MHT CET 2020 Paper Analysis: Important Topics, Cut Off, & Expert Tips

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    MHT CET 2020 has been further postponed by State CET cell. Fresh dates of the exam will be announced soon. As the examination will take place in multiple slots or sessions, the aspirants can check the thorough analysis of every slot here. This will assist the candidates in last-minute revision for other slots or shifts. Check your rank using MHT CET Rank Predictor

    The exam analysis of MHT CET 2020 will encompass difficulty level, important questions, chapters with most weightage and other relevant details. Candidates need to be thorough with the textbooks in order to score well in this entrance exam. Know Important Books for MHT CET 2020 Preparation

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    MHT CET 2019 Paper Analysis 

    MHT CET 2019 Paper Analysis 

    MHT CET 2019 was administered from May 02 to 13, 2019 in multiple slots or sessions. Approximately, 4.13 lakh aspirants of engineering, pharmacy and agriculture appeared for the MHT CET 2019 examination, which spanned for 12 days. In comparison to 4.36 lakh registrations in 2018 , the total number of candidates who registered for the exam in 2019 fell by 5 per cent. Out of all the candidates who enrolled for the 2019 MHT CET, 1.20 lakh opted for PCM while 1.22 lakh opted for PCB. For all four papers - Physics , Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology (PCMB), roughly 1.7 lakh aspirants appeared.

    Total number of applications 422425
    Total number of incomplete applications9141
    Total number of completed applications 413284
    Total number of candidates who appeared for PCM120000
    Total number of candidates who appeared for PCB122000
    Total number of candidates who appeared for both (PCMB)170000

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    The difficulty level of MHT CET 2019 was easy to moderate, based on the overall feedback obtained from students of all sessions and slots. All of the primary MHT CET 2019 exam highlights can be reviewed below. 

    Level of Difficulty: The exam's overall level of difficulty was said to be easy to moderate. Many difficult questions were not asked. In all shifts or slots, about 60% of the paper was found to be easy. 

    Easy Subject: In all shifts, mathematics was considered to be the easiest subject while physics had an easy to moderate difficulty level. 

    Difficult Subject: For most of the students, chemistry proved to be difficult. MHT CET's section on Chemistry had an equal combination of theory and numerical problems. 

    Questions from Mathematics: Most of the questions from Mathematics were asked from the topics given below - 

    • Logic Truth Table
    • Set Relation
    • Area under Curve
    • LPP – Maximize, Minimize
    • Vectors 3D (7 Questions)
    • Continuity
    • Calculus (8-10 Questions)
    • Matrices (3 Questions)
    • Sequence & Series (3 Questions)
    • Circle (3 Questions)
    • Conic (3 Questions)

    MHT CET 2019 Cut-off 

    RoundsCut Off Lists for MaharashtraCut Off Lists for All India
    Round ICutoff ListCutoff List
    Round IICutoff ListCutoff List
    Round IIICutoff ListCutoff List

    MHT CET 2018 Paper Analysis 

    MHT CET 2018 Paper Analysis 

    This year, MHT-CET 2018 observed a rise in the number of applicants from Maharashtra state by almost 14 per cent. Roughly, 4.34 lakh candidates had registered for the exam. The paper was considered extremely simple by the candidates who appeared for the MHT-CET 2018 entrance exam on 10 May. The first reaction that was received from students and experts as Physics and Chemistry concluded is that there were almost no conceptual questions in the paper. Nearly all of the questions asked in the entrance exam were either based on information or on formulas. 

    Additionally, students stated that they found MHT-CET 2018 to be one of the easiest entrance examinations for engineering. According to others, the difficulty level of the paper was not even half in comparison with the JEE Mains 2018. Another comment from the students was that in both papers this year, they faced no time management problem. There were lesser calculations, and a few questions were even non-numerical ones. 

