SRMJEEE 2020 Syllabus and Important Topics

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    SRMJEEE (SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Examination) is a national level engineering entrance exam conducted by SRM University for granting admissions to nearly 7, 000 undergraduate engineering seats across its 4 campuses – Kattankulathur, Ramapuram, Ramapuram Part – Vadapalani and NCR Ghaziabad.

    • SRMJEEE 2020 will be scheduled to be conducted from July 30 – August 4, 2020 (Revised date). The last date to fill the SRMJEEE Application Form is March 30, 2020.
    • SRMJEEE 2020 Syllabus includes topics of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.
    • Candidates who will attempt Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in the SRMJEEE will be eligible for all the B. Tech degree programs.
    • Applicants who will attempt Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the SRMJEEE will eligible for B. Tech. Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Bioinformatics and Genetic engineering programs and also for various programs in Health Sciences.

    Candidates must thoroughly learn all the topics mentioned under Syllabus for SRMJEEE. The syllabus will include topics from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology, English and Aptitude. To know the content of SRMJEEE syllabus read the information given below.

    SRMJEEE 2020 Physics Syllabus

    In this section, your analytical skills will be tested in solving the questions. In order to obtain a good score, practice conceptual problems. Make notes of important formulae, concepts, and theorems.

    Aspirants generally find Physics section difficult since it contains a wide variety of theoretical concepts and numerical problems. The syllabus of the SRMJEEE for the Physics subject is given below:


    Units and MeasurementSystem of units, measurements – errors in measurement
    Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids and FluidsUniversal law of gravitation, Mechanics of solids – elastic behavior, stress-strain
    Heat and ThermodynamicsPostulates, Thermodynamics
    Electricity and MagnetismElectrostatics, Current electricity, Magnetism & magnetic effects of current and Electromagnetic induction and alternating current
    Dual Nature of Matter and Nuclear PhysicsMatter waves & Nuclear radius, mass, binding energy
    MechanicsKinematics, laws of Motion, Work, energy and power and Rotational motion
    Oscillations and Wave MotionPeriodic motion & longitudinal and transverse waves
    Ray and wave Optics and MagnetismReflection & refraction of light and wavefront
    Atomic Physics and RelativityAtomic structure and Einstein mass-energy relation-variation of mass with velocity.
    Electronics and CommunicationSemiconductors & space communication propagation

    Important Books for Physics

    SRMJEE Important Books
    • Handbook of Physics by Nipendra Bhatnagar
    • All in One Physics by Keshav Mohan
    • Pearson IIT Foundation Physics by Trishna's
    • Problems In GENERAL PHYSICS by I E Irodov

    SRMJEEE 2020 Chemistry Syllabus

    The organic chapter on general organic chemistry is very important. It is further divided into 3 sections – Physical, Organic and Inorganic. It is an important section of SRMJEEE.

    The syllabus of the SRMJEEE for the Chemistry subject is discussed below. Students who wish to crack SRMJEEE 2020 Exam have to concentrate on SRMJEEE 2020 Chemistry Syllabus Topic-wise.

    Atomic structureMatter and its nature Precision and accuracy Laws of chemical combination, Discovery of sub-atomic particles, Spectrum of hydrogen atom, Dual nature of matter, Quantum numbers, Aufbau principle
    States of MatterClassification of matter, Solid state, Liquid state
    Chemical Families – Periodic PropertiesModern periodic law and present form of the periodic table
    Chemical Bonding, Molecular Structure, and s-&p- block elementsCovalent bonding, Molecular orbital theory s-, p- block elements
    Chemical Thermodynamics & EnergeticsFirst law of thermodynamics, Second law of thermodynamics
    SolutionsDifferent methods for expressing concentration of solution
    Chemical EquilibriumMeaning of equilibrium, Ionic equilibrium
    ElectrochemistryElectrolytic and metallic conduction
    Surface Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis and Nuclear ChemistryAbsorption, Catalysis Colloidal state, Rate of reaction, Temperature on the reaction rate, Units of rates and specific rate constants, Nuclear chemistry
    Purification & Characterization of organic compoundsPurification Quantitative analysis
    Some basic Principles of organic chemistryTetravalency of carbon, Nomenclature Covalent bond, fission Common types of organic reactions
    HydrocarbonsClassification, isomerism Alkanes - Conformations, Alkenes - Geometrical isomerism, Alkynes – Acidic character, Mechanism of electrophilic substitution
    Organic Compounds Containing OxygenGeneral methods of preparation, Alcohols Phenols Ethers Aldehyde & Ketones
    Organic compounds containing nitrogenGeneral methods of preparation, Amines Diazonium salts
    PolymersGeneral introduction and classification of polymers
    BiomoleculesCarbohydrates Nucleic acids

