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MP Board Class 12 Exam 2021(Canceled): Check Latest Updates, Evaluation Criteria, Pattern and Syllabus

Results: 20 Aug `21
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MP Board class 12 exam 2021 has been canceled by MPBSE due to the worsening condition of coronavirus cases. The decision was made a day after the cancelation of CBSE Class 12 board exam, in line with CBSE’s decision to cancel Board Exams 2021. The chief minister of the state gave this announcement via twitter. Read More

  • MPBSE has released the class 10th Result 2021. Check Here
  • MPBSE has released the evaluation criteria for the calculation of class 12th results 2021.Class 12 marks will be calculated from the best of five marks obtained in various subjects of Class 10. Read More
  • MP Board Class 12 syllabus was reduced by 30% for AY 2020-21, no announcement for the AY 2021-22 yet
  • MPBSE will conduct a special Board Exam for students not satisfied with their scores calculated by the objective criteria. 
  • The exams will be conducted from September 1 2021 for high school, higher secondary and higher secondary vocational courses. 

MP Board 2021 Highlights

Board name  MPBSE (Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education)
Official website
Established in  1965
Location  Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Exams under this board Middle School Exam for Standard (Class VIII) High School Certificate Examination (Class X) Higher Secondary (School) Certificate Exam (Class XII)
Exam fee  INR 900
Number of board applicants 20 lakh in 2020
Mode of conducting exams Offline 
Total number of exam centers 3,682 across the state
Language of exam papers Hindi and English
Important Dates

MP Board 2021 Important Dates

Exam detail  Class 12 
Admit card release date  April 9, 2021
Exam start date  Canceled
Result declaration  August 2021
Special Board Exam Registration Start August 1 2021
Special Board Exam Registration End August 15 2021
Special Board Exam Date September 1 2021

MP Board Class 11th Result 2021: Evaluation Criteria

  1. A detailed evaluation process has been set for Classes 9 and 11. The final exams were not conducted due to rise in Covid-19 cases. Students will be evaluated on the basis of their performance in internal assessments that were conducted previously. 
  2. Results of the revision test conducted from November 20 – November 28 and the Half Yearly exams conducted from February 1 to February 9 are to be compared and considered. This means that the performance of the student in both these exams will be compared. Results will be taken from the exam in which the student achieved a higher score.
  3. The result will then be calculated on the basis of the score of the 5 top subjects. In case the student has failed (score is less than 33% marks) in 1 out of 6 subjects, they would still be declared as cleared.
  4. In case a student has failed in more than 1 subject, they may be awarded grace marks. Students can be awarded upto 10 grace marks in 1 or more subject.
  5. In case a student fails after receiving the grace marks in 2 or more subjects, they would be given another opportunity to appear for the exam in the required subject.
  6. Finally, in a situation where a student had not appeared for the November or the February examinations, they would be given another opportunity to appear for the examination.

MP Board Application Form 2021

The MP Board will be releasing an application form for the special Board Exams 2021 from August 1 to August 15 2021. The candidates who are not satisfied with their results calculated using the objective criteria can apply for these special Board exams. The result obtained by these exams will be considered final by the Board. 

MP Board has extended the last date to register for class 10th and 12th exam 2021 up to Dec 31, 2020. Candidates can fill and submit the application form along with the applicable fees by the stipulated date. However, the candidates have to pay a penalty of 100.00 INR for late submission. The penalty was higher earlier but the board has reduced the fee this season.

Candidates appearing for MP 12th Board exams 2021 can visit the website, download MP 12th application form 2021, and complete the registration process. All candidates will be required to complete the registration process before the final date to avoid a late submission fee. 

Admit Card 2021

MP Board Admit Card 2021

MP Board will be releasing the 2021 admit card for classes 10th and 12th board exam in the month of February 2021. Students will be able to download it from the official website by entering their application number till the portal is live.

  • Carrying the admit card on the day of examination is compulsory for all the students.

  • The admit card will be containing important details such as the student's name, date of birth, father’s name, mother’s name, gender, and the medium (Hindi or English).

  • It also has all details regarding the exam such as center number, school number, roll number, subjects with code, exam dates, exam time, candidate photo, and important instructions. 

  • Candidates must cross-check every detail mentioned in their admit card carefully. If any information on admit card mismatches with actual data, students may be disqualified. 

  • In case of any discrepancy, students must contact their respective school heads to resolve the error at the earliest. 

