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    On 13 February, 2020, the State Common Entrance Test Cell of Maharashtra released the MHT CET 2020 mock test. Applicants will now have online access to the MHT CET 2020 mock test. All candidates who are interested may attempt the 2020 MHT CET mock test by visiting the official website. The candidates should prepare for MHT CET using the mock exam in order to score better in the actual exam. Check MHT CET 2020 Admit Card

    • MHT CET 2020's mock exam is 180 minutes long, consisting of sections Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
    • When answering the MHT CET 2020 mock test, the candidates must choose the right answer from the options provided.
    • The candidates can navigate through questions and sections as well.
    • Mock tests are the imitation of real exams and candidates should take 10-15 mock tests before the exam to get more information about the difficulty level, type of questions, and so on. They will help gain speed in answering the questions and keeping answers accurate.

    For more information on how to take mock tests, the benefits of mock testing, and much more, read the article given below.

    What is the Exam Pattern of MHT CET Mock Test?

    What is the Exam Pattern of MHT CET Mock Test?

    • MHT CET mock test consists of 50 questions each from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. 
    • All questions are in the multiple-choice question (MCQ) pattern with one correct answer. 
    • There will be two sections - Mathematics, and Physics and Chemistry. 
    • The total duration of the mock test will be 180 minutes (90 minutes for each section).
    • Candidates will get +2 for every correct answer in the Mathematics section and +1 for every correct answer in the Physics and Chemistry section.
    • This test has no negative marking. 
    • The maximum marks are 200 (100 for each section). 
    • MHT CET mock test syllabus is based on Class 11 and 12 topics as per State Common Entrance Test Cell of Maharashtra’s guidelines.

    Click here to check MHT CET 2020 Exam Pattern in detail

    MHT CET Official Mock Test by CET

    MHT CET Official Mock Test by State Common Entrance Test Cell of Maharashtra

    MHT CET mock tests can be accessed from the official website of the State Common Entrance Test Cell of Maharashtra. Students can take a look at the steps given below to attempt mock tests for MHT CET. 

    How to access MHT CET mock tests?

    Step 1: Go to the official website of the State Common Entrance Test Cell of Maharashtra

    • Visit the official website here
    • Then, click on the mock test link.

    Step 2: Select subjects as appropriate 

    • Tap on the correct link according to your subjects: PCM or PCB.

    Step 3: Sign in to your account

    • Note that the candidates are not required to log into the website. The fields will be already filled with the necessary details. 
    • Tap on the Sign In button. 
    • You will then be redirected to the exam-related instructions page. 

    Step 4: Read instructions 

    • Go through all the instructions in the page that will appear. 
    • Then, click on the Next button. 

    Step 5: Attempt mock test 

    • A new page will be displayed on your screen. 
    • Select “I am ready to Login”.
    • The MHT CET mock test will now begin.

    Options in MHT CET Mock Test

    Options in MHT CET Mock Test

    The questions in MHT CET 2020 are multiple choice questions. A question will be given to candidates with four choices, out of which one correct answer has to be selected. Candidates can have a look at the steps provided below to answer a question in the MHT CET 2020 mock test.

    • To choose the answer, select the respective option button. 
    • The candidates would have to click again on the same option button or click on the "Clear Response" button to deselect the option previously selected. 
    • To change the answer, you need to select the button of a different option. 
    • If the candidates are sure of their response, they will then have to press the "Save & Next" button. 
    • The candidates may also mark the question for review through the "Mark for Review and Next" button.
    • If the candidate does not select any answer, that particular questions’ answer will not get saved. 
    • Candidates that have already saved the answer to a particular question can make the changes by returning to that question and choosing another option that they assume is correct.

    Status of Answers/Questions in MHT CET Mock Test

    ColourWhat does it mean?
    GreenAnswered Questions
    RedUnanswered Questions
    GreyQuestions Not Visited
    PurpleMarked for Review
    Purple with Green DotAnswered and Marked for Review

    MHT CET Mock Test-Important Instructions

    MHT CET Mock Test - Important Instructions

    • The MHT CET mock test will be three hours in duration. 
    • As soon as the candidate enters the mock test window, the time period for the test will begin. 
    • At the end of the mock test, you do not have to click on the "Submit" button, as it will get saved automatically. 
    • During the exam, you can skip any difficult questions and move on to the next.
    • The candidate also has the option to switch between the sections.
    • The question palette would be on the right-hand side of the screen. 
    • You can track the status of the questions using this palette.
    • You can also change the medium of language by tapping on the "Profile" image at the top right corner of the screen.

    Analysing MHT CET Mock Test Results 

    Analysing MHT CET Mock Test Results 

    Carry out a thorough analysis of your results after completing the MHT CET mock test. The final score is determined as per the original test. This will help you appreciate your results greatly. Hence, you will consider the following findings after completing the MHT CET Mock Test. 

    • Score that is acquired in each subject section. 
    • Number of questions which are accurate, incorrect and unattempted. 
    • Performance in par with the specified cutoff marks.
    • Identify important questions. 
    • Recognize room for change in specific sections.

    How to Answer MHT CET Mock Test? 

    How to Answer MHT CET Mock Test? 

    There are different ways to practice for MHT CET 2020. The most common way is to visit Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell's official website and click on the link for Mock Tests. Beside this, the mock test can be given in any of the following ways. 

    • Answer MHT CET Mock Test on third party websites. 
    • Buy and practice from books titled 'Solved MHT CET Papers'.
    • Buy other MHT CET Mock Test books and practice. 
    • Although learning from books is a good way to practice, it is more helpful to answer MHT CET Mock Tests on websites. This is because the tests are set to a timer which allows you to attempt the questions accordingly.

