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PTE 2021: Registration, Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Test Dates, Test Centers, Results, Score, Preparation Tips, and Practice

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PTE is an English proficiency test that evaluates the speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills of international candidates. In the 3 hours of PTE, candidates need to answer around 130 questions. Candidates will receive a PTE score on a 10 – 90 points scale. Test-takers need to pay INR 13, 700 (including GST) to take the PTE exam that delivers results within 48 hours of taking the test. PTE exams have a validity of two years. PTE registration can be done from the official website by creating an account, completing the profile, selecting the PTE test date and center, and finally paying. PTE full form stands for  ‘Pearson Test of English’ and is categorized into three main exams:

  • PTE Academic (mostly taken by candidates)
  • PTE General and
  • PTE Home

PTE Exam Highlights

Due to the COVID-19, PTE registration was closed down but the exam booking has recently commenced allowing a handful of candidates by maintaining utmost safety and health precautions. If you wish to take the Pearson PTE test from home, you need to select the nearest PTE test center. You will be provided with a headset and computer for listening, reading, writing, and speaking. PTE result is trusted majorly by all universities over the world along with government bodies and institutions. Most of the candidates take PTE Academic exam which is a 3 hours computer-based exam.

  • PTE Academic tests the reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills
  • There are around 295 PTE test centers spread out over 50 countries
  • PTE score is mostly accepted by universities/colleges in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany
  • PTE score is required for Australian visa and New Zealand too

PTE Academic exam is taken to showcase the English aptitude of a candidate for universities as well as for Australian visa purposes. Pearson PTE Academic is also accepted majorly by Australian universities, institutes, and professional bodies. PTE Academic exam is accepted by Canadian immigration, refugees, and citizenship that allows the candidates to possess regular study permits as well.

Is PTE Easier than IELTS?

Both PTE and IELTS are English proficiency assessment tests and both are similar in terms of difficulty. Both IELTS and PTE study tests the elementary and skill-building features. In the comparison between  IELTS to PTE, both the exams have similar levels of difficulty and purposes.

Is TOEFL Easier than PTE?

Since the PTE exam is computer-based, it is examined by a rater and considered unbiased and comparatively easier. In the case of TOEFL, there are more MCQs, and the candidate needs to speak to a computer making it slightly harder. 

Is PTE Exam Hard?

When compared to IELTS, PTE is considered harder but scoring in the PTE exam is easier than IELTS. Since the PTE exam is a computer-based test, there is no possibility of human error or bias hampering the score.

In Which Countries is PTE Valid?

PTE Academic score is accepted by all the countries across the world by government, universities, professional organizations. PTE Academic score is mostly accepted in UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, China, and more. 

Why Choose PTE?

Here are a few reasons to know why most candidates opt for PTE over other exams:

  • Artificial Intelligence: PTE is marked using artificial intelligence that follows human raters. The scores are based on the number of responses derived from the candidate.
  • Impartial scoring: PTE result is marked only on the responses you have made. Since the marking is done by artificial intelligence, there is no scope of biasedness while checking
  • Fast results: Candidates receive their Pearson PTE result within 48 hours
  • Send unlimited scores for free: PTE doesn't charge the candidates for additional score sending to the universities
  • Unlimited acceptance for study/migration: PTE is not only accepted by universities but also for immigration around the world

PTE Registration 2021

PTE test registration doesn’t have any strict requirements but the candidate needs to be 18 years of age while registering. In case somebody is not, that person has to show the parent’s consent form to register. The Pearson Academic booking needs to be done by creating an account on the PTE official site ( and enabling PTE login with that. PTE exam has again resumed testing in China, India, and Australia. 

How can I Register for PTE Exam?

After logging in to the PTE official website – PTE VUE, the candidate needs to:

  1. Fill out the necessary details like name, address, contact, date of birth, and more
  2. PTE booking can be done by clicking on ‘Schedule this exam’ and select the specific location
  3. Among the list of PTE exam dates, the candidate needs to select the one of their need
  4. The booking will be successful by paying the PTE exam fee.

For Indians, PTE requirements include a passport without which the test cannot be taken. PTE scorecard is obtained within 5 working days.

