NMAT 2020 Analysis: Detailed Section-wise Analysis

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    NMAT 2020 application process will start from August 1 andthe exam will be conducted through 75 days test window commencing from October 6 to December 17, 2020. During the 75 days, candidates also get a scope to choose the date, time and venue according to their ease that suits them best. There are almost 70 test centers for the examination spread across 50 cities. Foreign Candidates can also appear in NMAT 2020 and have the choice of choosing foreign test centers too.

    For test takers of the last batch, here’s a brief idea of the exam pattern and the kind of questions that have come up till now.

    • Usual exam pattern was followed- three sections with no negative marking. 
    • The difficulty level of Language Skills section rose from last year. 
    • Quantitative Skills questions were easiest.
    • Data interpretation questions were not intensely calculative but complex. 
    • Cut off is expected to lie between 208-210.
    • Language Skills cut off can range between 55-57; for Quantitative Skills between 70-72; and for Logical Reasoning between 60-62.

    Collegedunia Test Tip: Since there is no negative marking involved, candidates are free to choose answers of questions they are not sure of. However, a good hand over Language and Quantitative Skills is required. Test takers are advised to brush up their vocabulary. Attempting quant section first can be beneficial as the number of questions are high, but the level of questions is easy, thereby making it a high scoring area. Read about NMAT 2020 Preparation Tips

    Exam Pattern

    NMAT 2020 Exam Pattern

    NMAT is a 120 minutes computer based exam, divided into three sections:

    i) Language Skills

    ii) Quantitative Skills

    iii) Logical Reasoning

    SectionNo. of QuestionsScore RangeAllotted Time
    Language Skills320-9622 minutes
    Quantitative Skills480-14460 minutes
    Logical Reasoning400-12038 minutes

    The paper is based on the lines of CAT and MAT. Time limit is pre-determined for each section. Candidates can select the section they wish to attempt first as per their preferred choice. Option of revising answers is available only till the allotted sectional time.

    NMAT Exam Pattern

    Read more about NMAT 2020 Exam Pattern

    Analysis by Career Launcher

    NMAT 2020 Exam Analysis by Career Launcher

    NMAT 2020 exam was moderately difficult. Though the Language Skills section was slightly difficult, a solid exam attempt strategy was the need of the hour. Around 77-83 questions (across sections) could have been easily solved within a time span of 120 minutes. Few questions out of the remaining should have been calculated attempts as per the marking scheme.

    • Analytical Reasoning questions were slightly complex, making Logical Reasoning section difficult.
    • Language Skills section was straight-forward.
    • Quantitative Skills section was the easiest to attempt.
    S. noSectionNo. of QuestionsTime (in Minutes)Difficulty LevelPossible Attempts
    1Language Skills3222Easy-Moderate24-26
    2Quantitative Skills4860Easy28-30
    3Logical Reasoning4038Easy-Moderate25-27

    NMAT Exam- Detailed Sectional Analysis

    1. Logical Reasoning:

    In terms of difficulty level, the exam was easy - moderate. 25 questions were based on Analytical and logical Reasoning while the remaining 15 were based on Verbal Reasoning. The questions from machine input/output, coding-decoding, blood relations and seating arrangements.

    In Verbal Logic, a good number of questions came from statement-conclusion, strengthening and weakening arguments, and statement-inference and statement-assumption. Overall, the section was moderately difficult.

    A well prepared candidate could attempt 25-27 questions with 90% accuracy.

    2. Quantitative Skills:

    Quant section was probably the easiest among all. Questions came from Arithmetic, Numbers and Modern Math. Few questions were observed from geometry and algebra. Profit and Loss, Number System (HCF, LCM, and units digit based), data sufficiency and DI comprised major portion of the questions. There were 5 DI sets- 2 table-based DI sets, 2 bar-graph based and 1 pie-chart based.

    An easy attempt of around 28-30 was possible.

    3. Language Skills:

    In this section of NMAT 2020, Reading Comprehension played a major role. The first passage was on ‘Impact of Media on Teenagers’ and the other was on ‘Discovery of new species underwater’. Questions were easy to decipher, with no Shakespeare vocabulary. However, the Cloze test was slightly difficult to solve.

