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NEET PG 2021 Preparation Tips, Important Topics, And Recommended Books

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In order to prepare for the exam, Collegedunia has shared some tips and tricks that candidates can follow while preparing for the exam. Starting from NEET PG Syllabus that is divided into 3 sections subjects candidates sort out the important topics. Some important topics from the syllabus are Microbiology, Pathology, etc. 

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NEET PG Latest updates:

  • April 15 : NEET PG Exam has been postponed untill further notice in view of the rising Covid-19 cases.
  • Feb 23 : Registration date for NEET PG is from Feb 23, 2021 till March 15, 2021.

The questions will be based on these topics and will be medical or graduation level syllabus specific. Preparation for the exam should be done according to the NEET PG Exam Pattern issued by NBE. The exam comprises 300 multiple choice questions conducted through online mode. The medium of examination is English only.

Read the article to know more about NEET PG Preparation tips, important topics, and much more. ​

NEET PG Important Topics

NEET PG Important Topics

Certain topics are more crucial than others depending upon the exam pattern. The candidates should take note of such topics and pay more attention to them. These topics have more weightage and allow candidates to score better with a better understanding of it. A list of the important topics is attached here:

Pathology Initial 5-6 chapters from Robin’s small book.
Medicine CNS, Endo
PSM Changes in NHP’s, recent advances and vaccines
Pharmacology Recent drugs
Shorter subjects Anesthesia, Dermatology and Radiology

NEET PG Preparation Tips

How to Prepare For NEET PG?

Comprehensive and systematic preparation is needed to qualify for the exam. The exam is of national level and thorough efforts are required for a successful result. NEET PG 2021 syllabus is based on UG standard of Medical Council of India. The aspiring candidates should have in-depth knowledge of the topics studied at the undergraduate level. Candidates should start preparing as a lot is to be revised before the exam and the time is always slipping away. The following tips should be kept in mind while preparing for the NEET PG 2021 exam:

Prepare a schedule:  Candidates should have clarity in the mind about what to prepare for the exam. Thus, there is a need to select the target to be achieved. The major points to be taken care of are:

  • To prepare for NEET PG 2021 the topics with higher weightage should be given more time.
  • Regular hours should be devoted to the studies.

Manage the time: Effective management of time means complete utilization of the time for our benefit. NEET PG syllabus if very comprehensive and bulky. The following points should be kept in mind:

  • The time is precious and should not be wasted in focusing on a single topic.
  • The distribution of time needs to be according to the specific topics and their understanding by the candidate.

Divide the topics: Instead of dealing with a huge topic it is better to break it into smaller sub-portions and then deal with it. The candidates can take small portions of the topic daily and it will be easier to understand a vast subject.

Clarification of doubts: While preparing for the NEET PG 2021 exam the candidates preparing for the exam will come across problems, difficulties and doubts. These questions must be addressed and answers should be found for them. The candidates can seek help from the subject expert, teachers and scholars. For a good hold and deep knowledge of the topics, all the doubts must be clarified.

Regular assessment: A daily analysis of the progress should be done by the candidates. Unless the achievement level is known the preparation is meaningless. This will allow the candidates to revise their preparation methods. The candidates can assess their performance in the following ways:

  • Sample papers: Do NEET PG sample papers regularly to assess your performance and a better understanding of the exam pattern of the test.
  • Mock test: Take online mock tests and keep a track on the short comings and improve the preparation strategies.

Take a break: After putting heavy labour during study hours the candidates need some rest and relaxation. Take a small break refresh and come back to the study. This will allow for rejuvenation of the faculties and better performance. It will also reduce a candidate’s stress levels and re-energize them.

Revision tips:

  • At the last moment, the revision should be highly specific and selective. For overall revision, Pre and Para subjects must be given emphasis by the students. These subjects would be important for merit and a good score. Though other subjects like Medicine, Surgery, OBS & Gynecology, and Pediatrics are also of primary importance.
  • The candidates can spend less time on Medicine as about 21 multiple choice questions are asked from this subject.
  • Take revision crash courses or consider handbooks and short books to cover all the topics in the revision. All the left-out subject topics shall also be covered this way.
Division of Syllabus

Division of Syllabus for NEET PG Preparation

As per NEET PG Exam Pattern, there will be a total of 300 questions from various topics. So candidates can divide these topics based on the number of questions asked from a section. For your convenience we have divided the topics based on the number of questions and also mentioned how much time you need to spend on that topic. 