Before Appointment

Since the COVID-19 is at its peak, the candidates should compulsorily follow the below guidelines before registering:

  1. Check yourself for fever or similar COVID-19 symptoms, if it prevails, immediately cancel the exam;
  2. Don’t travel in case of travel restriction in or around your area;
  3. Keep your email account active to receive notifications about your selected test center closing down.

Showing up at the Appointment

After attending the meeting, make sure to:

  1. Properly wash your hands;
  2. Wear the mask;
  3. Carry the hand sanitizer;
  4. Maintain social distancing

Cancellation of Appointment

  1. In case there is a suspension of the test in a particular PTE test center, the candidates will receive a notification via email about the cancellation;
  2. for candidates who have paid via debit or credit cards, they will receive the refund automatically;
  3. In case the candidate has availed a voucher during the appointment will be able to book an alternative appointment by availing of the same code during the next appointment
  4. Candidates will receive a full refund if they cancel before 14 days of their booked test date
  5. If they cancel in less than 14 but before 7 days they will receive a 50% refund
  6. Remember, there will be no refund if the cancellation is done in less than 7 days before the booked test date

Rescheduling the Appointment

To reschedule the appointment, candidates need to sign in to their accounts. The rescheduling can be done before 14 days of the booked test date. Candidates need to follow the instructions stated on the official site, they will get the option of either to ‘cancel’ or ‘reschedule’ where the second option needs to be selected. If done before 14 days, the rescheduling can be done for free. 

PTE Exam Fee 2021

Presently, the PTE exam fee is INR 13,700 (including GST). If you want to reschedule the test, an extra amount needs to be paid:

  • For rescheduling the PTE test date before 7 days of the booked date, a 25% extra fee needs to be incurred;
  • For rescheduling the PTE test date within the same week of the previously booked test date, the full registration fee needs to be incurred.

Candidates can avail PTE voucher code while making the payment. This voucher will reduce the fee amount to zero when candidates are making the payment. PTE voucher code can be obtained from the official PTE website as well. 

Mode of Payment

The PTE exam fee can be paid through Visa, MasterCard, American Express in Credit Cards. For debit cards, Visa and MasterCard are accepted presently. 

PTE Exam Dates 2021

The PTE Academic exam is conducted throughout the year, making it easier for the candidates to opt for any PTE exam dates they want. It is always advisable that candidates should focus on the upcoming dates to not miss out on any exam.

The following PTE exam dates 2021 will act as a guide for ascertaining the time alongside the PTE tutorials:

Month Details
May 2021 Deadline date: 19 April’21
Test taker withdrawal deadline: 07 May’21
Verbal test period: 08 May - 22 May’21
Written test: 22 May’21
Deadline for Pearson to receive the finished tests: 27 May’21
Deadline for Pearson to collect special consideration requests: 02 June’21
Results available via Edexcel Online: 05 July
June 2021 Deadline Date: 17 May’21
Test taker withdrawal deadline: 04 June’21
Verbal test period: 05 June - 19 June’21
Written test: 19 June’21
Deadline for Pearson to receive the finished tests: 24 June’21
Deadline for Pearson to collect special consideration requests: 30 June’21
Results available via Edexcel Online: 02 August’21
October 2021 Deadline Date: 06 September’21
Test taker withdrawal deadline: 24 September’21
Verbal test period: 25 September - 09 October’21
Written test: 09 October’21
Deadline for Pearson to receive the finished tests: 14 October’21
Deadline for Pearson to collect special consideration requests: 20 October’21
Results available via Edexcel Online: 22 November’21
November 2021 Entry deadline: 11 October
Test taker withdrawal deadline: 29 October
Oral test period: 30 October - 13 November
Written test: 13 November
Deadline for completed tests to be received by Pearson: 18 November
Deadline for special consideration requests to be received by Pearson: 24 November
Results available via Edexcel Online: 05 January 22
December 2021 Entry deadline: 08 November
Test taker withdrawal deadline: 26 November
Oral test period: 27 November - 11 December
Written test: 11 December
Deadline for completed tests to be received by Pearson: 16 December
Deadline for special consideration requests to be received by Pearson: 22 December
Results available via Edexcel Online: 31 January 22

PTE Test Centers

The PTE Test Centers are spread all over numerous cities in India, namely, Ahmadabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, Noida, Patiala, Pune, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Vijayawada.

