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    National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is soon to become the only country-wide entrance exam for admission to MBBS / BDS courses offered by different colleges in India. The upcoming exam will see a rise in the levels of complexity and competitiveness as it will become the sole entrance exam to all the medical colleges in India. A good NEET Preparation Plan is required to stay ahead in this challenge. 

    Latest Update:NTA has officially announced to conduct NEET on July 26, 2020 as stated by HRD Minister in his webinar on May 5, 2020.

    The list of the suggested best books for NEET 2020 aims to help you pick the right book for your preparation. This article will give you a head start and reduce the effort you will have to put in otherwise to find the right approach and the best books on the market. It is very important that you sort out your books while preparing for NEET or you might get confused and lost when you could have been studying and revising more.

    Read the full article to understand NEET 2020 exam pattern and the best preparation books to start planning!

    NEET Exam Pattern Overview


    Mode of the assessment



    English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Oriya, Assamese, and Urdu

    Duration of the assessment

    3 hours

    Type of questions

    Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

    Total number of Questions


    Total Marks


    Negative marking


    Marking Scheme

    +4 for correct answer

    -1 for an incorrect answer

    Total number of sections in the question paper


    Name of the section and number of questions asked from it







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    Importance of Selecting Relevant NEET Books

    Importance of Selecting the Best Books to Crack NEET

    Aspirants need to have a consistent goal-oriented approach to crack every entrance test. Books are one of the main components of preparation. The market is saturated with thousands of NEET books, but candidates will need to refer to the right book to prepare for their test. As a result of its stakes and competitive nature, NEET preparation requires the best books so that candidates are prepared well for every subject in the syllabus.

    The significant reasons to select the best books to crack NEET are -

    • Aspirants will strengthen their NCERT concepts with the help of NEET best books.

    • The test will contain 180 questions, of which 50 percent will be asked on the lines of NCERT concepts. The other best NEET books will help aspirants grasp the principles more clearly and answer the remaining questions.

    • NEET exam includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and using the best NEET books can help students solve their MCQs within three hours of time.

    • Practising the MCQs from the best books will help medical applicants develop their planning technique, pace, and accuracy level.

    • NCERT will only boost students' conceptual knowledge but, by solving the best NEET UG books, students can understand NEET examination’s pattern including the marking scheme, medium of the question paper, question strategies and other related aspects.

    • Also, all the experts and toppers advice to find the best books of NEET MBBS 2020 to obtain a direction to their preparations.

    NEET Syllabus: Important Topics at a glance 

    NEET Syllabus: Important Topics at a glance 





    Basic Concepts of Chemistry

    Diversity in the Living World


    States of Matter

    Genetics and Evolution

    Laws of Motion


    Cell structure and function



    Classification of Plants and Animals


    Redox Reactions

    Human Physiology

    Physical World and Measurement

    Periodic table


    Work, Energy and Power


    Plant physiology

    Waves and Oscillations

    Chemical Kinetics



    Surface Chemistry


    Current Electricity


    Biology and Human Welfare

    Atoms and Nuclei



    Authors to Refer For NEET Preparation

    CheckNEET Biology Exam Pattern in Detail

    Authors to Refer For NEET Preparation

    Some of the authors to refer to for NEET preparation are -

    1. H.C Verma

    Book Name - Concepts of Physics

    H.C Verma is the go-to author for NEET physics. He is a professor in the Department of Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. Many students who are not sure of the best physics preparation book should refer to H.C. Verma's books on Physics. HC Verma's Concepts of Physics is the best NEET training book in terms of problem solving. In addition to covering all the topics related to the NEET syllabus, it also includes various problems, solved and unsolved, for students to learn. Besides this, students will also find numerical tests that were designed to help them better grasp the concepts.

    2. O.P Tandon

    Book Names - Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry

    O.P Tandon is the best author of chemistry books for NEET preparation. The original aim of the text is to direct students in the basic concepts of chemistry so that they become familiar with conceptual aspects and are able to learn, understand, research and enjoy the topic. Many students find computational problems difficult. As an experienced teacher, O.P Tandon understands their difficulty, and thus, the various illustrative problems are set up systematically and explained in a step by step fashion.

    Must Read News

    Books for NEET Physics

    Best Books for NEET Physics

    Concepts of Physics


    H.C Verma


    Bharati Bhawan Publishers & Distributors


    978-8177091878, 978-8177092325

    Latest Edition


    H.C Verma Solutions are by far the most sought-after study materials to establish conceptual clarification and in-depth knowledge of basic concepts in physics. Every chapter includes multiple-choice questions, solutions, numerical problems, objective questions, short answers, and more. HC Verma Solutions come with correct and concise descriptions that can help students build a solid foundation in physics. Preparing from Vol 1 and 2 of H.C Verma Solutions is the perfect way to improve physics problem-solving skills. The material helps to quickly understand the simple and advanced concepts that are typically requested in NEET.