    MHT CET Free Mock Test

    MHT CET Free Mock Test

    Almost all of the candidates pay high fees for coaching institutes to avail or take mock tests online. But, the State Common Entrance Test Cell of Maharashtra provides applicants with online mock tests free of cost. If a candidate visits the official website, he or she will two options:

    • Attempt mock tests online. 
    • Download mock test. 

    Candidates can choose either of the available options or may choose one according to their preferences. If a candidate downloads the mock test, then the test can be taken at any time. Additionally, candidates will need an internet connection to view or to take the mock exam that they have downloaded.

    MHT CET Online Test Series

    MHT CET Online Test Series

    Mock tests, sample papers, and question papers from the previous year have an important effect on your preparation for the examination day. Mock tests help the candidates with time management and improves their confidence. The biggest advantage of answering mock tests and sample papers is that they will prepare you for any kind of question – tough, easy, lengthy, tricky, or confusing, and you will be ready for it with confidence.

    Besides official mock tests provided by the State Common Entrance Test Cell of Maharashtra, several other online test series are available to enhance your preparation for the exam. 

    Some of the most popular online test series for MHT CET are - 


    MHT CET mock tests will help you understand the core topics and concepts for a thorough preparation. Solving certain mock tests and question papers through College Dunia is a simple way to prepare for the test. There will come a time when you might run out of new kinds of questions. But, these question papers should keep you on track. They have all kinds of questions that could be asked in the upcoming MHT CET exams. 

    You can access mock tests from College Dunia here.

    1. EMBIBE

    Embibe's mock tests are based on the actual examination paper and can be of great benefit to your preparation. Answering these mock tests will enhance your conceptual knowledge as well as your pace of problem-solving.

    Step 1: Visit the official website of Embibe.

    Step 2: Then, click on the “Take a Test” tab. Select MHT CET.

    Step 3: Choose which kind of test you want to take like “Full Test” or “Previous Year Test” from the “Show All” drop down option.

    Step 4: Then, click on “Start Test”.

    Once you complete the test, you can check the analysis of your performance. It will include the following elements - 

    • Total score
    • Sectional score
    • You position with respect to the cut off marks
    • The number of correct, incorrect, and unattempted questions for every section.

    You can visit the official site of Embibe here


    They are 16 + years old in the world of education with a variety of experience that includes but not limited to conducting exams, preparing study material, providing various study platforms. They have a team of experts with a wealth of experience in the education field with a special emphasis on competitive exams focused on science. MHT-CET Mock Test is your best practice partner for training for online MHT-CET mock tests. It will help you boost your performance in every way, and make you confident that you can crack the MHT-CET Online Exam with flying colors. MHT-CET Mock Test allows you to practice online from anywhere and at any time. 

    You can access MHT-CET MOCK TEST here.

    Benefits of MHT CET Mock Test 

    The biggest advantage of taking the MHT CET Mock Test is that you can get ready for the final test. It allows the students to study by each chapter's weightage. It will also help them identify the questions that are important and commonly asked.

    A candidate may also benefit from the following points, in addition to ones mentioned above. 

    • Get familiar with the test pattern. 
    • Build up pace and accuracy of taking the test. 
    • Improve speed in solving problems. 
    • Boost understanding of concepts. 
    • Understand the level of test difficulty. 
    • Assess your position according to your scores.

    Attempt MHT CET mock tests today and ace the upcoming examination!

    Salient FAQs on MHT CET Mock Test

    MHT CET Mock Test FAQs

    Ques. In what way is the MHT CET mock test helpful?

    Ans. Taking a mock test of any exam, even MHT CET, can help an applicant understand the exam format, questions and difficulty level. It will help them in recognizing which questions can be expected and how to enhance the speed of answering the paper.. 

    Ques. Can I score full marks in MHT CET?

    Ans. Yes, a potential applicant can easily achieve 300 marks in the MHT CET. Because the exam has no negative marking, all questions can be answered even if you are not sure about the correct choice.

    Ques. Does MHT CET have any negative marking?

    Ans. No, MHT CET does not have any negative marking for incorrect answers. Therefore, attempting all the questions in every section is advised.

    Ques. How can I crack MHT CET?

    Ans. The MHT CET exam syllabus is composed of subjects studied in Classes 11 and 12. Hence, the applicants have already learned most of the topics before applying for the exam. A student can, however, keep revising and take MHT CET Mock Tests to obtain maximum marks. 

    Ques. When will MHT CET 2020 be held?

    Ans. MHT CET was scheduled to be conducted between 13th - 23rd April, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, it has been postponed. Fresh dates of the exam will be announced later. Ensure that you download and take a print out of your MHT CET admit card prior to the exam. It has important details regarding your exam centre and registration number, among other information. 

    Mock Test


    Physics & Chemistry Paper II Ver. 33.pdf


    Physics & Chemistry Paper II Ver. 11.pdf


    Mathematics Paper I Ver. 44.pdf


    Mathematics Paper 1 Ver. 11.pdf


    Biology Paper III Ver. 44.pdf


    Phy,Chem Ak 2018.pdf


    Biology AK 2018.pdf


    Maths AK 2018.pdf


    Physics & Chemistry Ques. Paper-I Ver. 11


    Physics & Chemistry Ques. Paper-I Ver. 22


    Biology Ques. Paper II Ver. 22


    Biology Ques. Paper II Ver. 22


    Biology Ques. Paper II Ver. 33


    Biology Ques. Paper II Ver. 44


    Mathematics Ques. Paper III Ver. 11


    Mathematics Ques. Paper III Ver. 22


    Mathematics Ques. Paper III Ver. 33


    Mathematics Ques. Paper III Ver. 44


    Physics & Chemistry Ques. Paper I Ver. 33


    Physics & Chemistry Ques. Paper I Ver. 44

    Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics QA.pdf


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