Exam Pattern

MP Board 2021 Exam Pattern 

MP Board 2020-21 exam will be conducted as per the old exam pattern. As per the recent notification the board has abolished long answer questions for session 2020-21 for both class 10th and 12th. This year the question paper will mainly contain Objective-type, short subjective type questions and analytical question. No question will carry more than 4 marks. The pattern of the questions is tabulated below:

Marks per Question Nature of Question Maximum Word Limit Number of Questions
1 mark Objective Type Question NA 30 Questions
3 marks Short/Subjective Question 70-100 3-5 Questions
4 marks Analytical Question 125-150 5-6 Questions

In order to understand MP Board 2021 exam pattern of each subject, candidates must go through the blueprint of each paper. This will help them get an idea of the types of questions, questions pattern, distribution of marks, and marking schemes. The exam duration for all papers is 3 hours. 

Subject wise blueprint for MP Board 2021 class 12:

Subject wise blueprint for MP Board 2021 class 12:

Syllabus 2021

MP Board Syllabus 2021

MP Board has reduced the syllabus of class 10 and 12 by 30%. This syllabus reduction is likely to be continued till the AY 2021-22 as well. The updated syllabus is given below:

MP Board class 10 Syllabus:

Subject Topics
English Grammar Reading Skills, Reading Unseen Passages, Writing Skills, Use of non-finites, Sentence connectives, Clauses with what, where and how, Past Tense, Modals Translation from Hindi to Eng
Mathematics  Real numbers, polynomials, pair of linear equations in two variables, quadratic equation, arithmetic progression, trigonometric ratios & identities, heights & distances, lines, triangles, circles, construction, area of plane figures, surface area & volume, statistics & probability
Science and Technology Chemistry - chemical reaction & equation, acids, bases, salts, metals & non metals, carbon & its compounds, periodic classification of elements Biology - our environment, life processes, control & coordination, reproduction in organisms, evolution & heredity Physics - effect of current, electricity, magnetic effects of electric current, light - refraction & reflection, human eye Environmental Science - Conservation & management of natural resources, sources of energy
Social Science India: Resources, Industry, Transport, Communication & Foreign Trade, Disaster Management, Map-Reading & Marking, First Struggle for Freedom and after, Events related of the Independence Revolution, Major Events of Post - Independence period, Indian Constitution, Working of Indian Democracy, Major Challenges before Democracy, Story of Development, Services Sector, Consumer Awareness, Economic Systems and Globalisation

MP Board Class 12 Syllabus:

Subject Topics
English Literature The Horse, Warrior Against Weeds, A Most Forgiving Ape, A Young Turkish Catastrophe, A Tiny Sanctuary, Mano Majra, A Jamaican Fragment, My Greatest Olympic Prize,The Heritage of India, Gold in the North, The Green Revolution, The Snob, Most Dear to All the Muses, On My Seventieth Birthday, The Case For the Defence
English Grammar Vocabulary, Unseen Passage, Letter, Precis, Kinds of sentences, Transformation of sentences, Tenses, Articles & Determiners, Preposition, Modals, Non-finites, Transformation of sentences, Punctuation, Phrasal Verbs, Clauses, Reported speech, Voices Active & Passive 
Mathematics Relations & functions, inverse trigonometric functions, matrices, determinants, continuity & differentiability, application of derivatives, integrals, differential equations, vectors, 3D geometry, linear programming, probability, 
Economics  i) Introduction, consumer behavior and demand, producer behavior and supply, forms of market and price determination, simple applications of tools of demand and supply curves ii) National income & related aggregates, income determination & employment, money and banking, government budget & the economy, balance of payments
History  i) Story of the first cities harappan archaeology, political and economic history, social histories using mahabharata, a history of buddhism ii) Medieval Society through Travellers' Accounts, Religious Histories: The Bhakti - Sufi Tradition, New Architecture: Hampi, Agrarian Relations: The Ain-i-Akbari, The Mughal Court: History through Chronicles iii) Colonialism and rural society, representations of 1857, colonialism & indian towns, mahatma gandhi through contemporary eyes, partition through oral sources, making of the constitution
Political Science i) The cold war era, end of bipolarity, us hegemony in world politics, alternative centres of power, contemporary south asia, international organizations, unit security in contemporary world, environment and natural resources, globalization ii) Challenges of nation building, era of one-party dominance, politics of planned development, india’s external relations, challenges to the congress system, crisis of the democratic order, rise of popular movements, regional aspirations, recent development in indian politics
Geography  i) Human Geography, People, Human Activities, Transport, Communication and Trade, Human Settlements, Map work ii) People, Human Settlements, Resources and Development, Transport, Communication & International Trade, Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and problems, Map Work 
Physics  Electric charges and fields, electrostatic potential and capacitance, current electricity, moving charges & magnetism, magnetism & matter, electromagnetic induction, alternating current, electromagnetic waves, ray optics and optical instruments, wave optics, dual nature of radiation and matter, atoms, nuclei, semiconductor electronics
Chemistry  Solid state, solutions, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, general principles & processes of isolation elements, p, d, f-block elements, coordination compounds, haloalkanes & haloarenes, alcohols, phenols & ethers, aldehydes, ketones & carboxylic acids, amines, biomolecules, polymers, chemistry in everyday life
Biology  Sexual reproduction, Genetics and evolution, Biology and human Welfare, biotechnology and its applications, Ecology and environment
Result 2021