Most of the countries have resumed testing except for the ones mentioned below:

  • Chile
  • France
  • Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Morocco
  • Nepal
  • Russian federation
  • Sri Lanka
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Vietnam

Note: If you are taking the test in a Pearson Professional Center then wearing a mask that completely covers your mouth and nose is mandatory. If you do not wish to wear the mask during taking the test then rescheduling the test free of charge is an option. 

PTE Exam Pattern 2021

The PTE study starts with the PTE exam pattern where it tests the main 4 skills of English: PTE Reading, PTE Listening, PTE Speaking, and PTE writing. PTE Speaking and PTE writing exams are taken together. The PTE results are based on the scoring system of the Global Scale of English. The PTE exam pattern also consists of 10 minutes optional break.

PTE Test Format

PTE Exam Pattern: PTE Speaking and Writing

PTE speaking and writing section start with a personal introduction that requires the candidate to speak about their prompt. This one of the PTE tools required to send to the universities/colleges for having better knowledge about the candidate. Remember, this task is not scored. The PTE test format is stated below:

  1. PTE Read Aloud: This task requires the candidate to read a prompt of around 60 words and prepare for 30 – 40 seconds then read it aloud;
  2. PTE Repeat Sentence: Here, a 3 – 9 seconds recording will be played which needs to be repeated;
  3. PTE Describe Image: Candidates get 40 seconds to illustrate an image displayed. The PTE tutorials speaking help in preparing for this section;
  4. PTE Re-tell Lecture: Candidates will listen/view around 90 seconds of the lecture and re-tell it in 40 seconds in their way;
  5. PTE Answer Short Question: Here, a question will be played off 3 – 9 seconds, and candidates need to respond within 10 seconds in one or more words;
  6. PTE Summarize Written Text: Read around 300 words of text and summarize it in 1 sentence of not more than 75 words;
  7. PTE Essay: Test-takers need to write a 200 – 300 words PTE writing essay. Candidates during their real PTE study need to practice hard to excel in this section.

PTE Exam Pattern: PTE Reading

During the PTE practice, candidates are required to thoroughly go through the PTE tutorials reading to ensure a high score. The PTE test format of the PTE reading section is as followed:

  1. PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks: A prompt length of around 300 words with blanks attached with dropdown boxes is presented, the test takers need to select the right answer from the options given;
  2. PTE Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer: Candidates need to opt for more than one accurate answers after reading the text;
  3. PTE Re-order paragraphs: Several texts are placed randomly, candidates need to place them accurately;
  4. PTE Reading fill in the blanks: In PTE reading fill in the blanks also, the test-takers need to select the accurate answer from the dropdown box;
  5. PTE Multiple Choice, Single Answer: Here, the candidates are required to opt for a single answer.

PTE Exam Pattern: PTE Listening

The PTE listening test comprises audio/video clips that are played only once. Therefore, the PTE tutorials listening should be practiced properly. The PTE test format of the listening section is as follows:

  1. PTE Summarize Spoken Text: Candidates are required to respond to a recording in a 50 – 70 words written text;
  2. PTE Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer: Listen to a recording, and select more than one accurate answers;
  3. PTE Fill in the Blanks: Here, the test-taker listens to a transcript and fill the blanks with the missing words. The PTE mock tests are a great way to understand this section.
  4. PTE Highlight Correct Summary: Listen to a recording and select the most suitable paragraph;
  5. PTE Multiple Choice, Single Answer: Similar to the MCQ with multiple answers, here the candidate just needs to select a single correct answer;
  6. PTE Select Missing Word: Candidates are required to listen to a recording and select the right word that is missing;
  7. PTE Highlight Incorrect Words: Listen to a transcript and mark the incorrect words as displayed on the screen of the same transcript;
  8. PTE Write from Dictation: Listen to a recording and write it down in sentences.

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What is the most difficult part of PTE?

After reviews from numerous test-takers and 100 random test results, the most difficult part is the reading section followed by the writing section. 

