NEET 2020 Final Answer Keys, OMR sheet and Solutions

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    NEET Result will be derived from Final Answer Key itself, candidates will be able to access and challenge the answer keys, against an amount of INR 1000 per answer challenged or per OMR response challenged, and the amount will be refunded if the challenge is accepted by the NTA Board. Check NEET Expected Cut Off 2020

    NTA will release provisional answer keys, OMR sheet and test booklet codes of candidates.To download the answer key of NEET 2020, OMR response sheet and test booklet code, candidates will be required to login through their Application Number and password at Candidates can predict their rank through NEET Rank Predictor using the marks obtained as per the answer keys.

    How to Check

    How to Check NEET Answer Key?

    1. Visit the official website for NTA NEET
    2. Click on “Candidate Login” tab present at left hand side of the page.
    3. Enter your login credentials – Application Number and Password.
    4. Once your account opens, you can view the Answer Key of your paper code only.

    Challenging NEET Answer Keys

    Challenging NEET Answer Keys and OMR Sheet

    If a candidate finds any error in the scanned images of their NEET Answer Key or OMR Sheet, they can challenge the same in the following manner:

    1. Visit the official website and view your answer key.
    2. Click on the question number you want to challenge.
    3. Select the answer you think is correct.
    4. Pay a fee of INR 1000 for every challenge. 
    5. A confirmation page will be generated after the payment has been made.
    6. Candidates are advised to take a print out of the same for future reference.
    7. If NTA accepts the challenge, the fee will be refunded to the candidate.

    Check NEET Answer Keys by various coaching centers

    Calculation of NEET Score

    How to Calculate NEET Score?

    Once the candidates have downloaded the NEET Answer Key and OMR Sheet, they can calculate the marks they have scored. To do so, candidates must first be aware of the marking scheme decided for the exam.

    • +4 for every correct answer
    • -1 for every incorrect answer
    • No marks will be deducted for unattempted questions

    After checking the answer key, candidates must note down the number of correct and incorrect answers that they have marked in the exam. The following formula shall be used to calculate your NEET Score

    NEET Score = (Number of correct responses X 4) – (Number of correct responses X 1)

    NEET OMR Sheet and Responses

    The images of candidates’ OMR Sheets and responses have been uploaded on the official website by NTA.

    • Candidates are advised to check their answer sheets carefully and calculate their NEET Score.
    • In case of any discrepancies, they have about three days to challenge the OMR Sheet and Responses. 
    • Once you have calculated your marks, check out the NEET Cut off announced by colleges last year.
    • This will give you an idea about the colleges you are likely to be allotted.

    NEET 2019 Answer Keys

     NEET 2019 Official Answer Keys PDFs

    NEET Answer KeysDownload Link
    Paper Code – P1 – P6Download
    Paper Code – Q1 – Q6Download
    Paper Code – R1 – R6Download
    Paper Code – S1 – S6Download

    How to Mark Answers in the OMR Sheet

    • Candidates can mark their answers on the OMR Sheet only with a Blue/Black Ball Point Pen.
    • Darken the circle indicating the correct response completely.
    • Take utmost care while marking your answers as incomplete darkening will not be recognized by the OMR Scanner.

    The picture given below shows the correct method of marking answers:

    NEET Question Paper Sets

    • The question paper will have 4 sets- A, B, C, D, P, Q, R, S, W, X, Y, Z.
    • Thus, there will be 12 sets of the question paper.
    • The number of answer keys released by NTA will be equal to the number of NEET question papers.
    • Candidates are advised to check Previous years’ Question Papers for NEET to get an idea of the paper pattern.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NEET 2020 OMR Sheet and Answer Key FAQs

    Ques. Can one see images of OMR sheets and Responses on website? NEET 2020 OMR Sheet and Answer Key FAQs

    Ans. The images of OMR Sheet and Responses captured by the machine will be displayed on the website For exact date of hosting, candidates may remain in touch with website.

    Ques. Is there any provision to challenge the response(s) against the OMR grading?


    1. Candidates will be given an opportunity to submit representation against the OMR grading on payment of Rs.1000/- per response challenged.
    2. Rs.1000/- per response will be refunded to candidate if his/her challenge is accepted by the Board.

    Ques. Will there be negative marking in NEET 2020?

    Ans. Yes. Each correct answer will get 04 marks and for each incorrect response, 01 marks will be deducted from the total score.

    Ques. How long the result of NEET 2020 is valid?

    Ans. The result of successful candidates of NEET 2020 is valid for the academic session 2020 – 21 only.

    Ques. How to mark responses in NEET 2020 OMR Sheet?

    Ans. Candidates should use a ball-point pen (black or blue) for filling responses in NEET OMR sheet 2020. The pen will be provided by the exam centre.

    Ques. When and where will be the NEET OMR Sheet will be released?