MP Board Result 2021

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education will declare class 10 results in the month of July 2021. Class 12 results will be declared in the month of August 2021. Candidates who appeared for the Madhya Pradesh Board exams will be able to check their scores online at the official website by entering their roll number and application number. 

  • Results will be published on multiple sites from which students can check online such as,, or 
  • Students will find details such as name, father and mother’s name, center code, school code, enrollment number, application number, roll number, subject-wise marks breakup, total marks, and qualification status on their results.
  • Students who have passed their examination must collect the mark sheet from their respective institutions. 
  • Previously, MP Board used to consider the best of 5 subjects for percentage calculation, but due to the cancellation of the examination, best of 3 will be considered this year. 
  • This year, the pass percentage of MP Board 10th board exam girls was 65.87% while for boys it was 60.09%. The minimum pass requirement was reduced from 33% to 27%. 
  • MP Board 10th board exam 2020 pass percentage saw an improvement compared to that of last year (62.84% average pass percentage) this year.
  • Candidates who are not satisfied with their marks can apply for retotalling or view answer booklets online by paying an application fee of INR 100 per subject.
  • The application portal for retotalling will be live from July 2021.
  • Class division is as follows: 1st division - minimum of 65%, 2nd division - minimum of 45%, 3rd division - minimum of is 33%
  • Students who failed to pass the examination must appear for supplementary/ compartment exams which usually are conducted in mid August and results are announced the very month or next.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When will MP Board 2021 class 10 results be released?

Ans. MP Board 2021 class 10 results will be released in the month of July 2021

Question: How can I check my MP Board 2021 board results?

Ans. Candidates will be able to check their MP Board 2021 board by visiting the official website of Madhya Pradesh Board; and clicking on the result link. They must enter their roll and application number to view the exam scores. 

Question: What is the application fee for MP Board 2021 board exam?

Ans. Application fee for MP Board 2021 exams will be INR 900. 

Question: When will MP Board 2021 class 12 remaining exams be held?

Ans. Remaining exams for class 12 MP Board board are cancelled. There will, however be a special exam for students who are not satisfied with their scores from September 1 2021. 

Question: What is the pass marks for the MP Board 2021 board exam?

Ans. Pass marks for Madhya Pradesh board exams is 27 percent. Earlier it was 33 percent. 

Question: What is the marking scheme of the MP Board 10th exam?

Ans: The total marks of the subjects is 100. The subjects which have practical tests are marked as 75 for theory and 25 for practicals.

Question: What is the duration of the MP Board 10th exam?

Ans: The duration of the MP Board 10th exam is three hours for each paper.

Question: What is the difficulty level of the MP Board 10th exam?

Ans: The difficulty level of the MP Board 10th exam is generally termed as easy to moderate.

Question: How should I prepare for the MP Board 10th exam?

Ans: The ideal way to prepare for the MP Board 10th exam is to complete the syllabus and gain conceptual clarity. Followed by this, they have to practice as much as possible. They should practice the past years’ question papers to get proper clarity on the exam pattern and form an exam-taking strategy in terms of time management and choosing the right questions.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


What will happen if I have not given internal exams?
shivangi srivastava

Well, for your general notification the examinations of Madhya Pradesh Board 2021 have been cancelled due to the rise in covid- 19 cases. MPBSE will soon announced the renewed assessment criteria for the students, so must wait until the same. In case it depends on your internal marks, you might have problems arising in future.

ramesh kumar gupta
Is there any scope that I can get compartment or general promotion is sure?
shivangi srivastava

You must know that the Madhya Pradesh Board examinations have been cancelled as per the notice by the authority due to the pandemic situation. However, usually there are compartment examinations that are offered to the students in case they are not satisfied with their previous performance and you can contact the authority for the same.

Do I need to register myself from school or on MP online?
shivangi srivastava

Well, usually the registration for MP Board is done through the school itself but the candidates can also register from the official website depending upon the criteria of their respective school. The candidates can visit the site, download the application forms and complete the registration process thereby until the deadline.