    Cengage Physics Neet For Everyone


    C.P Singh





    Latest Edition


    Physics NEET aims to provide students with detailed text that not only helps them build on their theory and concepts but also helps them face situations involving learning applications. The learner-friendly approach implemented in this book will help students learn faster and easier because of its effective method of organizing theory and learning materials.

    Books for NEET Physical Chemistry

    Recommended Books for NEET Physical Chemistry

    Problems in Physical Chemistry


    Narendra Awasthi


    Shri Balaji Publications



    Latest Edition


    Narendra Awasthi has provided several qualitative questions regarding NEET's important topics. Each chapter starts with short points before moving onto exercises. Problems in the exercises are graded into difficulty levels. Every level has a sufficient number of questions that can be practiced for NEET. At the end of every chapter, solutions and hints are given.

    Physical Chemistry


    O.P Tandon


    G.R. Bathla Publications Private Limited



    Latest Edition


    One of physical chemistry's most popular books, O.P Tandon's Physical Chemistry is used regularly for NEET. The book goes into depth on all subjects. You will learn questions of both theoretical and practical kind. In this book, the practice papers and the solved questions are of a big advantage.

    Books for NEET Organic Chemistry

    Recommended Books for NEET Organic Chemistry

    Organic Chemistry


    Morrison Boyd


    Pearson Education



    Latest Edition


    In a reader-friendly language, organic chemistry communicates the principles and the basics of the subject. The book is divided into several parts that talk about the different characteristics of organic chemistry. The chapters discuss basic organic chemistry, common subjects, functional group chemistry, contemporary and future organic chemistry, biomolecules, and bioorganic chemistry. 

    Organic Chemistry for NEET


    M.S Chouhan





    Latest Edition


    Organic Chemistry for NEET and other medical entrance exams is an adaptation of Solomon's classic book ‘Organic Chemistry’, commonly used by students around the world. This adapted version provides more concise material which is organized according to the requirement of the syllabus. The book draws value from the time-tested content of the original book and provides evaluation according to the criteria of the entrance examination.

    Elementary Problems in Organic Chemistry


    Himanshu Pandey


    G.R. Bathla Publications Pvt. Ltd.



    Latest Edition


    This is a detailed guide to Organic Chemistry. Every chapter includes a host of critical questions. Students are given all types of problems that cover traditional organic chemistry’s core curriculum. Complete problems are formulated in this book by integrating two or more principles.

    Books for NEET Inorganic Chemistry

    Recommended Books For NEET Inorganic Chemistry

    Concise Inorganic Chemistry


    J.D Lee


    Oxford University Press



    Latest Edition


    J.D Lee's book on inorganic chemistry is very successful. The basics are laid out well, and the questions regarding practice are abundant. The book contains questions in the form of MCQs, assertive-type and single choice. The book's realistic and theoretical sections are well-balanced.

     A Textbook for Inorganic Chemistry


    R.K Gupta





    Latest Edition


    The theory for all the topics and chapters is explained very well. For every chapter, there is enough room for revision and quick recapture. At the end of each chapter and at the end of the book, practical questions are provided. This is aimed at improving the preparation of students. The types of questions included are questions of understanding, reasoning and assertion, MCQ's, short-answer questions, and analytical questions.

    Books for NEET Biology

    Best Books for NEET Biology

    Objective Biology


    R.K Pillai, Naresh Malik, A.B Sinha


    G.R. Bathla Publications Private Limited



    Latest Edition


    The questions are thematically separated and will help students in preparation according to their areas of progress.

    Objective Biology


    K.N Bhatia


    S. Dinesh & Co.



    Latest Edition


    NEET Objective Biology is an attempt to train students for NEET and other medical tests. A ‘Glance’ type of revision has been integrated with every chapter to enhance learning. Extensively derived from NCERT Biology books of classes 11 and 12, an immense number of practice problems are provided with a focus on the current NEET trends. The question design is strictly in line with the topic, which helps students approach the subject neatly. In addition to the answer key, to simplify the learning, hints and explanations of tricky conceptual questions are also given.

    NCERT Books for NEET

    NCERT Books for NEET

    NCERT Books are very helpful and easy to read.