Less Number of Questions are asked from:

Topics No. of Questions Preparation Plan
ENT 10 Questions
  • Important Topics with Medium weightage
  • ENT, Pediatrics etc. are small and concise topics and less time consuming
  • Start with these easy topics and then shift to difficult topics
Forensic Medicine 10 Questions
Pediatrics 10 Questions
Ophthalmology 10 Questions
Biochemistry 16 Questions
Anatomy 17 Questions
Physiology 17 Questions

Maximum Number of Questions are asked from:

Topics No. of Questions Preparation Plan
Microbiology 20 Questions
  • Very important topics with maximum weightage
  • Lengthy topics and are time-consuming
  • All these topics need to be covered in detail
Pharmacology 20 Questions
Pathology 25 Questions
Social and preventive medicine 25 Questions
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 30 Questions
General Medicine including Dermatology & Venereology & Psychiatry 45 Questions
General Surgery including Orthopedics, Anaesthesia & Radiodiagnosis 45 Questions

How NEET PG Revision Plan Will Work?

Break down the revision session into small chains: As a matter of convenience, the aspirants can split the entire syllabus into small chains. Applicants are also recommended to take short breaks between the revision of small chains. A little break will help improve their focus and make them mentally calm.

Try to revise self-made short notes: Applicants are recommended to make short notes of their own. They need to write the key principles, the chapter formulas, and they need to remember them. It's going to help them memorise them.

Revise as per the proper routine: Maintain a proper and healthy routine in your every day’s lifestyle. Hence, you need to follow the proper discipline and a well managed daily routine. Go through the below mentioned NEET revision plan 2021:

  • Wake up as per your convenience. You should not wake up in the afternoon.
  • Have well nutritious breakfast
  • Study regularly for two hours.
  • Take a small break of 10 minutes.
  • Start revision for half an hour
  • Now, have your lunch
  • Start to study for two continuous hours, which is followed by a 10 minutes short break
  • To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should do a little exercise.
  • Eat your snacks (have light weightage and healthy snacks. Avoid oily food).
  • Revision of half an hour
  • Have light dinner
  • You are advised to study for an hour after completing your dinner.
  • Now you can go off to the bed and sleep.

Analyse the NEET Preparation Progress

It is very necessary to test your learning since it is a part of the NEET PG revision plan 2021. Apart from measuring the progress, the aspirants can also identify their weakness, so that they can give extra focus on it. Hence, the aspirants should keep a track record of your preparation.

Preparation with Job

How To Prepare For NEET PG 2021 With A Job?

The following is the advice that can be considered by a working professional who wishes to apply for NEET PG 2021.

Maintain Balance:

It is very important for medical graduates to maintain a balance between their work life and study life. NEET PG 2021 Preparation with a job will require candidates to save time from the 24 hours of the day for studies. In order to ace, the exam medical graduates have to keep their work to the four walls of their workspace. Any disturbance from their work-life at the time of studies is completely capable of disturbing them.

Make a routine

To maintain balance as mentioned above, candidates must make a routine where they divide the available hours of the day such that they have enough time for their job, personal life and more importantly studies. This routine should include a division of important chapters in a manner that the candidate is able to cover the entire syllabus of NEET PG 2021 in the time at hand. Candidates must be very attentive and should follow their routine vehemently.

Have a wise friend circle

Having a wise friend circle that motivates candidates to study hard is a prerequisite for NEET PG 2021 preparations with a job. It is also to be noted that candidates will not have much time for friends during their preparation period, thus, the limited time which they spend with their friends must be inclusive of constructive discussions. If luck is by their side, medical graduates might find mentors for themselves among their peers. Also, from such friends, they can take advice on how to go about with their preparations for NEET PG with a job.


NEET PG 2021 Subject Wise Books

The following reference books will help the candidate in preparing for NEET PG 2021. These books have questions bearing the correct exam pattern and will give candidates an idea of the different types and categories of questions they can expect from the various subjects.

