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    NEET Dress Code has been the talk of the town, especially after 2017 when immense furore came up against CBSE on the kind of security check ins were done at various exam centers all across the nation wherein students had to experience humiliation before entering the examination hall. To avoid arousal of such a situation again, NTA (now exam conducting authority for NEET) has issued proper dress code guidelines of all the items that are allowed in the examination room and what items are barred from NEET 2020. 

    NEET 2020 will be conducted on September 13. Click here to check exam calendar

    NEET 2020 is expected to be conducted in May owing to the postponement due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in the nation. All medical aspirants who wish to appear for the examination have to duly abide by NEET dress code specified by NTA. Non-compliance of the instructions will mean disqualification of the candidate, and will not be allowed to enter.

    NEET is conducted to grant admissions to the first year of MBBS/BDS courses. With the dissolution of other Pan-India medical tests, NEET has gained immense prominence.Read NEET 2020 Exam Pattern in detail

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    NEET 2020 Dress Code by NTA

    According to the dress code for NEET 2020 issued by NTA, clothing should be simple. Embroidered and buttoned dresses should be avoided. Both males and females need to abide by the instructions provided. Girls should steer clear of any metallic or nonmetallic jewellery.

    Is NEET 2020 dress code in line with Religious Practices?

    NTA has approved customary dresses in NEET 2020. Candidates who observe certain religious practices can dress accordingly and they will not be asked to remove it at NEET exam centers as per orders issued by Delhi High Court. For example: Sikh candidates appearing for NEET 2020 will be allowed to carry their traditional kangha, kara, kirpan, etc with them. Similarly, female candidates from Islamic community can also wear burqas.

    At the time of NEET form filling, candidates will be asked if they wish to wear customary dresses which stands against NEET dress code rules. Willing candidates need to specify in case they will be wearing customary dresses (an image of the declaration in the form has been provided below). However, to ensure a smooth security check in process, it is advised that students reach the exam centers an hour before the exam time.

    (Customary Dress Declaration in NEET Application Form)

    What is the dress code for NEET 2020?

    Click here to know the list of NEET Exam Centers 2020

    What is the dress code for NEET 2020?

    NTA has implemented strict rules for both boys and girls in terms of dress code who will be appearing for NEET 2020. The criteria is different for both sexes, and non-observance can cause cancellation of candidature.

    The main idea behind NEET dress code is that it should be ‘decent and sophisticated’. NEET dress code 2020 for female candidates should be light and half-sleeves upperwear and salwar and trousers for bottomwear which are considered formal in Indian context. 

    For male candidates, light and soothing colour T-shirts and light coloured jeans accompanied with slippers as footwear is prescribed to be the appropriate dress code.

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    What to wear and what not to wear on the day of NEET 2020?

    What to wear and what not to wear on the day of NEET 2020?

    For the convenience of the candidates who will be sitting for NEET 2020, we have defined what is to be worn and what is not to be worn for both male and female candidates. We request candidates to read the instructions carefully and pay attention to it just like they will pay attention to NEET preparation.

    NEET 2020 dress code for Female Candidates

    A rise in the number of candidates appearing for NEET has been observed every year. The same trend is expected to be observed for NEET 2020. Hence it is advised to all female candidates to follow the below mentioned dress code details in order to avoid any hassle at the time of entrance test.

    What to Wear?What Not to Wear?
    SalwarHairpins and bands
    TrousersOrnaments like heavy earrings, pendants, nose rings
    Sandals/ Flip-onShoes that are entirely closed and the feet are not at all visible must be strictly avoided
    Burqa / Hijab (this will come under customary clothing, as mentioned below)Any dress item with heavy embroidery is to be avoided
    Light-half sleeved tops and tees can be wornBig buttoned tops and fancy skirts with inner pockets are not to be worn.
    Light (not in terms of color) Kurtas with no inner pocketsHigh heeled sandals, especially with block / platform heels, are not to be worn
    Sandals with no or low heelsBig wrist watches where there can be a possibility to hide chits and study materials
    Clear framed power spectaclesJeans is advised not to be worn
    -Leggings / Jeggings

    NEET 2020 dress code for Male Candidates

    The year 2017 saw many male candidates (along with female candidates) facing a lot of harassment with getting their shirts cut down into half sleeves, and many more. After this, strict dress code instructions have been issued by NTA for all male candidates on what all they can wear on the exam day. Thus, it is necessary if the male candidates focus on the below-mentioned details.

    What to Wear?What Not to Wear?
    Light half-sleeved shirts / TshirtsHeavy dialed metal watches must not be worn
    Sandals / SlippersShoes of any type are not to be worn
    Turbans can be worn by Sikhs (comes under customary clothing)Metal bands in the wrist or ornaments of any kind must be strictly avoided.
    Basic TrousersJeans are advised not to be worn.
    Clear framed power specsTrackpants

    Is wearing jeans allowed in NEET 2020?

    Is wearing jeans allowed in NEET 2020?

    Many students have this question if they can wear jeans to NEET exam centers or not. Going by NEET 2020 dress code, wearing jeans can turn out to be a controversial point. For all male candidates, NTA recommends that they wear light coloured jeans only along with a short-sleeved t-shirt. 

    For female candidates, wearing denim pants or leggings is strictly prohibited in exam centers. Only salwars and trousers are allowed with either slippers, or low-heeled sandals. Wearing skinny jeans can also raise chances of objections, thus it is advised to avoid wearing them.