    Ans. NTA will release scanned OMR sheet of NEET 2020 tentatively in the last week of May 2020 in online mode on its official website.

    Ques. How to check NEET OMR response sheet?

    Ans. Click on the link given on official website and then enter your login credentials- Registration Number and Password. Now click on ‘OMR Challenge’ on left-hand side and then ‘Click here to view your OMR sheet’ to view the image of your NEET OMR sheet 2020.

    Ques. What to do if a response marked by me is being shown wrong or blank?

    Ans. Candidates can challenge the OMR Sheet released by NTA if they find any error.  

    Ques. When can candidates challenge the OMR Sheet and how much time is given for that?

    Ans. After the release of OMR sheet of NEET 2020, NTA gives around two days to the candidates to challenge the responses shown in NEET OMR sheet.

    Ques. What is the fee to challenge the NEET OMR Sheet 2020?

    Ans. Candidates will have to pay INR 1000/- per response challenged by them.

    Ques. Is the fees to challenge the NEET OMR Sheet refundable?

    Ans. This fee will not be refunded to candidate unless his/her challenge is accepted by the NTA.

    Ques. How to challenge NEET OMR Sheet 2020?

    Ans. After logging in with your credentials click on ‘OMR Challenge’ tab given on left-hand side. After that ‘Click here to challenge’ to challenge responses of NEET OMR sheet 2020.

    Ques. How to mark the questions for challenging in NEET OMR Sheet 2020?

    Ans. Candidates can mark the questions they wish to challenge by clicking in checkboxes given on the left-hand side. Also, they need to give their answer they think they marked under ‘Student Claim’ section given on right-hand side.

    Ques. What to do if the response marked by a candidate is shown wrong in NEET OMR Sheet?

    Ans. If a response is shown wrongly marked or not marked at all in the OMR sheet of NEET as displayed by NTA, candidates may choose to challenge the OMR sheet of NEET.

    Ques. How many questions a candidate can challenge in the OMR Sheet?

    Ans. There is no such limit in challenging the questions. You can challenge as many questions as want. However, please note you have to pay Rs. 1,000 per question challenged.

    Ques. Can I change my challenged response after final submitting?

    Ans. No, Candidates should note that they can challenge the responses only once and that too within the given time period.

    Ques. When and where the NEET 2020 Answer Key will be released?

    Ans. NTA will release the official answer key of NEET 2020 probably in the third week of June 2020 in online mode on official website.

    Ques. How to check NEET 2020 Answer Key?

    Ans. In order to check NEET 2020 Official Answer Key, candidates can click on the link that will be made available as soon as NTA release its official answer key of NEET 2020.

    Ques. Can I challenge the NEET Answer Key?

    Ans. If a candidate feels that the NTA has given wrong answer for any question in the official answer key of NEET 2020, then they can challenge the answer key.

    Ques. How can I challenge the NEET Answer Key?

    Ans. Click on the link on official website to challenge the responses of NEET answer key 2020. Now, enter your login credentials, i.e. registration number and password and click on ‘Key Challenge’ tab to begin the process of challenging responses.

    Ques. How to select responses to be challenged in NEET Answer Key?

    Ans. First, select your ‘Test Booklet Code’ which is same as the NEET 2020 question paper code and then select the question whose answer you wish to challenge and click on ‘submit’. Now, select the answer which is correct according to you.

    Ques. How many answers a candidate can challenge in the NEET Answer Key?

    Ans. There is no such limit in challenging the answers. You can challenge as many answers as you think are wrong. However, please note you will have to pay Rs. 1,000 per response.

    Ques. Is it mandatory to give reasons for challenging any answer in NEET Answer key?

    Ans. It is not mandatory; however, you may choose to put your comments for more justification about why the answer given in NEET official answer key 2020 is wrong.

    Ques. How much is NEET Answer Key challenging fee?

    Ans. For every answer challenged in official answer key of NEET 2020, candidates will be required to pay INR 1,000/- per response challenged.

    Ques. How to pay fee for challenging the NEET Answer key?

    Ans. The application fee to challenge answer key can be paid via online mode only.

    Ques. Is the NEET Answer Key challenging fee refundable?

    Ans. The fee will be refunded back to the candidate only in case the challenge is accepted by NTA and the particular answer given in NEET official answer key 2020 is changed.

    Ques. How much time is given to challenge the NEET answer key?

    Ans. NTA gives candidates a window of two days to challenge the answers shown in NEET 2020 answer key.

    Ques. How will I know if my challenged answer is accepted by NTA?

    Ans. If your challenged answer is accepted by NTA, you will be informed through mail and also, the NTA will release the final answer key thereafter.

    Ques. When will be the final answer key of NEET 2020 will be released?

    Ans. After the challenging window is over, NTA will release the final answer key in June 2019.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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