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SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern (Updated), Marking Scheme, Syllabus

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| Updated On - Feb 22, 2021

SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern has been revised for the year 2021 by Symbiosis International University (SIU). There are some changes in SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern as compared to the exam pattern of the previous year. Check SNAP Exam Analysis

SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern comprises a wide range of parameters containing the mode of the entrance test, duration of the examination, the total number of questions, type of the questions, mode of the test, the total number of sections, number of question papers, marking scheme, and much more information regarding the entrance examination. 

Applicant must know the revised exam pattern of SNAP 2021 and SNAP 2021 Syllabus to get an idea of the format of the question paper before appearing in the entrance examination. As per the updated SNAP exam pattern, both the section General Knowledge and Current Affairs has been removed from the new SNAP exam pattern 2021.

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SNAP Exam Pattern 2021 Highlights

  • The number of questions in total has decreased from 110 to 60 in contrast to last year's SNAP exam pattern.
  • Apart from the total number of questions, the time span of SNAP 2021 Exam also has been reduced from 120 minutes to 60 minutes in which all the candidate needs to mark their answers on the question paper. 
  • Applicants who want to pursue an MBA or MBA (I & E) or MBA (L & S) should know the new SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern before sitting for the entrance test.
  • Candidates must complete or mark all the answers in the question paper between 11.00 PM to Noon that was earlier 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM in the entrance examination.
  • No extra time will be given for any section of the question paper in the examination.
  • No candidate will get any extra marks for attempting any difficult question from any section of the question paper in the test.
  • All the question will be set based on the topics and subtopics from the syllabus, it will also maintain the format of the question set by the exam authority.

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Updated SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

Going through the updated SNAP exam pattern 2021 not only help all the aspirants to start preparation according to the question format but also helps them to enhance their time management skills for the test that will be conducted through online mode only. As per the feedback of the candidates who appeared in the entrance examination from the previous year, the difficulty level of SNAP 2021 Exam can be said to be moderate. Check SNAP 2020 Preparation Tips

  • The candidate will be evaluated in the entrance test based on 60 marks in total.
  • There will be total three-section consist of General English, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency in the question paper.
  • The section General English will split into some other subsection such as Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning along with Verbal Ability. For each correct answer, 1 mark will be awarded to the candidate on the contrary 0.25 marks will be deducted from each incorrect answer as negative marking.
  • No marks will be deducted for any unanswered questions on the question paper in the entrance test, as per SNAP exam pattern 2021.  
  • The candidate needs to mark the answer for 60 MCQ or Multiple-Choice Question within 1 hour.
  • In the previous year till 2019, the candidate had to attempt the question from the General Knowledge section that is no longer in the SNAP exam pattern.
  • Candidates are required to know that the total number of questions from the section Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency is 20 in each whereas the section Analytical and Logical Reasoning contains 25 questions in total. On the other hand, the section General English consists of 15 questions.
  • There is no chance for the candidate to get any unusual question from any section except the section of Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency of the question paper in the entrance test according to SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern.
  • The candidates will have to attempt 5 special questions from the three sections mentioned above the line.

Detailed SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

Some identification regarding the revised SNAP exam pattern is discussed below.

SNAP Examination mode

  • The entrance examination will be conducted through online mode only.
  • SNAP 2021 Exam will be classified as a computer-based test.
  • In the previous year, this entrance test had conducted through offline mode but from 2017 onwards the exam mode has been shifted from offline to online mode.
  • All the facility for the online examination will be given to the candidate appearing for the entrance examination at the right time by the exam conducting authority.
  • Candidate can review them any question form the question paper in the test.
  • All candidates are advised to start preparation by practising via online test series to know the mode of the test online.

SNAP Examination Duration

  • The candidate must complete the entrance test within 60 minutes. There will not be any sectional timing for any section in the examination for any candidate.
  • As per the rules and regulation set by the concerned authority, the candidate can not leave the test centre or the exam hall before 12.45 PM.
  • As the examination will be held from 11.00 AM to Noon so the candidates will have to maintain some post-exam procedure till 12.45 PM.
  • And, no candidates will be allowed to solve or mark any question in the question paper within that period.