    Important Books for Chemistry

    SRMJEE Important Books
    • NCERT Solutions Chemistry Class 11th by Purnima Sharma
    • Organic Chemistry Vol. 1 by FINAR
    • All in One CHEMISTRY by Preeti Gupta
    • Problems in Physical Chemistry by Narendra Awasthi

    SRMJEEE 2020 Mathematics Syllabus

    It evaluates numerical ability and problem-solving skills of candidates. To score better in this section, the candidates need to practice hard and analyze on the theoretical aspect rather than going hard at the examples and learning formulas.

    Here in this, I've described below overall syllabus of Mathematics. While preparing for Mathematics it is highly advisable for candidates to follow its respective syllabus.

    Sets, Relations, and FunctionsSets and their representations, Trigonometrical identities
    Complex Numbers and Quadratic equationsComplex numbers, Quadratic equations
    Matrices, Determinants & their applicationsDeterminants and matrices of order two and three Computing the rank of a matrix–test
    CombinatoricsPermutations and Combinations, Mathematical Induction and its Applications
    AlgebraBinomial theorem and its Applications, Sequences and Series
    Differential Calculus & its applicationsPolynomials, rational, trigonometric Applications of Differential Calculus
    Integral Calculus & Differential Equations of first orderIntegral as an anti-derivative, Ordinary differential equations
    Analytical GeometryStraight Lines in Two Dimensions, Circles in Two Dimensions, Conic Sections in Two Dimensions
    Vector AlgebraVectors and scalars, addition of vectors
    Statistics and ProbabilityMeasures of Central Tendency and Dispersion Probability

    Important Books for Mathematics

    SRMJEEE Important Books
    • Handbook of Mathematics by Amit Rastogi
    • All in One MATHEMATICS Class 9th by Amit Rastogi/ Nitika
    • Pearson IIT Foundation Maths Class 10 by Trishna's 
    • NCERT Solutions Mathematics by Lalit Goel

    SRMJEEE 2020 Biology Syllabus

    It is the section which carries the highest score and can help you excel in SRMJEEE if you prepared well. Prepare wisely for topics which are time-consuming and exhaustive in nature. Following topic must be covered by the candidates while preparing for the SRMJEEE 2020 Exam.

    Taxonomy of AngiospermTypes of classifications
    Plant anatomyTissues & tissue system
    Cell Biology and GeneticsChromosomes
    BiotechnologyRecombinant, DNA technology
    Plant PhysiologyPhotosynthesis Respiration, Plant growth and development
    Biology in Human welfareFood production
    Human PhysiologyNutrition Bones and joints (major types) fractures, Muscles Respiration, Circulation Physiological Coordination System, Receptor Organs, Reproductive System
    MicrobiologyIntroduction – history of medical microbiology
    ImmunologyInnate immunity
    Modern Genetics and Animal BiotechnologyIntroduction – scope – human genetics karyotyping chromosome gene mapping
    Environmental ScienceHuman population and explosion-issue
    Applied BiologyLivestock and management dairy
    Theories of EvolutionLamarckism – Darwinism

    Important Books for Biology

    SRMJEE Important Books
    • All in One Biology CBSE Class 11th  or 12th  – Hema Batra (Author), Shikha Sharma 
    • Handbook of Biology - Rahul Chawla
    • Concepts in Biology - Eldon Enger (Author), Frederick Ross (Author), David Bailey 
    • Biology Textbook for Class 12th - NCERT
    • Trueman's Elementary Biology Vol. 2 for Class 12th - .N. Bhatia (Author), M.P. Tyagi

    SRMJEEE 2020 Exam Pattern

    SRMJEEE 2020 is an online mode examination scheduled in different slots from April 12 – 20, 2020. Candidates have to select their desired slot on the official website during SRM Slot Booking. SRMJEEE Exam Pattern is quite different for both subject groups namely PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and Aptitude) and PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Aptitude).

    • Candidates who choose PCM subjects have to solve 125 objective type of questions.
    • Those who choose PCB subjects have to solve 120 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). 
    • The duration of the exam is 2 hours 30 minutes. 
    • Each question carries three marks. Question belongs to Biology section carries 2.1 marks.
    SRMJEE 2019 Marking Scheme
    SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarks Per Questions

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College

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