scores. But these are some top colleges among them.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is the best B school to get in using a CMAT/MAT score?

● Top Answer By Aditya Som on 02 Feb 21

Ans. CMAT, commonly known as the Common Management Aptitude Test, is a computer-based entrance exam conducted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for admission to MBA/PGDM courses in over 1000 B-schools across India. The duration of the exam is three hours with the question paper consisting of 100 questions from Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, and General Awareness. You can refer to the table given below for the cutoffs released by various B schools, analyzed as per the previous year's trends. These colleges have been recommended by our mentor from Erudite Institute. Listed below are the names of the colleges and their cut offs:  Name of the College Cutoff JBIMS, Mumbai 99.99 %ile Sydenham(SIMREE), Mumbai  99.92%ile SIES Mumbai 99.8%ile MET, Mumbai 98%ile KJ Somaiya, Mumbai 97%ile Goa Institute of Management Great Lakes Institute of Management PUMBA, Pune Indira Institute of Management, Pune 95%ile  IPE Hyderabad IFMR, Chennai 90%ile  NIBM, Pune Welingkar Institute, Mumbai N.L Dalmia Institute, Mumbai 85%ile XISS Ranchi HR IMT Navi Mumbai ISME, Mumbai 80%ile  Welingkar Institute, Bangalore Soil Institute of Management NIA Pune 75%ile  ADANI Institute of Infrastructure Management 70%ile These colleges may not be Tier 1 institutions but are good B Schools that admit students on the basis of their CMAT scores. These management institutes conduct group discussions and personal interviews to select candidates for MBA/PGDM programs post declaration of CMAT exam results. The admission process of each institute is independent and according to their academic cycle.Read more
1 Answer