    Here are a few points on why NCERT books are essential to preparing for NEET -

    • Gives clarity: Candidates will have a good understanding of physics, chemistry and biology by learning extensively from NCERT textbooks. Aspirants will have the faith to succeed in the examination as they will have the courage to face NEET's conceptual questions.

    • Direct Questions: As the NEET Exam follows NCERT textbooks to design the question paper, multiple questions are asked directly from NCERT books, or follow the same pattern of questions. Candidates can learn extensively from NCERT books as approximately 50 percent of NEET questions come from NCERT.

    • Easy Language: NCERT textbooks are created in an easy, concise language that candidates can understand. The conceptual parts are also direct in approach which makes it easier for aspirants to properly understand the topics.

    NCERT Physics

    NCERT Physics books for classes 11 and 12 form the basis of training for each student to answer competitive examinations such as NEET, BITSAT, VITEEE, JEE Advanced or JEE Mains. The books on physics at NCERT are designed in a descriptive and consistent manner by subject matter experts. They strive to simplify the complex formulas and concepts for students by presenting correct examples with the best descriptions.

    Class 11 NCERT Physics for NEETClass 12 NCERT Physics for NEET
    Physical WorldElectric Charges and Fields
    Units of MeasurementElectrostatic Potential and Capacitance
    Motion in a Straight LineCurrent Electricity
    Motion in a PlaneCommunication Systems
    Laws of MotionSemiconductor Electronics
    Work, Energy, and PowerNuclei
    Systems of Particles and Rotational MotionsAtoms
    GravitationWave Optics
    Mechanical Properties of SolidsDual Nature of Radiation and Matter
    Mechanical Properties of FluidsRay Optics and Optical Instruments
    Thermal Properties of MatterElectromagnetic Waves
    ThermodynamicsMoving Charges and Magnetism
    Kinetic TheoryMagnetism and Matter
    OscillationsElectromagnetic Induction
    WavesAlternating Current

    NCERT Chemistry

    NCERT Chemistry books for classes 11 and 12 are the Bible for students who want to answer competitive exams such as NEET. The textbooks for NCERT Chemistry have been written very well, with the best possible definitions for every principle along with several examples,

    Class 11 NCERT Chemistry for NEETClass 12 NCERT Chemistry for NEET
    Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryOrganic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
    Structure of AtomBiomolecules
    Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesSolid State
    Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureSolutions
    States of MatterElectrochemistry
    ThermodynamicsChemical Kinetics
    EquilibriumAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
    Redox ReactionsAlcohols, Phenols and Ethers
    HydrogenHaloalkanes and Haloarenes
    The s-block ElementsCoordination Compounds
    The p-block Elementsd Block Elements and f Block Elements
    Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniquesp-Block Elements
    HydrocarbonsSurface Chemistry
    Environmental ChemistryGeneral Principles and Processes of Isolation and Elements
    -Chemistry in Everyday Life

    NCERT Biology

    Students facing difficulties while learning biology must consider preparing from the NCERT Textbooks on Biology. Specially crafted by experts, these books give students a clear understanding of the subject. To get a good idea about the topic of biology, students need to read the chapters thoroughly and answer the topic-wise questions.

    Class 11 NCERT Biology for NEETClass 12 NCERT Biology for NEET
    Diversity in the Living WorldReproduction
    Structural Organization in Plants and AnimalsGenetics and Evolution
    Cell - Structure and FunctionsEcology and Environment
    Plant PhysiologyBiology and Human Welfare
    Human PhysiologyBiotechnology and its Applications

    Books Recommended by Toppers for NEET

    Books Recommended by Toppers for NEET

    1. Nalin Khandelwal (NEET 2019 AIR 1)

    • He strongly recommends NCERT books with NCERT Exemplar to be the major study material for NEET. This was his primary strategy to become the topper.

    • He urges aspirants to solve questions from as many practice books as possible.

    • He suggests doing multiple readings of all topics.

    2. Bhavik Bansal (NEET 2019 AIR 2)

    • His most important tip is to consider NCERT books a Bible like he did.

    • He recommends candidates to revise notes from all topics about three to four times.

    • He asks aspirants to solve previous years’ questions and full-length mock test papers.

    • He suggests that students can first study those topics which seem challenging and then move on to those which are easy to understand.

    Sources to Acquire Books for NEET

    To download NCERT e-books from the official website -

    1. Visit the official website of NCERT.

    2. In the “Links” column of the homepage, click on E-books.

    3. Click on Textbooks of Classes I-XII (PDF).

    4. Then, you can select the Class, Subject, and Book Title and press “Go”.

    5. From the left sidebar, you can choose to download the full book or refer to only certain sections.

    Online shopping portals to purchase books for NEET -

    1. Amazon

    2. Snapdeal

    3. Sapna Online

    4. Target Publications

    5. Flipkart 

    Preparation Tips to Cover NEET Syllabus from Recommended Books

    Tip 1 - Maintain a proper time table

    Make sure that an effective study schedule is prepared before studying. Plan to study for 7-8 hours and get good sleep. Map out the time so that by the end of your preparation, all the subjects are covered.

