MELAB Registration 2020: How to register for MELAB?

    MELAB registration is done by filling MELAB Identification Form. Submit the form along with the applicable fee, a passport size photograph and identification proof at nearest MELAB Test center. It is advisable to submit the registration form at least two weeks prior to the exam date.

    MELAB is an English proficiency test to get admission to educational institutes across the globe include the US, Canada and UK majorly. The exam is conducted in 75 countries at different recognized test centers.

    MELAB RegistrationMELAB FeeMELAB Exam Centers

    The test fee differs for each participating country. Candidates must confirm the same from their test centers and pay the fee accordingly for test with speaking and without speaking test. Additional fee for rush scores (if required) must be paid at the time of registration itself.

    MELAB 2020 Test Dates

    DatesDayRegistration Deadline
    April 20, 2020FridayMarch 29, 2020
    June 22, 2020FridayMay 31, 2020

    Who can take MELAB Test?

    MELAB test is for candidates seeking certification of English language proficiency. The exam opens gateway for candidates wishing to pursue higher education at universities located in US, UK and Canada.

    MELAB scores are used by the professionals who need English for work or training purpose. It can also be used by individual to check his/her English Language Proficiency for educational and employment opportunities.

    MELAB Registration Steps

    MELAB Registration is carried out in 75 countries across several test centers separately. MELAB Registration involves the following steps:

    • Visit the official website of MLA (Michigan Language Assessment).
    • Download and print the MELAB Identification form
    • Fill the information asked in the form
    • Attach a passport size photograph and fill the details asked.
    • Submit the completely filled form to the nearest test center.
    • Pay the MELAB test fee and rush score fee (if required).

    MELAB Test Fee

    The MELAB test fee is separately defined for each country. The registration fee for MELAB speaking and without speaking test will differ as well.

    • MELAB Test fee is non-refundable.
    • Extra charges must be paid for postage of MELAB Identification Form to U.S.

    The fee is defined considering the following criteria:

    MELAB (Without speaking test)Check from local test center
    MELAB (With Speaking Test)Check from local test center
    Additional score report$26 (requested at the time of exam), $32 (requested after exam)
    Rush score reports$70 (requested at the time of exam)*, $36 (for each additional rush score reports at the time of test), $67 (requested after scores are released)
    MELAB rescoring$60 per section**

    *upto two reports are mailed to the concerned institutions.

    **for this, request must be made 30 days after the receipt of test scores

    Details to be filled in MELAB Identification Form

    Following details will be entered in the MELAB Identification Form:

    Rush/Non-RushApplication Date
    ID/ Passport NumberIssuing Authority
    AddressBirth Date
    Date of examMELAB/ MELAB+ Speaking
    Purpose of taking examCandidate’s Photograph

    Important Points for MELAB Registration

    • While filling MELAB Identification Form online, remember, it does not save your information.
    • The name and date of birth must match to that in the passport.
    • Do not forget to attach passport size photograph to the form.
    • Test takers who suffer from disabilities are provided with accommodations as well.
    • The request for accommodation must be done as early as possible, preferably at the time of MELAB Registration.

    Special Accommodations for Persons with Disability

    MLA provides special accommodation facilities to people with disabilities. The move is to ensure that the language abilities are demonstrated fairly. Disabilities that are usually granted accommodation are:

    • Visual impairment or blindness
    • Hearing impairment or deafness
    • Motor impairment
    • Psychological and learning disabilities

    For accommodations candidates must file request at the local test center well in advance. Note that at least three months’ time is required to prepare Braille materials.

    How to Register for Special Accommodations for MELAB?

    To file a request for special accommodations, candidates must produce documented medical evidence. These documentations must be certified from a professional who will evaluate test taker’s disability.

    • The documentation, if in other languages, must be translated in English language.
    • For special material such as braille script, apply well in advance (preferably 3 months before the test).
    • For administrative modifications such as extended time, reader, scribe, etc. apply one moth prior to exam.
    • Contact your local test center to check if your request has been approved or not.

    Arrangements available on Special Request

    Candidates can get the following arrangements on special request:

    • Wheelchair access
    • Extended testing time
    • Additional rest breaks
    • Reader
    • Scribe
    • Recorder to mark answers
    • Headphones
    • Alternate test formats (e.g., Braille, large print)
    • Alternate response formats (e.g., computer for writing section)

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College



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