NID 2019 Cut Off - Previous Year and Expected Cut Off

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    National Institute of Design (NID) will publish cut off of NID DAT 2019 along with the result declaration of Mains exam of B.Des/GDPD and M.Des. NID DAT 2019 final merit list will be released on May 31 as expected. Based on this list, as many as 100 B.Design seats will be allocated to eligible and qualified candidates. 

    Latest: Result of DAT prelims for M.Des has been declared on February15 and B.Des/GDPD result to be announced on March 19, 2019. Check here

    • The cut off for all the stages of NID Selection Process will be released separately.
    • Candidates whose names are in the final NID Merit list will be shortlisted for admission into NID campuses. 

    Candidates can check below the expected cut offs for this year as well as previous year cut offs. The cut off will be relaxed for candidates of reserved category candidates as per the prescribed norms. Candidates scoring above than the cut offs will be invited for the NID 2019 Counselling.

    Relaxation in NID Cut Off Score for Reserved Candidates

    Relaxation10% Less than Cutoff score of General Category20% Less than Cutoff score of General Category20% Less than Cutoff score of General Category30% Less than Cutoff score of General Category

    NID 2018 B.Des Cut Off

    The previous year cut off for B.Des Program is mentioned below. Candidates can check here the minimum qualifying cut off marks required for admission to B.Des course offered at different campuses of NID.

    OBC-NCL PH40.55

    NID 2018 M.Des Cut off

    Candidates can take a look at previous year cut off for M.Des released by NID. The cutoff for different specializations in M.Des program is mentioned below.

    M.Des: Discipline/CategoryGeneralGeneral-PHOBC-NCLOBC-NCL-PHSC
    Animation Film Design59.85No Applicant53.6525.353.85
    Apparel Design50.827.246.8No Applicant42.25
    Ceramic & Glass Design48.85No Applicant18.2No Applicant45.15
    Design for Retail Experience55.2527.252.3No Applicant46.2
    Digital Game Design48.7No Applicant35.85No Applicant44.05
    Film & Video Communication54.8No Applicant47.6No Applicant50.3
    Furniture Design58.4557.4550.3No Applicant45.4
    Graphic Design62.438.659.1525.358.05
    Information Design59.1535.0547.15No Applicant46.5
    Interaction Design62.0535.055444.8557
    Lifestyle Accessory Design55.4545.1546.8No Applicant41.35
    New Media Design58.7No Applicant34.6No Applicant46
    Photography Design52.6No Applicant40.3524.9545.7
    Product Design64.938.659.15No Applicant58.1
    Strategic Design Management60.7No Applicant52.45No Applicant52.7
    Textile Design53.0534.243.5No Applicant42.1
    Toy & Game Design48.6No Applicant45.3No Applicant30.25
    Transporation & Automobile Design61.35No Applicant56.75No Applicant56.3
    Universal Design58.540.149.85No Applicant44.65

    NID 2019 Expected 1st Merit List Cut Off 

    The official cut off will be updated as as and when released by NID. Meanwhile candidates can check the expected cut off based on previous year trends:

    Programmes/CategoryGeneral CategoryOBC-NCL CategorySC CategoryST CategoryPH (Horizontal - All Categories)
    Masters of Design (M.Des)No. of SeatsCut off score (excl. PH)No. of SeatsCut off score (excl. PH)No. of SeatsCut off score (excl. PH)No. of SeatsCut off score (excl. PH)No. of SeatsCut off score
    Animation Film Design847.32442.59237.86137.86133.12
    Apparel Design851.04445.94240.83140.83135.73
    Ceramic & Glass Design555.84350.26144.67144.67139.09
    Design for Retail Experience859.69453.72247.75147.75141.78
    Digital Game Design857.94452.15246.35146.35140.56
    Film & Video Communication858.30452.47246.64146.64140.81
    Furniture Design857.18451.46245.74145.74140.03
    Graphic Design860.61454.55248.49148.49142.43
    Information Design866.43459.79253.14153.14146.50
    Interaction Design857.14452.24245.71145.71140.00
    Lifestyle Accessory Design855.86450.27244.69144.69139.10
    New Media Design850.51445.46240.41140.41135.36
    Photography Design857.32451.59245.86145.86140.12
    Product Design852.12446.91241.70141.70136.48
    Strategic Design Management859.27453.34247.42147.42141.49
    Textile Design856.55450.90245.24145.24139.59
    Toy & Game Design557.42351.68145.94145.94140.19
    Transportation & Auto. Design857.21451.49245.77145.77140.05
    Universal Design862.03455.83249.62149.62143.42

    Candidate can also check the Bachelor of Design (B.Des) cut off below:

    Programmes/CategoryGeneral CategoryOBC-NCL CategorySC CategoryST CategoryPH (Horizontal - All Categories)
     -No. of SeatsCut off score (excl. PH)No. of SeatsCut off score (excl. PH)No. of SeatsCut off score (excl. PH)No. of SeatsCut off score (excl. PH)No. of SeatsCut off score
    Bachelor of Design (B.Des)5055.762750.181544.61844.61339.03

    NID 2nd Expected Merit List Cut Off 

    Programmes/CategoryGeneral CategoryOBC-NCL CategorySC CategoryST CategoryPH (horizontal - all categories)
    Masters of Design (M.Des)(excluding PH)(excluding PH)(excluding PH)(excluding PH)Score
    Animation Film Design47.3249.0656.1547.43NA*
    Apparel Design49.9946.7550.03NA*43.7
    Ceramic & Glass Design51.1463.5258.66NA*NA*
    Design for Retail Experience59.6957.2149.49NE*NE*
    Digital Game Design57.9452.3857.4546.59NA*
    Film & Video Communication58.355.1359.74NE*NA*
    Furniture Design57.1361.1348.44NE*42.99
    Graphic Design60.6164.3653.9251.6951.25
    Information Design64.1262.62NE*NE*62.29
    Interaction Design56.3455.7451.65NE*NE*
    Lifestyle Accessory Design55.8656.9950.5651.92NE*
    New Media Design50.2648.2142.47NA*NA*
    Photography Design56.8164.9259.41NE*NE*
    Product Design52.1250.3362.8657.2356.13
    Strategic Design Management59.2754.0952.6851.95NA*
    Textile Design54.8652.62NE*DEC*42.47
    Toy & Game Design57.4254.0654.28NE*NA*
    Transportation & Auto. Design57.2165.3462.8949.71NA*
    Universal Design61.8359.83NE*51.35DEC*

    Candidate can also check the Bachelor of Design (B.Des) cutoff below:

    Programmes/CategoryGeneral CategoryOBC-NCL CategorySC CategoryST CategoryPH (horizontal - all categories)
     -(excluding PH)(excluding PH)(excluding PH)(excluding PH)Score
    Bachelor of Design (B.Des)55.7651.6350.0450.2346.76

    NE* = No Candidate was found eligible above the relaxed cut-off score

    NA* = No applicant in this category, OR shortlisted but did not appear for studio test or interview

    DEC* = Eligible candidate declined offer of admission

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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    what is the approx. 1st merrit list for bachelors of automobile or transport designing

    12 Jan, 2018 00:20
    Bhawna Vedwal

    Hello Yash, 1st merit score for Bachelor of Transportation & Automobile Designing is 57.21(approximately)

    19 May, 2018 13:21
    Sharvani Upadhye

    Cut Off marks for DAT M.des2017 (retail and univesal)

    06 Mar, 2017 12:00

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