Subjects - Books name Author Name
Anatomy - Self assessment and review of Anatomy Rajesh Kaushal
Pharmacology - Review of Pharmacology Gobind Rai Garg and Sparsh Gupta, Ranjan Patel
Biochemistry - Self assessment and review of Biochemistry Rebecca James
Forensic Medicine - Self assessment and review of basic anatomy and forensic medicine Arvind Arora
Pathology - Review of Pathology and Genetics Sparsh Gupta & Devesh Mishra
Microbiology - Review of Microbiology and immunology Rachna Chaurasia
Pediatrics - Review of Pediatrics and neonatology Taruna Mehra
Medicine - Complete review of medicine for NBE Deepak Marwah
Surgery - Surgery essence Pritesh Singh SRB
PSM - Community medicine (PSM) Vivek Jain
Physiology - Review of Physiology Dr. Soumen Manna and Dr. Krishna Kumar
OBS and Gynae - Self assessment and review of obstetrics & Gynecology Sakshi Arora
ENT - ENT for entrance exam Manisha Sinha and Sachin Budhiraja
Ophthalmology - Comprehensive Ophthalmology AK Khurana Ruchi Rai
Orthopedics - Orthopedics quick review Apurv Mehra
Radiology - Review of Radiology Rajat Jain
Dermatology - Review of Dermatology Saurabh Jindal
Anesthesia - PROAFS Anesthesia for NBE Profs by Vivek Jain
Psychiatry - Review of Psychiatry Praveen Tripathi
Image-Based - Final Edge image based Deepak Marwah

What Not to do While Preparing For NEET PG?

There are certain practices that should be avoided while preparing for the NEET PG ExamThe practices no to be done while the candidates are:

  • Avoid too deep study of a single topic and better read all the subjects.
  • Be prepared for the test in advance and do not panic. Keep check of the documents and know the venue beforehand.

NEET PG 2021 Preparation Tips FAQS

Ques: What should be the daily routine to crack NEET 2021 with good rank?

Ans: In order to succeed, NEET 2021 aspirants must have a solid strategy which will guide you through the preparation journey. A daily routine for different people can be different, the key is to find what works best for you. Studying early in the day often helps. Regular intervals in the study schedule help in the long run. Candidates must study and practice for NEET 2021 with unwavering focus.

Ques: What are the best books for NEET 2021?

Ans: A majority of questions asked in NEET are from the NCERT textbooks. To fetch maximum marks, NCERT books of Class 11 and 12 must be thoroughly read. Candidates can also refer to Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma for Physics, Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman for Biology and Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon for Chemistry. Practising test papers will also help in understanding concepts. 

Ques: How do I crack NEET 2021 by self-study?

Answer: Self-study requires a lot of self-motivation as well. The preparation for NEET 2021 can be a tedious task thus making a pragmatic time-table to study through can be very helpful. Keeping a close tab on the mistakes done and improvements can prove to be beneficial. Making notes after concluding a chapter will allow to you revise the important topics and retain it for longer.

Ques: Is NEET a tough exam?

Ans: NEET is relatively a moderately easy exam, however, the number of applicants with respect to the number of seats available is very high making it tough to get admission. To get an MBBS seat it is very important to secure a good rank in NEET 2021. 

Ques: Is NCERT enough for Biology section?

Answer: NCERT is without a doubt the best source to learn Biology. The text of NCERT diagrams & their labelling, table’s & their data should be learnt & memorised in thoroughly. Students should essentially go through exemplars provided by CBSE/NCERT for question practice.

Ques: How many hours should I study for NEET?

Ans: Experts and toppers suggest that every day at least 5-6 hours of sincere study can be fruitful in achieving a good score in NEET 2021. 

Ques: Who is the concerned authority for conducting NEET PG 2021?

Ans: National Board of Examinations (NBE) will conduct NEET PG 2021 tentatively in the first week of January.

Ques: In which mode will the authorities release the application form of NEET PG?

Ans: NEET PG application form 2021 will be released in online mode and can be filled by eligible candidates by paying the application fee as set by the authorities.

Ques: Is it possible to crack NEET PG 2021 while pursuing a job?

Ans: Yes, in every scenario it is completely possible for a medical graduate to ace NEET PG 2021 entrance examination with flying colors while pursuing a job. For tips to the same candidates should refer to the article above.

Ques: Will there be any change in the syllabus for NEET PG?

Ans: No, until now there has been no announcement made regarding a change in the syllabus of NEET PG 2021.

Ques: How many hours should I study to clear NEET PG 2021?

Ans: Medical graduates must note that it is not the hours that count instead how well candidates study for the exam in that time is what matters.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

NEET PG 2021 : 3 answered questions


Ques. How should someone prepare for NEET-PG/AIIMS-PG/JIPMER-PG/PGIMER/SGPGIMS/NIMHANS right from 1st year of MBBS?