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    Items that are barred in NEET 2020

    Items that are barred in NEET 2020

    Candidates who will be appearing for NEET 2020 are required to respect and follow the defined code of conduct both outside and inside the examination room. Here is a list of items that are barred in NEET 2020:

    • Any stationery item like textual material (printed or written), bits of papers, Geometry/Pencil Box, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Pen, Scale, Writing Pad, Pen Drives, Eraser, Calculator, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner etc.
    • Any communication device like Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Earphones, Microphone, Pager, Health Band etc.
    • Other items like Wallet, Goggles, Handbags, Belt, Cap etc.
    • All ornaments like Ring, Earrings, Nose-pin, Chain/Necklace, Pendants, Badge and Brooch etc. (e) Any Watch/Wrist Watch, Bracelet, Camera, etc.
    • Any metallic item.
    • Any edible item opened or packed, water bottle etc.
    • Any other item which could be used for unfair means, for hiding communication devices like camera, Bluetooth device etc.
    Note: The ‘etc’ stands for any of those items not mentioned otherwise but might as well fall under the above-stated barred items list, like beepers, smartwatches and the likes are also not to be carried. 

    Collegedunia Advice: As there will be no special provision of locker rooms, NEET 2020 aspirants are requested not to carry heavy bags or purses along with themselves. In lieu of carrying it themselves, they are advised to leave it either at home or with the accompanying family member.

    Why is NEET 2020 Dress Code Stringent?

    Why is NEET 2020 Dress Code Stringent?

    As stated above, many controversies have been raised earlier in light of strict frisking and dress code. At some NEET exam centers, female candidates were even asked to remove their innerwears, hence forcing the exam conducting authority NTA to pen down some strict measures so that no such cases get reported in future.

    Many candidates have earlier faced situations where they were asked to remove their shoes, cut down their shirts, etc. All this is done to avoid any chance of occurrence of any malpractices. In order to avoid such situations, it is advised that all candidates who will be appearing in NEET 2020 read all instructions related to dress code carefully and abide by them religiously.

    Importance of NEET Dress Code

    • If candidates wear clothing items with lots of pockets, it will only increase the overall frisking time.
    • Having heavy ornaments like earrings or many hairpins will consume more time during the metal detector screening.
    • Wearing shoes and not the specified footwear (sandals / slippers) will only cause further chaos and disturb the overall peace of appearing candidates before the exam.
    • Wearing heavy clothes with huge broch or heavy embroidery or wearing batches of any kind will serve as a place to hide chits and use it under unfair means, thereby increasing the frisking time.
    • Many candidates have complained in the previous years about the unfair means of touching involved in the frisking. This can be largely avoided in the upcoming examination by abiding NEET 2020 Dress Code.

    NEET is the most renowned and popular medical entrance test in the nation. It is the leading exam as it serves as an umbrella for all other minor medical examinations of the country. All MBBS and BDS seats offered by various educational institutes grant admission through NEET. Thus abiding by its dress code instructions is an utmost necessity to get the dream of entrance in medical entrance college fulfilled.

    NTA Official Notice for NEET Dress Code

    NTA Official Notice for NEET Dress Code

    For candidates who wish to read the exact guidelines issued by NTA, we have provided below the images from NEET UG 2020 Information Brochure.

    NEET Dress Code FAQs

    NEET Dress Code FAQs

    Question: I am a Muslim Girl and observes Hijab/Burqa. Will I be allowed entrance in NEET exam center?

    Ans. According to the customary dress code specified by NTA, girls from muslim community who wear hijab or burqa will be allowed inside NEET exam centers. However, you need to fill in the declaration form for customary clothing in NEET application form.

    Question: What will happen if I fail to adhere to NEET dress code?

    Ans. Non-compliance of NEET dress code can call for action. You will not be allowed to enter the examination hall and appear for the entrance test.

    Question: Can I wear a dupatta along with my kurta?

    Ans. No explicit guidelines have been issued for wearing a dupatta with kurta. However, it is advisable not to wear anything that can increase chances for raising objections at the time of frisking.

    Question: I heard that metallic things are not allowed in NEET exam centers. I wear braces. Will I go through a smooth frisking process?

    Ans. Wearing braces will cause no problems at NEET exam centers. You will certainly be allowed to enter the examination hall. You’re advised to appear for the exam 30 minutes prior to the exam time.

    Question: I am diabetic patient. Can I take my tablets along with me to NEET exam center?

    Ans. If in case you are diabetic, you will be allowed to take your medicines inside after a proper security check.

    Question: Can I take my pens along with me to fill the OMR sheet?

    Ans. No pens are allowed in NEET exam centers. Once you enter the examination room and sit on your allocated seat, you’ll be provided with all necessary materials by the invigilators.

    Question: Due to a recent marriage in my family, I am wearing Mehandi/Henna on my hands. Can I appear for NEET 2020 like this?

    Ans. Since there is no specific mention of wearing Mehandi/Henna in NEET dress code in information brochure, it is better to avoid them. It is because it may cause problems at the time of biometric verification. And if candidates fail at this stage, they will not be allowed to sit for the exam.

    Question: I am a Sikh and I wear turban. Will I be allowed entry for NEET?

    Ans. Yes you will be allowed to enter as things that come under customary dressing are allowed by NTA.

    Question: Are floral print kurtis allowed in NEET exam centers?

    Ans. As per the dress code norms specified by NTA for NEET 2020, no floral print clothes are allowed at the time of exam. Also clothes with flower embroidery and similar should be avoided.

    Question: I have got a tattoo in my hand. Can I appear for NEET?

    Ans. Tattoos are strictly prohibited in NEET dress code as specified by the National Testing Agency.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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