    There were 4 para jumble questions which were not difficult to solve. Fill in the blank questions based on prepositions were also easy to attempt. Remaining questions were based on grammar.

    Overall, the pattern of this section was predictable as it was on the same line of previous year exam.

    An attempt of 25-27 questions with 90% accuracy is expected.

    Analysis by IMS

    NMAT 2020 Exam Analysis by IMS

    NMAT 2020 exam analysis conducted by IMS also suggests that the paper was moderately difficult. Let us take a look at the sectional analysis.

    1. Logical Reasoning:

    Out of 40 questions, 24 questions were on non-verbal reasoning and the remaining questions were on verbal reasoning. One question in non-verbal reasoning was based upon venn diagram. break -up of the section is given below.

    Grouping & Conditionalities4Medium
    Sequential Output8Medium
    Coding3Easy to Difficult
    Venn Diagram2Easy & Difficult
    Family Tree ( Symbol Based Questions)2Medium & Difficult
    Alphabet- Numbers Series (Missing Term)1Easy
    Ranking in Queue1Medium
    Logical Puzzle1Medium
    Grid based series1Medium
    Circular Arrangement1Easy
    VERBAL REASONING (16 Questions)
    Implicit Statements2 (Conclusion 1, Assumption 1)Easy-Medium
    Strong argument/ Weak argument (1 paragraph - 3 arguments)2Easy-Medium
    Course of Action (1 paragraph - 3 courses of action)1Easy
    Decision Making2Easy-Medium
    Critical Reasoning Strengthen/Weaken Inference/Conclusion8 (Conclusion - 2, Inference - 2, Assumption - 2, Strengthen - 1, Weaken - 1)Easy-Medium
    Syllogisms (2 data statements/ 4 conclusions)1Easy
    TOTAL40 Questions

    With 85% accuracy, an attempt of about 26-28 questions is good.

    2. Quantitative Ability

    In this section of NMAT 2020, 23 questions out of 48 were based on Problem on Solving, 20 on Data Interpretation, and 5 on Data Sufficiency. Maximum of the questions were of medium difficulty level. No question was there from Algebra. Problem Solving questions were based on Modern Math and Arithmetic.

    An attempt of around 33-35 questions with 85% accuracy is possible.

    MODERN MATHS - 9 Questions - Easy to Difficult level
    Arithmetic Progression2Medium to Difficult
    Probability3Easy to Difficult
    Permutation & Combination2Medium to Difficult
    Logarithms2Easy to Medium
    ARITHMETIC - 8 Questions - Easy to Difficult level
    Time Speed Distance1Medium
    Percentages3Easy to difficult
    Time and Work1Medium
    Ratio-Proportion2Medium to Difficult
    NUMBERS - 3 Questions - Medium level
    GEOMETRY - 3 Questions
    Mensuration2Easy & Difficult
    DATA INTERPRETATION - 20 Questions - Easy to Difficult Level
    Multiple Bar Chart4Medium
    Two pie charts4Easy
    Bar Chart + Pie chart4Difficult
    Data Sufficiency - 5 Question from (All from Numbers) - Easy to Medium Level

    3. Language Skills:

    No major changes were observed in this section from the last year.

    There were two RC Passages of 450-500 words with 4 questions each. The passages were in a lucid language and questions asked were relatively easy. Non-RC questions were based on grammar and vocabulary, and were easy to attempt.

    Following is a representation of the break-up of this section:

    Reading Comprehension (2 passages with 4 questions each)8Easy
    Paragraph Jumbles (4 sentences)4Easy to Medium
    Analogies6Medium to Difficult
    Cloze Passage4Easy
    Single FIB1Easy
    Meaning of phrase/Synonyms Antonyms2Medium
    Fill in the Blanks (2 blanks – combination of grammar and vocab)2Easy
    Fill in the blanks with 3 Prepositions2Easy
    Spot the error in the underlined parts3Easy-Medium

    A genuine attempt of 24-26 questions with 85% accuracy will be considered good.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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