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MHT CET 2021 Physics Syllabus, Topics, Weightage, Sample Questions

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MHT CET is conducted by Maharashtra State Authority for the admission in various Technical and Non-Technical Courses. This article will be helpful for the candidates who are trying to get admission in either Engineering or B.Sc. in Pharmacy or agriculture Institutes through MHT CET 2021.

Generally, Physics topics that are asked in MHT CET include the syllabus of class 11th and 12th as prescribed by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education, which consists of Magnetic effect of current, Scalars & Vectors, Measurements, Friction, Ray optics, Kinetic theory and so on. It is very important to know the basics for clearing any entrance exam. So, MHT CET 2021 aspirants are advised to start their preparation in a way that all the general & tricky questions can be covered till the exam date. Units, Dimensional Formula, Prefixes used in the metric system are the essential topics for the upcoming MHT CET entrance exam. 

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MHT CET 2021 Physics Syllabus – Class wise

The questions come from 11th and 12th syllabus. Let’s have a look at the table given below for important topics from the syllabus of 11th and 12th class.

Class 11th Syllabus
  1. Scalar Quantities and Vector Quantities (Scalars & Vectors)
  2. Force
    • Centripetal Force
    • Centrifugal Force
    • Moment of force
    • Equilibrium
  3. Fraction in solids and liquids
    • Kinetic
    • Static
  4. Refraction of light, seed of light in different mediums.
    • Refraction laws
    • Snell’s Law
    • Absolute Refractive Index
    • Angle of Refraction
    • Internal Refraction
    • Optical Fibre
    • Convex lens
    • Concave lens
  5. Ray optics
  6. Magnetic effect of electric current.
  7. Magnetism
    • Attractive Property
    • Directive Property
    • Its Intensity
Class 12th Syllabus
  1. Motion
    • Circular Motion
    • Wave Motion
    • Rotational Motion
    • Uniform Speed
  2. Gravitation
    • Value of G
    • Gravitational force & weight
  3. Oscillations
    • Simple Harmonic Motion
  4. Elasticity
    • Elastic Limit or Maximum value of deforming force
    • Stress
    • Strain
    • Hooke’s Law
  5. Surface Tension
    • Cohesive force
    • Adhesive force
    • Capillarity
    • And its illustrations
  6. Stationary waves
    • Wave theory and formulas
  7. Kinetic Theory
  8. Interference and diffractions
  9. Electrostatics & Current Electricity.
    • Magnetic effects of electric current.
    • Electromagnetic inductions
  10. Magnetism
  11. Electrons and Photons, Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei.
  12. Semiconductors
  13. Communication systems

Topic Wise Weightage

Weightage of Important Topics from MHT CET Physics 2021

After going through the question papers of previous years, you will get to know that Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation is one of the most important topics for MHT CET.

  • The weightage for this topic is 12-13%.
  • Oscillations is another important and a little tough topic with 8% of weightage.
  • Atoms, Molecules, and Nuclei questions are very tricky, but not that tough. The weightage for these types of topics is 8-9%.
  • You may see the following table to know the weightage of all topics from the Physics Section:
Important Topics Weightage
Electrostatics 7%
Rotational Motion 7%
Semiconductors 6
Magnetic effects of electric Current 6%
Electromagnetic Induction 6%
Wave Motion 5%
Magnetism 5%
Surface tension 4-3%
Circular Motion 4-3%
Current Electricity 4-3%
Interference and diffractions 4-3%
Stationary Waves 3% or 2%
Gravitation 3%
Electrons and Photons 3%
Elasticity 2%
Wave theory of light & Communication Systems 1%

The weightage of above-mentioned topics is based on the Previous year’s Question Papers, and MHT CET Pattern is the same for 2021.

Section-wise Difficulty

MHT CET Physics Difficulty Level

As per the candidates who appeared for MHT CET 2020, the paper was moderate in difficulty.

  • In Physics, a lot of numerical-based questions were asked as compared to theoretical questions.
  • 80% questions were from 12th class syllabus, and the rest 10% were from 11th class syllabus.
  • There is no negative marking, and this is a plus point for getting good marks in this exam.
  • Overall, the paper was not very difficult. If your basic concepts are clear, you may pass this exam.
  • Kinetic theory, Numeric-questions from the aforementioned topics in the table of Weightage Section are asked.
  • Gravitation questions are difficult while waves questions are tricky and short in words.
  • Direct questions from Units can be seen in the exam.

MHT CET Physics Sample Questions

Q.1 The length of Oscillation of a pendulum of length 1cm is 32 cm. What’s the maximum velocity?

Q.2 What’s the angular velocity in time?

Q.3 Angle made by Optical ray is called?

Q.4 The frequency for a series limit of Balmer and Paschen Series are X1, X2 and X3. If the frequency of the first line of Balmer series X2 then the relation between X1, X2 AND X3 is?

