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MELAB 2020 Exam Dates, Eligibility, Application Form and Exam Fee

MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Battery) is an English language proficiency test conducted in over 70 countries. MELAB is offered by University of Michigan’s English Language Institute. It is held for non-native English speakers to get higher education opportunities globally.

MELAB test can be taken four times within any 12-month period. MELAB Scores are accepted at institutions in the US, Canada, UK, etc. MELAB Scores can also be used to certify English proficiency for various organizations and licensing professionals. The test is sometimes considered as an alternate to TOEFL.

  • MELAB is a written exam that measures four skill areas- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
  • Speaking test is optional and is taken separately at the available test centers.
  • The test is completed in approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours.
  • Test takers with disabilities are offered special accommodations by MLA.
  • MELAB scores are valid for two years.

Who Should Take MELAB?

  • Candidates seeking certification of English language proficiency can take MELAB test.
  • The exam opens gateway for candidates wishing to pursue higher education at universities located in US, UK and Canada.
  • MELAB scores are used by the professionals needing English for work or training purpose.
  • MELAB Scores can also be used by individual to check his/her English Language Proficiency for educational and employment opportunities.

MELAB 2019 Exam Dates

The MELAB Test Dates are as follows:

Test Date Day Registration Deadline
June 23, 2019 Friday May 31, 2019
August 18, 2019 Friday July 26, 2019
December 1, 2019 Friday November 8, 2019
April 20, 2019 Friday March 29, 2019
June 22, 2019 Friday May 31, 2019

MELAB 2019 Registration Process

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Download and print the MELAB Identification form
  3. Fill the information asked in the form carefully
  4. Attach a passport sized photograph to the form
  5. Send or take it to the nearest available MELAB Computer Based Test Center along with the test fee.

Students must keep the following points in mind while registering for MELAB –

  • MELAB Registration without passport photo or test fee will not be processed.
  • Candidates cannot register for speaking test only, it has to be in conjunction with most recent written MELB test scores.
  • For exam dates, contact the nearest MELB Test Center.
  • Special arrangements for disabled candidates’ accommodation are made.
  • The arrangements include wheelchair access, extending test time, rest breaks, scribe, reader, headphones, etc.

MELAB Test Fee

The actual registration cost for MELAB will be disclosed only at its test center. Note that MELAB test fee is non-refundable. However, given below is the overall criteria for MELAB Fees.

Service Fee
MELAB (Without speaking test) Check from local test center
MELAB (With Speaking Test) Check from local test center
Additional score report $26 (requested at the time of exam), $32 (requested after exam)
Rush score reports $70 (requested at the time of exam)*, $36 (for each additional rush score reports at the time of test), $67 (requested after scores are released)
MELAB rescoring $60 per section**

*upto two reports are mailed to the concerned institutions.

**for this, request must be made 30 days after the receipt of test scores

MELAB 2019 Test Format

  • MELAB is conducted to test four skill areas namely, Writing, Listening, Grammar Cloze Vocabulary Reading and Speaking.
  • Speaking Test is optional.
  • The overall time duration of the exam is between 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours. The details of each part are:

Section 1- Writing Skills

  • In this part, test takers are required write an essay from the two given choices.
  • Time allotted to this section- 30 minutes.

Section 2- Listening Skills

  • There are three parts in this section- Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
  • Part 1 consists of 18 assigned tasks.
  • Part 2 has 22 tasks.
  • Part 3 has 20 tasks.
  • Only MCQs are asked in this section.
  • Time allotted to this section- 35- 40 minutes
Part Description Tasks
Part 1 A short recorded question is accompanied by 3 printed responses. You have to choose statement conveying reasonable answer to it. 18
Part 2 A short recorded conversation with three printed statements is given, choose the statement that conveys same meaning based upon heard conversation 22
Part 3 Four recorded interview are played on radio. Along with it, recorded comprehension questions are played. From the printed questions and answers, test taker must choose the correct one. 20

Section 3- Grammar Cloze, Vocabulary Reading

  • Listening skills is divided intp 4 parts – Grammar, Cloze, Vocabulary and Reading.
  • Questions in this section are asked in MCQ format.
  • Time allotted to this section- 80 minutes
  • Tasks allotted to each part –  
Section Description Tasks
Grammar 4 choices follow an incomplete sentence. Choose one correct option 32
Cloze Two passages with some deletions are given with choices of words and phrases to complete the text. Choose the best possible answer in terms of grammar and meaning. 24
Vocabulary Incomplete sentence are given with incomplete words and phrases. Choose best option to complete the sentence 31
Reading Four passages with comprehension questions are given. Choose correct answer from given choices 23

Section 4- Speaking Test

This is an optional test. Test takers have to engage in a conversation with the examiner. The test 15 minutes long.

MELAB Test Centers

MELAB Test Centers are located across the globe including USA, UK, Canada, etc. You can check exam centers in your country by visiting

MELAB 2019 Exam Day Instructions

Some directives are to be followed on MELAB Test day. These are:

  • Carry two copies of MELAB identification form with you to the exam hall.
  • For the purpose of identification, take your passport, registration card or national identity card along.
  • The secondary requirement (driver’s license for identification) will not be accepted without the primary documents mentioned above.
  • The exam fee payable on test day must be carried in cash. The cash must be of the exact currency.
  • Carry two sharpened number 2 pencils. Ink pens will not be allowed.