Download SNAP Sample Papers

SNAP Question Type

  • As per SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern, there will be two types of questions consist of normal questions and special questions.
  • In this section, all the questions will be based on Multiple-Choice Questions. All the candidate will have to select only one correct answer out of four options from a particular question.
  • Selecting and marking more than one option will be considered as wrong or incorrect. Hence, no marks will be given for that particular answer.
  • In SNAP 2021 Exam, the candidate will not get any special question in the question paper. Only normal questions will be there in the question paper.

Total Number of Sections in SNAP

  • All the questions in the question paper will be divided into three sections. Any pre fixed order will be considered for any sections in the question paper.
  • There will not have any restriction for any candidate to easily move to another section of the question paper in the examination or it can be said the candidate will get the flexibility.
  • Candidate can skip any question and attempt another or mark the previous question that they have left or skipped. As per SNAP exam pattern 2021, no cut off marks will be present for any section of the question paper.

SNAP 2021 Cut Off Marking Pattern & Options

  • As negative marking 1marks will be removed from a wrong answer and 1 mark will be added for the right answer marked by the candidate in the question paper.
  • No step marks or any other extra marks will be given to any candidate.
  • The candidate is allowed to rectify their answer but neither select nor mark more than one answer out of four alternatives per question.

SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern Important Points

  • Some of the most crucial points regarding SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern must be noted before appearing in the entrance examination by the candidate are mentioned below. One of the most important facts regarding SNAP exam pattern 2021 is that none of the participating institutes of Symbiosis International University (SIU) does not appraise section-wise minimum percentage of qualifying marks. Instead of the section-wise cut-off score, overall cut off marks are released by the authorised body. And, it allows all the applicants to get admission with a high score.
  • The section verbal ability covers a blend of reading comprehension, completion of the sentence, making the right form of the sentence along with finding the incorrect one. It also includes questions based on jumbled paragraphs, vocabulary, etc.
  • All the questions from the section are required to practice. No candidate will get high marks unless they keep practising all the subject matter from the section of quantitative ability, data interpretation and sufficiency. Some of the topics are included in those sections are probability, algebra, mensuration, permutation and combination, integers, time and speed, time and distance, pie and bar graph, etc. However, all the questions must be solved with some feasible tips and tricks.
  • Another section i.e analytical and logical reasoning composed of some valuable topics and subtopics such as syllogisms, family tree, cause and effect, linear arrangement along with matrix arrangement, input-output, number tree and directions, analogy etc. As the difficulty level of this section is not stable so all the candidates should cover all the subject matter from this section without any specification.

SNAP Exam Pattern FAQs

Ques: Is the test pattern of this year's SNAP same as last year's?

Ans: No, unlike last year the number of question and total time has been reduced and the test will be conducted in an online format. 

Ques: What are the total marks for SNAP 2021?

Ans: SNAP exam total marks are 60.

Ques: What is the time duration of the Exam?

Ans: Time duration to complete SNAP exam is 60 minutes.

Ques: What is the language of SNAP exam?

Ans: The language is English for SNAP exam.

Ques: Are there any negative marking for questions?

Ans: Yes, for every wrong answer 0.25% marks will be deducted.

Ques: Is there any order of attempting SNAP exam?

Ans: No, candidates can attempt any section in any order.

Ques. What is the meaning of normal questions in SNAP exam?

Ans. Normal questions simply mean that the questions will be objective in nature. Each question has 4 responses. Candidate should choose an appropriate response.

Ques. What is the meaning of special questions in the examination?

Ans. In SNAP Online Test, for special questions in each section will have blanks where answers will have to be entered by the candidate by using the virtual keyboard. For example, if question is “What is the capital of Australia?” The candidate needs to enter the answer as CANBERRA by using the virtual keyboard.

SNAP 2021 : 3 answered questions


Ques. Which are some good GK apps for IIFT, XAT, SNAP?