    MHT CET 2018 Section-wise Difficulty 

    Subject Level of DifficultyGood Attempts Accuracy Good Score 
    • All three sections, namely mathematics, physics , and chemistry, were of moderate level of difficulty. 
    • In Physics, there were more numerical-based questions than theoretical ones. 
    • In Chemistry, many questions were asked from Chemical bonding and Organic Chemistry. 
    • In the mathematics section, there was a lot of emphasis given to limits, logs, calculus, probability, functions, and graphs questions. But, the questions were not very difficult. 
    • 80 percent of the questions in all three sections were from the syllabus of Class 12 while only 10 percent were from the syllabus of Class 11. 
    • Since there was no negative marking, all 150 questions could be attempted.
    • It was not very difficult for a well-prepared student to answer 130 out of 150 questions with an accuracy of about 85 to 90 per cent. 
    • This could lead to a score of 150 plus, which is a quite good score for obtaining a seat in the chosen stream in colleges like Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJIT), K J Somaiya and College of Engineering, Pune. 
    • One could expect a rank of nearly 6000 with a score of 130, which also ensured secure admission in top government engineering colleges and universities. 
    • A score of 100 is also good for getting a place in Maharashtra's Top 30 Engineering Colleges.
    • There are several engineering colleges in the state of Maharashtra which provide admission through MHT CET. So, even with a rank of 2 lakh, a candidate can avail admission in lower ranked colleges.

    MHT CET 2018 Cut-off 

    RoundsCut Off Lists for MaharashtraCut Off Lists for All India
    Round ICutoff ListCutoff List
    Round IICutoff ListCutoff List
    Round IIICutoff ListCutoff List
    Additional RoundCutoff ListCutoff List

    Important Topics with Weightage in MHT CET 2019 and 2018 

    Important Topics with Weightage in MHT CET 2019 and 2018 


    MHT CET Mathematics Chapter NameWeightage
    Trigonometric Functions8%
    Three Dimensional Geometry8%
    Probability Distribution8%
    Applications of Derivatives5%
    Differential Equations6%
    Bernoulli Trials And Binomial Distribution4%
    Pair Of Straight Lines5%
    Linear Programming Problems2%
    Applications of Definite Integrals4%
    Mathematical Logic3%


    MHT CET Physics Chapter NameWeightage 
    Kinetic Theory Of Gases And Radiation12%
    Atoms, Molecules, And Nuclei8%
    Rotational Motion7%
    Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current6%
    Electromagnetic Induction6%
    Wave Motion5%
    Circular Motion4%
    Surface Tension4%
    Interference And Diffraction4%
    Current Electricity4%
    Stationary Waves3%
    Electrons And Photons3%
    Wave Theory Of Light2%
    Communication Systems1%


    MHT CET Chemistry Chapter NameWeightage
    Chemical Thermodynamics And Energetics15%
    p-Block Elements – Group 15 To 189%
    Coordination Compounds9%
    d And f Block Elements8%
    Alcohols, Phenols, And Ethers8%
    Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen8%
    Solid State6%
    Solutions And Colligative Properties6%
    Chemical Kinetics5%
    Halogen Derivatives Of Alkanes And Arenes5%
    Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids5%
    Chemistry In Everyday Life5%

    Tips to Ace MHT CET 2020 from Toppers of 2019 and 2018 

    Tips to Ace MHT CET 2020 from Toppers of 2019 and 2018 

    The 2019 and 2018 MHT CET rank holders have shared their experiences of taking the MHT CET entrance exam and how they prepared for the same. Take a look at the tips given below to gain important insights for your MHT CET preparation. 

    1. The more the students practice, the greater the chances are of them qualifying with appreciable marks in the MHT CET entrance exam. 
    2. The candidates must never make the mistake of overlooking their weaker areas. Rather, they must recognize them as soon as possible, and work on them. 
    3. "Shyness is the enemy of clarity," i.e. in the event of any doubt, the aspirants must not act timidly while obtaining the experts or teachers' suggestions. 
    4. It is really important that they understand the definitions in detail. 
    5. It is very important for the test-takers to know how to manage the time during the exam.
    6. Prescribed textbooks for classes 11 and 12 must be studied well first and then, additional or reference study materials must be used. 