Scoring and Reporting of MELAB 2019 Results

The scoring of MELAB test papers for Grammar, Cloze, Vocabulary and Reading is done via computer at CaMLA. The writing section is examined by at least two CaMLA certified examiners. Similarly, speaking section is assessed by one CaMLA certified speaking examiner.

The scoring is done in the following way:

  • A scaled score is calculated using advanced mathematical model which is based on Item Response Theory.
  • The scaling is done to ensure that scores are comparable across different administrations.
  • The score range for each section in MELAB is as follows:
Section Range Notes
Writing 0-97 -
Listening 0-100 -
GCVR 0-100 -
Speaking 1-4 May include + or –
Final MELAB 0-99 Average of writing, listening, and GCVR scores
  • The minimum final MELAB score for UG program at a state university is between 80-85.
  • A minimum score of 80 must be secured in each section of the test.

Details in MELAB Score Report

MELAB score report provides the information given below:

  • Score for each section
  • Final MELB score inclusive of scores for Writing, Listening and GCVR sections.
  • Scores of Speaking test (for those who opted for it)
  • Comments on test performance (if relevant).

MELAB Score Reporting

The MELAB score reports are sent directly from CaMLA to admission offices of institutions mentioned by on the Identification form at the time of registration. These scores are also reported on the official score report form.

  • After scoring is done, test takers receive the unofficial copy of MELAB scores from their test centers.
  • Note that the score report sent via Michigan Language Assessment is considered valid.
  • The student copy of MELB Score Report must not be sent directly to the institutions.
  • In case you want more copies of the MELAB Score Report, you can purchase them online.

Important Points to Remember

  • MELAB Score Report is valid for only two years.
  • Ensure that MELAB score is accepted at the institution you are applying.
  • If the test is taken more than once, then the latest scores will be sent
  • Scores for speaking test cannot be carried over to subsequent test scores.

MELAB Rescoring

If you want your test to be rescored, you can request the service online.

  • The request will be accepted after one month of score declaration.
  • Michigan Language Assessment will process and send you MELAB Score Reports after consideration.

How are MELAB Results Processed?

MELAB Result Processing is done in the following way:

  • Once the MELAB test reaches Michigan Language Assessment, 4 to 6 weeks are taken to grade and prepare score reports.
  • For mail services, 5- 10 days are reserved.
  • Therefore, the total time taken to get MELAB Score Reports is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Rush Service for MELAB 2019 Score Reports

Rush Service is a special service provided by Michigan Language Assessment. The service guarantees delivery of MELAB Score Reports to the designated institutes within 7 business days as soon as the test material reaches MLA from the test centers.

  • Rush service can be availed only for Score Reports, not for registration.
  • The request for Rush Scores must be made at the time of MELAB Registration at the test center.
  • Additional fee is charged to avail rush service.
  • You cannot make the request after your answer sheets are mailed to Michigan Language Assessment.

MELAB 2019 Recognizing Organizations

MELAB and its recognizing organizations are globally covering 75 countries. The list of all countries is as follows:

Afghanistan Dominican Republic Ireland Singapore
Albania Ecuador Liechtenstein South Africa
Argentina Egypt Malaysia South Korea
Armenia El Salvador Malta Spain
Austria Finland Mexico Sweden
Azerbaijan France Myanmar Switzerland
Bahrain FYROM Nepal Taiwan
Belgium Georgia Netherlands Thailand
Bolivia Germany New Zealand The Netherlands
Bosnia Herzegovina Greece Norway Togo
Brazil Guatemala Pakistan Turkey
Bulgaria Hungary Paraguay United Arab Emirates
Cameroon India Peru United Kingdom
Canada Indonesia Philippines United States
Chile Iran Poland Uruguay
Colombia Italy Portugal Uzbekistan
Costa Rica Japan Qatar Vietnam
Croatia Jordon Romania US and British Virgin Islands
Cyrus Korea Russia Ukraine
Czech Republic Kosovo Saudi Arabia Venezuela
Denmark Lebanon Serbia -

MELAB 2019 Preparation Materials

  • The preparation material for MELAB is provided by the MLA itself on its official website.
  • Candidates can avail the sample test papers and writing tests.
  • Additionally you can buy practice material online from
  • Once you are well through your preparations, take the practice test and use rating scales provided by MLA to score yourself.
  • There are few publishers who create and publish the test materials for better MELAB Preparation. The list of publishers is as follows:
    • Andrew Betsis ELT
    • Burlington Books
    • Cambridge Exams Publishing
    • Express Publishing
    • Graphi ELT Publications
    • Grivas Publications
    • Hamilton House
    • Hellenic American Union
    • National Geographic Learning
    • Oxford University Press
    • Patakis Publishers
    • Pearson Education Hellas
    • Sylvia Kar Publications
    • University of Michigan Press

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

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