NMAT 2020 Exam Pattern (Revised), Syllabus and Marking Scheme

    NMAT Exam Pattern2020 is revised by GMAC, and this year the exam will have 12 questions less compared to last year. 3 sections; Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning will have equal number of questions with a changed time limit for each. 2020 NMAT aspirants must develop familiarity with NMAT Syllabus

    Update: NMAT Registration (early) has started on September 14, 2020 and will continue till November 20, 2020. Check Complete NMAT 2020 Schedule

    • NMAT 2020 will be a balanced paper will fewer number of questions overall, 108 compared to 120 questions till 2019.
    • Number of questions in each section has been changed, all three sections will now have 36 questions each. Read More
    • Updated Sectional time duration is: Language skills (22 min), Logical Reasoning (38 minutes) and Quantitative Aptitude (60 min). Overall time duration is the same that is 120 minutes.
    • Changes have been introduced by GMAC to promote participation of candidates from all streams, weightage of Quants is reduced to 33% from 40% while Language skills weightage is increased from 26% to 33%. 
    Table of Contents

    NMAT 2020 is scheduled to take place in a 75 day window in between October to December 2020 as an online computer based test. Aspirants can also get a fair idea about exam pattern with the help of NMAT Mock Test released on the official website in the 4th week of September 2020.

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    NMAT Exam Pattern Highlights

    • Format: It is an online computer based test consisting of 108 MCQ type questions divided into 3 sections.
    • Sectional Order: Candidates can choose their order of sections while taking the exam. This has to be followed in the test once selected.
    • Sectional Time Limit: Every section is timed differently-Language skill (28 min), Quantitative skills (52 min), Logical reasoning (40 min).
    • Marking Scheme: There is no negative marking while every correct response carries +1 marks.
    • Multiple Attempts: NMAT Aspirants can take the test 3 times in a given year, thus candidates have the chance to improvise their score.
    • Self-Scheduling of test: Candidates can schedule the date, venue and time of test as per their convenience.This is a unique feature of NMAT. 

    Post updation of NMAT Syllabus in 2015, GMAC has released preparation guidelines along with previous year test papers for practice. NMAT paper pattern is on the lines of CAT, MAT and XAT and is considered to be of moderate difficulty level. For those prepare for other management exams, NMAT can prove to be a cakewalk. Check NMAT Practice Papers

    Many of the students must now be preparing for the exam. So a sense of bewilderment remains as to which topics have major chances to be featured in NMAT 2020. Here’s a detailed description of what topics are covered by GMAC for NMAT

    Section Wise NMAT Exam Pattern 2020

    NMAT test pattern is based on the lines of CAT and MAT. Time limit is pre-determined for each section. Candidates can select the section they wish to attempt first as per their preferred choice. Option of revising answers is available only till the allotted sectional time.

    NMAT is a 2 hour computer based examination in which candidates have to answer 108 questions. Questions are from all the three sections mentioned above. Read more for a detailed NMAT question pattern section wise analysis.

    i) Language Skills

    ii) Quantitative Skills

    iii) Logical Reasoning

    SectionNo. of QuestionsScore RangeAllotted Time
    Language Skills3612-12028 minutes
    Quantitative Skills3612-12052 minutes
    Logical Reasoning3612-12040 minutes

    Must Read News: NMAT Official Preparation Guide

    NMAT 2020 Sectional Pattern

    Q&A on NMAT

    Ques: Can candidates return to a section in NMAT after leaving it?

    Ans: As candidates choose their own section order they have to attempt it in the same. There are sectional time limit thus candidates are required to attempt  each within the time frame. Once alloted time of a particular section is over, they cannot return to the section.

    NMAT Language Skills Pattern

    NMAT Exam Pattern for Language Skills

    This section is designed in a manner to test a candidate’s knowledge of English grammar and the comfort level of the candidate with the language.

    • There will be 36 questions that are required to be completed in 28 minutes.
    • The language skills section tests a candidate’s command over the language.
    • It also assesses the ability of the candidate in using correct grammar and language skills along with the ability to correct the incorrect sentences based on grammar.
    • This section usually consists of 2 to 4 reading comprehension based on which the candidates have to respond to the questions that follow.

    Important Topics in Language Skills

    Reading comprehension and poemsEnglish grammar & vocabulary
    English usageFill in the blanks
    Synonyms & antonymsIdioms, phrases, clauses
    Sentence error/correctionWord meaning
    Para jumblesStatement correction

    NMAT Quants Pattern

    NMAT Exam Pattern for Quantitative Ability

    Candidates in this section are required to solve questions based on mathematics. Fast calculation skills with accuracy is tested with this section.