    Question Attempting Insights from Experts to Clear MHT CET Cut off 

    Question Attempting Insights from Experts to Clear MHT CET Cut off 

    Although toppers are the people that have come out in flying colours in MHT CET, it is the educators behind them who could be credited with some of the success. As most of the coaching experts and teachers possess years of experience, their tips, if abided, will help students with concerns on how to crack MHT CET 2020. Experts from leading coaching centers and school teachers point out that MHT CET is based more or less on the syllabus covered in Maharashtra's state syllabus for class 11 and class 12. It is essential that they begin to study and prepare themselves from class 11 by practicing the problems given at the end of each chapter and understanding the concepts before practising. 

    Nagesh Sawant, Mathematics teacher at Ghonse Academy affirms this. His advice, "Since the MHT CET syllabus is from Class 11 and Class 12, organizing it from Class 11 itself is wise. Learn the chapter well, practice questions from the textbook at the end of every chapter. Next, answer the same topic questions from various other sources such as coaching content, online review papers and papers from previous years. In the said topic, this helps them get strong. Other than that, they must check and see where they have gone wrong every time a question goes wrong, and improve that. Practice allows them to be perfect in the subject matter and helps in managing time.” 

    Subject-wise Insights 

    Every syllabus topic plays a central role in clearing MHT CET 2020. Candidates should prepare subject matter wisely. In the test, the standard XI curriculum will be given 20 per cent weightage and the standard XII curriculum will be given 80 percent weightage when the question paper is being set. Instead of applying the same study technique to all subjects, try to follow the study patterns subject-wise. 


    Physics is a very typical subject, since there are mathematical formulas and derivations in physics. Thus, it requires more and more practice. Through regular practice, candidates can do well in physics and work to solve the derivation, instead of trying to cram it. Candidates must go through previous year's papers and refer to NCERT books, because they will help to strengthen the basic concepts. 

    • Solving the subject of numerical physics is a major challenge for students, but daily learning strengthens the calculation skills. 
    • Keep a time check when answering a question. This helps to handle time effectively during the exam.


    Chemistry is the subject with the highest scoring potential in the MHT CET. In this segment, students can get good marks with a bit of hard work. Mostly, Chemistry questions will be asked from the 12th standard syllabus, so you have to master this topic to ace the exam. 

    • Students must study all the basic concepts of chemistry and attempt to understand equations of all molecules and mixtures. 
    • Numerical chemistry is not too hard for candidates to easily achieve quite good marks.


    Biology is one of the key topics for the MHT CET Exam. Candidates therefore need to prepare well for the Biology topics. Biology consists of the Zoology and Botany questions. So, students need to be familiar with the subject's fundamentals and use flow charts as well. Candidates must revise the topics from zoology and botany properly because the concepts or wording used in these topics are difficult and confusing. So, revision makes the paper well understood to solve. 

    • Make sure you prepare with the latest syllabus and examination pattern. Biology will cover the highest marks in the question paper. 
    • Study Zoology and Botany consistently because marks are equally distributed.


    Mathematics is based entirely on calculations and derivations, therefore you have to work on calculations. To get good marks, focus more on topics like Conic Section with an ellipse, hyperbola, parabola, and rectangular parabola, Trigonometry, Vectors, 3D and Integral Calculus. Remember that no calculator will be allowed in the exam. Solve all the questions manually while practicing. This will allow you to improve your speed. 

    • Take note of formulas on one page and try revising them over and over again.
    • Discover tricks, math shortcuts, and memory methods, so that papers can be solved in an easy and effective way.

    Now that you have read the MHT CET Paper Analysis, structure your preparation and expectations for the upcoming exam accordingly. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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