● Top Answer By Sonal Saini on 08 Jan 21

Ans. One of my friends faced the same situation in his first year in MBBS and never found a solution. However, you will find the answer by the time you come in 3rd-year. The following table provides some recent information about the availability of seats in PG. Total number of MD + MS + Diploma seats in India 28,715 Total number of MD+ MS+ Diploma government seats. 18,657 Number of Government qualified PG institutes in India 64 Key highlights: The first task is to build the concepts and not get puzzled by everything. Those concepts will have to be applied to answer MCQs in the PG entrance exams. The topics which are in high demand must be given prime priority. A priority list can be made by going through the previous year's papers and sorting out the necessary topics. Understanding the format of the exam is utterly necessary and is the key to crack it. While solving a question, you must apply knowledge from two or more subjects. All dissection, physiology, and biochemistry practical classes are very essential and the student should attend them. Those even help in pathology in the upcoming years of study. If necessary, the candidate can think of taking a coaching class from the 3rd year of MBBS for PG entrances. It is not usually preferred to opt for in the early years. Finally, the student should work as planned throughout the preparation. Having a passion for medical knowledge plays an important role to convert the hard-work into success.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Can someone simultaneously prepare for both AIIMS PG and NEET PG?

● Top Answer By Kaushal Sharma on 08 Jan 21

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely possible for someone to prepare for both AIIMS PG and NEET PG simultaneously. For that, there are a few points to consider which are stated below. The following table states the recent seat count available from NEET PG and AIIMS PG. Total Number of MD + MS + Diploma seats under NEET PG (Government + Private) 27,979 Total Number of MD+ MS+ Diploma Government seats under NEET PG 17,921 Total Number of MD + MS seats under AIIMS PG 680 Points to consider: AIIMS PG entrance takes place in November, whereas the NEET PG entrance is in January. So, it’s very natural to get tired after appearing in AIIMS if the candidate has high hopes for AIIMS. Therefore, it’s better to take a break for at least a week or until the result comes, after which the candidate is sure about whether to prepare for NEET PG or not. The syllabus and pattern for both AIIMS and NEET PG are the same. So, it will become easy for candidates to cover the entire course and practice accordingly. The syllabus should be covered subject-wise and as planned in one’s own strategy. After AIIMS is over, try to practice NEET PG mock tests in order to understand the pattern. You must focus more on the core knowledge and a brief overview of the updates would be enough. Do not feel stressed if you haven’t cleared AIIMS PG. You can give your best shot in NEET in a month's time and full-focus can do well. Having a similar structure and syllabus, both exams have a common way of preparation which needs to be covered at an early stage and the advanced preparation following it. So, simultaneous preparation is always possible.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How much Hard is to get an MD/MS seat through NEET PG or AIIMS PG?

● Top Answer By Sahil Khurana on 08 Jan 21

Ans. To be very honest, to get an MD/MS seat through NEET PG or AIIMS PG is not an impossible task. It requires a lot of focus, dedication, and appropriate preparation. The table below will give some recent insights about NEET PG and AIIMS PG. Total Number of MD + MS + Diploma seats under NEET PG (Government + Private) 27,979 Total Number of MD+ MS+ Diploma Government seats under NEET PG 17,921 Total Number of MD + MS seats under AIIMS PG 680 Number of candidates registered for NEET PG (2020) 1,67,102 Number of candidates qualified NEET PG (2020) 89,549 Number of candidates registered for AIIMS PG (2020) 30,000 (approx.) Key highlights: The main thing to keep in mind is that ‘Focus and Dedication’ make everything sorted. You must focus on proper preparation from the 1st year of MBBS. You will be required to do an internship after 4 years of MBBS. The time spent during the internship can be used in preparation for NEET PG or AIIMS PG.  For some candidates, taking a drop of a year for preparation suits best. While for the rest, preparation along with internship and regular practice is enough. It is very difficult to manage all subjects in a short period of time. The syllabus for the exam is also not fixed. Getting a seat in AIIMS PG is definitely a more difficult option than in NEET PG. For candidates having full faith, they should have a more refined and clear in-depth concept for the exams. If you are dedicated from the beginning, it is very easy to secure a seat through any entrance exam. Having a proper strategy from the initial days is the key to success in every competitive stage.Read more
1 Answer