PTE Score 2021

The PTE score as already mentioned is designed following the Global Scale of English. It has further been advised that candidates should always check their university PTE score list to understand their requirements. The PTE score calculation is done in a range of 10 – 90.

What is a Good PTE Score?

From the comparison between IELTS and PTE scores, it can be stated that a range of 74 – 84 means a very good score. Followed by that, a range of 73 – 77 means a good score. Candidates should try to aim for score ranges like that.

The overall PTE score consists of Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills.

PTE Score: Communicative Skills

Communicative skills measure the 4 main skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing each on a scale of 10 – 90. It must be noted that communicative skills are considered during visa/HEI entry. There are two PTE tools in the scoring system, partial and correct/incorrect credit points. For one correct answer, the candidate receives 1 correct point and no point in case of an inaccurate answer. Partial credit points are given for partially correct answers.

Check: Average PTE Score

PTE Score: Enabling Skills

This includes skills like grammatical accuracy, sentence construction, oral eloquence, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and the manner of writing. This is also measured on a score range of 10 – 90.

PTE Band Score

The PTE Band Score can be best understood when compared with the IELTS band score as well as the TOEFL score chart.

The following PTE score chart will explain the scoring system when compared to the IELTS score:

PTE Academic 30 36 42 50 58 65 73 79 83 86
IELTS 4.5 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0

The following PTE score chart will explain the scoring system when compared with the TOEFL score:

PTE Academic 38 42 46 50 53 59 64 68 72 78 84
TOEFL iBT 40-44 54-56 65-66 74-75 79-80 87-88 94 99-100 105 113 120

Therefore, from the above PTE score chart, it can be understood that an 89-90 is undoubtedly the best one can get. PTE scores 74 – 85 are quite high scores that will massively help in admission.

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What is the passing score for PTE exam?

The PTE exam doesn't have a passing score. Generally, the PTE score range of 50 to 63 is considered competent and makes it hard for the candidates to ensure admission. Obtaining a score range between 65 to 75 or higher will increase the chances of securing admission to top universities. 

How is PTE Score Calculated?

All of PTE’s answered is scored by PTE Academic’s machine scoring system. Some questions are marked only on correctness. Others are marked on correctness, formal aspects, and also response quality. The formal aspect refers to the response type, for instance, if the word limit is maintained. The enabling skills of the PTE score represent the response quality. 

There are two kinds of scoring in PTE:

  • Correct or incorrect: Each right answer gets 1 score, and incorrect ones don't get any marks.
  • Partial Credit: If the item is partly correct, it receives some marks but less than the maximum number allotted for that item.

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How to Send PTE Scores?

Universities do not accept the paper form or PDF form of the PTE score. To send across the PTE scorecard, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Login to your PTE account through the official website
  2. Move to the ‘Activity’ section and select the appointment that is connected with the score
  3. Select ‘Send Score’
  4. Type the name of your selected institution/organization/department/school and select 'search’
  5. Select the ‘recipient’
  6. Press on ‘select programs’
  7. Analyze the selected programs and click on Next
  8. Then select ‘submit order' to complete

PTE Score Report

The Pearson PTE result has certain sections like:

  • Personal details and photo
  • Test registration ID and score report code
  • Overall score
  • A detailed description of the performance
  • It includes the overall, communicative, and enabling scores

PTE Result 2021

The candidates will receive their PTE VUE results within 5 days of the test taken. They will be notified through their official PTE account about their Pearson PTE Result. they will find the result under the ‘My PTE Result’ section. Once you receive an email stating the release of the scores, the PTE result login will show you the results. Remember, universities/colleges do not accept paper or PDF forms of PTE scorecards. The PTE exam is valid for two years. After that particular period, candidates will not be able to trace their scores.

  • The PTE exam is valid in most countries and the non-native aspirants generally target UK, US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and more.
  • PTE academic is highly accepted by universities and colleges, including the Ivy Leagues like Harvard, Columbia, Yale, and more.
  • PTE Academic is accepted by the New Zealand government as a trusted English aptitude exam and also for its visa purposes.