    Tip 2 - Study from NCERT books

    NCERT books are appropriate for NEET preparation. NCERT books are very important as per every interview with toppers. Ensure that your primary focus is on these books. You can use additional reference and practice books for more thorough preparation.

    Tip 3 - Test yourself with mock exams

    Mock Exams essentially train you for the exam beforehand. Make sure you give a mock exam. This will improve the efficiency and speed with which you answer questions.

    Tip 4 - Self-study

    If you are taking coaching from an institute, ensure that you make time for self-study as well. Doing so will help in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Self-study is known to have considerable success in cracking the test.

    DownloadNEET Previous Year Sample Papers

    Tip 5 - Solve previous years’ questions

    Toppers always abide by the maxim of practicing hard. They recommend solving more and more questions from the question papers of previous years. Practicing these papers will most importantly help in understanding the pattern of questions.

    Tip 6 - Clearly understand concepts

    Various techniques are required for the preparation of each subject, but the most important one is to understand the concepts and engage with them. You will have to understand the root of every problem in order to fix it.

    Tip 7 - Stay focused

    To perform well in the test, it is of utmost importance to maintain your concentration levels. Spend less time on smartphones and more time on studies.

    Tip 8 - Do numerous revisions from NCERT books

    Make sure that you revise from NCERT books several times before the examination. Intensely learning any new definition or concept is not going to make a major difference until many revisions are done.

    Tip 9 - Stay Healthy

    Do not ignore your well-being while the exam preparation is underway. Take breaks between study sessions, eat healthy food, and get sufficient sleep.

    Tip 10 - Time Management

    First attempt the Biology section questions within 45 minutes. Then, attempt the Chemistry section. Answer it within 45-50 minutes. At the end, attempt the Physics section because this is the most time-consuming section. Toppers swear by this technique of time management while answering NEET. Practice it on mock papers before the date of the actual examination.

    NEET Preparation Books FAQs

    NEET Preparation Books FAQs

    Question: What are some recommended books for NEET preparation?

    Ans. NEET has 3 subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You will have to study intensely from NCERT Physics, Chemistry, and Biology books of classes 11th and 12th for NEET. For additional reference, you can refer to H.C Verma for Physics, O.P Tandon for Chemistry, and Dinesh for Biology.

    Question: How many books are required for NEET preparation?

    Ans. You will require NCERT Physics, Chemistry, and Biology books of classes 11 and 12 for NEET. One additional reference and MCQ practice book for each subject is sufficient for preparation.

    Question: Which is the best Physics book for NEET?

    Ans. Apart from NCERT Physics, H.C Verma is the best Physics book for NEET.

    Question: Is H.C Verma enough for NEET Physics?

    Ans. No, H.C Verma is not enough for NEET Physics. It acts as a good concept builder for preparation in the beginning. You will need books like D.C Pandey for quick practice sessions.

    Question: Which is the best chemistry book for NEET?

    Ans. NCERT Chemistry, Physical Chemistry by O.P Tandon, Organic Chemistry by M.S Chouhan and Inorganic Chemistry by J.D Lee are the best chemistry books for NEET.

    Question: Is O.P Tandon enough to prepare for NEET Chemistry?

    Ans. O.P Tandon is a good book to prepare for Physical Chemistry. However, it is not enough. You will have to refer to NCERT Chemistry books of classes 11 and 12. For Organic Chemistry, you can refer to M.S Chouhan. For Inorganic Chemistry, refer to J.D Lee.

    Question: Which is the best biology book for NEET?

    Ans. Apart from NCERT Biology, Dinesh is the best biology book for NEET.

    Question: Is GRB Publications for Biology good for NEET?

    Ans. Yes, GRB Publications for Biology is good for NEET. Objective Biology is a great book for preparation along with the most important NCERT Biology books of classes 11 and 12.

    Question: Which objective book is best for NEET - Dinesh or GRB?

    Ans. Dinesh derives practice questions from NCERT and NEET trends while GRB provides a thematic division of concepts. For a more practice-oriented approach with hints and explanations, choose Dinesh.

    Question: Which is the best place to buy NEET books?

    Ans. Amazon provides the best quality NEET books at discounted prices.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College

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