How to Prepare for NIMCET 2020?

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    National Institute of Technology Master of Computer Applications Common Entrance Test or NIMCET 2020 will be conducted on May 27. The entrance exam is conducted by NITs for admissions to their MCA programs for which total 805 seats are available across 11 NITs in India.

    This is a national level entrance exam and seats for the master’s degree in computer applications are limited, so it makes the exam highly competitive. Given to many applicants, a candidate needs to secure a good rank in NIMCET to get a call from an NIT for the master’s program.

    According to previous year records, a good score would mean a person scoring at least 500 or maybe above to gain a seat in General category. The topper of 2016 gained 730+ to be the part of the program. Hence, candidates need to prepare for NIMCET strategically. 

    Brief about the Exam Pattern

    • Each correct response will be awarded 4 marks.
    • 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong response.
    • No marks will be awarded for unattempted questions.
    • Also, responding a question with more than one options will be considered wrong, and marks will be deducted for that.

    Given below is the category-wise weightage of the questions in NIMCET 2020

    SubjectsQuestion Weightage
    Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning40
    Computer Awareness10
    General English20

    NIMCET tests the following skills in a candidate:

    • Mathematical Skills
    • Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning Skills
    • Computer Awareness
    • General English and Comprehension skills

    These skills can only be acquired by clearing the concepts regular practice. So, here we have listed some NIMCET Preparation Tips from experts that will help you crack the exam with a good score.

    When to Start Preparing for NIMCET 2020?

    NIMCET is the exam that requires between 6-12 months of time for an effective preparation. You can understand the time framed required for NIMCET in following break-ups-

    • Clearing concepts: 2- 3 months
    • Regular Practicing: 2-3 months
    • Revision and Mock Tests: 2- 6 months.

    To score good, master the basics of every topic. Identify the strong and weak areas and accordingly study those topics. Finally, revise your entire preparation and sample papers as many as you can for good NIMCET score.

    NIMCET 2020 Preparation Strategy- A brief

    • The first step to the preparation of NIMCET is to get familiar with the exam pattern.
    • Next is to collect all the relevant study material for NIMCET. You can join a coaching center if you cannot start preparing by yourself.
    • Start with learning the basic concepts of each subject asked in the exam. NIMCET syllabus includes up to Class XII level Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Computer, and English.
    • Practice while checking the time and this will help in managing the time while exam. Also, practice not to use a calculator while doing Mathematics and calculation-based questions.
    • Read and revise each topic properly and this will help in assessing strong and weak areas. Once you know about your strong and weak areas, start strengthening your weak areas first.
    • Start taking mocks tests as soon you complete your syllabus. Mock tests and previous years’ questions papers are very important to make you familiar with exam pattern.
    • Practice more to gain more. Mock tests could be of great help. You should take minimum 1 to 3 mock tests in a week. Also, analyze each mock test you take.
    • Just ahead if exam, do not prepare for any new topic. Only work on strengthening the ones you are weak at and revising the strong ones as well.

    Subject-wise Preparation Tips for NIMCET 2020

    NIMCET 2020 Preparation Tips for Mathematics

    NIMCET covers the following areas of Mathematics: Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus and Modern Mathematics.

    • While preparing for Mathematics, you can follow the tips mentioned below:
    • Clear all your concepts and memorize the formulae. If you don’t understand the basics of any topic, you will not be able to solve complex questions.
    • Learn time-saving techniques and tricks for some questions instead of using conventional methods. Practice solving mathematics questions within 2 minutes.
    • Note down all the important and direct formulas and go through them regularly while practicing.
    • When you attempt Mathematics in mocks, identify questions like easy, moderate, and difficult and solve accordingly. This saves time.
    • You should practice solving more questions in less time. As it will benefit you more if you solve 3 easy questions than 1 difficult question.
    • Lastly but most important tip is practice. Do the endless practice for Mathematics as this is the only key to success in this subject.

    NIMCET 2020 Preparation Tips for Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning

    Questions in this section will be based on logical situations and facts from passage. This section doesn’t have a definite set of syllabi. So preparing for this section could be difficult for many. However, practice is the only way to crack this section.

    You can follow the below-mentioned tips to excel this section

    • Get familiar with all kinds of graphs, numbers, series, and puzzles.
    • Solve puzzles like Sudoku and crossword to sharpen your analytical skills.
    • Attempt 20 questions or 4 sets each day. Each set usually should take 10-15 minutes and try to solve it within 8-12 minutes.
    • Once again, practice mock tests. Only they can make you familiar with the type of questions will be asked in NIMCET.

    NIMCET 2020 Preparation Tips for General English

    General English is the section that is always scoring if you pay a little attention. The section is designed to test your skills in the subject and in-depth knowledge. It consists of the following topics: Vocabulary and Word power, Technical writing, Comprehension, Basic English Grammar, Meaning of words and phrases etc.

    • The first and most important tip for English section is to read a lot. You can read anything in English from fiction novels to newspapers and magazines etc.
    • Next, also learn the basics of English grammar like articles, tenses, parts of speech, etc. and practice questions based on them as well.
    • For reading comprehensions, you must decide whether you want to red the passage first and then solve the questions or vice-versa. It is quite important to understand your comfort zone as this will help in getting familiar with the questions asked in the exam.
    • Make habit of noting new words you learn along with synonyms and antonyms. This will improve your vocab.

    NIMCET 2020 Preparation Tips for Computer Awareness

    The computer awareness section includes questions based on computer basics and data representation. This is considered as one of the easiest sections. Following are some tips to follow while preparing for this section:

    • If you have studied computer at graduation and school level, this section won’t bother you much as it includes only computer basics knowledge questions.
    • You should purchase a preparation book for this topic, especially for NIMCET. Start practicing with this book and you will be able to solve computer questions easily.
    • There are topics like Organization of Computer, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Input/output devices, Computer memory and back-up devices that are quite easy and can be prepared by class 10 level computer book.
    • In Data Representation, they ask Representation of characters, Integers and fractions, Binary arithmetic and Boolean algebra. You should practice for these questions to score well.

    NIMCET Preparation Resources

    • The best study material to prepare for NIMCET 2020 is the class 10 to 12 mathematics, English books. Also, for other sections, there are specific books.
    • You can purchase these books online as well as offline. they contain all the relevant and topic-focused questions for practice.
    • For Mathematics section, it is recommended to prepare from Class X and XII NCERT maths books.
    • The best source to prepare for English is the reading material like novels, newspapers, and magazines etc. Following are additional reference study material for each section of NIMCET.

    NIMCET Reference Books and Study Material 

    • NCERT Mathematics books for class 8th, 9th, 10th and 10+2.
    • Wren and Martin English Grammar
    • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Ajay Singh, Publisher – Arihant.
    • How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning by Arun Sharma, Publisher- Tata McGraw Hill.
    • Computer Fundamentals by PK Sinha.

    NIMCET Mock Test 2020

    • The official NIMCET mock test is released by the conducting NIT, but you should not rely solely on it and take mock tests from other sources as well.
    • You may join a good test series offered by some coaching centers as well as online.
    • NIMCET mocks tests and sample papers help in eliminating most of the surprise elements of the exam.
    • More the mocks are attempted, the better speed and accuracy a candidate can get.
    • NIMCET Mock Test help in identifying strong and weak areas of the candidate.

    NIMCET is not difficult to crack if you practice well and prepare smartly. You can easily get good score in the test. Best of luck!

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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