PTE Preparation Tips 2021

PTE English exam is one of the trusted English language proficiency exams and scoring high in the exam is a necessity. It has already been mentioned how the universities and colleges require a high PTE score. PTE preparation includes a wide range of tips, books, study materials, practice papers, and more. 

How can I Get Good Marks in PTE?

To secure a high PTE score candidates need to follow the top English PTE tips:

  1. Start with creating a PTE self-study plan
  2. Read the questions before reading the passage. Practice this during PTE online test.
  3. Intonation should be worked on when studying PTE English
  4. Make the proper movement of your mouth during PTE speaking
  5. During PTE writing, practice focus on complex and compound sentences
  6. Map your essay before starting with the PTE essay
  7. Manage time during the PTE reading section
  8. Avoid typos while writing
  9. Practice from PTE Preparation App
  10. Practice listening to native English accents during practice
  11. Time management is the key to answer all the questions
  12. Preparation should be done with diligence
  13. A study from online courses like E2language PTE, PTE tutorials, Language academy PTE, and more

How Can I Prepare for PTE?

The PTE exam preparation should be done rigorously to ensure a high PTE score and admission to your desired university. The road to PTE can be tiring but the following PTE preparation tips will guide the candidates:

  1. Practice English holistically throughout the day and grasp a great command over it;
  2. Grammatical accuracy and vocabulary are two of the PTE tool in enabling skills that forms the PTE overall score, therefore, focus on them;
  3. Reading should be a constant thing, and not done occasionally;
  4. Refer to the official PTE preparation materials by Pearson as those are authentic and provides the candidates a taste of the main exam;
  5. PTE Practice papers are the best way to secure knowledge and score;
  6. Youtube videos can be very beneficial during the PTE exam preparation.
  7. Create a practical PTE Study plan that includes the exact studying hours 
  8. Get knowledge from the webinars 
  9. Learning from the feedback is a helpful preparation tip
  10. Solve as many online practice tests as possible
  11. Communicate with your friends in English to improve your speaking fluency

Check out: PTE Academic Preparation

PTE Official Guide by Pearson

Preparing from the official study guide by the conducting body Pearson is considered the best option by test-takers. This book contains certain benefits:

  1. Provides all the necessary information about the test, test-taking tips, syllabus, requirements to take the test scoring;
  2. Accelerated as well as comprehensive study plans designed according to the requirements of the test-takers;
  3. An exhaustive explanation of the exam pattern and what every section has to offer;
  4. Detailed information about every task type and practice questions;
  5. PTE preparation strategies to overcome any bottleneck and improve the strong points;
  6. Strategies to build English for academic purposes

PTE Preparation Books

It is necessary to gather the PTE materials and PTE preparation books that are authentic and contain the proper format of the exam. The following are a few of the PTE preparation books listed:

  1. The Official Guide to PTE Academic: INR 978 – Check PDF
  2. Practice Test Plus: with CD-Rom: INR 639 – Check PDF
  3. PTE Academic – Macmillan – Check PDF
  4. PTE General Skill Booster – Check PDFOne of the best books for PTE general exam preparation.
  5. Pearson Test of English Young Learners. Firstwords Past Papers 2011 – Check PDF
  6. Pearson Test of English Young Learners. Quickmarch Past Papers 2009 – Check PDF

PTE Academic Official App

There is an official PTE academic official app that helps candidates practice on the go. numerous candidates are attending schools or work, for them, the PTE website or official app works as the best guide. The following are a few of the major features of the app:

  1. Detailed information about PTE test format, questions, score
  2. Interactive practice questions both online and offline
  3. Progress tracking and regular suggestions based on the test date
  4. ‘How to Guides’ about the four sections of the test
  5. Test center tips

PTE Coaching Classes 

You can prepare for PTE study online and offline according to your convenience. The following are a few of the best PTE coaching classes in India:

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


need to know about pearson test well
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Hi Rajeev, PTE (Pearson Test of English) is an English language proficiency test conducted by Pearson PCL group in association with Edexcel. Any person whose native language is not English and wants to assess his/her proficiency in the language can take the test. As to know more please check the official website.
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Is PTE easier to score or IELTS/TOEFL? I am exploring opportunities for UK.
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