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Preparation Tips 2021

MHT CET 2021 Preparation Tips

  • Go through the syllabus first.
  • Solve the question papers of past years.
  • After doing these aforementioned steps, you would be able to figure out your weaknesses and strengths.
  • Take help from your mentors in the weaker Sections.
  • Keep a diary with you, and make a list of topics which you want to cover within one week. Further, revise the completed topics daily.
  • Important discoveries in physics should be watched by candidates to develop interest in this subject. As per the syllabus provided by MHT CET Cell for this exam, topics in long paragraphs and words should be avoided.
  • It's often seen that students take Small and Theory based questions very lightly. They hardly pay attention to the easy topics as they focus on other tough and lengthy topics. This is really a wrong approach on their part. Candidates should note that examiners want to check their analytical skills and subject knowledge. In the exam, each and every topic should be crystal clear for you, whether it's easy or tough. Because easy questions are asked in a tricky way.

MHT CET Tips From Toppers

Divya Govardhan Biyani, the top rank holder with 99.99 percentile in MHT CET 2018 scored 165 out of 200 marks. It was her first attempt that turned her into the first rank holder in MHT CET 2018. Divya is a B.Tech in Computer Engineering from Government College of Engineering, Pune with a CGPA of 7.95. Divya belongs to Nanded and her name featured in the Maharashtra state merit list in class Xth & XIIth board exams. A recipient of Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation award & scholarship, Divya has been a merit ranker in scholarship exams.

Preparation tips by Divya

  • Self Preparation is the best. I prepared for MHT CET on my own.
  • No regular coaching classes were attended by me.
  • Taking as many mock tests as possible is a good preparation strategy. Divya joined an online Mock test series by Cetking.
  • 20 full-length mock tests as per actual exam pattern were taken by Divya. It helped her to manage time.
  • MHT CET according to Divya, is a time management exam. Maximising the attempts is a must within the time allotted.
  • The key tip is to manage time and practice as per the actual test pattern
  • Skipping the questions is an art and should be learnt to avoid wastage of time.
  • Don’t get nervous in the exam hall, even if there are any technical glitches. Keep your confidence level high.
  • Reasoning commands a lion’s share in MHT CET, so focus on it more. It is also time consuming, so practice it more.
  • Best way to improve on Logical and Abstract Reasoning questions is to solve as many sets of puzzles in the shortest time with accuracy

Recommended Books 2021

Recommended Books for MHT CET Physics

MHT CET is based on the curriculum of class 11th and 12th of Maharashtra state board of secondary and higher education. Most of the questions are directly asked from the syllabus of Maharashtra state board textbook. A candidate needs to practice at least twice from the textbooks as it will help in the preparation of most of the basic concepts ensuring 100 marks in the exam. Next 100 marks can be achieved by following dedicated competitive books for MHT CET.

Book Author Publication
Objective Physics MHT CET R.P Biradar S.J Chandele Pradnya PLPN
Physics (MCQ) MHT CET A.J Rajput Marvel Publications
MHT CET Prep Guide Physics M.K Dikshit Arihant Publications

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Frequently Asked Questions

MHT CET Physics Syllabus FAQs

Ques. From where we should cover the Important derived Units for MHT CET 2021?

Ans. Everything is given in the textbook of class 11th and 12th, but you may prepare from the book published by Arihant Publications for the competitive Exams. See the footnotes in your book for the same. The book by M.K Dikshit would be really helpful to cover-up the concepts and things which you may skip during your preparation from the board textbook. Topics like Conversion of Units from one system to another system, Units of Physical Quantity, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Pressure, Sound wave, Light, Electricity, Simple Harmonic Motion, Graviton, etc., can be found in that book easily. You may use this book for the revision purposes.

Ques. Is it necessary to get 95 percentile in MHT CET 2021 for the admission in top colleges?

Ans. It will depend on the opening and closing ranks of each and every individual college. Though 82-90% would be enough to get a good college, it cannot be confirmed until MHT CET cuff-off is released by respective Institutes.

Ques. I heard that the difficulty level of MHT CET is very high and due to the quota and the competition is higher than other state exams. Is it true?

Ans. The difficulty level of MHT CET is moderate if you are good at solving numeric-based and general-concept-based questions. You just need to solve the Physics book published by Marvel Publications, and take Mock Tests.

Ques. What’s the marking scheme and total duration of MHT CET?

Ans. Each question in MHT CET is for 1 mark in every subject except Maths (2 marks). And the total duration for this exam is 180 minutes. You will be given 3 hours to attempt 150 questions. Don't waste your time on unfamiliar questions. First attempt easy and familiar questions, and then try other sections.

Ques. I am weak in Physics. How should I prepare for MHT CET 2021?

Ans. Revise your concepts well. Don’t practice rote learning. Just try to understand the origin of each and every formula. RS Agarwal’s Book would be very helpful to open your analytical Mind. If you have time, solve questions from that book, and check Objective Physics for MHT CET by R.P.Biradar and S.J.Chandele by Pradnya Publications.

Ques. What will be the language of MHT CET 2021?

Ans. MHT CET 2021 will be conducted in three languages; Urdu, Marathi and English provided that, in case of any objection, all the decisions should be made based on the questions that are formed in English.

Ques. Which topic has the highest weight in MHT CET Physics?

Ans. Kinetic theory and Motions have the highest weightage in MHT CET Physics. Fractions and force are also important topics. The scalar and Vector quantities such as mass,speed, volume,work,time, power, energy, Displacement, velocity, acceleration,force etc. must be covered by MHT CET 2021 aspirants.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.