● Top Answer By Aditi Arun on 02 Feb 21

Ans. Here are some apps which will help you prepare GK for IIFT, XAT, SNAP, exams. Knappily It is one of the best news apps, basically, a knowledge app that updates you with all the important events happening around the world.  It covers sections from Politics, Tech, Sports, Entertainment, Business, Law, Environment, Literature, etc.  It also has its desktop version.  Knappily in 2 minutes give in-depth information on What, Why, When, Who, and How. Inshorts Inshorts is one of the best news apps you will come across. In 30 seconds it covers all the major events happening around the world.  As it summarizes in only 60 words, it will be a helpful app if time is running low for exam preparation.  You can also select relevant issues of your interest on the app, as there are 100% of news flooded on the app. Also, avoid unnecessary use of different applications at once. This will only confuse and distract you. It is better that you use only two of the best news apps for preparation.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is the difficulty level of exams like the NMAT, Snap, and the CMAT the same?

● Top Answer By Himani Arora on 02 Feb 21

Ans. NMAT, SNAP, and CMAT are some of the Management entrance aptitude tests conducted by different exam bodies in India. All these exams have a set of colleges that accepts these scores. All three exams are computer-based and follow Objective Type Questions (MCQ) question format. These three exams have varying difficulty levels. SNAP conducted by Symbiosis University is tough compared to the other two exams NMAT and CMAT. NMAT and SNAP have a similar level of difficulty but SNAP has a tough choice of questions compared to NMAT. CMAT is the least difficult exam among all the three exams. The pattern differences between the exam are tabulated below, Criteria CMAT NMAT SNAP Duration of the Exam 3 Hrs (180 minutes) 2 Hrs (120 minutes) 1 Hr (60 minutes) Number of Sections 4 sections 3 sections 3 sections Total Mark of the exam 400 marks. 100 marks for each section. 120 Marks 60 marks Marks for Correct Answer +4 Marks +1 Mark + 1 Mark Marks for Incorrect Answer -1 Marks. No negative marking for unattempted questions. No negative marking for incorrect answers and unattempted questions. -0.25 marks for each incorrect attempt. Sectional Time Limits: CMAT does not have any sectional time limits. The exam comprises 4 sections namely Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, General Awareness, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension. Whereas NMAT has sectional time limits. Language Skills (22 mins), Quantitative Aptitude (60 mins), Logical Reasoning (38 mins). SNAP exam does not have sectional time limits. The exam comprises 3 exams namely No sectional time limits. General English, Quantitative-Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency, Analytical & Logical Reasoning. Section selection: Candidates can answer from any section of their choice in CMAT.  In NMAT candidates can choose the order of sections of their choice. The questions will appear in the order chosen by the candidates. In short, if the exams are to be arranged based on difficulty then SNAP> NMAT> CMAT. SNAP is the most difficult followed by NMAT and then CMAT.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Who can rate CAT, XAT, SNAP, IIFT, MICAT, TISS, or NMAT in terms of difficulty level?

● Top Answer By Janvi Bhambri on 01 Feb 21

Ans. Among all these examinations, XAT is most difficult, followed by CAT. The difficulty level of the exams, in descending order (most difficult to easy) is XAT> CAT> IIFT> SNAP> TISS> NMAT. Now, let us dive into a detailed analysis behind the assigned ranks and the difficulty level. IIFT-  The questions asked in IIFT are a mixture of moderate and difficult.  The struggle lies in the attainment of marks within the cut-off range, both total cut-off and individual section cut-off.  Therefore, the students have no option but to perform exceedingly well in all sections, GK included.  The acceptance rate of IIFT is comparably low, only 400 students get admitted out of 50000 students. SNAP –  The entrance exam is easy but the tough part is to score marks that will be eligible for admission into Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, or SCHMID branch.  These are the branches which are of good quality, unlike the rest of them. TISS-  The exam pattern of TISS is easy but the GK section is the most dangerous part among them.  The questions asked in the GK section comprise both general knowledge and current affairs, therefore the portions are cover is endless. NMAT-  NMAT exam can be successfully cleared with proper preparation. The questions asked are conceptually based.  No negative marks are given for wrong answers, hence the students are free to attempt all the questions fearlessly.  MICAT is pretty easy. If you want a career in brand marketing and advertising it is necessary.  Therefore, from the above discussion, you can estimate the logic behind ranking the difficulty level of exams.Read more
1 Answer

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


rishabh parihar
in 2019 snap exam current affairs section is available or not
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Rishabh, yes, current affairs section is there in the exam.
shreeva nanda
Is there is any sectional cutt off
akansha expert

Hi Shreeva, You may please check this link for getting SNAP Cutt off.