    • NMAT 2020 syllabus for Quantitative skills covers four major areas – Quantitative Ability; Data Analysis; Data Sufficiency and Data Interpretation.
    • Candidates will get 52 minutes to answer 36 questions.
    • This section concerns with the candidate’s mental ability and accuracy for mathematical problems.
    • It is a scoring section and the questions are particularly designed to test the candidate’s ability to apply mathematical principles to solve real-time problems.
    • It requires active use of candidate’s intellect in using the mathematical concepts to answer the questions.
    • The difficulty level of the section is of 10+2 level.

    Detailed NMAT by GMAC Syllabus for Quantitative Ability 

    • Arithmetic- Number System, HCF, LCM, Ratio and Proportion, Simplification, Percentage, Average, Age Calculation, Time and Work, Distances, etc.
    • Algebra- Theory of Equations, Quadratic Equations, Permutations and Combinations, Sequence and Series etc.
    • Geometry- Angles, Lines, Triangles, and Circles etc.
    • Mensuration- Areas and Volumes of rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, cubes, cuboids, cones, spheres etc. these sub-topics also come under the heading of 2D and 3D geometry.
    • Calculus- Maxima and Minima, Function etc.
    • Trigonometry- Trigonometric Ratios, Heights, and Distances etc

    Important Topics for Quantitative Skills

    The table below provides names of important topics from quantitative section.

    Algebra (Linear/Quadratic Equation)Number Systems
    Quantitative SkillsPercentage
    Line graph, Bar graph, Pie Charts, TablesProfit and Loss
    2D and 3 D Geometry, and StatisticsTime, Speed, and Distance
    Modern MathWork/Time
    Mixture & SolutionSimple/Compound interest
    MensurationPermutations and Combinations
    ProbabilityCoordinate Geometry

    NMAT Logical Reasoning Pattern

    NMAT Exam Pattern for Logical Reasoning

    This section is based on assessment of critical thinking and decision making abilities of the candidates. It is typically divided into two sections: Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning.

    • It usually consists of abstract, diagrammatic or inductive reasoning questions.
    • The shape sequences and logical patterns are used to test the mental ability of the candidate.

    Important Topics for Logical Reasoning

    Below listed are important topics from this section:

    Coding & DecodingNumeric Grid
    SeriesCritical Reasoning
    Strong Arguments and Weak ArgumentsCalendars
    Multi-dimensional arrangementsSyllogisms
    PuzzlesStatement Conclusions
    ArrangementCourse of Action
    Family treeBlood Relations

    Q&A on NMAT

    Ques: If i complete a section within the time allotted, will there be a carryover of time?

    Ans: In case candidates attempt an entire section within the stipulated time limit they can either revise the section or submit the section and move onto the next. The remaining time will not be carried to the next section whatsoever. 

    How to Take NMAT 2020?

    How to Take NMAT 2020?

    Candidates are required to report at the exam center 45 minutes prior to the commencement of exam. Reporting at the test center 15 minutes later after the exam begins will not be entertained. Following documents are required to be produced at the test venue:

    • Printout of confirmation email-it can be shown on mobile too.
    • Admit card downloaded from the website after application form submission
    • Valid documents by candidates with disabilities
    • Photo id and signature id proof like pan card, aadhar card, passport, voter id card.
    • Persons accompanying the candidate to the test venue will not be permitted inside the venue. 

    Computer will be assigned to the candidate-once the welcome screen appears, a non disclosure agreement (NDA) will be displayed. Candidates have to click on “yes” to proceed with the exam. If clicked on “no i do not accept” deliberately or by mistake the candidature and attempt will stand cancelled.

    • Test takers will then have to choose their order of sections after NDA,in case section order is not chosen it will be presented in default order. 
    • Each section has different questions and requirements, hence directions must be read carefully. It is advised not to skip the directions as it can cause confusion while  attempting.
    • Once the test is over, candidates should remain seated untill invigilator closes the test window. 
    • Writing and rough material provided during the test is to be returned at the end.

    Break Policy During Exam in NMAT 2020

    GMAC has not mandated any scheduled breaks in the exam. Though unscheduled breaks can be taken by candidates as many times during the test as they want. In unscheduled breaks test clock will not stop, time taken for the break will be deducted from the overall time of the candidate.

    Test takers can leave the testing room for break or refreshment. Though the discretion lies with the invigilatior. If unfair means are adopted by the candidate, they will not be allowed breaks. It should be noted that while reentering the testing room after break a valid id proof has to be shown.

    During the unscheduled break, test takers will not be allowed to access their bags, personal belongings or study material. Use of mobile phones during the break is also not allowed. in need of food or medicine prior permission from the invigilator is required.

    Non Disclosure Agreement in NMAT 

    After the welcome screen appears for candidates they will be provided a non-dosclosure agreement (NDA) screen. This means abiding by rules and norms laid down by GMAC. It has to be accepted to proceed with the exam. 

    Click on “yes i accept” to procees and select the section order. In case by mistake or deliberately clicked on “no i do not accept” the test will end. This mistake cannot be aversed and the attemp will; stand void.

    NMAT by GMAC Best Books

    For complete list of recommended NMAT books, click here

    Section Books
    Language SkillsHow to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma
    Quantitative SkillsQuantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Arun Sharma
    Logical ReasoningHow to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma

    NMAT Quants Pattern

    NMAT by GMAC Sample Papers

    NMAT by GMAC Sample Papers give a fair idea of how the actual exam can be expected to be. All candidates appearing for NMAT by GMAC between October  – December 2020 must practice NMAT by GMAC Question papers as much as possible. It is advisable to get thorough with these beforehand, so that candidates do not get surprised in the actual exam. 

    • By solving NMAT by GMAC Sample Papers, candidates can get familiar with the exam pattern and difficulty level of the actual test.
    • The model papers provided for download are the previous years’ papers.
    • These will help students have a better understanding of the exam pattern, before they sit for the exam.

    The exam will take place in different slots on different days. As for the NMAT by GMAC marking scheme, three marks will be awarded for each correct answer option, while there is no negative marking.

    NMAT Vs XAT Exam Pattern

    NMAT Exam Pattern Vs XAT Exam Pattern

    There are quite a few similarities between exam pattern ans syllabus structure of NMAT by GMAC and Xavier’s Aptitude Test. Thus candidates have the opportunity to prepare for both the exams simultaneously. A tabulated comparison is mentioned below:

    Exam Pattern DetailNMAT by GMACXLRI-XAT
    Number of Questions108100
    Total Duration2 Hours3.5 Hours
    Type of QuestionsAll MCQs97 MCQ (1 Essay Type Question)
    Marking Scheme

    +1   for Correct Response

    No Negative Marking

    72 MCQs with 0.25 Negative Marking. 

    No Negative Marking for 25 MCQs and Essay Question. 

    Sectional Division

    Language Skills: 36

    Logical Reasoning: 36

    Quatitative Skills: 36

    English Language and  Logical Reasoning: 24

    Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation:  27

    Decision Making: 21

    Sectional Time LimitTime Limit of 28 minutes to 52 minutesEvery Section has 1 Hour Time Limit
    Choose Sectional OrderYesNo
    Salient FAQs on NMAT 2020 Exam Pattern

    NMAT 2020 Exam Pattern FAQs 

    Ques: NMAT is conducted in which mode?

    Ans: NMAT is conducted in a computer-based mode which will be held in a pre-determined testing location in which the responses are electronically recorded and assessed. 

    Ques: What skills are required to appear in NMAT computer-based test?

    Ans: There are no extra computer skills needed as such. Candidates just have to mark their responses to the questions appeared on the screen. Proper instructions will be given at the beginning of the test which will help candidates to take the test. 

    Ques: Can I prepare for NMAT and CAT in one go?

    Ans: NMAT and CAT both have almost similar syllabus but their sectional divisions are different. Candidates can prepare for both the exam in one go but they must solve mock tests for both the exam separately understand the exam pattern of NMAT and CAT. 

    Ques: What are sectional limitations in NMAT 2020?

    Ans:Below given are the sectional limitations of NMAT:

    • There is a certain time limit for each section.
    • Candidates can choose the sections as per their preferred choice. 
    • Once you start one section, you have to end that section to navigate to others. 
    • If there any time left after completing one section, it won't be added to another section. 
    • Along with the overall cutoff, sectional cutoff also exists. 

    Ques: Will there be any online screen calculator available in NMAT 2020?

    Ans: No, there is no such facility available. Candidates will be given rough page for calculation. 

    Ques: Will there be any change in NMAT exam pattern?

    Ans: Yes NMAT Exam Pattern has been updated by GMAC in terms of number of questions in each section, sectional time limit and overall questions. 

    Ques: How many attempts can candidates can take in one year?

    Ans:Candidates can take test maximum 3 times in one admission year. 

    Ques: When can candidates schedule to reappear in NMAT?

    Ans:Candidates have to wait at least 15 days before he/she can apply for a reappear. There is a separate application fee charged to reappear in the exam. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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